Monday, September 30, 2019

LES TECHNO - Edge of the World (Single)

Solid Bass Records

Les Techno is a New York City based post-punk electronic rocker that has released critically acclaimed singles “Where were You?,” “Come Along,” “Closer Look,” and “Guilty Pleasure” available on Spotify, iTunes and elsewhere. He made hip-hop tracks with rap artists Run-DMC, Mobb Deep and Onyx, among others. He did a Red Hot Chili Peppers remix (Higher Ground), worked with R&B artist Ava Cherry and with the late, legendary funk master Bernie Worrell. This project is a new mixture of rock guitar sounds, electronics, hip hop beats, live bass, and his satirical lyrics.

The song has a ‘80s feel mixed with industrial and a groove that is impossible to ignore. A funky backbeat will grab you at first, but then the lyrics will keep you involved. Les Techno says this about the song: “Watching the Amazon burn, this song appeared out of nowhere, as an alarm in my head: we are all at the party at the edge of the world. We party and the world hurls into climate oblivion. “Swept over at the end of the road, where you lose control… you’re at the party at the edge of the world…..” Pretty powerful stuff and a fantastic song that takes nothing away from the message.

I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next since this is a great single and leaves me wanting more from him. Take a listen and feel the pain of the world going to shit, but there are people like him who are trying to do something about it.

-Rick Ecker

Sunday, September 29, 2019

A Ripple Conversation With Kasador

What have been your musical epiphany moments?

My largest musical epiphany came later on in my development as a musician. In my first year of undergrad as a student of music in university I took a course on voice leading and harmony that changed the entire way I hear, write and think about music. I had an incredibly passionate professor whose excitement for the art form ignited my passion to learn. It unlocked music as both an artistic and intelligent form of expression. It opened my eyes to fully understand the subtle complexities that make music so beautiful.

Talk to us about the song-writing process for you. What comes first, the idea? A riff? The lyrics? How does it all fall into place?

As a band we’ve adopted a very collaborative writing process. We think it’s important that the sound we present is an amalgamation of everyone’s unique musical background and influences. Every song works its way through the creation process a little differently but typically someone in the band will bring in the bones of a new idea (chords/lyrical ideas) and as a band we’ll turn it on it’s head and fill in the rest. Occasionally we have written and recorded the entirety of a song before coming up with lyrics or a vocal melody, and we’ll go back and record the vocals to the track.

Who has influenced you the most?

The Beatles were the first band that really got me hooked on music and the idea of being in a band. From grades 3-4 I used to fall asleep just about every night while listening to a different album. At the time I was playing bass and trumpet so naturally Paul McCartney was my idol. His bass lines we’re just so different than anything I would expect to come up with and was blown away by how someone could make such melodic bass lines fit flawlessly into songs.

Something I value in bands and musicians is versatility. I’d like to think that just about no one likes only one specific kind of music. I think its kind of shame not to explore the incredible array of varied sounds different instruments and cultures can produce and I look up to the Beatles efforts in that way.

I often feel that passion for music is overshadowed by much of the superficial satisfaction that being in the spotlight can offer. I find myself influenced and inspired by those most passionate of the art form.

Where do you look for continuing inspiration? New ideas, new motivation?

I find collaborating with other musicians to be my greatest source of inspiration and motivation to push myself. Everyone has a unique set of experiences that shape how they hear and create music. No matter if I’m playing with someone who just started playing or has dedicated their life to the art I find myself always learning something new and that keeps me inspired.

We're all a product of our environment. Tell us about the band's hometown and how that reflects in the music?

In my humble opinion, Kingston has one of the best ‘new band infrastructures’ in the country. There is a great bar scene, a super supportive community, accessibility to major cities and a great network of musicians to connect with. It is also a stop for many larger acts that are traveling between these major cities, bringing lots of attention to our city. You can’t help but to be influenced by what your surrounded with and the Kingston roots rock comes through in our sound. 
Where'd the band name come from?

Will, Boris and I all met about 6 years ago when Will was looking for some members to play in a group he had called “Will Hunter Band” which had a semi-rotating group of musicians he would play his original music with. After a few weeks it was clear the personal and musical chemistry was present between us and in time transitioned into an equal creative. We felt we had now formed a new entity and wanted to move forward under a more collaborative brand. The word “Kasador” is a bastardization of the Spanish word “Cazsador” meaning hunter. We felt it was an appropriate homage to where we came from (Will Hunter Band) but now allowed us to freely express our personal musical influences under the umbrella of a collective.

