Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Marillion From A Swedebeast's Point Of View - Afraid Of Sunlight

Despite the greatness Marillion showed on 'Brave', the release of the follow-up, 'Afraid Of Sunlight', failed to register with me. Ever since I rediscovered the band, thanks to the excellent 'Marbles', I've been racking my brain for memories and clues as to why I dropped them so quickly, easily and unexpectedly. Unfortunately, I can't remember which is sad since 'Afraid Of Sunlight' is quite the gem. Therefore, this installment is the first of Marillion's albums where I truly had to back track because it took nine long years from it's release until I actually listened to it.

After the long combined recording process and subsequent touring of ‘Brave’, a very tired Marillion were not allowed much time to recuperate. EMI were on their heels to claim the previously promised more radio-friendly album. Giving in to that pressure, the band embarked on the mission to create what was to become ‘Afraid Of Sunlight’…only to hit immediate writers block. Thanks to the collective efforts of the band, John Helmer and producer Dave Meegan this hurdle was overcome and the proceedings could continue. 

Once they were underway ‘Afraid Of Sunlight’ was completed fairly quickly, 8 months or so in all. Experiences on the road during the last tour, as well as on the home front, brought forth a somewhat different style to the songs. Which in themselves became more of individual compositions, rather than the usual conceptual structure. Marillion being Marillion there is a recurring theme flowing through the songs, after all it wouldn’t be them if not. Call it their “trappings of fame” album.

‘Gazpacho’ initializes the proceedings and is musically ethereal, soaring and dreamy with a quite noticeable Chris Squire/ Geddy Lee bass tone. Steve Hogarth sings about family abuse while keeping up appearances. The odd ball on the album, but yet quite good, is ‘Cannibal Surf Babe’. A story about a quirky femme fatale surfer girl. It starts off as a straight-up Beach Boys song which quickly turns into a rocker of sorts. Again, Trewavas plays a bass line akin to Chris Squire. The music on ‘Beautiful’ gives a feel of summertime being soft and transcendent which goes hand in hand with the anti-cynicism stance of the lyrics. It goes out to all those who are derided for believing in the beautiful things in life. ‘Afraid Of Sunrise’ invokes images of wide open spaces and clear blue skies with the narrator looking at the introspective side of fame.
‘Out Of This World’ tells the story about the British speed king, Donald Campbell, who forsake everything he had for fame and subsequently perished during a record attempt. The band is holding back, being reflective but after a while the flood gates open and emotions fly high. Abstemious at first, ‘Afraid Of Sunlight’ allows the music to give night way to day without asking questions. But in this setting it haunts our protagonist who dreads what the morning brings…infamy and shame! ‘Beyond You’ conjures the feeling of being awake at night watching the darkness thinking of lost ones, lost due to your own stupid actions. The music is sparse and wavers in and out between upbeat and tormented and readily enhances the wretched soul of the song’s main character. The honours of ending this magnificent album falls on ‘King’. And I guess it ties this release together perfectly since it deals with instant fame and the consequences of that. Everybody wants you. Pressure, pressure, pressure. It builds up and eventually explodes. Fin! Beautiful guitar work in the beginning by Rothery, before the songs kicks into rocking mode on and off. The dejection side of the lyrics appears in the shape of Mark Kelly’s keyboards.

‘Afraid Of Sunlight’ truly marks the end of an area as EMI dropped Marillion after it’s release. That’s a sad state of affairs since this album is a gem. I shouldn’t be talking though being part of why the band lost their deal. Poor record sales and the lack of a single/ radio hit was the final straw but looking back on things, Marillion bowed out from the mainstream with their heads held high. And they should be proud of this work and of themselves. After all, they relaunched their career as a truly self-sufficient, successful band in their own right.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Texan Heavy Rockers Set to Storm the U.K. for the HIGH STRANGENESS' UK Album Tour 2017

Mothership took the world by storm with their latest album, "High Strangeness", their 4th release for California Heavy Rock leader, Ripple Music.  After months of non-stop touring in America, now the Texan hard rockers take their high energy, guitar-mad show to Europe.  Be sure not to miss 'HIGH STRANGENESS' UK Album Tour 2017. Tickets on sale now!

