Monday, December 31, 2018

Riffcaster’s 2018 Top 11 List

It seems like every December I start to compile this list and it just gets harder and harder.  This of course, is a great problem to have because it is a testament to how much great rock and metal is being released now, in a time when the rest of the music and media world have long declared rock and metal dead.  The overwhelming response to that notion by the entire heavy music underground is a resounding middle finger delivered in the form of more riffs than you can air guitar to.  So to all the writers, music biz and record labels promoting empty vessels and disposable cookie cutter pop darlings and hip hop gangstas who couldn’t write a note to save their lives, hear us now: ROCK IS NOT DEAD.  On to this year’s top 11 list!!!

1)         Corrosion of Conformity – No Cross No Crown
My own most long-awaited album finally dropped in January and through the entire year I kept waiting for something to knock it off the top spot.  Well, many came very close, but none could top it.  With Pepper Keenan back in the fold, CoC conjured up the old magic in what to my ears sounds like the next logical step from 2005’s In The Arms of God, the last CoC album to feature Keenan.
2)         Forming The Void - Rift
The world of doom metal keeps getting more and more atmospheric and Forming The Void follow on the heels of their previous masterpiece Relic with even more prog inspired head bobbing grooves on their latest effort Rift.
3)         Mos Generator - Shadowlands
My inner music nerd received another in a long line of instant classics as Tony Reed & Co. released yet another brilliant album in a long line of brilliant albums.  Mos Generator is the best band a lot of people either haven’t heard of or haven’t heard.
4)         Sleep – The Sciences
The gods of Stoner Rock returned seemingly out of nowhere and entirely appropriately on April 20th (that’s 4/20 for those of you who like me leave the green plant for those who are legally able to partake) coinciding with Record Store Day 2018.  Being a relative newcomer to the Sleep phenomenon, I’d have to say this is on par with the classic albums but benefits greatly from modern recording and production, allowing the music to breathe, or if you prefer, to inhale.
5)         Yob – Our Raw Heart
Perhaps no album was more appropriately titled this year than Yob’s Our Raw Heart.  Heart wrenching and wrought with emotion, this album spans the spectrum from gut punching heaviness to almost indescribable beauty, told through the filter of frontman Mike Scheidt’s battle and victory over near-death illness.
6)         Clutch – Book of Bad Decisions
Clutch are back and they’re serving up riffs and crab cakes.  Fortunately, Book of Bad Decisions is full of good decisions as the boys from MD bring their hard rocking edge and groove laden hooks in equal measure, as the great frontman of this era preaches from his rock and roll pulpit.
7)         Blackwülf – Sinister Sides
Oakland’s heavy sons return with riffs aplenty on Sinister Sides.Blackwülf took their songcraft to the next level, creating a heavy slab of metal complete with guest solos on several tracks from Pentagram and Bedemon legend Geof O’Keefe.
8)         Mississippi Bones – Radio Free Conspiracy Theory
One of the most entertaining albums of the year courtesy of Ohio’s Mississippi Bones, tells the next chapter in author Jonathan Raab’songoing saga of Sheriff Cecil Kotto.  I haven’t read the novels yet but if the album is an indicator, the stories are both hilarious and horrific.
9)         Witch Mountain – Witch Mountain
Witch Mountain return behind the vocal prowess of phenom Kayla Dixon. Able to transition from fire-breathing snarls to impossible octave bending crescendos, Dixon (also vocalist for Bay Area metal band Dress The Dead) displays emotion and soul behind raw power and intensity.
10)       Holy Grove - II
Portland’s Holy Grove burst onto the scene in 2016 with their self-titled debut leaving a crater miles deep in the doom metal landscape.  On II, they continue burning through the tree stand with scorching heat behind the sonic boom vocal ability of Andrea Vidal.
11)       High On Fire – Electric Messiah
Matt Pike & Co. deliver another sonic throat punch with Electric Messiah.  There may be no more furious and intense band on the planet right now than High On Fire who picked up right where 2015’s Luminiferous left off and continued the sonic beatdown.

