Friday, July 31, 2020

SLADE - Cum On Feel The Hitz To be released September 25th

“No Slade = No Oasis. It’s as devastating and as simple as that” Noel Gallagher

September 25th
To be released
Cum On Feel The Hitz

On September 25th 2020 BMG proudly release Slade’s Cum On Feel The Hitz, a superlative and comprehensive collection of Slade singles from 1970 to 1991. Cum On Feel The Hitz  is released as a  single CD and single LP collection: the CD comprises of 43 singles, while the double vinyl features 24 singles, In addition, there will be a 1LP and 1CD version available for North America exclusively.

Cum On Feel The Hitz includes all six of their UK Number one singles: "Coz I Luv You”, “Take Me Bak ‘Ome”, ”Mama Weer All Crazee Now”, “Cum On Feel The Noize”, “Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me“ and “Merry Xmas Everybody”  and a total of 16 Top 10 singles.

The affection for Slade’s music and attitude remains undimmed today, as 1973’s “Merry Christmas Everybody” has gone on to become Britain’s best loved Christmas song.

Formed in Wolverhampton in 1966, Slade's chart career spanned 3 decades. Slade were unstoppable throughout the seventies becoming one of Europe's biggest bands, releasing 6 smash hit albums, including three No-1’s, and their hit singles are synonymous with the era. The sensational songwriting partnership of Noddy Holder and Jim Lea provided a soundtrack to the Glam Generation and with a run of 17 consecutive Top 20 singles between 1971 and 1976, no other act of the period experienced such success.

In the eighties Slade enjoyed a renaissance, buoyed by a spectacular appearance at the Reading Festival in 1980, their hits included “My oh My” , which reached number 2 in 1983 and a year later with “Run Runaway”, cementing their legacy as one of the UK’s greatest bands.

The iconic Slade are one of the most exciting bands to ever come out of Great Britain and this collection serves as testament to the high quality of Slade's unique and distinctive talent.

"I love Slade..They wrote the catchiest songs around.”
Alice Cooper

“Noddy Holder’s got one of the greatest voices in rock ever”
Ozzy Osbourne

Cum On Feel The Hitz track listing

1.         Cum On Feel The Noize                                
2.         Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me                                                                    
3.         Mama Weer All Crazee Now                         
4.         Coz I Luv You                                    
5.         Take Me Bak 'Ome
6          Gudbuy T'Jane                                               
7          My Friend Stan                                              
8          Far Far Away                         
9          My Oh My                                                      
10        Everyday                                                        
11        The Bangin’ Man                                           
12        Look Wot You Dun                                        
13        Thanks For The Memory                                
14        Run Runaway                                    
15        We’ll Bring The House Down            
16        In For A Penny                                               
17        Let's Call It Quits                                            
18        How Does It Feel                                           
19        All Join Hands                                    
20        Get Down And Get With It     
21        Radio Wall Of Sound 

1          Lock Up Your Daughters                               
2          My Baby Left Me: That's Alright                    
3          Gypsy Roadhog                                             
4          (And Now the Waltz) C'est La Vie
5          Myzsterious Mizster Jones
6          Ruby Red
7          Do You Believe In Miracles
8          Wheels Ain't Coming Down
9          7 Year Bitch
10        Still The Same
11        The Shape Of Things To Come
12        Know Who You Are
13        Nobody's Fool
14        Burning In The Heat Of Love
15        Give Us a Goal
16        Ginny Ginny
17        Sign Of The Times
18        Knuckle Sandwich Nancy
19        Ooh La La in L.A
20        That's What Friends Are For
21        We Won't Give In
22        Merry Xmas Everybody

2LP version
Side A                                                             Side B                                                            
Get Down And Get With It                              Cum On Feel the Noize
Coz I Luv You                                                 Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me                               
Look Wot You Dun                                         My Friend Stan                                  
Take Me Bak 'Ome                                         Everyday                                
Mama Weer All Crazee Now                          The Bangin' Man                               
Gudbuy T'Jane                                               Far Far Away

Side C                                                             Side D
How Does It Feel                                            My Oh My
Thanks For The Memory                                Run Runaway
In For A Penny                                                All Join Hands
Let's Call It Quits                                            Myzsterious Mizster Jones
We'll Bring The House Down                         Radio Wall Of Sound
Lock Up Your Daughters                                Merry Xmas Everybody
 The full Slade catalogue received a global digital release across all Digital Service providers on April 12th, 2019.