Joining them on the U.K. highways are Ripple Labelmates, post-metal doomsters, Poseidon, who'll be touring their Ripple Music debut, "Prologue"

25 June - Milton Keynes, UK - Craufurd Arms**

26 June - Coventry, UK - The Phoenix**

27 June - Manchester, UK - Factory**

28 June - Edinburgh, UK - Bannermans**

29 June - Cardiff, UK - Fuel**

30 June - Bournemouth, UK - The Anvil**

01 July - London, UK - The Black Heart**

**W/ Ripple Labelmates Poseidon

Monday, May 29, 2017

Dö - Astral: Death / Birth EP

photo credits: Jaakko Rinne

If you're not familiar with this band then do yourself a favour and check them out. Dö are a blackened stoner doom band that are coming from Helsinki, Finland. They combine the hammering doom with an excellent stoner rock vibe. Sometimes it’s so effective it’ll blow your brains out.

The group is Big Dog on guitar, Deaf Hank on bass and lead vocals, and Joe E. Deliverance playing drums and contributing background vocals. They call their music style “döömer”, a genuine combination of stoner, doom, sludge with death/black metal twists here and there.

Since they rose to form the band in 2013, they have released a couple of EPs and a full-length . In terms of the EPs there was a self titled one in 2014 and then the Den EP 2015. 2016’s full-length Tuho was my first discovery of the band and less than a year later Dö are back with their latest release, a concept EP called Astral: Death / Birth. The band are inspired about the future and about the negative future for mankind. After I had listened several times to the bands latest effort however I think the opposite

The first track, “Astral Death” starts off with an alarming guitar before heading into a thick, massive and slow riffing-session. A wall of very, very tight and compact sound just the way you want your stoner rock to sound. Track two, “Astral Birth,” starts like a post-rock/progressive song . It has the specific prog-ish extended jamming number vibe and they spice it up with some space-doom. The chanting voice of Hank during the build up reminds me of a forgotten astronaut in space. Then the guitar really kicks in and all hell breaks loose. It's absolutely mindblowing! Very nice and one of the albums many epic moments.

This majestic EP brings the listener into an unearthly journey and it’s epic. The bands repetitive patterns and the mindfucking creepy atmosphere the band create are delightful. The only negative aspect is that it’s way to short.

If the band continues like this I see only good things coming up in the future. Dö means that someone's dying in Swedish but this monster EP makes me feel more alive than ever. Well done boys!


Sunday, May 28, 2017

PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2017: The Obelisk Issues Desert Survival Guide + Single Day Tickets To Go On Sale June 1st

This year's edition of PSYCHO LAS VEGAS will make its descent upon the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 18th and run through August 20th, 2017 with a preparty to commence August 17th.

Boasting a jaw-dropping lineup that includes headlining sets from Atlanta goliaths, Mastodon, psychedelic rock legends, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and heavy metal icon King Diamond performing the zenith Abigail opus in its entirety as a US-exclusive, alongside Sleep, Slo Burn, Wolves In The Throne Room, Ace Frehley, Neurosis, Gojira, Corrosion Of Conformity, Pelican, Chelsea Wolfe, Carcass and over seven dozen of the scene's most groundbreaking, eclectic, and plainly ruling acts, PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2017 is already - and rightly so - being hailed as one of the best heavy lineups ever put together for an American festival.

As part one of a series that will delve into the magical PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2017 lineup through the event's kick off, The Obelisk delivers a thorough Desert Survival Guide offering airline, and hotel tips on how to navigate the Entertainment Capital Of The World on a budget. Check it out at THIS LOCATION.