You have one chance, what movie are you going to write the soundtrack for?

While my knowledge of 70’s silver screen films is alarmingly limited I think I would like to try my hand at composing a musical score for a groovy adult film. Primarily because I think it would be hilarious but when I’m creating music on my own I’m always super amused by how I can make gimmicky sounds fit into a musical piece. I also have a background in jazz and a love for funk guitar and I think I could make a gimmicky jazz funk fusion score that would fit.

You now write for a music publication (The Ripple Effect?).  You're going to write a 1,000 word essay on one song. Which would it be and why?

A song that comes to mind is Bohemian Rhapsody. I think writing a 1000 word essay to that song would be a breeze purely because of how much content is in the song. With multiple movements, varied instrumentation, cutting edge recording techniques and compelling lyrics there is an insane amount to discuss that musical opus.

Come on, share with us a couple of your great, Spinal Tap, rock and roll moments?

The first painful similarity that comes to mind is we have had 4 drummers….thankfully all are still alive to our knowledge! We have had several instances when something has been promised and not delivered. First one that comes to mind is when we were added to a new festival line-up in Perry Sound that had us playing along side for I Mother Earth, Hollerado, Our Lady Peace and many more Canadian greats. We were excited to be on the bill and thought to ourselves ‘wow we’ve made it’. As we drove up, we started seeing on socials that bands were dropping off the bill, which we should have known was a bad sign. Being young and determined we decided that Kasador doesn’t cancel – so we pressed on to find the poorest run festival one could imagine. Through the course of the day, a drunk driver leaving the fair grounds hit an OPP car, the liquor board showed up because they didn’t have a license to serve alcohol and that night part of the stage caught on fire. We were scheduled to play on the second day before I Mother Earth. We were listening to their sound check, when Will got a call from the promoter. He had skipped town because his ‘brother was in the hospital’ and Will would have to tell I Mother Earth that they would not be getting paid and the festival was shut down.

Tell us about playing live and the live experience for you and for your fans?

Playing live is what it’s all about. Being able to connect with your fans and play to people that came to be part of your creation is such a unique bond. One of the best feelings in the world is to be singing your song to someone in the crowd who is singing it back to you. Most of time when I write songs it’s just by myself in my room so it can be kind of surreal when you realize that someone you may never have met is affected by it. Playing live creates an energy only attainable by being at the show and it makes me feel very proud to make music.

What makes a great song?
Everyone in the band could give you a different answer for this, but where I think we all agree with is intention. You can tell when a song is written with a purpose and there is depth to both what and why they are saying it.

Tell us about the first song you ever wrote?

In an attempt to be like Paul McCartney I was trying to come up with a very melodic bass line in my basement when I was 13. The song basically just consisted of this bass line, my brother strumming a chord or two on the guitar and me humming along to the melody of the bass. I’m not sure too many people would consider this to be a real song but it sure as hell felt like it at the time. Maybe it’s time to revisit that bass line..

What piece of your music are particularly proud of?

Our band has grown so much over the past few years, and our new/first record is something that we put a lot of ourselves into. It's set for release on September 13th!

Who today, writes great songs? Who just kicks your ass? Why?

I’ve always thought that John Mayer is a fantastic songwriter. I appreciate how he demonstrates his guitar prowess in an accessible way. I think his song Neon is a good example of how a clever and complex part can fit into a pop song without being overbearing. As he’s matured as a musician so have his lyrics. Similar to his guitar playing I think they are a good combination of relatable while maintaining a poetic depth.

Vinyl, CD, or digital? What's your format of choice?

Well, the aux cord and Bluetooth don’t work in our band van, so we rely solely on CDs and the radio. So CDs!

Whiskey or beer?  And defend your choice

Beer – something we’ve noticed is that local breweries are generally in the coolest neighbourhoods when we tour, so we have started to make an effort to search out new breweries. On this tour we’ve even organized acoustic sets at some breweries to 1) meet new people who hang out a breweries and 2) have some pints before our full band show.

We, at the Ripple Effect, are constantly looking for new music. What's your home town, and when we get there, what's the best record store to lose ourselves in?