Honorable Mentions
Aboleth – Benthos Full of fuzzy blues riffs, L.A.’s Aboleth feature the gin soaked vocals of Brigitte Roka, oozing bluesy swagger and power rock fury like a combination of Janis Joplin and Grace Slick in one package.
Great Electric Quest – Chapter II: Of Earth  The Quest is back and the fellowship of bearded brethren soaked it all in with their beer cans and horns hoisted high to the next chapter of the Great Electric Quest.  Chapter II: Of Earth picks up right where 2016’s Chapter I left off, then exceeds its’ predecessor in production and songwriting.  The Great Electric Quest continue to carry the banner for American metal. Horns up!!!
Gozu - Equilibrium  Following on the heels of their previous gem Revival, Gozu continue to release great album after great album, and Equilibrium is no exception.
Gygax – 2ndEdition  Metal geeks unite!!! Gygax return like a level 27 mage destroying a horde of homunculi with a fire spell!!!  Full of Thin Lizzy and UFO flavored riffs and lyrics to fuel a 13 hour D&D session, 2nd Edition picks up right where 2017’s Critical Hits left off and revives like a strength potion quaffed before battle.
Haunt – Burst Into Flame  The newest project of Beastmaker’s Trevor Church, Fresno’s Haunt released their first full-length Burst Into Flame.  With oodles of twin guitar harmonies and melodic vocals, Haunt’s furious riffing would’ve fit in perfectly between Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Ozzy on any 80’s rock radioplaylist, but manage to do so without sounding dated.
High Priestess – High Priestess  Ripple Music newcomers High Priestess race out of the gate on the strength of their self-titled debut.  Moody, dark and doomy with a heavy dose of psych vibe, this is an album not to be missed.
Judas Priest – Firepower  The Metal Gods were back with another solid effort on the heels of 2016’s Redeemer Of Soulswith Richie Faulkner further cementing his place in the guitar duo alongside legend Glenn Tipton with quality songwriting contributions and tasty soloing.
La Chinga – Beyond The Sky  Following in the tradition of great Canadian power trios such as Triumph and Rush, Vancouver’s La Chinga do the Great White North proud once again.  Full of 70’s arena rock riffage, much like 2015’s epic Freewheelin’, Beyond The Sky is perfect for cranking up for a midnight van run from L.A. to Vegas on a hot summer night.
Mr. Plow – Maintain Radio Silence  Mr. Plow plow right through the rock landscape with their brand of heavy, like an amalgamation of Helmet and Alice In Chains, leaving a wake of destruction behind them.
Wasted Theory – Warlords Of The New Electric  If whiskey and weed could be translated into sound waves, I’m pretty sure it would sound just like Wasted Theory, who style themselves “American Weed Rock.”  Who am I to disagree?!?  Grab your buzz of choice and crank it up!


Saturday, December 29, 2018

Bandcamp Bonanza – 087

2018 has basically come to an end and here I am just tossing out more albums as if time has stood still. Well you know what, I think I might just keep doing that. Just cause the year has ended, doesn’t mean the music’s over. I may publish a favorites of the year list or I may not. Should I? With how busy life can be at times, it’s become an undertaking to get to those types of things. In the meantime check out 10 more recent finds maintaining the diverse stylings I strive to wade through.

The Absurd – Build the Wall
What's absurd is the fact that I only just discovered these guys at the end of the year (2018) and the realization that this highly accessible, yet boldly dynamic rock n roll has been kicking around for a couple years. WOW. The combination of infectious vocals, deep throbbing bass lines and impeccable groove is off the charts with both mainstream and underground appeal. These young dudes have got some potential that's already crashing waves over the beaches of Los Angeles, CA. Favorite track: Squashing Pumpkins.

Hot Ram – Where Light Goes to Die
HOT RAM has done it again. A healthy arrangement of demented blues meet fuzzed out groove make Where Light Goes To Die their best yet. Once again grab the CD with free shipping. WOW!!

Smokestack Lightning – Voyager
Holy smokestack lightning! Voyager sails away with a vapor trail of cerebral fuzz and divine riffage. Absolutely colossal!