Last year, Dig Boston lauded PSYCHO LAS VEGAS for boasting, "one of the most amazing festival lineups," to date. BrooklynVegan praised an event that was both, "fun [and] weird," with a sound quality that was, "absolutely top-level," while Las Vegas Review Journal celebrated the festival's, "communal, come-as-you-are vibe," furthering, "the whole weekend had the feel of a heavy-metal family gathering meets The Big Lebowski; a laid-back get-together with an ensemble cast of far-out characters, from gray-haired dudes in Captain Beefheart T-shirts to Yeti-shaggy heavy-metal epicureans..." Noisey concurred hailing PSYCHO LAS VEGAS for fulfilling, "every hesher's fantasy of wandering around the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino stoned out of your mind while alternating between gambling, getting wasted, smoking cigarettes indoors, eating Mexican food, flaunting tattoos, and, of course, watching a seemingly endless onslaught of metal bands perform."

PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2017 tickets are selling fast! Don't miss out. Secure yours today at THIS LOCATION. All thriller, no filler. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

Single day tickets will go on sale June 1st.

PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2017 Lineup (alphabetical):
Ace Frehley
Black Anvil
Blood Ceremony
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Chelsea Wolfe
Cirith Ungol
Cloud Catcher
Code Orange
Corrosion Of Conformity
Cult Leader
Cult Of Luna With Julie Christmas
Dark Castle
Elephant Tree (Aka Flights)
Eternal Tapestry
Graf Orlock
Heavy Temple
Hollow Leg
Inter Arma
Jex Thoth
King Diamond
Laura Pleasants & Special Guests
Manilla Road
Mouth Of The Architect
Mulatu Astatke
Murder City Devils
Mustard Gas & Roses
Psychic TV
The Rods
Royal Thunder
Ruby The Hatchet
Saturndust (AKA Flights)
Slo Burn
Sons Of Otis
The Skull
Wizard Rifle
Wolves In The Throne Room
Yawning Man
Year Of The Cobra
Young And In The Way
Youngblood Supercult
Zeal & Ardor

SCREAMFEEDER: Iconic Brisbane indie-rockers return with new album Pop Guilt | Share video for song ‘Half Lies’ via Rolling Stone Magazine

“Twenty-five years into their career, Screamfeeder are still killing it… they pour a lifetime of indie-rock experience into this collection of blissed-out punk songs.”

“While the record is gloriously retro, it also manages to sound fresh and vital, with undeniable energy and depth. Pop Guilt? Nothing to feel guilty about here. This is an album filled with diverse delights.”

Rogue Wave Records – the newly established imprint from the people behind Ripple Music – is thrilled to announce the release of it’s inaugural venture into the world of alt-rock, psychedelic pop, post-punk and garage. Ladies and gentleman may we present to you, Pop Guilt by The legendary Brisbane-based noise pop/indie rock band Screamfeeder.

Lovers of loud and beautiful music since the day they were conceived, Screamfeeder have been compared to all the greats; Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr, Guided By Voices and The Pixies, and this year they mark a return to the alt-rock fold with one of the best guitar-pop albums you’ll likely hear in 2017.

These Brisbane indie heavyweights have always been one of Australia's most-loved bands, capturing the hearts and ears of music lovers everywhere with their blissful brand of melodic rock. They’re the band every Australian grew up with, whose songs are imprinted into the DNA of any music-lover who came of age in the 90s and early 00s. A band that combines loud, joyous and chaotic music in a way that very few acts ever manage.

Now they’re back, better than ever.

Following the release of their debut album Flour in 1992, the band turned out a further five scorching albums, including the undeniably classic Kitten Licks in 1996. Taking a break from recording and touring in 2005 they continued to play occasional shows and tour Australia to armies of people still desperate to hear their music. In fact they’ve toured Australia too many times to count, not to mention the US, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. Live, they’re a non-stop whirlwind of high-energy heavy riffs, flailing feedback and pulse-racing bass. Raw, grungy, fiery, effortlessly skilful yet loose at the same time, their exuberant and joyful waves fill every space in the room with pure radiant youth and people singing every word as testament to the abiding quality of their music.

