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Watch ABRAHMA's visual masterpiece for "An Offspring To The Wolves" on Terrorizer!

French heavy rockers ABRAHMA have teamed up with Terrorizer to present their epic new video "An Offspring To The Wolves". This is the second excerpt off their new album "Reflections In The Bowels Of A Bird", which will be released on May 12th via Small Stone Records. 
ABRAHMA's frontman Seb Bismuth comments: "An Offspring To The Wolves is a deeply symbolic song that needed a powerful video, but we also wanted to avoid clichés and tawdriness. The Phantasma Company made it possible and the result is beyond all our expectations. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do, and enjoy this new except off Reflections In The Bowels Of A Bird"
Watch "An Offspring To The Wolves" now on Terrorizer

With "An Offspring To The Wolves", ABRAHMA deliver an absolutely hair-raising piece of doom grandeur, interwoven with dramatically dark and powerful vocals. Like the rest of the album, the band blends the thickness and languor of doom metal with deep influences from the early 90's Seattle rock scene, which makes them stand out from the other stoner and heavy psych outfits.
New album "Reflections In The Bowels Of A Bird"
Out May 12th on Small Stone Records // Pre-order here
Forcefully ascending from the depths of Paris rock underground, it only took ABRAHMA one album to emerge as one of the torchbearers of French heavy rock on the international scene. Released in late 2012 on renowned North American label Small Stone Records, "Through The Dusty Paths Of Our Lives" unveiled an incredibly mature songwriting, while showcasing the band’s sombre and complex music realm. With this first full-length, they laid the foundations of their peculiar stoner aura adorned with the darkest riffage of the Seattle sound, and drew the attention of the international press. 2015 will see the Parisian foursome release their second album to date, due out this spring on Small Stone Records.
09.04 - STRASBOURG (FR) Mudd Club
10.04 - LICHTENFELS (DE) Paunchy Cats Inn
11.04 - MUNSTER (DE) Rare Guitar
12.04 - TILBURG (NL) Roadburn Festival
13.04 - France TBA
14.04 - MONTPELLIER (FR) Black Sheep
15.04 - MADRID (SP) Maravillas Club
16.05 - BARCELONA (SP) Rocksound
17.05 - VITORIA (SP) Helldorado
18.04 - NICE (FR) Le Volume
19.04 - CALENZANO (IT) ASD Factory Club
21.04 - MUNICH (DE) Orange House
22.04 - DRESDEN (DE) Ost-Pol



WATCHTOWER sign with Magnetic Eye Records/release Radiant Moon EP

Inline image 1
WATCHTOWER from Melbourne, Australia sign to New York based label Magnetic Eye Records and release digital EP Radiant Moon. Radiant Moon is available to stream and purchase from http://watchtowerwatchtower.bandcamp.com and http://store.merhq.com/album/radiant-moon. Cover artwork was handled by Henry Bennet from Brisbane, Australia. (https://www.facebook.com/henrybennettart)

It is charting 2nd most popular stoner record on Bandcamp right now and has received high praise from websites such as CVLT Nation and The Sludgelord. 

The Radiant Moon EP is a pre curser to WATCHTOWER's debut LP, which they will be working on throughout the year.

"This band creates Riffs of Mass Destruction and I just can’t get enough. WATCHTOWER have found the perfect balance between the 70’s and the present day" - CVLT Nation 

"Fans of Kyuss, Sabbath, Sleep and High On Fire may have heard their favorite new band of 2015." - The Sludgelord (http://thesludgelord.blogspot.com.au/2015/03/watchtower-radiant-moon-ep-review.html?m=1)

Track listing: 
1: Radiant Moon
2: Living Heads

WATCHTOWER was formed in Late 2012 by fate, when lead singer Nico Guijt left Dutch heavyweights HERDER in chase of greener pastures in Australia. He met with guitarist Robbie Ingram, bass player Ben Robertson and drummer Joel McGann and they set out on a mission to take their brand of crushing stoner metal to the masses and drink as much beer as they could in the process. WATCHTOWER have developed a fond local following and have had the pleasure of touring east coast Australia with their best mates Horsehunter. Sharing the stage with Conan (UK) and Windhand (USA) in late 2014, then signing with New York's Magnetic Eye Records in March 2015 to release their new EP Radiant Moon, to rave reviews world-wide.