We’re from Kingston, Ontario and any self respecting Kingstonian is familiar with a record store called “Brain’s Record Option”. It’s been a staple to the downtown scene for years and a go to place for a deep selection of records and posters. Brian himself knows the store inside and out, ask for something and he’ll know exactly where it is. Not necessarily because it’s in an organised pile of records but because the store is his baby. A great testament to Kingston’s commitment to the store is how quickly the city rallied to store’s aid when it flooded earlier this year. Public funding allowed it to complete a full renovation and get it back on its feet and looking better than ever.

What's next for the band?

The next big step for us is to release our first full-length album. It’s been something in the works for over two years now. We’ve unfortunately had an array of roadblocks including changing of core members and loved ones passing away. We’ve decided to incorporate the theme of what’s been holding us back into our writing. The album will be called Brood and Bloom and we feel that it illustrates the idea of creating something positive out of a negative experience. We’ve tried to keep the concept of the duality of the two ideas consistent in our artwork, music and lyrics. We’re super excited for its release and to start touring with it.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Backwoods Payback - Future Slum

Early on, when I first moved to the States, I got to witness the magic of Backwoods Payback from Pennsylvania, and I fell in love with them immediately. Back then their lead-heavy punk-tinted rock was the mesmerizing focal point, however, the mainstay of Mike Cummings (vocals/guitar) and Jessica Baker (bass guitar) has weathered many storms since then but always come out on top, all while gradually shifting, evolving and upping the ante beautifully in the process. Studio album number five, 'Future Slum' is a great testament to this.

Having switched to the trio-format on the previous full-length, ‘Fire Not Reason’, when drummer Erik Larson joined the fold, the wonderful three-piece are laying down the law with ‘Future Slum’. Never holding back the band sings of social problems, relationship issues and political wrong-doings which in today’s world is more screwed up than ever. Backwoods Payback hones in on this with frighteningly vivid clarity and that’s one big part of their greatness. What is also striking is the variety in the music on hand and how wonderfully connected the different pieces are. Which is another part of Backwoods Payback’s genius. Personally, this is best displayed in 6 brilliant songs which all stand out and that’s no mean feat since ‘Future Slum’ is fantastic in its entirety.

‘Pirate Smile’ is a no holds barred heavy the way only Backwoods Payback can play. And with Mike’s desperate, in-your-face vocals telling it like it is, this is an excellent opener. ‘Lines’ starts out with a groove that the band should trademark. It’s kind of mid-tempo in the verses only to build up to solar explosions in the choruses as well as towards the end. Reminds me in parts of Therapy’s ‘Lunacy Booth’ and that’s a great accolade in my book. ‘Whatever’ is kind of dejected, weaving back and forth between the emotions on hand. Ferocious in parts, slower and reflective in parts. Mlny Parsonz from Royal Thunder guests wonderfully on vocals.

‘Cinderella’ is slow, meandering and haunting. Soft tribal-like drumming and a thumping hypnotic bass line backs Mike’s bleak and dejected vocals and some sinister guitar playing. It’s Backwoods Payback of the old going full tilt on ‘Generals’ where they leave no stone unturned. A social commentary at its most poignant. ‘Big Enough’ is grunge revisited and to me an ode to move away, or at least cut bad influences out, and start over since life as you know it brings you down badly.

Backwoods Payback never cease to amaze me and that certainly hasn’t changed with ‘Future Slum’. On the contrary actually. The changes album to album might be subtle but they do enough to move the band forward with each release. And as much as that is refreshing for the listener, I’m sure the band members themselves love to push the boundaries further. So, dear waveriders, this album by one of America’s best bands is a given for anyone who loves great music that doesn’t rest on its laurels. Don’t miss on this, you hear!


*Band photo courtesy of Justin James Muir

Friday, September 27, 2019

A Tremendous New Single!

Tremendous, from Birmingham UK, is an act heavily influenced on T.Rex, David Bowie, 70s Glam Rock. Their 3rd single "Open For Closing" is out now and the debut Album "Relentless" is out soon + they've had loads of nice reviews in magazines, newspapers, extensive radio play + WolfMan Radio's "Record Of The Week", Classic Rock Magazine  BBC introducing, Mike Rogers Show in Tokyo, Amazing Radio, No.3 on Banks Radio Chart. Planet Rock + #1 on Pop Radio RIA Chart to name a very few.