 To purchase  Cum On Feel The Hitz go to:

Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Ripple Effect Exclusive: Boy Deluxe (Ever So Android/LA Noise Pop) New Video

Boy Deluxe is back with a new video/single and a new band name (previously Ever So Android) . The LA Noise Pop duo is putting out "So Slow" video on July 31st.

"So Slow" was written early 2019 in our apartment on Sunset while we were still Ever So Android. I think True had actually written the music to this song and we sat on it for a while, unsure how to finish it. There was a big difference between this track and what we had traditionally written in ESA and to be honest, it paved the way for what became Boy Deluxe. We called up a couple of our friends to give us feedback on what we had and ended up digging in really deep into the vocals. Changed the delivery completely, added a thousand harmonies and all the sudden we felt like we had something real. Once it was written, we sent it over to True’s long time friend and ex bandmate Gabe Pressman in New York to mix it and then sat on the song a little longer. Finally figured out we wanted John Geenham (Death Grips, Billie Eilish, Ice Cube) to master it and finished the song in the end of February 2020. With the final product done, we decided to release it under the new project and give the song our full attention.

PAST PRESS "[Boy Deluxe]’s mixture of the distorted programming of Pretty Hate Machine-era Nine Inch Nails and the glitchier strands of the current EDM movement forms a tempestuous brand of electro-rock that’s as dangerous as it is alluring." - KEXP Song of the Day podcast

“Fierce, fuzzy, and full of fire.” - Grimy Goods

"It's very hard to find something out there quite as striking or instantly individual as Seattle electro-rock duo [Boy Deluxe]." - Drunken Werewolf

“[Boy Deluxe] prove that they’re still Seattle royalty.” - KEXP

"[...T]he most exciting EP I’ve heard all year." - The Stranger


Boy Deluxe. Noise pop. Alternative. Weird haircuts. Black clothes.
Hope S, a pastor’s daughter, raised in the shadow of dogma and divorce, and True Murra, a Philadelphia-born multi-instrumentalist and former heroin addict, started their first project, Ever So Android in Seattle. “What started out as curiosity and a surprising friendship lead to an intense connection,” said Murra. “Slowly we became obsessed with writing music together. The only intimacy was found in creating, and so we poured ourselves into music.”

After five years of sell out shows at venues like The Crocodile and The Tractor Tavern, with regular airplay on KEXP, Hope and True turned their focus to Los Angeles, where they relocated in 2017. After years of experimentation and writing songs on the side of ESA, the pair decided to change their name, finally admitting they had grown into something else. Rechristened Boy Deluxe in 2020, the pair set about recording a new crop of songs that fully captured their creative evolution, including recent singles, “Bait”, “Beginning of the End”, and “Creeps”.

Most importantly, the name change signified a change in approach. “Ever So Android was what we thought we should be,” Hope S said. “Boy Deluxe is exactly who we are. Trying to ‘do the right things’ led to confusion and a loss of identity. The turning point came when we accepted that writing fulfilling music came alongside self-understanding. The more we learned about ourselves and quit caring what everybody thought, the more we loved our art.”

Hope S and True Murra as Boy Deluxe have harnessed a clear voice of their own. Hope’s unique vocals are adorned by Murra’s moody electronic machinations, creating tension and emotional release. Living in Los Angeles, with a steadily increasing audience, Boy Deluxe have found themselves in their sound.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Xroadie Files

Trauma – As The World Dies
Donny Hillier – Vocals, Steve Robello – Guitar/Vocal, Greg Christian – Bass, Joe Fraulob – Guitar, Kris Gustafson – Drums

Rage eerie tone pull you in with searing leads then a fist in the air head banging music takes over your senses. From Here To Hell hit the pit mosh and slam till exhaustion. As The World Dies crunchy guitars thundering bass pounding drums and savoring vocals. Gun Too Your Head crushing riffs thundering rhythms scorching guitars and soaring vocals just shred. Last Rites just pulls you into your m imagination with some amazing musicianship and powerful vocals. Run For Cover crunchy guitars p thundering drums thumping bass soaring vocals and scorching leads chant and sing along. Asylum eerie music pulls you into darkness with power. Entropy slow steady crunchy riffs with great emotions that takes you away into your dreams. Cool Aid fist pumping chant along heavy metal magic. Savage hit the pit and m just mosh with a classic style metal tune.