Mirror of Deception – The Estuary
I only just finally gave this a full listen the other day and was quite blown away. I don’t listen to a lot of straight up traditional doom metal, but when I do I am always amazed at this style of doom. The riffs are thick and the melody is chilling. Like the review on the page states, this is equally as playful as it is doomy in the sense of the word. It doesn’t veer down that overly slow and monotonous path that other big name doom bands do at times. This is all win. Not quite as rocking as the new The Skull or Pale Divine, but in terms of the fundamentals of traditional doom this could be even better. I thoroughly enjoy this type of doom. 

Otto and the Moaners – Restless Sun
I hunted this one down via the recommendations link on another band I follows page called Midnight North. I typically always dig what other bands I dig are digging. In a lot of cases its other bands that members are in. This album and their new EP are perfect examples of bad ass shit that I never would have found had it not been a recommendation from a band I follow.

Gods & Punks – Enter the Ceremony of Damnation
The Ceremony of Damnation saga comes to a close with a grand finale of rifftastic heavy psych. With another heady spin of progressive doom and groovy desert twang the God & Punks have delivered another exquisite output of tripped out blues.

Wizard Must Die – In The Land of the Dead Turtles
This is so good I am at a loss for words. I really am having trouble describing how bad ass this really is. Plus that artwork. Come on. Download of the week Steve Rodger? How about download of the month!!

Edmond Jefferson & Sons – The Winter
Preorder alert. There is only one track available at this snapshot in time as I write this, but soon enough the rest of the album will be available and that vinyl will be mine. The soulful psychedelic boogy is sure to melt a face or two. I can’t wait, especially basing off the sound of their last album available on bandcamp as well.

Liquid Sun – Exploration
Liquid Sun pours us a scolding cup of heavy blues spiked with psychedelic flavor and hypnotic instrumental groove.

RF Shannon – Trickster Blues
I’d never heard of this guy but just basing it off the credits on bandcamp, a trusted friends nod, and the killer album artwork I took a blind buy and ordered this on vinyl before even finishing one song. Turns out this is some mesmerizing heavy desert psych laced with reverb and coated with whimsical steel guitar and softly murmered vocals. Can’t wait to get the vinyl delivery. High hopes is all I can say. This shit is legit. I cleaned out the house on all the vinyl in his shop.

-The Huntsman

Friday, December 28, 2018

Pale Divine - Pale Divine

It is always exciting times when one of your favourite bands of all time puts out a new album. How could it not? When a band who has released stellar album after stellar album from the debut and onwards, you know deep down that this is going to be great, therefore my level of excitement reached overload levels when this wax arrived. And that level has not diminished, instead it has increased a thousand-fold already. True to who they are, Pale Divine have again stepped up to the plate and unleashed a monster of a record. Perhaps even their best to date. Don’t want to come across sounding like a dorky fan boy, but this album is truly something else; something extraterrestrial and absolutely mind-blowing in a way I have barely heard before. 

For quite some time now bassist Ron"Fezzy"McGinnis has been with the band but it took until 'Pale Divine' for him to be on an album and his presence is palpable. Messieurs McCloskey and Diener have subsequently been given more free reign because of this and you can tell how unshackled and inspired it is. Every spin brings more power, more oomph if you will, as well as more nuances, allowing this album to grow and to burrow deep into my head where it belongs.

Opener ‘Spinning Wheel’ is probably one of the heaviest Pale Divine songs I have ever heard, especially in the verses. The opening riffs are breathtaking and that’s just the beginning, once the entire band joins in I am pulverized. Fantastic, people, simply fantastic. And amidst this, there’s so much groove and spunk that it’s virtually impossible to wipe this euphoric grin off my face. ‘Bleeding Soul’ slow things down a touch bringing forth the Pale Divine sound I’ve grown to love so much. As Darin and Fezzy lays down a wonderful foundation Greg sings his heart out while unleashing solo after great solo. Man, these guys know how to make the hair stand up on my arms! Staying within the same frame as ‘Bleeding Soul’, ‘Chemical Decline’ is about drug abuse and users and what their affliction and actions does to those around them. Something very familiar to a lot of us out there. Halfway through the band throws down the gauntlet and tears it up before slowing down as the song comes to an end. As dark as this composition is it is also wonderful. I mean someone has to tell it like it is sometimes so do it this way, you hear?! Oh yeah, ‘So Low’ is dark, brooding and moody and spot on. I might be putting my head on the chopping block here but this is the song Black Sabbath wish they wrote. Starting kind of slow, it erupts in punishing bursts of anguish and amazing music. Pale Divine are the true masters in shifting back and forth between tempos and moods with such ease, without losing their stride and ‘So Low’ is the prime example of this.