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Kevin Beadles Named Grand Prize Winner in Great American Song Contest

Now this is exciting.  Way back when, Ripple released the debut full length, You Can't Argue with Water, from singer/songwriter Kevin Beadles.

Today, Steve Cahill, Executive Director of the Great American Song Contest, has announced that his song "This Might Get Loud" has been awarded the Grand Prize overall winner.  And that's quite a feat when you consider that approximately 4,000 songs from 45 countries were entered in the contest.

As the Great American Song Contest says:" In celebration of the glorious craft of songwriting, Songwriters Resource Network proudly presents the Great American Song Contest HALL OF FAME. In this section you will hear songs by top winners in the Great American Song Contest. These folks are among the most promising and talented songwriters around today."

You can check out the song here:


Here's news of the contest: http://www.greatamericansong.com/winners.php

So, congrats to Kevin.  Check out all of Kevin's music on his website at


Interview with Don Jamieson of That Metal Show


I had the chance to speak with Mr. Jamieson during a cold, wintery day from my friend's car. It smelled like dust and cigarettes. My car was in the shop. I was about to hear my phone ring and speak with one of metal's most outspoken fans. That Metal Show has become a staple television show in every metal head's home from here to only the Gods know where. But it was cold....too cold. The phone rang...

Did you ever think That Metal Show would be on Television for this long?

No I thought we would shoot the pilot, I would get to meet Lita Ford, and that would be the end of my television career. But I'm very grateful.

How many takes does it take?

Just one. It's just a hang. We just do it. We are fans and that's how we treat it. What you see is what you get.

Does vh1 choose your wardrobe?

(Laughs), Nah. It's all straight from our closet. Believe it or not. That kind of high end fashion picked strictly by the three hosts.

Have you ever met a musician you idolized only to realize they were jerks?

Actually it's usually the opposite. So many of them I idolized as a kid. People like Alice Cooper. Just a true gentleman. Like many musicians, just salt of the earth people. To me it's all about making good TV. When Marylyn Manson came on our show. He chose to come on in a highly inebriated state. That's his choice. Makes my job a little harder, kind of like babysitting a fifth grader. None the less it is entertaining.

Do you find it difficult to make fans of all genres of metal happy?

Yes. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Jim, Eddie, and I, you know we are middle aged guys. So the stuff we like is in the classic sound. Sabbath, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden. That does not mean we don't like other genres. I like death metal, black metal. But this is vh1 classic so you kind of know what you're getting.

What are you currently listening to?

Well the pick of the week is a band called VISOGOTH from Utah. I'm really digging it. A great band called KYNG, a hard rock trio. The Pretty Reckless.

Are you a fan of female fronted bands?

Yeah. The European metal scene has a lot. Power metal. It's crazy. Here in the states it is still straight up male fronted rock. You don't see it as much. A band like The Pretty Reckless. It's really a great album. She does have an interesting story which is worth introducing our audience to.

Is metal an easy subject as a comedian or do people take it too seriously?

Heavy metal lends itself to comedy. There is no doubt. Watch any video from the 80's and you can write a whole hours worth of material. I have a portion of my act dedicated to metal

Manowar Or Metallica?

Definitely Metallica. They keep re-inventing themselves.

Dio or OZZY?

Loved Ronnie but gotta go Ozzy. Because ozzy was a part of Black Sabbath and Sabbath created metal.

Lita Ford or Doro Pesch?

I had a Lita Ford poster on my wall. So I gotta go Lita. Lots of missing socks in my house growing up.