Canedy – Warrior
Carl Canedy – Drums, Mike Santarsiero – Vocals, Tony Garubes- Bass/Cello/Vocals, Charlie Russello – Guitar

Do It Now thundering drums crunchy guitars pounding bass with soaring vocals just stand and head bang. Not Even Love on your feet join in and sing as the music envelops your senses. Lies crushing down the road cranking the tunes hard fast and heavy. Hellride powerful vocals pounding drums thumping bass crunchy guitars and screaming leads. Warrior stand in unison get ready to take on the world and win with some metal magic. 3rd Times A Charm catchy riffs thundering rhythms searing guitars and powerful vocals just pull you in. In This Sign fist in the air sway and just let the heavy groove envelop you. Out For Blood hop on your bike jam on down the highway to metal music. The Prize close your eyes and just let the emotions take you to a special place. Attila fist pumping head banging melodic metal with amazing musicianship and great vocals.

Another Day Dawns – Stranger
Dakota Sean- Vocals, Tyler Ritter- Guitar, Jerome Betz-Bass, Nick McGeehan: Drums

Beautiful Suicide crunchy guitars pounding drums thumping bass with excellent vocals. Am I fist pumping head banging music with great musicianship. Taste Of Heaven just close your eyes and let the emotional music envelop your very being. Never Ok just take a journey in your dreams. Forget Me Not has crunchy guitars pounding rhythms and sing along vocals.

THE SWELL FELLAS -The Great Play of Extension
Conner Poole — Guitar/Vocals, Chris Poole — Drums/Vocals, Mark Rohrer — Bass/Vocals

Placebo psychedelic music just pulls you into the depths of your imagination enjoy the journey. Acid Tone crunchy guitars pounding drums thumping bass clap and groove along with some scorching leads and great musicianship. Scatterbrain take a trip back to the psychedelic acid hard rock 70s and enjoy.

The Jason Daniels Band – Downloads From The Universe
Jason Daniels – Guitar/Vocals, Murph Caicedo – Drums, Rob Wicks – Bass, Chris Nash - Keys

Additional Musicians Michael Laskin – B3, Jennifer Gibbons – BGV, Steve Stevens – Sax, Scott Albert Johnson – Harmonica, Frito Tuente – Percussion, Gang Chorus ("Prayer the World") - Aisha Barnes, Nicole Williams, Jina Daniels, Jenner Daniels, Conner Daniels, Lynlee Healy, Joan Wicks, Trey Perez, Ben Barlow, Jason Mcllwaine, Melissa Hewitt, Lee Cooper, Rob Wicks, Chris Nash, Murph Caicedo

I’m Not Going Down blues jazzy music that just pulls you in as you drift along. It All Can Slip Away catchy melodies just sway swing and sing. Music Is A Prayer take a trip back to the seventies and the great melodies of that generation. I’ve Been Ramblin catchy bluesy number that will fill you with emotions. 39202 catchy groove that just pull you in as the take you away to another time and place. Be My Friend catchy grooves that just envelop you. Dead And Gone scorching leads steady beats and thumping bass with amazing musicianship. Breathe a get up and boogie till he last note tune. Get Down With Now bluesy jazzy musical number. Prayer To The World just drift along as the groove and emotions envelop you.


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Undesiccated - ‎צֶמַח (tseh'-makh)

Alright, these guys are something else. Straight out of Virginia, Undesiccated, botanogrind's forerunners and finest at that, were extremely prolific during 2019 with four very strong releases, all which rattled my brain profoundly. They are already back with opus number 5, '‎‎צֶמַח (tseh'-makh)', and there's no slowing down. And why should there be? Again, the band push boundaries and move outside the box, not adhering to genre rules. So, they do the right thing and push on and the outcome is absolutely phenomenal!

Picking up where 'Cudzoo' left off, the new EP is fast, furious, intense and pretty damned brutal. As with the previous releases the title '‎צֶמַח (thseh'-makh)', refers to our plant life, our ecosystem. It's Hebrew and means branch, sprout or growth; collective sprouting; process of growth. To me, this goes back to the band itself, since Undesiccated always move forward, they grow and sprout and develop. Also with the botanical references in the EP titles I feel the band use them as a force against all the horrors they bring forth in the songs. What I'm aiming at is regardless what we humans have done to Mother Earth in the past she always gets revenge and comes back in full force. And we're heading down that avenue again, dear waveriders.