Its produced by Gavin Monaghan (Kings Of Leon/Robert Plant/The Editors etc)

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Winnipeg Cosmic Black Metal CELL Kick-Off USA/CAN Tour For New Album "Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos"

CELL - 'Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos' USA/Canada Tour
09/26/19 – Fargo, ND @ Red Raven Espresso Parlour
09/27/19 – Minneapolis, MN @ Mortimer’s Bar
09/28/19 – Milwaukee, WI @ Quarters
09/29/19 – Chicago, IL @ Live Wire Lounge
09/30/19 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Black Forge Coffee House
10/01/19 – Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
10/04/19 - Providence, RI @ Koto PVD
10/05/19 – Charlotte, NC @ Skylark Social Club
10/07/19 – Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s Downtown
10/08/19 – Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar
10/09/19 – Everett, MD @ Banshee Den
10/10/19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bazaar
10/11/19 – Montreal, QC @ Piranha Bar
10/12/19 – Quebec City, QC @ La Source de La Martiniere
10/13/19 – Ottawa, ON @ Pour Boy
10/14/19 – Sudbury, ON @ The Asylum
10/19/19 – Winnipeg, MB @ The Goodwill Social Club

Winnipeg, MB cosmic black metal trio CELL are preparing to hit the road across the USA and Canada in support of their upcoming album "Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos". The tour will kick off in Fargo, ND on September 27th and end in their hometown of Winnipeg, MB on October 19th opening for Immolation.

CELL's new album "Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos" continues their dramatic and theatrical storytelling in their conceptual science fiction universe. Following up their debut 2016 album "The Frozen Moon Of Erebath", the next chapter will be available on October 4, 2019.

Taking place on a planet called Xarbos, two races collide over different ways of life. The listener can expect to be pummelled with blast beats and speed and put into a hypnotic doomy trance while floating through an atmospheric and cosmic cleans. CELL goes into the details of the story the album follows:

“Each track has its own story in the album that leads to one big ending which is the decimation of the Xarbonite hierarchy. In the story, there are two races of beings on this planet: one race chose to rise with power, tech, money and the lower race is actually the oldest of Xarbos and know the ways of the land and its magic. There are a few side stories within the album that trail off but still, stay within the main story.”

Following in the footsteps of classic bands like Emperor, Death, Morbid Angel, and Immortal, CELL have become weavers of the arcane adding a theatrical stage show to their modern take on black metal.

Song Streams:
'God of The NetherRealm' here.
'The Wailing Sea Of Emptiness' here.
Track Listing:
1. The Rise Of Gorthar (2:31)
2. Defiling The Ancient Hierarchy (7:16)
3. All I See Is Them (4:15)
4. The Wailing Sea Of Emptiness (5:59)
5. Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos (1:35)
6. God Of The NetherRealm (8:32)
7. Valley Of Assimilation (5:24)
8. Altering Matter In The Realm Of The Frost King (10:38)
Album Length: 46:12

Album Band Line Up: Hypnos (Drums), Hyperion (Guitar, Vocals), Demios (Bass, Vocals)

Live Band Line Up: Hyperion, Lowell Winters, and Brett Leier

More info:

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Horseburner – The Thief
Adam Nohe – Vocals/ Drums, Jack Thomas – Guitar/Vocals, Seth Bostick – Bass, Zach Kaufman – Guitar

The Thief melodic guitar then the rest of the instruments meld in with power and majestic influences. A Joyless King pounding drums thumping bass melodic guitars with searing leads that just pull you in and gruff vocals. Drowning Bird heavy fist pumping metal that just grabs you as it goes down the road. The Fisherman’s Vow eerie melancholic guitars with a slow tempo that just envelops your very essence. Seas Between searing leads slide around you as the emotions of the song take over your very soul. Hand Of Gold Man Of Stone fist pumping head banging metal madness. The Oak catchy riffs sing along vocals scorching leads and steady rhythms. Fathoms pounding drums thumping bass eerie guitars scorching leads and great vocals. Thiefsong soft melodic emotional guitar.

Agon – Hollowed Lake
Andre Basora – Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Drums / Synths Programmed/Automated

My Yearning Heart the bowels of hell open up and black smoke pours fourth devouring all. Tunnel Of Desolation eerie tones just swallow you as they drag your soul into darkness. Empty Voice In The Forest lost in the forest darkness and evil stalk and devour your soul. Hollowed Lake the emptiness of your soul takes over your imagination. Blackened Remains fast heavy rip your face off death aggression.