How long will ,That Metal Show ,last?

As long as the network wants it. That's the key. The three of us are best friends. When the shows cancelled the three of us will still be doing the show somewhere. Just for free (laughs) It's who we are.

Where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?

Probably playing Elks clubs and Firehouses somewhere.

The Show hasn't changed you?

No. I'm a jeans and t-shirt guy my whole life. I haven't changed. We are who we are. When the cameras go off we don't change. We are metal heads through and through.

- MetalRising

Sunday, March 29, 2015

MONOLORD's Vænir | Stream new track 'We Will Burn' exclusively via CVLT Nation

Stream new track 'We Will Burn' exclusively via CVLT Nation - www.cvltnation.com

"We're not going to hold back from discovering your new favourite band. Behold! Monolord."
Decibel Magazine

“Remember that time you drove your battered old VW out into the woods, took an unfeasible amount of peyote and listened to nothing but Sleep, Ufomammut and YOB for four days straight? No? Well, this is going to trigger one hell of a flashback.”

“No shit guitar solos, no questionable vocals, just relentlessly heavy riffs generated by this newly formed monolithic Swedish trio. Love their name, sound and heavyweight approach.”
The Bug
In 2013, Monolord first emerged from their native Gothenburg, Sweden behind an impenetrable wall of distortion and spellbinding vocals. The outside world took notice in a big way as the trio of Thomas V Jäger (vocals, guitars), Esben Williams (drums), and Mika Häkki (bass) garnered a flurry critical acclaim for their RidingEasy Records debut, Empress Rising, a year later.

Decibel Magazine decreed them, “Your new favourite band,” New Noise Magazine called the album, “Fantastic,” and This Is Not A Scene announced, “The power they capture speaks for itself,” as they became mainstays on the top of Bandcamp’s Doom chart. However, Monolord’s sophomore set Vænir opens up the gateway into their world wider.

“From day one, it’s always been our aim to build a massive wall of rumbling sound,” declares Thomas. “That’s our common goal. We’re the exact opposite of a band consisting of members with identical record collections. We come from three fairly different places, but we’re all drawn to dark, heavy, and gritty music. What we do in Monolord is the result of that creative conflict between us. That’s conflict in the word’s positive sense.”

Within that push-and-pull of aesthetic, the three-piece found the framework for Vænir. Shortly after the release of Empress Rising, the group returned to their tiny rehearsal space to cut and personally produce the album’s six tracks with Esben mixing and mastering.

Opener ‘Cursing the One’ trudges from a calculated, staggered groove into a guttural drowning choir of hauntingly hypnotic vocals. ‘We Will Burn’ tempers the slow burn with incendiary melody, while the ten-minute-plus ‘Died A Million Times’ swings the pendulum between that growl of distortion and a clean guitar. The penultimate reprieve on ‘The Cosmic Silence’ gives way to an expansive finale dirge with the title track.

“That title comes from the ancient name of Sweden’s largest lake,” Thomas reveals. “The lyrics are about unspeakable things happening at the lake during the night, which fits well with the mood of the entire album. It’s that cold, dark, and final embrace of a vast lake.”

Throughout, Thomas lyrically explores the dark core of humanity. “Misanthropy is an ever-present theme in everything we do,” he goes on. “The disgust for what humans do to each other and to the planet is constant. Religion, greed, and power madness run through humanity like incurable diseases, which is, consequentially, a constant stream of inspiration for us.”

Ultimately, Monolord offers shelter from some of that darkness. “I hope we can be an outlet to the massive and destructive stupidity surrounding us all,” Thomas concludes. “This band is our safety valve. We hope the same goes for our fans.”

Vænir by Monolord will be released on 28th April 2015 via RidingEasy Records.

Eldorado "Mad Woman" is here!

Babylonia Haze released the 20th of February at 12h25
If you are wondering for the reasons of this day and hour... we will soon reveal it.