Upping the ante ‘Curse The Shadows’ is a metal opus if there ever was one and it’s sinister offering lyrically in the best possible way. Musically, it’s nothing but beautiful with a lead-heavy rhythm section, ripping riffs and out-of-this-world solos. ‘Shades Of Blue’ sounds like an old blues tune that has been brewing in an old whiskey barrel of doom metal for ages. Pale Divine are simply killing it here. Don’t think I can find enough superlatives to tell you what an amazing song it is. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! ‘Silver Tongue’ is in-your-face and spot on. Telling the tale of all the lizards out there whispering whatever you want to hear for their own murky gains. Backed up by the Pale Divine sound it hits home perfectly, and the anger and venom the band spews out at these mongrels is so tangible you can almost touch it. Album closer ‘Ship Of Fools’ is quite different from what the band usually write and record, at least in certain parts. What I mean is that the beginning of every verse has a nice, cool The Allman Brothers/ The Doobie Brothers feel to it. Then in the bridges to the chorus they unleash their fury and this mix is breathtaking to say the least.

As a long-time nutty supporter of the band there are of course countless of things that attracts me to them. One of the biggest trait is, apart from the excellent musicianship, how they go from strength to strength which each album. It might take them 5-6 years to release new material these days, but when it is this great and done with such ease, that wait is more than worth it. Having been around for 23 years now most bands would come full circle by now being content with what they’ve accomplished. Not so with Pale Divine. They keep pushing the envelope not wanting to go stale and take the easy route. And that trait is rare and should be lauded and honoured. Just listen their new album and you know exactly what I mean. So dear waveriders, get your hands on ‘Pale Divine’ as well as the band’s entire back catalogue. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing music!


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Hollow Leg – Civilizations
Brent Lynch – Vocals/Guitar, John Stewart - Drums, Scott Angelocus - Vocals, Tom Crowther – Bass

Litmus slow moody stoner rock that just slides on down the musical road to heavy harmonics and dissonant tones. Dirt Womb is more mid-tempo and will have the crowd up fist pumping and head banging along. Mountains Of Stone dark aggressive tones that just grab hold of you and drag you into the blackness. Black Moon melodic guitars that swirl around you with clean vocals and melancholic moods. Hunter And The Hunted has a very old Sabbath meets Candlemass feel with lots of anger and aggression. Intro blues based moody guitar that just works its way thru you with a slow steady rhythm and deep vocals. Chimera will have you up swaying and really feeling the heavy riff that just cuts right thru you with a solid as a rock rhythm and gruff vocals. Akasha disharmonic guitar feedback with an evil heavy slow plodding riff that juts drags you along. Exodus eerie guitar that worms its way into you with a heavy rock rhythm that will slowly pull you under.

Nachtmystium – Resilient
Blake Judd – Bass/Vocals/Guitar, Martin Van Valkenstijn – Bass/Effects/ Instruments/Vocals, Phenex – Keyboards/EFX, Jean Graffio – Drums

Conversion eerie keyboards strange sounds spoken words. Resilient dark heavy death strikes at you very essence. Silver Lanterns have fiat pumping metal riff pounding drums thundering bass gothic feeling and deep rough vocals. Desert Illumination slowly the eerie sounds surround and envelope you as they drag you under in the darkness.

Under The Mountain – II
Steve Plantz – Vocals/Guitar, Myles Young – Guitar/Vocals, Curt Patrick – Bass, Fred Xie – Drums

Freight Train just good old fashioned blues based hard rock to get you up and grooving. Hold On Tight stand up a fist pump and head band to some excellent catchy riffs that just garb you as you sing along. PPT is a great song to hop in the car crank it up and just cruise on down the road. Valhalla heavy riff pounding drums thumping bass and excellent soulful powerful vocals to just rock out to. Ash And Dust slow bluesy emotional guitar and vocals with a steady rhythm close your eyes and just drift along.      Relapse low bass that just rumbles thru your very essence searing leads solid rhythms and powerful vocals. Into The Unknown will have the entire crowd up and grooving along to the catchy riffs and rhythms. Ursusis a faster paced hard rock blues song with some great musicianship. Whiskey Rock pounding drums thundering bass a great song to just jam to as you cruise down the road. Lemmy is a tribute to Motorhead and his classic band Motorhead loud fast hard and heavy. Hold on Tight (Radio Edit) just rock n roll out to one excellent song.