This time around Undesiccated go for short sharp bursts of pummeling compositions ranging from 48 seconds to 2:52 minutes, which is fairly long in these circles. Opener 'Hell's Teeth', comes flying out of the starting blocks and wraps itself around me and crushes every bone in my body. The sheer intensity is immense beyond words. 'Festooning, Hold The Line' keeps the furiousity going but Undesiccated do give short respites where I can catch my breath. Man, this is fantastic despite being mangled and beaten to a bloody pulp. 'What Is The True Cost, When The Bulley Is Fatal?' is full-on insanity

'(The) Failures Of Flesh' follows and completely annihilates. There's no hiding from the guys as they are ruthless. Intense, intense, intense! All this continues partially in 'The Suffering Servant' at least musically. All of a sudden the pace drops allowing you to breathe. The song hits a dream like state where you float and finding solace. Closer 'Discipline In Obedience' picks up on this as mellow, yes mellow, and ambient instrumental music emanates from the speakers. This definitely extends a sense of hope as the minimalistic tones share the soundsphere with what I presume is nature sounds, probably from a jungle. Although to me there is a feeling of foreboding lurking around the corner. We can’t really tell until Undesiccated’s next recording is unleashed. Wonderful stuff, indeed!

I love it when a band I like go from strength to strength to strength with no hint of slowing down. Instead, this keeps me on my toes longing for new tunes even though this fantastic EP is at my disposal. Thank you, Undesiccated. You are truly a one of a kind groundbreaking band and I am so glad you entered my life!


Sunday, July 26, 2020

Doom Saloon Volume II Live Stream Announced!

The second Clutch live stream performance has been announced! Live from the Doom Saloon Volume II will take place on Friday, August 7th and 5PM PST/8PM EST. 

Tickets are AVAILABLE NOW at

CLUTCH has invited their fans to choose the setlist for the band's live stream concert.  Fans are encouraged to construct their dream 14 song setlist via

Neil Fallon, Tim Sult, Dan Maines, and Jean-Paul Gaster will choose their favorite of the submissions and perform that set on August 7th at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST. also offers ticket bundles with exclusive merchandise and a limited-edition vinyl pressing of the entire performance which includes a signed lithograph poster from the band.

Anyone who misses Live from the Doom Saloon –Volume II concert will be able to stream it on-demand through the weekend, right up till 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, August 9th.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

On the Ripple Desk - Featuring Hanson, The Flying Machine and the Elektra March Release Compilation (1972)

Another journey with me through the stacks, to see if the album is a keeper or a tosser.  

Hanson - Magic Dragon

Talk about a random stab!! Never heard of these guys but they looked too cool to pass up. I saw the name and laughed because it wasn’t “that” Hanson.

No, this is an incendiary UK blues/ funk/protometal band from 1974. And man can they play. It was seeing Neil Murray on bass that caught my eye since he’s played so well with so many like Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Cozy Powell, Colleseum, Black Sabbath, Schenker among others. But the star here is Junior Hanson on guitar and vocals. Man this guys has skills. I saw the multi-ethnic lineup and was hoping for a nasty funk/heavy blues workout and boy I was not disappointed. Like a protometal version of Sly and the Family Stone.  Or JPT Scare Band mixed with the Isley Brothers.  Turns out Junior Hanson, who is Jamaican, later joined Bob Marley and the Wailers in 1977 where he was known as Junior Marvin and stayed with Marley until 1981.

Funky, groovy, and all with some significant chops and balls.

Verdict:  Keeper.   Definitely worth a pick up if you can find. This one cost $7.99

The Flying Machine - S/T

First taste of this one, a random find for a buck. Original radio DJ copy of The Flying Machine debut in Janus Records. 1969. The Flying Machine was a British pop band who are best known for their 1969 American No. 5 hit, "Smile a Little Smile for Me".   So what we have here is very pleasant, late ‘60’s psychedelic pop. Somewhat quaint considering the Beatles left this vibe many years earlier. But imagine they hadn’t ...

Catching melodies and appropriately thin production.   Has a strong British, bubblegum vibe, and is very much "of the day".   "Smile a Little Smile for Me" is appropriately charming and good-natured fun.  Overall, the album draws a bit weary on full listen, but good for the occasional pull from the stacks for  you next swingin' 60's themed party.  As Austin Powers would say, groovy baby!