Released in Australia earlier this year, the album will receive an official worldwide on 23rd June 2017 via Rogue Wave Records. In the meantime you can stream and share the brand new video for lead single ‘Half Lies’ via Rolling Stone Magazine HERE
Track Listing:

1. Half Lies
2. All Over It Again
3. Got A Feeling
4. Going To California
5. Shelter
6. Falling
7. Alone In A Crowd
8. Making It Up
9. Sonic Souvenirs
10. Karen Trust Me
11. Not Afraid
12. I Might Have Some Regrets
13. Sciatic Heart
14. Rules Of Attraction [Bonus Track]
15. I'm Fighting [Bonus Track]

Artist: Rogue Wave
Title: Pop Guilt
Release Date: 23rd June 2017
Label: Rogue Wave
Formats: Vinyl/Digital/CD
Rogue Wave Records is a newly established imprint label from the founders of Ripple Music, which aims to bring listeners the best in alt-rock, psychedelic pop, post-punk and garage. Basically, anything they think is extraordinary.

Rogue Wave Records on Facebook | Big Cartel

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bandcamp Bonanza – Monsters Who Want Your Money

We’ve got a fresh batch of monster albums just in! Hurry, get to your paypal and push the pay now button. Thank me later and then scold me for causing excessive wallet rash. Don’t worry its common place in the hard rock village of camp.

Geezer – Psychoriffadelia
So you thought their self-titled released in 2016 was trippy, wait till you hear the brand spanking new one. It’s also offered up in multiple packages via the Indiegogo campaign which is out to help generate money for the new album and a tour in Europe.
Not only does it live up to the album title but Psychoriffadelia devours all high expectations coming hot the whiskers of the self-titled released just last year. The Beard of Doom jams us with hot crusty psychedelia and slathers with distorted riffs hallucinating with a sinister twang. Favorite track: Stressknots.

Brother O’ Brother – Neon Native
Boy oh boy does Brother O’ Brother have a killer thing going on. Molten fuzz meets hard banging blues.
Brother O' Brother incorporate a rowdy punk energy within a signature delta blues based duo tone. Mean Fu Manchu fuzz meets a smoked out Jack White.

Electric Mountain – Electric Mountain
These guys have stormed the scene with this new album gaining the attention of all the regulars in bandcamp. Not only does it deserve the attention, but it is yearning for new ears such as yours reading right now. Check it out.
Sounding like the Sasquatch of the Mexican desert, Electric Mountain combine some of the most authentic Kyuss induced groove that side of the Rio Grande. Weighing in at over 5k tons of super fuzz distorted with equal amounts of head bobbing bass, upbeat rhythm, and vocals rivaling John Garcia, these young lads have showcased a rock solid stoner rock affair.

Operators – Revelers
What we have here folks is a fantastic new album by a band who should be huge. I’m hearing all sorts of influences ranging from 70’s classic rock, to 90’s grunge to modern alternative metal. This stuff is flat out amazing. Available on vinyl all over European stores now, don’t sleep on this band. I’m telling you now. It gets better with each listen.
The Operators operate the airwaves with retro driven intent showcasing a gravel packed vocal wail skirting the divide between NWOBHM and melodic stoner rawk. The riffs revel with intensity and the groove tangles the listener between bluesy solos and punk rock energy staking claim as a modern day version of Deep Purple.

The Ossuary – Post Mortem Blues
This one came out early in the year and I can still remember the first time I heard the promo. I was totally blown away. The guitar tones are tremendously heavy, razor sharp and outweigh all others on the same playlist. The vocals are very strong and the overall vibe screams early Doom without overemphasizing any particular niche. For whatever reason it took me a couple months to finally order the vinyl, which is still available and limited which results in another fine album competing for top 10 honors for heavy album of the year. Don’t pass up on The Ossuary, it may be THE most underrated album of the year at this point.

The Big Motif – Does it Weigh Heavy
This album was apparently released some years ago and I am just getting around to discovering it. Loaded with succulent blues grooving at lounge room pace the vibes are chill and the riffs are hot. A blues album at heart, This thing not only weighs heavy but it’ll bring you to your knees pleading for another round of aural stimulation.  I am certainly investigating these guys full bore at the moment and really dig this name your price album.