Of all the albums released by Eldorado, Babylonia Haze (English) / Karma Generator (Spanish) is probably the most influenced by the months on the road. The live evolution of the band has been the germ of the ten songs that constitute the album, arisen from improvisations and developments with psychedelic vocation, vague ideas that end up being rotund and the unconscious quest of new landscapes.  All of it with the stage as a permanent witness.
It is also an album of a darker tendency, introspective and unsympathetic, both with oneself and with the others, it deals with our own capacity to destroy and rebuild in a modern Babylon dominated by lower instincts, of the responsibility for our own destiny through our actions, all closely linked to the oriental belief of Karma. Action-Reaction.
Recorded in Madrid Musigrama Studios under the guidance of Richard Chycki between August and September 2014, mixed and mastered in the Canadian Street of Dreams studios of Richard Chycki, Eldorado introduces their new album.  Ten sharp and haunting songs that represent a step forward from what has been offered so far, new sounds for a character in constant transformation.  The Karma Generator sounds loud, through the haze of Babylonia.
You can pre-order the album in the Eldorado online shop (it will be sent in February, the 20th)
"Babylonia Haze" / "Karma Generator"
Karma Tour
J 26/02 - Spain - Leon- El Gran Café
V 27/02 - Spain - Ferrol - Super8
S 28/02 - Spain - Cangas - Salason
J 5/03 - Spain - Badajoz - Café concierto Mercantil
V 6/03 - Spain - Cádiz - Supersonic
S 7/03 - Estepona - Louie Louie
V 13/03 - Spain - Madrid - Penélope
V 10/04 - Spain - Zaragoza - La sey seca
S 11/04 - Spain - Barcelona - Razzmatazz3
D 12/04 - Spain - Torredembarra - La Traviesa
L 13/04 - France - Montpellier - Secret Place
J 16/04 - Austria - Wörgl - High5
V 17/04 - Switzerland - Uster - StarClub
S 18/04 - France - Clermont Ferrant - la Puce à l'oreille - Rock The Night découverte
D 19/04 - Germany- Zweibrücken - Gasthaus Sutter
J 23/04 - Germany- Jena - KuBa
V 24/04 - Germany - Obermarchtal- Kreuz
S 25/04 - Germany -Weiden-Musikclubsalute
X 29/04 - France - Rouen - Le Crooner
V 1/05 - Uk - Bournemouth - The Anvil
S 2/05 - Uk - Bolton - Railway
D 3/05 - Uk - Altrincham - Old Market Tavern
J 7/05 - UK - Edinburgh - Bannermans
S 9/05 - Uk - Evesham - The Iron Road
D 10/05 - Uk - Wisbech - Elme Hall Sunday Rock and Blues Club
J 14/05 - Spain - Vitoria-Gasteiz - Jimmy Jazz
V 15/05 - Spain - Santander- Buenas Noches Santander
S 16/05 - Spain - Valladolid - Porta Caelli
J 21/05 - Spain - Castellón - Four Seasons
V 22/05 - Spain - Valencia - 16 Toneladas
S 23/05 - Spain - Murcia - Garage Beat Club

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Bucky’s Bandcamp Bonanza – Bracket Busters

On this round of recommendations once again digging near the top of my recently added albums over at bandcamp and finding a good mix of brand spanking new albums with some older material that I have finally gotten the balls enough to kick down and add them to the shrine. I also kept the diversity in tact ranging from doom metal to Americana to folk rock. Hopefully a little something, something for everyone. Enjoy!

Willhorse – Willhorse
This has been in my wish list far too long! Super refreshing alt/country/southern rock flavor. Sweet, southern strumming with a mild bluesy twang and soulfully ragged yet soothing vocal chops! For fans ranging from Kings of Leon to Lynyrd Skynyrd and on over to The Heavy Company. New material apparently in the works!