Aldi Dallo Spazio – Quaser
Dario Federici – Vocals/Keyboards, Simone Sgarzi – Guitar, Davide Mosca – Guitar, Marco Braschi – Bass, Lorenzo Guardigli – Drums

Long Time Lover take a trip back the 70s and when prog rock ruled the airwaves great musicianship with many tempo changes. The Distance just close your eyes and drift along with some amazing prog hard rock metal that just takes over your imagination.  Little Piggy Will soft melodic guitars that just flow around you with great vocals then it takes off in a different slight heavier direction. Santana (A Freedom Song) just let the music take you over as you get up sway and dance till the last note with some amazing lead guitars. Epiphany slowly builds and just seeps into your mind and takes you away on a strange trip.

Atomic Kavemen – Everybody Loves a Dead Man
James Kilpatrick – Drums, George – Guitar, Todd Solomon – Bass, Morey Straus – Vocals

Bravado pounding rhythms spoken words crunchy guitars pounding drums a strange trip. Override chugging guitars pounding drums thumping bass and interesting vocals. Afterlife just close your eyes and get ready for a wild musical trip. Aggression is more industrial metal just head bang and fist pump along. What I Know pounding drums lumbering bass interesting vocals and crunchy guitars.

Avavago – Tyrant
Tim Boykin – Guitar/Vocals, Bryan Arant – Drums, Max Rains – Bass

Trampled To Death thrashing ripping crashing pounding death metal madness. Die Pig Die fast heavy punch you in the throat and just slam you to the ground music. This God This Cockatrice eerie tones just swallow you then the slow pounding riffs just pummel away at you before kicking into overdrive. Broken feedback screeches your ears then fast heavy hit the pit and slam death metal. Hello Demise just hit you like a freight train full force never letting up. Magnus Of Perdition is a fist pumping crunching riff pounding rhythm that just slices thru you. A Ronin Lost In Ether chugging guitars pounding drums thundering bass and growling vocals. It’s Not A Dream hit the pit slam sweat away. Tyrants Fall fast heavy thrashing death metal.


Monday, September 23, 2019



The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band is the brainchild of Jared Sand from Seattle, WA who wrote, recorded and produced this trippy collection of songs that are heavily layered with synths and beats. The Fire Sign EP is a perfect follow up to his last recording, Live in Studio 11/14 showing off the fact that Jared has much more to offer by doing things on his own.

The sound is a mix of up-tempo trip-hop, ambient, and electronic that flows from track to track with a consistency and smoothness that really makes it feel like one idea, but not a one note song. The dubby sound really makes the tracks have a fantastic effect that shows a real talent because there is no extended wanking and overlong songs, matter of fact, it’s almost too damn short and there needs to be more on here. All of the songs are great; especially last song “Let the Dust Settle.” Trippy, psychedelic and just amazing! So much going on that all flow and work together perfectly.

If you want something to put on and give your mood a jump start, this is the EP for you. So much to like on here and so much to look forward to in the future…such a great release.

-Rick Ecker

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Ripple Music Brings You The Huge R.I.P. Sale, the Final Chapter of The Second Coming of Heavy, and New Album by War Cloud

We hate it when it happens, but sometimes even the best bands reach their end.  Many reasons why, but bands often split up.  At Ripple, some of our favorites have ended way too soon.  So in their honor, we're launching the R.I.P. Sale, a special 50% sale on all release from Ripple family that are no more. You'll find 50% saving on bands like Witchers Creed, Sweat Lodge, White Light Cemetery, Earthen Grave, The Flying Eyes, The Rare Breed, and more.  No code needed, discount is already applied.  We won't run this special sale forever, to pop over quickly and show your love for the recently departed.
After 3.5 years and 10 Chapters, The Second Coming of Heavy comes to it's conclusion.   10 split LP's, 20 bands, thematically-linked art.  It's been a blast.  Now, don't worry, I got something really special set to take it's place, but in the meantime, there are a scant few copies of Chapter 10: featuring The W Likes and Palace in Thunderland remaining in the shop.  A scattered few other editions may be there as well.  Don't let them get away.  Pop on over and get a piece of what many have called "one of the coolest undertakings in the heavy underground in ages."
So what's next you may ask?  How about this total heavy metal, guitar-blow out rager from War Cloud.  Their debut blew minds around the world and launched them on a trajectory that finds them touring Europe as I type this.  For the follow up they've amped up the guitars, the songwriting and the energy to bring forth an album that even surpasses their debut.  Riveting dual-guitar work, heavy, heavy riffs, melodies that actually stick in your head, and serious songwriting chops.  The first press of the debut sold out in under a month, this one won't last either.   Release date Sept 27, pre-orders open now!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Las Robertas Debuts New Video "Thunder Rider"