Verdict: Keeper (but won't get played often)

Elektra March Releases (1972)

I’m a sucker for oddball compilations particularly vintage label comps. Elektra here, circa 1972, promo only DJ copy. Found for 50 cents. Five bands with a song in each side. Audience, JF Murphy & Salt, Carol Hall, The Wackers, and Butterfield Blues Band. Obviously Butterfield is the star here but the whole thing has a cool 70’s oddity feel. I already knew Audience (kinda a rootsy prog vibe) and The Wackers (a bit more southern feeling that CSN&Y).  Murphy and Hall we’re new to me and both bring their own folky vibe, Murphy a Celtic one.

Great stuff here, including the entire 13:10 song East-West by the Butterfield Blues band (featuring two amazing guitarists in Elvin Bishop and Mike Bloomfield).

Verdict: Keeper.   Cool random listen.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Avd 5 - Revir

Swedish punkfucks Avd 5, who have been around since 1995 with a couple of breaks here and there, are back with a brand spanking new album, 'Revir'. And man, these old farts still know how to tear it up. Full on fury and onslaught from the word go and, personally, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Going for a fast 1-2-3-4 in-your-face approach with singalong friendly choruses and a mix of Motörhead and KSMB thrown in for good measure. If you don't know who the latter are, I strongly suggest you check them out. Having always been a political band which still remains, many songs on here are instead highly personal coming from within, nurtured in minds still tormented by crap from the past. And I really like that mix.

Starting out with 'Livets Hårda Skola' which is short, fast, furious and angry, it tells about growing up and living in the school of hard knocks. Next up is the equally fast and brutal 'Utanförskap'. Deals about no go zones and how authorities have a completely different agenda towards those living there compared to the rest of a community. '90 tal' is slower with more hooks and is more singalong friendly. It's a composition about a decade, the 90s, which was formative for the antagonist, for better or worse, and shaped that person immensely, while still paying for some things that happened back then. 'Skuld' pushes up the tempo again with a nice dose of Motörhead, lovely indeed! Living over your means at the mercy of credit cards, banks and money lenders but this means living on borrowed time. Much sooner than later it all has to be paid back but it all ends in murder! The riffs in the title track, 'Revir' ooze of Motörhead but I'm not complaining. This is about territories, aka revir in Swedish, what's mine is mine, it can never be yours. Don't even try!

'Mellankoli' drops the tempo and is slower with strong KSMB-vibes. Tells about how dangerous and destructive it can be, being stuck in melancholy with no way out. 'Stå Upp!' brings Motörhead to the music and KSMB in the vocal delivery. It's about voicing your strong opinions...from the safety of your couch or computer. In other words it’s a stab at Facebook groups and the self-proclaimed experts attached to it, who claims everything was better in the past. But all they do is sit down on that couch instead of standing up for something, they hide at home. 'Livet Är På Kredit' is a mid-tempo song which follows 'Skuld' lyrically. About losing someone close and you fill that void with drugs and alcohol. When you come to a realization of what’s going on, living in this void is all you want to do. 'När Ingenting Finns Kvar' ends this excellent album and it's not an easy song. Suicidal and downtrodden lyrics with no resolve to offer. Dark and dejected.

Niklas and Andreas, the duo which makes up Avd 5 has done it again. They might take their sweet old time releasing new material but when it is this good, time doesn’t matter. Personally it’s a joy to have them back shaking, rattling and rolling while being very candid about the lyrical content. Miss out on them at your peril, dear wave riders, cause this is the shit!

Fy fan vad bra, gubbar!


Thursday, July 23, 2020

UK stoner rock stalwarts PSYCHLONA unveil rip-roaring new video; upcoming album 'Venus Skytrip' out next month on Ripple Music!

Get ready for takeoff! UK stoner rock wielders PSYCHLONA are set to issue their sophomore album "Venus Skytrip" this August 21st on Ripple Music (CD/digital) and Cursed Tongue Records (vinyl), and unleash a road trip-inducing lyric video for "Edge of the Universe" today.

Who could imagine that PSYCHLONA hail from Yorkshire, England, while their chunky as hell, space-coveting anthems and absolute sense of cool naturally place them on the Californian map? "Venus Skytrip" may only be their second full-length, yet these four lads will make you feel like you just chanced on the next Stoner Excalibur.