Monsterworks - The Existential Codex
Talk about a wild ride! Monsterworks slays together a mixture of progressive metal, death metal, stoner riffs, and experimental soundscapes. A concept album band by trade, this is their 8th concept album and 14 album overall, apparently. I haven’t listened to all of them only the last two to be honest so far. This is progressive metal at heart, at times containing soft deathly growls and others loaded with tripped out monster riffs and mind bending vocal chants. Song #2 is even titled Ripple Effect! Ha. This is an excellent album. Don’t let my description scare you. You’re going to have to take a listen for yourself because it’s some pretty damn intense stuff.

Kafka Rex - Eugenics Anonymous
I was turned onto these guys by an artist I featured just last round, Boris Randall. This is some truly genuine doom and gloom. Adding a grungy layer of skin to the murky groove on the surface, Kafka Rex bulldozes the airwaves with undisputed riffage leveled out with immaculately metallic solos. The band apparently prefers to stay in secrecy, but I’m trying to expose them to the masses of the underground because they are that cool. As if Alice in Chains and Church of Misery hooked up for a jam session.

Magnolia Mountain – Beloved
“Bouncing between passionate, rootsy Americana and straight up alt-country rock and roll, this soulful bluesy band brings the goods. Wonderfully sung lyrics by both male and female singers give this whiskey driven, heart-aching, and ball-breaking record the diversity and strength to sit amongst the heavy hitters in the genre. “
 I up and grabbed the entire fleet of vinyl from this artist. Check out everything Mark Utley delivers. Something a little bit different to find on each record.

Top Dead Celebrity – High Horse
“Most under rated album of the year? Easily makes its way into my top 5 so far. High Horse stands tall above the rest of the crowd as I see it. For fans of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster but with a bit more Southwestern psychedelic flair than shear dirty Southern hardcore.”

Bohannons – Unaka Rising
Brilliant mix of punky licks and psyched out that infectious blues rock we all love. Throw in an indie garage twang and you have Bohannons! This is gold!

Howling Giant  -  Howling Giant EP
Wow folks, this one took a minute to understand. The problem was it was too soothing and enjoyable right off the bat to wonder if they were for real or not. Slightly reverberated and charismatic vocals set to an astonishing stoned out groove. Take a look to what the others had to say. It’s stirring up some dust in the stoner scene and makes for some high expectations of what more is to come.

Leather Nun America - Buddha Knievel
I was a huge fan of their last album, and the news this morning coming out of nowhere of this new one really brightened my day. Monstrous doom chalked to the brim with scorching solos and melodic groove. It's like Wino and Iommi had a kid. Winommi? Buddha Knievel definitely fires on all cylinders with ethereal vocals enveloped by a range of acoustic beauty to elegantly progressive doom. Fantastic! For fans of Wino, Sabbath, Dawnbringer, Beastwars...

Dorthia Cottrell – S/T
We’ll save the best for last. I read about this earlier in the year and finally got around to listening to the full stream on bandcamp, which immediately prompted me to seek out a vinyl purchase. Dorthia is the singer of the doom/sludge band Windhand. Her solo effort is a wonderfully dark and epic journey through folk and country twang. Dorthia’s mesmerizing vocal is led by a haunting acoustic strum with a pleasantly sinister vibe. The riveting audio aroma erects your arm and neck fuzz on end throughout the entire duration. Pick up the physical copy here if there are any copies left.

Let us know which ones you like best and be sure to stick around for the best music you're not listening to, reviews of lost classics and obscure titles, unheralded bands and songwriters and new bands deserving of greater attention. It's all here, on the Ripple Effect and the Bonanza feature has some fun ideas coming down the pipeline!

-The Huntsman

Friday, March 27, 2015

KINGS DESTROY: Brooklyn Stoner Rock/Doom Collective Unveils First Single From New Album Via Noisey

Today, Brooklyn stoner rock/doom collective, KINGS DESTROY, are pleased to unveil, "W2," the first single from their forthcoming new, self-titled full-length.