"Dreamlike" Track Taken from Costa Rican Group's New EP 'Together Outrageously', Now Streaming in Full via NPR
Las Robertas
(photo: Stefanie Schmid Rincon)
Hailing from San José, Costa Rica, Las Robertas (aka The Robertas) is a psychedelic garage rock band whose name draws inspiration from 60's girl groups and The Ramones. The trio's sound is equal parts 70's American and British rock, shoegaze, and indie pop from the 80's and 90's, driven by entrancing, ethereal vocals. Named by Rolling Stone as "One of the Top International Acts to Watch" at Coachella 2019, Las Robertas became the first-ever Costa Rican band to perform at the renowned music and arts festival.

Now, Popmatters premieres Las Robertas' new music video, "Thunder Rider", saying, "Dreamlike, psychedelic and infectious, the new single from Costa Rica's Las Robertas will make you grab your dancing shoes and head to the desert." "Thunder Rider" is taken from the band's new EP, 'Together Outrageously', which was released on April 5 via Rogue Wave Records. View Las Robertas' "Thunder Rider" video at this location.

"The 'Thunder Rider' video was shot in the desert of Joshua Tree, California by Berlin-based photographer and artist Stefanie Schmid Rincon," says guitarist/vocalist Mercedes Oller. "When the band made its debut at Coachella, this year, we visited one of California's national parks and shot the video, which is mainly a compilation of images and clips from the beautiful surroundings, experience, and adventures of the stay."

NPR's Latino USA debuted 'Together Outrageously' in full, saying, "'Together Outrageously' features three songs with the band’s unique yet familiar and nostalgic sound, all shedding light on their home country’s current political moment. In the title track “Together Outrageously” they sing, “There’s nothing around that can stop us now, and it feels like we’re drowning alone, but in pieces together we’ll go.” The EP premiere also features a new interview with vocalist / guitarist Oller. Stream Las Robertas'  'Together Outrageously' at this location.

Las Robertas "Thunder Rider" (official video)
Follow Las Robertas' adventures on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and YouTube.

"Costa Rican psych-rockers Las Robertas are primed to mesmerize...sunshine-laden jams" - Rolling Stone

   "During Las Robertas' gloriously heavy garage rock set, singer Mercedes Oller shouted out the fan waving the flag of their Costa Rican home. With guitars that at times fuzzed with showgaze-level distortion, their songs were punchy and smart." - Los Angeles Times
   "Las Robertas, straight out of Costa Rica, are making the kind of buzz saw pop songs we should really like regardless of gender, fringe or dubious fashion choices" - Neu!

   "With each turn of the kaleidoscope, Las Robertas' music shape-shifts to offer new ways to hear its bright, hypnotic sounds. It's a magical mosaic that dazzles...a sunny set of tunes tinged with surf-rock and psychedelia and surrounded by its hallmark sylphic vocals." - NPR

Las Robertas 'Waves of the New' 

A short documentary, filmed on tour, and in the studio, with producer Jon Greene at Rarefied Recording, and in the band's hometown of San Jose, Costa Rica.

Friday, September 20, 2019

PSYCHO SMOKEOUT 2.0 To Take Place April 18th, 2020; Lineup Includes Weedeater, The Obsessed, Acid King, Cough, And More + Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now!

Behold! PSYCHO SMOKEOUT 2.0 will make its annual descent upon Los Angeles' multi-level Catch One Riff Compound April 18th, 2020!

Brought to you by Psycho Entertainment and RidingEasy Records, this year's day-long puffathon features performances from nearly two-dozen artists including North Caroline stoner metal goliaths Weedeater, Maryland doom icons The Obsessed, California stoner rock veterans Acid King, and Virginia sludge bringers Cough, with the final headliner to be unveiled later this fall. Spread across three stages, the glassy-eyed gala will include a massive vendor market and more surprises to be announced in the weeks to come.