🚀Let Psychlona drive you to the "Edge of the Universe" 🚀

From the anthemic, space-coveting single "Blast Off" to the kicky and cowbell-loving energy of "Star", PSYCHLONA pack a massive punch and convey such a sense of catchiness all throughout their sophomore album's eight bangers that it is nearly impossible to resist the call of their chunky, desert-worshipping anthems. Nod along, fuzz fiends: it is time for you to see a new light and get yourself a one-way ticket to the mighty lands of stoner rock with 'Venus Skytrip’.

New album 'Venus Skytrip' is set for an August 21st release, and available to preorder now on CD and digital through Ripple Music. Vinyl preorder will start on July 31st via Cursed Tongue Records.

PSYCHLONA "Venus Skytrip"
Out August 21st on Ripple Music (CD and digital)
It was in the summer of 2015 when the embryo of PSYCHLONA first started to develop in Yorkshire, Northern England. It's only three years later that the fully formed eight-legged groove machine released their debut album ‘Mojo Rising’ on Ripple Music and Cursed Tongue Records, then defended the latter on the connaisseur stages of Desertfest London, Fuzztival Denmark and HRH Doom v Stoner Festival, along with a full European tour.

Never a band to sit back and take things easy, writing for what would become the next album began in late 2019. The four disappeared into 'The Cave' for the winter, armed with beers, kebabs and a fistful of ideas for new music and didn't emerge until the job was done in the early months of 2020.

Bleary eyed in the early morning sun and with a desire to unleash the last few months efforts onto the unsuspecting public, 2020 was starting to shape up pretty good. Performances at various events including Freak Valley Festival, plus a UK and two European tours were confirmed, recording started and then... along came the virus which threw a spanner in everyone’s works. The band pushed as hard as possible and finally completed the album by the end of April. Despite life being postponed until 2021, the new record refused to wait and ‘Venus Skytrip’ was set for an August 21st, 2020 release, once again on Ripple Music and Cursed Tongue Records.


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The Xroadie Files

Andrew Sutton – Vocals/Guitar, Mike Simon – Drums, Nick Scott - Bass

Worthless Intro You Will Skip eerie tones envelop you. Knights In Slammin’ Service slow grinding pounding slam you against the wall death metal. My Studies At The Slamming Brutal Death University brutal heavy death metal madness. Some Kisses fist pounding foot stomping death. 8.1.2. And Life (Pitriffs Gone Wild) crushing riffs pounding rhythms and growling vocals. I Bless The Slams Down In Africa just envelop your senses and thrashes them 10,000 Slam Thots (In One) one musical journey thru mayhem. Overnight (Slammin’ Brutal Death Metal) Sensation pounding ripping tearing thrashing death metal. Pour Some Pitriffs On Me hit the pit and just n mosh to the different tempos. No Ghey Black Metal! (Only Good Shit) pulls you into your dark dreams.

MOUNTAINEER - Bloodletting
Miguel Meza - Vocals , Clayton Bartholomew – Guitar, Isaac Rigler – Guitar, Forrest Harvey – Guitar, Dillon Variz – Bass, Patrick Spain - Drums

Blood of The Book eerie music slowly builds as it pulls you into darkness. The Weeds I Have Tended slow melancholic music that takes your imagination an a strange journey. Shot t Through With Sunlight drifting in your imagination with some amazing musicianship slow and emotional. Too Those We’ve Said Goodbye just drifting away in your imagination. Bloodletting melancholic tones and slow rhythms just takes you into dark places. South To Infinity just get up sway and chant as the music envelops your being. Apart just take a strange trip in your imagination. Ghost Story melodies melancholic flow thru you. Still heavy riffs melancholic vocals and slow steady rhythms with crunchy riffs.

Heavy Hands – Through The Night
Sean- Guitar. Aaron- Vocals, Dan - Drums, Jeremy -Bass.

Devil Nets slow thumping bass psychedelic guitars and wandering vocals. Villain just take a trip back in time and space and just drift away with some excellent musicianship. Breakdown slow grooving psychedelic music that envelops your senses.

Rhy Dongju - Lions'den III : Arium
Rhy Dongju – Guitar/All Instruments

Ricasso some amazing heartfelt jazzy bluesy guitar just close your eyes and drift Pp (Bossa). take a trip back in time and just flow with the excellent melodies. Elvis Remember (Elvis Presley Tribute) on your feet just dance swing and enjoy the groove. Revenue slow melodic jazz that has you drifting in your dreams. Venue close your eyes and let your imagination take flight. Syren kicking back in a smokey bar listening to the band onstage. Aroes Intro soft flowing melodic tones just envelop you. Aroes floating in your dreams. Rachmaninoff Rhapsody, Pt.1 (The Bells of Moscow part) just take a slow musical journey thru your mind. Rachmaninoff Rhapsody, Pt.2 (Fast version) swinging and swaying the night away. Arium just drift away in your dreams.