Elaborates guitarist Chris Skowronski: "'W2' is a song about how the institutions and interests that control our country -- the government, corporations, the media -- have used fear, misdirection, and outright lies to keep us in a perpetual state of fear. In turn, this fear allows them to exploit us and keep us from doing anything to change the status quo. In the song, a man approaches an oracle and asks to be told about a time when man was more honest, noble, and stood for something real. The oracle doesn't answer the searcher's question, but rather 'turns his gaze and stares into the void,' suggesting that there is no hope to change the current trajectory.

"The tone then shifts and features a paraphrase of a quote from the Irish labor activist James Larkin: 'The great appear great, on our knees. Get up and stand up. Let us rise.'  [Vocalist] Steve [Murphy] actually added this line, and it brings a bit of hope to the proceedings. Larkin spoke frequently about the oppressed needing to stand up for themselves against their oppressors. However, the line that follows proclaims, 'modern man victorious/suffocation glorious,' which is about as unhopeful as it gets. I guess I was feeling pretty pessimistic that day. I think it's cool that the song includes both of those sentiments, as even on our darkest days, we need to feel that we can do something to change what we don't like about our country or our world.

"The title is short for Whittler II. 'The Whittler' is a song from our first album that touches on some similar themes, and the character of the Whittler is the oracle in this song."

"W2" is currently available for public enjoyment via Noisey at THIS LOCATION.

Kings Destroy will be released next month via War Crime Recordings. The follow-up to last year's critically-adored A Time Of Hunting full-length was produced and mixed by Sanford Parker (Twilight, Voivod, Eyehategod, Yob etc.) at Studio G in Brooklyn, New York, mastered by Collin Jordan (Eyehategod, Indian, Wovenhand, Voivod etc.) at The Boiler Room in Chicago, Illinois and delivers seven, lead-footed doom rock hymns. With their third album in four years, KINGS DESTROY leaves their hardcore-born stamp on noise rock and doom. After sharing stages with Pentagram, Winter, Saint Vitus, Church of Misery, Yob, Pallbearer, Vista Chino, Orange Goblin, Trouble, Acid King, Corrosion Of Conformity and so many others, the five-piece stand tall with their defining statement.
KINGS DESTROY is the name of an infamous graffiti gang from the Bronx circa late '70s/early '80s. The band members met in this vicinity and were heavily involved in the New York Hardcore scene of the late '80s that merged hardcore music, metal, graffiti and hip hop...all distinct forms united in the underground.

The band unites musicians from many of the genres' most prolific bands. Hailing from the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, KINGS DESTROY features guitarists Carl Porcaro and Chris Skowronski from legendary, 100K album selling Killing Time, vocalist Steve Murphy from Uppercut, drummer Rob Sefcik formerly of The Begotten, Uppercut, Fur and Electric Frankenstein and bassist Aaron Bumpus. Applauded for channeling "...Sabbath's grooves, Sleep's foggy haze, and Yob's oppressive thunder," by The Village Voice, KING DESTROY's distinct sonic brew is both crushing and cathartic.   

Kings Destroy will be released on LP, CD and digitally on May 5th, 2015. CD preorders are currently available HERE. For vinyl preorders go HERE.  

"...a literal who's-who of the New York underground stoner doom scene." - Decibel

Doom act BENEATH OBLIVION Announce Eastern US Tour Dates

Cincinnati, Ohio's crushingly heavy doom band BENEATH OBLIVION will destroy the Eastern Seaboard during a 17-date East Coast tour for May 2015.

The dates are as follows, via Riff Lifter Touring.