Early bird tickets for PSYCHO SMOKEOUT 2.0 go on sale Thursday September 19th. The limited early bird tickets are a cool $39 plus fees and are expected to sellout within 48 hours of being announced. The next tier will be $49 plus fees. The final tier will be $59 plus fees. Don't sleep on this!

Nab your tickets today at THIS LOCATION.

PSYCHO SMOKEOUT 2.0 is a 420 friendly, 18 and over event.

Psycho Entertainment & RidingEasy Records Presents:
April 18th, 2020
Catch One Riff Compound
Los Angeles, California

Lineup (in alphabetical order):
Acid King
Casket Raider
Great Electric Quest
Heavy Temple
Holy Grove
India Tigers In Texas
Leather Lung
Mondo Drag
Mother Iron Horse
Mountain Tamer
Pale Mare
Salem's Bend
The Munsens
The Obsessed
The Well

Thursday, September 19, 2019

UFO Guitar Legend Vinnie Moore To Release New Album “Soul Shifter”

NYC - The follow up to Vinnie’s critically acclaimed 2015 “AERIAL VISIONS” album will be released on October 9, on his label Mind's Eye Music. Titled “Soul Shifter”, Vinnie's 9th solo album features guest appearances by legendary artists Rudy Sarzo and Jordan Rudess, with Richie Monica on drums, Michael Bean (bassist from Vinnie’s TIME ODYSSEY album), John Cassidy (Keyboards), and John Pessoni (Drums).

Vinnie is considered one of the originators of shred guitar, and has released eight influential solo albums, and six albums and a LIVE DVD as a member of rock royalty legends UFO. He’s made countless album guest appearances, and has even recorded the soundtrack for a PEPSI TV commercial. He’s been a member of Alice Cooper’s band and was opening act for RUSH on their ROLL THE BONES tour with his own band. His solo and UFO recordings as well as LIVE performances have amassed rave reviews all around the globe from both fans and music press, catapulting  him into guitar icon distinction! He has been an inspiration for fans and guitarists worldwide.

Say’s Vinnie, “I have been touring all over the world extensively with UFO and my solo band for the past 16 years. I started this album a couple years back and have been working on it religiously between tours. It’s quite different than any of my others. It has elements of things I’ve done in the past, but has gone much deeper into certain areas. There is an overall sort of contrast between energetic upbeat songs, versus ballad-like soulful ones which has always been a big part of my style. There are some Jam elements in places too. This is likely the most emotional and soulful thing I have ever done. Very moody, with lots of feel”. “I wrote a song as a tribute to Carlos Santana, called BROTHER CARLOS, and another called GAINESVILLE STATION which is a tip of the hat to Steve Gaines. Both players were huge influences on me when I was learning to play, and continue to be now”.

“He’s hands down the greatest Moore since Demi, Roger, Dudley and Mary Tyler”, and the greatest Vinnie since Vinnie Barbarino.” – Johnny JizzleJam, Planet Guitar Gods Magazine

“When something moves me, what I am feeling flows directly into music. That’s how I deal with reality. I woke up one morning to the news that Chris Cornell had passed and it really hit me hard. I went into my studio, picked up a guitar and immediately wrote and recorded MYSTIFIED. Without intending to do so, and because of what was going on around me at the time, this album in a way became a tribute to people who meant something to me. The Allman Brothers were always one of my favorite bands and I was working on a song called SOUL RIDER that was inspired by them. While writing it, unfortunately Greg Allman left us. A lot of heart went into recording that song. Also, I wrote a song called HEARD YOU WERE GONE for my friend and band mate Elliott (Dean Guitars) who left us unexpectedly a couple years back.

“There are definitely some downhearted cathartic moments on this album, but they’re balanced out with songs like KUNG FU GRIP and FUNK BONE JAM that represent the opposite side of my personality, which is my constant joking and goofball sense of humor”.

Vinnie has done hundreds of shows all over the planet, including Europe, UK, Scandinavia, Brazil, USA, as well as India, S. Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Russia, and Canada. The UFO “Last Orders” tour began in England in March, and will continue in the USA on October 9.

“Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that Vinnie may have been spawned from alien DNA! Or at least his left index finger anyway” – Giorgio Thessaloniki, Ancient Aliens

“Solo records are a great vehicle because the canvas is totally open and I can paint whatever and wherever I want. There’s total freedom in not having boundaries. All of my influences are on the canvas, from Rock to Blues to Be-Bop to Funk, even R&B and beyond. I have always felt music deeply even before I played guitar. After I began playing, it became my vehicle to express and release what I feel inside. I love channeling my soul into melodies and songs.”