It’s a new week, a new batch of records, and a fresh perspective on the state of the heavy underground. It’s thriving. You all should know that by now. What are you waiting for; immerse yourself into the wormhole of rock n roll pleasure known as bandcamp.

-The Huntsman

Friday, May 26, 2017

Mastodon - Emperor Of Sand

Are you ready waveriders?  It's controversial opinion time here at The Ripple Effect!  Although it will surely cost me readers I am willing to stand by my convictions.  Yes, despite the overwhelming opinion of the listening majority I declare that Mastodon is a good, nay, terrific band!  That's right.  I said it.  Terrific.  And furthermore...what's that?  A tremendous number of music fans are quite fond of Mastodon?  Oh.  Perhaps I was misinformed.  Well in that case let's simply move on and discuss their newest release, Emperor Of Sand.

This album rocks!  From the moment I first hit the play button I immediately connected with these songs.  Emperor Of Sand sees the band tweaking their sound and musical approach again, but this go around those elements demonstrably hearken back to Blood Mountain and Crack The Skye.  These eleven tracks effortlessly combine the hard-edged muscularity of Mastodon's earlier records with the generous accessibility displayed on their more recent releases.  The results are phenomenal!

Before I get too carried away I need to specifically highlight one aspect of this album which deserves special recognition, the vocals.  Emperor Of Sand, in my humble opinion, features the best vocals that Mastodon has recorded to date.  Troy Sanders and Brent Hinds sound stronger and more emotive than ever while Brann Dailor continues to evolve into an increasingly formidable singer.  In fact, on many songs I'd say Brann's vocal contributions steal the show.  The bottom line however is that when the power of the three vocalists combine, which is on pretty much every song, the listener is treated to endless peaks with no valleys in sight.

Waveriders this is an album you need to own/experience.  Emperor Of Sand rockets out of the gate with "Sultan's Curse" and doesn't let up until the closing notes of the epic final track "Jaguar God".  If you're a long-standing Mastodon fan this record won't disappoint, and if you've never investigated Mastodon and want to know why so many people adore this band Emperor Of Sand is a fantastic introduction!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sacrament Ov Impurity – The Purest Of Sins

Those of us who like to talk about music, such as yours truly, sometimes mention that a band has “arrived”. To me that means we have seen potential, we have watched a band grow in their abilities, and they have put all of that together in a way that showcases what they are capable of. I have followed this band for several years now and I have to say that with this new release the beast has been fully unleashed.

Sacrament Ov Impurity are a two piece back metal band hailing from Mount Vernon, Washington. Its a rural, agricultural area far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. I imagine that, just as many European black metal bands come from small towns, there is something about the distance and isolation from urban chaos that allows bands to focus on their creativity and bring life to this music.

And what music this is. Black metal is full of grimness;listening to it often evokes feelings of loneliness, isolation, of being in a cold, frostbitten landscape devoid of any colors except black and white and shades of grey. Yet to me, it is also very beautiful and trancelike, and when done with the right touches it is music that takes you away from the normal drudgery of existence and moves the listener on to a different plane, almost as though it pulls the listener into another dimension. There is some incredibly moving music on this album. The opener, “An Apparation of Bygone Lament”, is like a journey through the history of black metal, sharing various tempos and styles and melding them all into a cohesive blast that frees the spirit. “Sepulture Of Modern Man” is a masterpiece, the kind of song that allows you to close your eyes and feel the different places where music can take you. The middle section of this song is simply epic in the way that it made me feel.

I also enjoy hearing the growth in the songwriting, the extra little touches that went into these songs. There is some experimentation with black and roll types of beats in places. There are some very judiciously placed synths that add just the right touch to these songs. The overall feeling is that this band is very confident and assured both in the songwriting and performances captured here. To my ears there is tremendous growth just in the roughly 18 months since their last release. This is a band that deserves to be heard and hopefully this album will be the springboard that allows them to do more touring and take part in more festivals.