Arcadian Child – Superfonica
Panagioiotis I.G – Vocals/Guitar, AndreasKerveros - Bass, StathisHadjicharalambous - Guitar, ChristosDimou – Drums

Bain Marie has a psychedelic blues vibe that just works its way into you as you groove along. Twist Your Spirit close your eyes and just rip along to the many different feelings and emotions just jam away. Brothers psychedelic blues rock that will take you back to the late seventies and the great music that was being made then. Constellations stand up move and groove along as the music just takes you away. Painting has a very bluesy almost country feel that has lots of emotions. She Flows get up and just grove and move to the catchy rhythms. Before We Die close your eyes and take a musical trip thru your very emotions. The March slow moody emotions drift and flow all around as you imagine many things in your mind.

Atria – New World Nightmare
Tom Emmans - Vocals, Tim Ross  - Guitar, Matt McGuire - Drums, Brent Westmoreland - Bass, Travis McGinnis- guitar

New World Nightmare strange sounds and eerie feelings swirl around you then a kick in the teeth with blast beat drums thundering bass chainsaw guitars and rough yelling vocals to just hammer into you. Someone With Me a riff that just works its way into your brain as you stand up and fist pump as you head bang along. Less Than Equal hit the pit and slam away as the sweat flies and the aggression flows. Follow You Home fist in the air head banging melodic riffs that just worm their way into your very senses. 


Monday, December 24, 2018

GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH: Canadian Stoner Metal Outfit Signs With Kozmik Artifactz For February Release Of Masters Of Space And Time LP

[photo by Syx Langemann]

Ontario's stoner metal heavyweights GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH have signed with legendary German based record label Kozmik Artifactz. The label proudly announces that the band's massive fourth full-length recording, Masters Of Space And Time, will see worldwide release on February 22nd. The album art, track listing, and more have been issued.

GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH was originally established in 2009 by Al Yeti Bones, formerly of The Mighty Nimbus, Georgian Skull, and Mister Bones. The five-piece sonic wrecking crew - Bones, as well as Adam Saitti, Darren Brush, Dustin Black, John Serio, and Mark Calcott - has been building quite the name for themselves in the last decade, not just in Canada, but globally throughout the underground music scene. The band can be best described as a blend of '70s classic rock/heavy metal with elements of '90s stoner rock and grunge, as displayed on their prior three LPs released through the likes of Black Vulture Records and Pitch Black Records.

Surging with forty-two minutes of GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH's dependably thundering riffs and deep grooves, Masters Of Space And Time is quite different from previous work as the band continues to focus on writing more diverse material, avoiding simple pigeonholing of their sound and opting for a much more dynamic storytelling roller coaster style. The album was recorded at Empire Recording Studios in Windsor, Ontario, co-produced by Adam Michalczuk, Nick Kinnish, and Al Yeti Bones, engineered by Adam Michalczuk, mixed by Nick Kinnish, with additional tracking by Bones. The tracks were mastered by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel and the album completed with cover art by Will De Villers.

Kozmik Artifactz will release Masters Of Space And Time on LP, CD, and all digital services worldwide on February 22nd. Watch for audio samples, preorders, and more to be issued in the days ahead.

GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH will support the album live, with a show booked in London, Ontario for January 12th, and more tour dates for the new year to be announced shortly.

1/12/2019 Call The Office - London, ON

Masters Of Space And Time Track Listing:
1. City Of Ghosts
2. Highway Man
3. Low Cost Of High Living
4. Stranger Desires
5. Sun Prelude
6. Into The Sun
7. Crash N' Burn
8. Masters Of Space And Time

Al Yeti Bones - vocals, guitars
Adam Saitti - drums
Darren Brush - bass
Dustin Black - guitars
John Serio - guitars
Mark Calcott - keyboards

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Australia’s Rising Prog-Rock Riff Lords AVER to release Orbis Majora on Ripple Music | Stream new song ‘Feeding the Sun’ now!