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Zex – Execute
Gretchen – Vocals, Jo – Guitar, Chris – Drums, Andreas – Bass

Execute moody heavy melodic music to just envelop you. Moving On get up bounce to the punk flavored metal music. No Where To Go Part 1 I hit the pit slam and mosh as it takes you over. Who Are You guitar feedback catchy rhythms and sing along vocals. Tell Me fast memorable riffs that just make you get up and bounce to the rhythm. Bite The Hand chugging guitars pounding drums thumping bass and punkish vocals. Firepower take a trip back to the heyday of punk rock and enjoy. External Torment catchy rhythms thumping bass pounding drums and vocals to sing with. Dehumanize fast punk hard rock with some tempo changes slow to fast. Shot Down In Fire crunchy poppy punk rock. Shine On just get up and bounce to the beat.

Sons of Famine - As Razors Gnaw Like Wolves
Patrick Clancy – Guitar, Tom Flanagan – Guitar, Zion Meagher – Bass, Garrett Schanlan – Drums, Matt McClelland – Vocals

Lord of The War Cry fast heavy aggressive rip your face off dark metal. Surge Of Steel pummels you into the ground and blow. Hail The Aggressor shredding ripping thrashing deep heavy madness. Crackling Whips Consume pounding drums thundering bass death metal vocals and crunching guitars. Exterminate hit the floor and slam away getting all your aggressions out.  As Razors Gnaw Like Wolves grabs you by the throat and slams you against the wall. Shit Tower thrashing ripping chugging violence. Cunting Gavage pounding drums thumping bass eerie guitar chords that just drag you to hell faster and faster. Vigorous Procession Of Death the gates of hell open and hordes of demons spew forth devouring all.

Necronomidol – Voidhymn
Risaki Kakizaki, Rei Imaizumi, Himari Tsukishiro, Hina Yotsuyu, Sari

Dawnslayer excellent melodic duel leads pounding rhythms and soaring vocals with thundering bass metal live on. Thanatogenesis slow dark melancholic music that builds with intensity and fist pumping riffs.  In Black strange but interesting mixture of Japanese music and rock just close your eyes and drift. Samhain just get up and dance along to the catchy rhythms. Innsmouth the sounds of storm and the music builds with an industrial feel. Psychopomp is strange with the very interesting vocals. Strange Eons is a fist in the air head banging song with scorching leads. Les Tenebres Sans Visage is a very classical into with emotional playing and a catchy rhythm. Kadath starts with a heavy riff and some interesting vocals thumping bass and pounding drums. Skulls In The Stars is gothic metal hard rock emotional music.

Illyrian – The Entity, Unknown
Scott Onofrychuk – Guitar/Growls/Shouting, Jeff Perry – Bass/Harsh Vocals, Darren May – Drums

Void grabs ahold and just pummels you into submission. Amanar Rising chugging guitars pounding rhythms growling vocals just hit the pit and slam. Grant Us Eyes eerie vocals then aggressive dark metal mayhem. Levottomus shredding ripping thrashing music to mosh by. Recipe For Disaster the music just open the pits of hell demons pour forth and devour the earth. Gwynbleidd storm sounds melancholic guitars searing leads. Xanthous thrash metal madness. The Entity Unknown charging thundering riffs chugging guitars pounding drums thundering bass and growly vocals.

Embrace Of Disharmony – De Rervm Natvra
Gloria Zanotti – Vocals, Matteo Salvarezza – Vocals/Guitar, Leonardo Barcaroli – Bass, Emiliano Cantiano – Drums

Prohoemivm Lavdito Epicvri eerie dark music envelops you add spoken words then gothic progressive. Music comes in. De Promordiis Rervm over 10 minutes of heavy psychedelic prog death that just takes you on a wild trip.  De Motv Primordiorvm Rervm interesting mixture of prog and death that just swallows your soul. De Infinitate Orbivm melodies that just seep into you as the emotions take you over into a nightmare. De Mortalitate Animae dark melancholic music that envelops you as it pulls you into a dark abyss. De Pavore Mortis celtic tones and folk sounds that are also strange and eerie. De Captionibvs Amoris music that just pulls your imagination into a dark nightmare. De Formatione Orbis classical death dark progressive tones and emotions.

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