The Xroadie Files

STRFKR - Future Past Life
Josh Hodges, Keil Corcoran, Shawn Glassford

Dear Stranger sitting with friend strumming guitars and singing 60s influenced tunes. Never The Same a catchy riff that will have you swaying hand clapping foot tapping and singing. Deep Dream take a trip back to the melodic flow power of the 60s and just enjoy. Second Hand a very melodic catchy tune that envelops your senses. Better Together strumming guitar and singing around a fire. Budapest will have the crowd dancing the night away. Palm Reader soft tones just envelop your very being. Sea Foam a funky tune that will pull you into your dreams. Pink Noise drifting in your imagination. Cold Comfort an interesting mind trip back to the psychedelic 60s and 70s.

Fermentor – Continuance
Dylan Marks – Drums, Adam Wollach – Guitar

The Stench double bass drums thundering chainsaw guitars and interesting twists. Thunderboss fast hard heavy thrashing metal madness. Mechanism steady pounding riffs that just slice and dice with thundering drums. The Decay of Western Society eerie tones that pull you into darkness. Seventh Circle hard heavy thrashing shredding mayhem. Landbridge crunchy slam you to the ground metal. Cotterpin thundering in your head insanity ensues. Stage V chainsaw riff that just slice you to pieces and double bass drumming pounding in your mind. Cut N Shut hit the pit and just mosh till you drop. Project Zeus hop on and hang on for your very life.

Allan Barbarian-Drums/Percussions, Nick Le Cave-Bass, Tom Angelo-Electric Organ/Synths/Pianet/Mandolin/ Clarinet/Recorder, Marlen Stahl-Guitar/Cello/Violin, Olga Rostropovitch-Vocals

Erstes Ritual interesting hard prog with some amazing musicianship and vocals. Soviet Suit - Requiem For A Dead Cosmonaut thumping bass crunchy guitars and powerful vocals. Soviet Hot Dog (Le Tombeau de Laïka) just take a strange prog rock h journey thru your imagination. East Song lost in the darkness of your dreams. Anubis Rising- Ägyptology lost in the time space continuum. Mothership Egypt heavy prog rock magic. Rhyme Of The Ancient Astronaut a trip thru the annuals of your mind. Astral Fancy close your eyes and drift along.

Dyatlov – St
AJ – Vocals, Leights – Guitar, Nath - Guitar , Brad – Bass, Iain - Kit

Pass The Heavens the eerie music just envelops your senses with gruff vocals. Empty Lungs take a strange trip thru your very mind. Fragile Fixation dark music and vocals that pulls you into deep thoughts. Old Haunts pounding rhythms crunchy guitars and gruff vocals. Die Kill Pig just hit the pit and slowly mosh till you drop.

Cryptonight – The Black Ritual
Cassandra Xavier, Jeremy Jackson

The Black Key open the doors to hell and be pulled into your nightmares. The Black Door continues he onslaught in your mind. Shadow Walk eerie tones just envelop you. Abstersion lost in the madness of your imagination. The Dickens one weird psychedelic dark trip. Abhorrent Bestowal blackness just swallows your soul. Precariosa deep despair and heartache. The Black Ritual madness ensues.