AVER on Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Ripple Music is thrilled to announce that its first official release of 2019 will be Orbis Majora, the brand-new album from one of the boldest and brightest new bands to emerge from the southern hemisphere in recent years; Australian space rockers, AVER.

Following on from the release of Nadir in 2015, an album that produced more than its fair share of online fanfare and dedicated followers in the stoner/psych community, Orbis Majora will no doubt prove itself to be one of the most exciting and distinctive records of 2019. Fearlessly taking their music exactly where it needs to go and packing enough technical nous and talent to power an exploratory vessel of sound and substance, the album propels listeners through soaring instrumentals (‘Feeding the Sun’), heavy psychedelia (‘Hemp Fandango’) and spine-crushing progressive cadences. Like a torrent of celestial hail dancing around the inside of your skull, AVER are weighted somewhere between the worlds, galaxies and supernovae of stoner metal and space rock.

For the quartet – who originally formed on the Northern shores of Sydney back in 2008 – their signing to the Californian label heralds yet another stellar addition to the ever-growing Ripple Music Family, and the beginning of a journey out of the underground and into the void.

Orbis Majoraby AVER will be officially released worldwide on 18th January 2019 on Ripple Music. 

Stream and share new song ‘Feeding the Sun’ here –

Pre-order the album at

1. Feeding the Sun
2. Disorder
3. The Last Goat Out of Pompeii
4. Unanswered Prayers
5. Hemp Fandango

Artist: AVER
Album: Orbis Majora
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: 18/01/2019
Format: CD/LP/Digital


Thursday, December 20, 2018

THUNDERCLAP: Florida Outfit To Release Debut Album Through Financial Ruin; Florida Tour Dates With Meatwound Booked For Late December

[photo by Exploding Lens]

Gainesville, Florida-based THUNDERCLAP has completed their debut LP, Inebriocean, preparing it for release through Financial Ruin in early 2019.

THUNDERCLAP smoothly melds elements of metal and classic rock into a thick layer of swampy southern groove and doom, the band's output a far cry from its members other/former acts. The trio's members, Todd Rockhill, Ale Gasso, and Danny Welsh, also collectively having previously played with Discount, Army Of Ponch, The Draft, Unitas, J.Page, House On Fire, Black Cougar Shock Unit, and others.

THUNDERCLAP will release their booming Inebriocean debut on LP and digital formast via Financial Ruin in early 2019, with distribution through Dead Tank Records. Watch for audio previews and more to see release in January.

As the final details of Inebriocean are set into place, THUNDERCLAP has announced a run of late December tour dates through their home state with allies in Meatwound. Running from December 27th through 30th, the four gigs are booked in Miami, Orlando, Gainesville, and Jacksonville. Watch for more live actions from the band to be announced as the LP nears release.

12/27/2018 Las Rosas - Miami, FL w/ Meatwound, Holly Hunt, Devalued
12/28/2018 Uncle Lou's - Orlando, FL w/ Meatwound, Moat Cobra, Witchbender
12/29/2018 Durty Nelly's - Gainesville, FL w/ Meatwound, Gaul
12/30/2018 Justice Pub - Jacksonville, FL w/ Meatwound, Yashira, Unearthly Child

Daniel Shook of Meatwound and owner of Financial Ruin delves, "I was unloading gear at a show the first time I heard THUNDERCLAP. They were doing a quick sound check when I rolled up and by the end of the first song, I had stopped pulling guitars out and walked over to watch them. They were heavy and gross with the gnarliest vocals, but I had to finish getting the amps out, so I walked off. By the third song, I had abandoned loading in and was just watching the band. It was something like The Melvins playing Tom Petty songs as slow as possible. Or High on Fire covering Floor covers of Led Zeppelin. Like Roadhouse meets House Of 1000 Corpses. Texas Chainsaw Massacre relocated to the swamps of North-Central Florida. It was awesome."