Black metal is seemingly a limited sub-genre, yet bands like this take the basics and move the music forward in all sorts of new directions. As a big fan of this style of music I love to hear releases like this. It gives me hope that the music will continue to grow. Do yourself a favor, head to Bandcamp and pick up a copy of this one. Black metal is alive and well and this album is all the proof you need.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ragin' Ripple Sale Happening now! Plus Steak, Doublestone and the new Thin Lizzy Tribute with Mothership!

Time for a huge, ragin' Ripple sale!  Let's clear some space in the warehouse for some new, killer releases comin' down the line.  While supplies last: $5 CD's and $7 LP's on selected back catalog titles.  2xLP's as low as $10 and limited edition vinyl going for $15! If you've been dying to fill some holes in your Ripple collection, now's the time.  We haven't run a sale like this in a long time, and don't know when we'll do it again, so take advantage while you can!
Steak "No God to Save" is here and the press is buzzing.  "Steak have once again staked their claim to the very finest of heavy rock with ‘No God To Save‘." -- Riff Relevant.   Limited Edition, Black Edition and CD's are all nearly gone as of this writing, but a scant few remain.  Don't hesitate, this one really is tasty.
The Press is also buzzing about the latest offering from Danish retro-heavy psych rockers, Doublestone.  Firmly in the vein of Graveyard, Uncle Acid and Kadavar, but plowing a road all their own.  Organic and heavy, a true treat.  Two vinyl versions and CD's still available.
Our good friends at Glory or Death Records have announced their first vinyl release, the first in their series of Bow to Your Masters tribute albums. They chose a special band to pay tribute to: Thin Lizzy.  They've got some killer bands, including three from the Ripple family so far (Mothership, Mos Generator and Red Wizard - with more to come!) putting their unique spins on classic Lizzy songs:

    Mos Generator (Seattle)
    Egypt (Fargo)
    Mothership (Dallas)
    High on Fire (Oakland)
    White Dog (Austin)
    Red Wizard (San Diego)
    Slow Season (San Diego)
    KOOK (San Jose)
    Great Electric Quest (Oceanside)
    Sacri Monti (Encinitas)
    Harsh Toke (San Diego)

The Kickstarter featuring limited vinyl and art packages ends on 5/30/17.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Noiseworks - Noiseworks

Back in the late eighties an Australian friend of mine, whom I've sadly lost touch with since, sent me a cassette of a Sydney-based band. It was their self-titled debut and the band in question was Noiseworks. At this point in time, this five-piece were completely unknown to me and based off of the artwork, a photo of the band against a white backdrop with the logo above, I had no clue what to expect. However, once the music started I was sold - hook, line and sinker!

Australian rock and pop of the eighties had a particular sound. Can't honestly describe it in words but to this day that sound is very identifiable in a good way. And Noiseworks are not exempt of this. They deftly embrace their heritage while going full tilt with awesome hooks, great lyrics and a lot of emotion. What baffles me is that the guys were labeled a pub rock band. Maybe that was the case in their infant years but ‘Noiseworks’ is anything but. Then again, we all look at things differently.

Several permeating features throughout ‘Noiseworks’ are, amongst other things, the prominent bass guitar. It keeps the rhythm but at the same time goes off on it’s own excursions, which gives the music more substance. The guitar tone is airy, free and floating both in the riffs and the lead work. And the way it tag teams with the keyboard is refreshing. Almost like a twin-axe attack. Lastly, Jon Stevens’ voice is something else. Beautiful, yet desperate with great range which brings out the meaning in the lyrics perfectly.

This is a great debut album through and through with no low points at all. Still, as always, I find some tracks that stands out more than the others. ‘Burning Feeling’ is a mid-tempo rocker with hooks to kill about yearning for an adrenaline rush no matter what. A heartfelt plea for forgiveness and redemption ‘Take Me Back’ hits home with anyone who’s lost someone and it’s irreversible, forever. ‘No Lies’ picks up the pace as the band ponders the devious ways of an ex-partner who’s pulls out all the stops to reel you back into a bad relationship. ‘River Of Tears’ tells the tale of finding yourself while watching others, maybe a loved one, remain in limbo not wanting to change. ‘Welcome To The World’ is a song telling two sides of the coin. One child is born into a nice safe world being fed from a golden spoon, while another is born to fight. Stand up and make a difference wherever you come from.