5/4 - Cincinnati, OH - Rake's End
5/5 - Pittsburgh, PA - Cobra Cabana
5/6 - Brooklyn, NY - The Acheron
5/7 - Worcester, MA - Ralph's
5/8 - Boston, MA - O'Briens
5/9 - Salem, MA - Koto Lounge
5/10 - Portland, ME - Geno's
5/11 - Burlington, VT - Nectars
5/12 - Wallingford, CT - Cherry Street Station
5/13 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
5/14 - Washington, DC - The Pinch
5/15 - Charlotte, NC - The Milestone
5/16 - Jacksonville, FL - Rain Dogs
5/17 - Gainesville, FL - TBA
5/18 - TBA
5/19 - Atlanta, GA - Atlanta Death Fest
5/20 - Raleigh, NC - Slim's

Beneath Oblivion has been described as a lurching, soul searching type of doom that mixes elements of funeral and sludge metal.  A behemoth of gutteral vocals, massive guitars, and pounding drums, Beneath Oblivion are a rust belt doom band in the truest sense.  Over the years they have shared the stage with notabale acts such as Buzzoven, Jucifer, Harvey Milk, Weedeater, Rwake, Cough, Highgate, Pallbearer, Wolves in the Throne Room, Thou, Kylesa, Samothrace, and many more.

Formed in 2003, they released two full length records, two splits, an EP, and have toured the Midwest and Southeast extensively. The band will be releasing three splits in 2015, with Fister, Before The Eyewall and Mouth of the Architect as well as recording a full-length followup to their 2011 LP "From Man to Dust".

More more information check out the links below: 


Beneath Oblivion "The Atomic Mother" (Official Video)



Thursday, March 26, 2015

Morbus Chron – Sweven

I have a lot music presented to me.  I write these reviews and I host 2 radio shows and in 2014 I had close to 500 promo albums run through my email box.  I hear a lot of music and as you would probably guess, a lot of it is fairly generic and, as the saying goes, the music goes in one ear and out the other.  There are things I like, things that standout, but when I come across a release that not only stands out, but grabs my attention as something unique, it's worth me writing about it.

As you may have concluded, “Sweven” by Morbus Chron is one of those albums.  Its been out for a while and so I'm a little late to the party, but I put this album on a few weeks ago and I find myself going back to it over and over again.  It really is unique and individual, which doesn't happen often in the metal genre.  The funny thing is, I'm not sure if this is a metal album.  I'm not sure what it is, to be honest, besides really, really, really good.

If I had to describe the music, and I kinda have to since this is a review, it is definitely very proggy and somewhat psychedelic, and yet has some very black metal moments.  It is a very interesting mix.  And to really shake things up, the vocals get the old school, reverb drenched black metal treatment, which makes sense as they are done in the screaming, shrieking black metal style.  Opeth comes to mind, especially their last couple of albums, and you throw Meshuggah in there, and probably Enslaved as well, again most definitely on their last few releases.  Despite being reminiscent of all of that, it stands on its own.  Morbus Chron are their own creature.

The album opens with an instrumental, “Berceuse”, and then moves seamlessly into the second track, “Chains”.  This is how the rest of the album goes, without the normal 2-3 second breaks between songs.  It is mixed, and was probably written, so that each song flows into the next.  “Aurora in the Offing”, the 4th song on the album, is one that really caught my ear, with the way it moves between tempos and the 2 themes that seem to alternate within the song.  The 6th track, “Ripening Life”, is just stunning.  Listening to it is like trying to negotiate a maze that only the band knows the way through, with riffs twisting and turning on themselves, the entire band starting and stopping on a dime, and keeping a time signature only they know.  It's a breathtaking example of what this band can do.

This is the kind of album that would make me a music lover if I wasn't one already.  It stretches out beyond genres and show how innovative music can be when those who make it decide that they don't have to be contained by any ideas about what a metal band should sound like.  I will be curious to hear what comes next from these guys, to see if they just captured lightning in a bottle or if they can keep it up or even top this.  Either way, this is a fantastic album and one that you need to hear, regardless of your genre affiliation.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

On the Ripple Desk - Featuring Chris Joyner and Cochise

Man does it feel good to be finally catching up.  For those of you  who are long-time readers, you know that for years I was pretty darn regular with my writing.  But once the Ripple Music Record Label started up, things started getting . .  .squirrelly.   But recently, with the huge help of the Mighty Penfold who's assumed most of the editorial duty, I've been making a comeback.  So let's clear some stuff off my desk, shall we?