Tyrant – Vocals, Lord l – Drums, Venomessiah - Guitar, Enforcer – Bass

(Tales of the) Sinister Appearances just pulls you into the depths of hell and shreds you into small pieces. Into Obscure Abyss lost in the darkness of your imagination screaming and running. Curse of Evil crushing guitars growling vocals and thundering rhythms. Obsessed by Gore chainsaw riffs dark demonic vocals thundering bass and pounding drums. Carved in Rotten Remains just hang on for your very life. Stained with Rotten Blood slams you and pulls you into madness. Throne of Evil Atrocity hit the pit and just get out all your aggression. Mankind Devastation fast hard heavy punch you in the face mayhem. Abominable Death Rebels just thrash you into small pieces.


Tuesday, July 21, 2020

It's Better to Burn out Than it is to Rust - When Formerly Great Artists Try to Keep Up with the Times, featuring DNA (Rick Derringer/Carmine Appice) and Gamma (Ronnie Montrose)

Another journey with me through the stacks, to see if I'm keeping the album or tossing. 

We've all seen it, a million times.  The lifespan of the typical rock band is short, but never quite as short as the attention span of the typical consumer.   New trends, new fads, new clothes, and suddenly that career you'd spent years fostering . . . is gone.  Relegated to the leftover bins of music history.  Just ask any Hair Metal band when grunge came along.  Over.  Kaput.

So what do you do then?  Stay true fast to your style and soldier on ahead despite diminishing crowds and label support?  Give it up and do something completely different, like a blues album, jazz or . . . . 16th century Renaissance music?  Or, you try and adapt with the times.  Bring in that Linn drum.  Add the synths.  Tease out the hair.

Unfortunately, we can count on one hand how often that goes well.

This column isn't about the successes.  It's about two particular albums I stumbled upon from legendary guitar players who became deer in the headlights of the new sounds circa the advent of the 80's.

DNA - Party Tested

You'd just have to think that a band with guitar God Rick Derringer and drum legend Carmine Appice side by side could produce some kick ass music.  Some tearing-it-up blues rock manifesto, or some killer arena metal.   Unfortunately, based on this album, we may never know.  Party Tested is the name, listener tested shoulda been the concept.

To be fair, I didn't really expect this album to be good when I plucked it out of the $0.50 bin at the local Rasputins.  I mean, just look at that cover and the approaching 40 year old dudes with maximally teased out hair all in a way-too-80's setting.  Don't get me wrong, the album has it's moments.   The opening song "Doctors of the Universe" is fun with a pretty driving riff, and I dig the fact that they were able to write a song called "Intellectual Freedom for the Masses", where they actually sing that cumbersome mouthful of a title in the chorus . . . and it sounds pretty alright.  But overall the album is kinda a disjointed mess of attempts to sound "hip" and "current" circa 1983.  It strives for fun, but is really just kinda blah.  The cover of "Rock n Roll part II" serves no purpose but to fill space, and kinda shows that the band didn't have too many original ideas to play with.

On the whole, the album is competently played with some tasty guitar work but really, I can't think of any situation in which I'd reach to the stacks to put this on.  It's on the good side of awful, but on the terrible side of good. I'm sure they had fun recording this, unfortunately, that's more fun than I have listening to it. 

So, keeper or tosser?  Tosser.  Sorry Rick. I'm a huge fan.  I'll put on Sweet Evil instead and rejoice in the true power of your craft.

Gamma - 1

To be fair, I know this album pretty well, and at one time Gamma was a pretty big band around my hometown outside of San Francisco . . . being that they're local.  I remember lots of the cool, older kids spinning this album, the creation of another guitar legend Ronnie Montrose after his eponymous original band shattered amidst acrimony and irrational behavior.  Bill Graham got Montrose in touch with Davey Pattison, who'd soon be singing with Robin Trower, and the line up sure looked like it could light the stage on fire. 