Despite not having released any studio albums since ‘Love vs. Money’ in 1991, Noiseworks have been active on and off with various old and new members. The latest I heard the ‘Noiseworks’ lineup was back and recorded an album slated for a 2016 release but as far as I know that wax is still locked up in a vault somewhere.
In between all this bassist Balbi and keyboardist Stanley formed the semi-successful Electric Hippies before working with David Bowie, Tom Jones and Michael Hutchence(Balbi) and Beck, Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow and Prince(Stanley). Singer Jon Stevens has, besides a long solo career, worked with INXS and Jesus Christ Superstar, as well as forming the music collective The Dead Daisies, whom he no longer performs with.


Monday, May 22, 2017

The Flying Eyes Sign to Ripple Music for New Album Due Out This Fall

“…The Flying Eyes appeared and cast their hypnotic power over the crowd.”

Ripple Music is thrilled to welcome Baltimore's heavy psych rockers, The Flying Eyes, to it's roster of the best of modern heavy psych, stoner, doom and heavy rock.

The Flying Eyes name comes from a 1962 science fiction novel about giant, disembodied eyes that descend from outer space to control humanity...

Since forming ten years ago, they have released four albums, several 7" singles, and toured the world, supporting bands such as Dead Meadow, The Raveonettes, The Black Angels and Dan Auerbach among others.  The Flying Eyes have achieved a notable following in Europe with extensive club touring and festival appearances. Highlights include: Burg Herzberg Festival (sharing the main stage with Jeff Beck and Hawkwind), Rockpalast Crossroads Festival, Stoned From The Underground (DE), Desert Fest Belgium (BE), Trutnov Open Air (CZ) as well as the Synchronicity Festival in India.

After extensive touring in South America, playing shows and festivals in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, they linked up with producer Gabriel Zander (Mars Red Sky) at Super Fuzz Studio in Rio de Janeiro to record their upcoming Ripple Music debut album Burning of the Season. Season is a return to the band’s roots of fuzzed-out blues and soulful psychedelia with the maturity and craftsmanship of age. Coming out this fall on Ripple Music (US and non-European Territories), it is their heaviest statement to date.

California-based Ripple Music is one of the world's leading record labels for heavy rock, heavy psych, stoner and doom.  Ripple Music is distributed world-wide by MVD Distributors, as well as H'art, Plastichead, Borders, Suburban, Goodfellows and more.  All releases are available on the Ripple Website and Ripple Music Bandcamp.  Check out for more info and news.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Midnight Messiah – Led Into Temptation

“Led Into Temptation” is the sophmore release from British band Midnight Messiah.  Formed by Phil Denton (guitars) and Paul Taylor (vocals) from the ashes of NWOBHM cult favorites Elixir.  Like it's predecessor, “Root of All Evil” - “Led into Temptation” has the sort of NWOBHM vibe but it , in fact the song “The Sinner Must Die” starts off with a moody into very reminiscent of Elixir's “Llagaren” from the “Sovereign Remedy” album.

I can go through every track and say “This sounds like Judas Priest, this sounds like Thin Lizzy...” yes Midnight Messiah wear their influences proudly. Just a sample lyric from “Hellbound” -”They Tell me Hell Ain't a bad place to be” - any band that cites Bon Scott era AC/DC has a special place in my heart.  “Second Coming” has a dual guitar solo very similar to Judas Priest's “Freewheel Burning”.  “Go to the Light” has an anthemic chorus like all the 80's Scorpions songs....see? “While Heaven Bleeds” is Dio-era Sabbath.   There's nothing wrong with paying tribute to the bands that helped shape ones musical direction.  There's cowbell on the intro to the otherwise very heavy “Merry Widow” - how cool is that?? HEAVY METAL COWBELL!!!

To be honest, it's going to be hard to write a non biased review of this CD.  I've loved everything I've heard from the Elixir family from the second they took the stage in NJ 11 years ago and my jaw fell on the floor when I heard the opening notes of “Star of Beshaan”.