He continues, "It's rare that I'm blown away by an unfamiliar band hearing them live for the first time but here we are. A couple years down the road and several shows together later, the band posts a pic of a CD that says, 'Final Mix.' I texted them asking what the plan is for its release; they're not sure but they send me a copy. I'm soon playing the songs on repeat and they are stuck in my head. We strike a deal to split the release."

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Wicked Garden – Already Gone
Dominick Muzio – Vocals/Guitar, Shawn Trojahn – Guitar, Troy Spriggs – Bass/Vocals, Jason Dardano – Drums/Percussion

Already Gone stand up and move and groove as you sing along to this catchy song some great rock n roll. Hey Bitch low bass a catchy rhythm slow drums and thumping bass that gets heavier as it goes along a bump and grind style of song. I-15 South has a very bluesy melodic feel that just pulls you along.

Lillith And the Night – War Cry
Lilith – Vocals, Adam Page – Guitar, Tom Louvet – Bass, Sam Christou – Drums

War Cry crunchy guitar riffs soaring vocals pounding drums thundering bass and just a classic metal feel that will have you standing and singing along till the very end.

(The True) Veiled –In Blinding Presence
Band members - ????

Glaring Brume dark sounds surround you. Triunity heavy demented forces of evil and destruction envelop your very soul. The Healing Atter a sound that just grinds thru your very essence ripping it apart. Steps dissonant eerie sounds and vocals from the mouth of hell tearing at you. Saintly Aisles eerie guitars then a beat that plows into you with dark growling vocals. Selfchasm the forces of darkness are building strength to devour all. Bringer Of Lambency more death destruction and mayhem from underneath the living.

Booze & Glory – Chapter IV
Mark Rsk – Vocals/Guitar, Kahan – Guitar, ChemaZurita – Bass, Frank Pellegrino – Drums, TF Eliz – Keyboards

Days Months Years has a backwoods country feel with some almost church like piano then a faster beat rockabilly in style moves in with a very catchy beat. No Rules melodic guitar and bass with a beat that just makes you wanna get up and move to it as you sing along. The Time Is Now has more of a surf rock meets punk flavor with some great bass and guitar work. Life’s A Gamble excellent guitar work a nice fast paced rhythm and some punk style vocals just rock n roll. Simple kick back and sing along to one catchy song. Back On Track will have the crowd up dancing and singing along. Carry On memorable lead guitar thumping bass pounding drums with a punk rockabilly flavor. Blood From A Stone will have you getting out your air guitars and just jamming along. Fool’s Paradise punk rockabilly with a pop edge. Violence And Fear has a very catchy riff that will stick in your head as you while away the hours. Last Journey has a Green day flavor punk but very popish. For Better Times just stand up sing along and bounce and dance to a catchy rhythm. Start Believing pop punk rockabilly at its best.

Roxanne – Radio Silence
Jamie Brown – Vocals/Guitar, John Butler – Guitar, Joe Infante – Bass, Dave Landry – Drums, Guest Musicians – George Lynch (Super Bad/Go Fuck Yourself), Doug Pinnick – (Vocals- Go Fuck Yourself/ Bass – Man In the Moon), Produced /Engineered/Mastered – Rich Mouser (Guitars - Oleander)

Someone To Kill has a very Beatle’s feel to the song with lots of melodies and great sing along vocals and a catchy riff. Girls Alright stand up and clap along as you get into the rhythm with lots of emotional vocals. Super Bad is very blues based with a groove that just grabs hold of you, excellent musicianship and powerful vocals with some scorching leads. Thin Blue Line slow and steady blues rock that has a very Led Zeppelin feel just kick back and rock out. Broken Chandeliers will have the crowd up and dancing along to one memorable riff and some great vocals. Go Fuck Yourself is a great song for the audience to join in the chorus just stand up for the common man. Man In The Moon sitting in the bar watching the band play as you have a few drinks and just sing along slow bluesy and full of emotion with some great leads. Without Us just get up and groove along slow and moody as the song takes you away. Quarter to Four great guitar and vocals full of emotion get out the air guitar and just jam away with a solid as rock rhythm section. I Don’t Want To Live This Way stand up clap and fist pump along to one catchy riff and some excellent vocals. First Mistake slow and slinky blues that just slithers down the road.

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