The Xroadie Files

Trauma – As The World Dies
Donny Hillier – Vocals, Steve Robello – Guitar/Vocal, Greg Christian – Bass, Joe Fraulob – Guitar, Kris Gustafson – Drums

Rage eerie tone pull you in with searing leads then a fist in the air head banging music takes over your senses. From Here To Hell hit the pit mosh and slam till exhaustion. As The World Dies crunchy guitars thundering bass pounding drums and savoring vocals. Gun Too Your Head crushing riffs thundering rhythms scorching guitars and soaring vocals just shred. Last Rites just pulls you into your m imagination with some amazing musicianship and powerful vocals. Run For Cover crunchy guitars p thundering drums thumping bass soaring vocals and scorching leads chant and sing along. Asylum eerie music pulls you into darkness with power. Entropy slow steady crunchy riffs with great emotions that takes you away into your dreams. Cool Aid fist pumping chant along heavy metal magic. Savage hit the pit and m just mosh with a classic style metal tune.

Canedy – Warrior
Carl Canedy – Drums, Mike Santarsiero – Vocals, Tony Garubes- Bass/Cello/Vocals, Charlie Russello – Guitar

Do It Now thundering drums crunchy guitars pounding bass with soaring vocals just stand and head bang. Not Even Love on your feet join in and sing as the music envelops your senses. Lies crushing down the road cranking the tunes hard fast and heavy. Hellride powerful vocals pounding drums thumping bass crunchy guitars and screaming leads. Warrior stand in unison get ready to take on the world and win with some metal magic. 3rd Times A Charm catchy riffs thundering rhythms searing guitars and powerful vocals just pull you in. In This Sign fist in the air sway and just let the heavy groove envelop you. Out For Blood hop on your bike jam on down the highway to metal music. The Prize close your eyes and just let the emotions take you to a special place. Attila fist pumping head banging melodic metal with amazing musicianship and great vocals.

Another Day Dawns – Stranger
Dakota Sean- Vocals, Tyler Ritter- Guitar, Jerome Betz-Bass, Nick McGeehan: Drums

Beautiful Suicide crunchy guitars pounding drums thumping bass with excellent vocals. Am I fist pumping head banging music with great musicianship. Taste Of Heaven just close your eyes and let the emotional music envelop your very being. Never Ok just take a journey in your dreams. Forget Me Not has crunchy guitars pounding rhythms and sing along vocals.

THE SWELL FELLAS -The Great Play of Extension
Conner Poole — Guitar/Vocals, Chris Poole — Drums/Vocals, Mark Rohrer — Bass/Vocals

Placebo psychedelic music just pulls you into the depths of your imagination enjoy the journey. Acid Tone crunchy guitars pounding drums thumping bass clap and groove along with some scorching leads and great musicianship. Scatterbrain take a trip back to the psychedelic acid hard rock 70s and enjoy.

The Jason Daniels Band – Downloads From The Universe
Jason Daniels – Guitar/Vocals, Murph Caicedo – Drums, Rob Wicks – Bass, Chris Nash - Keys

Additional Musicians Michael Laskin – B3, Jennifer Gibbons – BGV, Steve Stevens – Sax, Scott Albert Johnson – Harmonica, Frito Tuente – Percussion, Gang Chorus ("Prayer the World") - Aisha Barnes, Nicole Williams, Jina Daniels, Jenner Daniels, Conner Daniels, Lynlee Healy, Joan Wicks, Trey Perez, Ben Barlow, Jason Mcllwaine, Melissa Hewitt, Lee Cooper, Rob Wicks, Chris Nash, Murph Caicedo

I’m Not Going Down blues jazzy music that just pulls you in as you drift along. It All Can Slip Away catchy melodies just sway swing and sing. Music Is A Prayer take a trip back to the seventies and the great melodies of that generation. I’ve Been Ramblin catchy bluesy number that will fill you with emotions. 39202 catchy groove that just pull you in as the take you away to another time and place. Be My Friend catchy grooves that just envelop you. Dead And Gone scorching leads steady beats and thumping bass with amazing musicianship. Breathe a get up and boogie till he last note tune. Get Down With Now bluesy jazzy musical number. Prayer To The World just drift along as the groove and emotions envelop you.