The biggest compliment I can give is if I ever get good enough and form my own band they won't sound very much different than Midnight Messiah.  This is recommended for fans of the classics – but again with a modern twist and modern production. 


Midnight Mesiah are:
Paul Taylor – vocals
Phil Denton – guitars, bass, keyboards
Darren Lee – Drums
Dave Strange – Lead Guitar on tracks 3, 4, 5, 10 & 11

Track Listing:
Second Coming
Led into Temptation
The Merry Widow
Go to the Light
Return of the King
The Darklands
While Heaven Bleeds

Bonus Tracks:
Right Place, Wrong Time
King of the Night (2017 remix)

Find Midnight Messiah online:

Photos by Electric Eye Photography.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Bandcamp Bonanza – BBBBBB

The irony in today’s title is the featured album initials are BBB and the article series here is also BBB. Double Triple B’s. Killer B’s. I thought that was cool, what I also think is that you should listen to the recommendations in today’s feature of Bucky’s Bandcamp Bonanza.

Buttered Bacon Biscuits – From The Solitary Woods
What we have here folks is a reissue for the first time on vinyl the defunct band who later formed the monster what is Witchwood deep in the Italian woods. I urge you to grab the vinyl edition of this as Jolly Rogers Records is doing the world a service by putting this out there. Extremely limited, this will likely only get pressed once and you have your chance to be one of the few and one of the proud vinyl junkies. As there is only a couple tracks streaming on bandcamp, you get the full album with digital purchase and it is impeccable. Trust me.
What a well executed and masterfully written album. If you're here you probably have the Witchwood stuff already and this is the prelude to that. If you're new, sit back, relax and let the melodies drift you away to a time when the sun baked oranger and the smoke rung heavier. BBB bring classic rock full circle including haunting keys, arena filling rhythm, mind-melting psych, and deep brooding blues with a vocal package soaring at the crossroads of Dickie Betts meets Use Your Illusion era Axl Rose.

Mind Reverse – Mind Reverse EP
This one just ticks all the right boxes and is an enjoyable listen no matter what your mood.
Nice fusion of punky garage blues and progressive psych rock. One that gets better with each listen. Quite impressive.

This one may go down in many year-end lists. Interesting trivia, Tony Hawk’s kid is the frontman for this impressive band. Southern California skater rawk at its finest!!!
Petyr come launching out of nowhere with a blazing set of cosmic riffage on its self-titled smasher. Heavy psych hasn't felt this good since your first trip on magic mushrooms. The laser blues laced skater punk jam layers of extraterrestrial fuzz into empty pools of Witch meets Earthless. Hot damn!!

The Wicked Ones – The Wicked Ones
Ya, this is a wicked one. I especially like the hard edged groove and the vocal assault. So mean, yet so clean. Price is right too. Can’t afford not to.
This is where the Steve Rodgers in me says "Gods Holy Trousers" Ravishing vocals wailing over dominating bass lines and wickedly constructed metallic fuzz. Add in a distorted cover of Jefferson Airplane and I think we've got somebody to love. Holy fucking crap!

King Zong – King Zong
Sounds like the album looks, and seems to be getting welcomed attention in the heavy side of the heavy underground. Dig it.
King Zog comes out ripping hard on the riff bong taking the low and slow doomy blues to the 5th dimension

Feuerzeug – Dead Wahines and Psunamis
These guys just came on my radar and come to find out as blown away as I was about this old material, our president Racer was all over it back in the day. Review here. They’ve gone into hibernation but rumor has it they are back together and working on new material. Keep your ears out for Feuerzeug, as they’ve got big news to unleash soon.
Absolutely punishing fuzz catapulted by unrelenting groove after groove. The bass rumbles tirelessly beneath the distorted riffs which echo against a clean, powerful vocal.

Well that was fun. What do you think of all this madness? Give us your suggestions. What are you listening to other than the obvious albums mentioned here right this minute? Inquiring minds want to know. Don’t be scared join the party, pitch your tent, follow us on bandcamp, and comment below.

-The Huntsman
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