Unfortunately, once again, the sum is much less than the addition of the parts.  Biggest problem here is the material, which is pedestrian at best, and overlaid with a run of the mill production job set to blend with any number of corporate rockers of the day.  Opener "Thunder and Lightning" is about as good as this record has to offer, and it's defense, it's a perfectly competently played arena song of it's era.  Problem is Bad Company had already been out for years, who are clearly the biggest inspiration here.  And Foreigner was already tearing up the charts with arena rock that --at the time-- was far more innovative.  Montrose lays down some tasty guitar licks throughout the grooves, but the whole album can really be summed up by a song like " Solar Heat" which, despite some incendiary guitar runs and a building tension, never creates any heat at all.  It just kinda . . .goes on . .. then kinda. . . ends.  If this was supposed to by Gamma's "Eruption" a la Eddie Van Halen . . .well, it's more of a tiny spew than a full on volcano.

 "Ready for Action" is about as close as you'll get to the dynamite drive of the original Montrose debut album, and the guitar does kick here, right in the teeth, and gives you so much hope.  But then a song like "Fight to the Finish" comes on and it's so terribly derivative of Foreigner's "At War With the World" which beat it by a solid 2 years.  And did it better.

 All of this may have sounded so much better back in the day, in a parking lot, before a Van Halen concert.  But now . . . .. ?

So, keeper or tosser?  Damn, I'm still torn on this.  There are some nice bits, and enough nostalgia for me to overcome the fact that it's not really a very good record.  Add to the fact that I also have Gamma 2 and 3, and the completest in me is saying keep it.  Will I ever play it again?  Who knows.  Ronnie Montrose is on it, and man, the guy knows how to play guitar.


Monday, July 20, 2020

DEREK SHERINIAN – launches "Empyrean Sky", first track taken from new album ‘The Phoenix’

World acclaimed keyboardist Derek Sherinian, (Sons of Apollo, Black Country Communion), one of the most significant keyboard players of the modern era, recently announced the release of his new solo album ‘The Phoenix’ on September 18th, 2020, his first since 2011’s ‘Oceana’. Derek comments: "I truly feel that this is my best solo record to date. Simon and I put a lot of energy into the writing, and I am grateful to all of the great players that contributed to this recording."

Today sees the launch of the album’s first single, Empyrean Sky, which features Sherinian and drummer Simon Phillips joined by Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal on guitar, Jimmy Johnson on bass and Armen Ra on theremin. Listen to the track now here:

As mentioned, Sherinian has teamed up with drummer extraordinaire Simon Phillips, who not only plays drums but also co-produced and co-wrote the album: “It is always an amazing experience to be able to work with Simon. He's been a hero of mine for ages, ever since I heard him playing on albums with Jeff Beck and Michael Schenker.  And he is such an invaluable part of the way this new record has come out.”

There are a number of top line guests featured on ‘The Phoenix’, as has been the case in the past for Sherinian, on both guitar and bass. Some have become regular contributors to his solo sessions. People such as bassists Tony Franklin (“He's been on all my albums to date”), Jimmy Johnson and Billy Sheehan (Sherinian's bandmate in Sons Of Apollo). Plus guitarists Joe Bonamassa and Zakk Wylde. In addition, others are welcomed into the fold for the first time. For instance, there's master guitarist Steve Vai. “Steve Vai has always been on my hit list. But it was when I played keyboards on the Generation Axe tour of Asia in 2017 that I asked him to play on my record, which he gladly accepted” Also present are Sons Of Apollo bandmate Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal (Sons Of Apollo) and Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth).

“Kiko and I have known one another for about 20 years. But this is the first time I've had the opportunity to play with him.”
The album features 8 tracks, including a cover of Buddy Miles ‘Them Changes’, and will be released as a Limited Edition Digipak CD, 180g LP + CD & as Digital Album. Find the full track-listing below:

1. The Phoenix
2. Empyrean Sky
3. Clouds of Ganymede
4. Dragonfly
5. Temple of Helios
6. Them Changes
7. Octopus Pedigree
8. Pesadelo

Pre-order the album here:

Derek Sherinian’s far ranging talents have been much in evidence through the music of Alice Cooper (who once called him “The Caligula of keyboards”), Dream Theater, Black Country Communion and current band Sons Of Apollo. Moreover, proving just how much he is demand to work with rock royalty, Sherinian has also toured and recorded extensively with KISS, and Billy Idol, proving his classic and hard rock pedigree, whilst also being voted #9 in Prog Magazines greatest keyboardists of all time.


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