Chris Joyner - Domino

Yes, I love it heavy and hard.  Yes, I'm a metal, heavy rock, stoner, doom, punk, NWOBHM kinda guy. But I also love me some down home blues, soul and southern funk.  Which brings us right to this tasty offering from Chris Joyner.  Now, I believe Chris lives in Los Angeles, but he certainly has some south in his soul.  Like a backyard BBQ of deep fried southern goodies and gumbo, Chris's voice lilts over the various textures of blues, swampy soul and funk.  Smooth as a sweet sauce, Chris takes his place right next to some of my favorite singers like Bill Withers.  No over production on this one.  It's intimate and warm and perfect for a friday night warm up or Sunday morning come down.  I can definitely imagine this emanating from a darkend saloon off Bourbon Street in the wee hours of a wild night.  Definitely worth checking out.

Cochise - 118

This one came as a complete surprise.  Sent in by Metal Mind, I'd never heard of Cochise before, even though the Polish band has been around since 2004.  In that time, they've released a demo “9” plus two full-length releases - „Still Alive” in 2010 and „Back to Beginning” in 2012.   Those I gotta look up, because Cochise bring the goods.  One 118, Cochise perfectly blend energetic songs enriched with heavy, almost metal sounds with more delicate, atmospheric ones. Some of the chiming guitar work and quasi-psychedelia, like the energetic"Sweet Love Generation" or spacey "White Garden" remind me of Love-era Cult.  Which is always a damn good thing.  Others, like the video "Part of Me" are simply atmospheric and beautiful. Think of it as post-rock, post-indy, atmospheric metal.  Or something.  Either way, it's a damn fine album and worth checking out if you're into more atmospheric rock.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

HORSEHUNTER Caged In Flesh & Oz Tour Details | Stream brand new title track via Metal Underground

Stream the brand new title track 'Caged In Flesh' exclusively via Metal Underground -
“Horsehunter come from down under, and they bring some seriously slow, Sabbath/Sleep-style doom. ‘Stoned to Death’ follows in a grand tradition of epically long songs, and it’s like being between two tectonic plates at the moment of an earthquake.”
Decibel Magazine
Canned, scrapped, rewritten and rerecorded numerous times over an obsessive two-year period, the threateningly lyrical and brutally heavy compositions of Caged In Flesh embody Horsehunter’s perverse and maniacal precision as a band. It’s an album forged in iron and cleansed by fire. Sinister, brooding and heavy enough to weight the earth in place and stop it spinning wildly of it’s axis.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia Horsehunter’s debut album is set to become something of a new and thrilling masterwork of the genre. Powered by the darkest, most gut-wrenching riffs imaginable and fuelled in full by psychedelic and atmospheric doom, upon it’s self-funded release early last year the band garnered instant praised for their, “massive tones, throaty shouts and lumbering vibe.” (The Obelisk)

Following on from the ground-shaking premiere of the 16-minute epic ‘Stoned To Death’ toward the end of 2014 via Decibel Magazine, Horsehunter has already drawn comparisons with likes of YOB, Neurosis and Shrinebuilder. Yet alongside the brutal vocal chord rips and vicious guitar throw downs of the album’s heavier moments, surrounded by darkness they still manage to enfold themselves in light. From the gently creeping ‘Nightfall’ to the dynamic and progressive passages of ‘Witchery’ the four tracks on offer here showcase the talents of a young band with an arsenal of understanding. “Appropriately enough, the main riff [‘Stoned To Death’] sounds like an evil version of the one from Led Zeppelin’s ‘Dazed and Confused’, which is arguably the first-ever doom metal jam.” (MetalSucks)

Having shared stages with High On Fire, Conan, Windhand and Sleep, and harvested fans from all four corners of the globe, newly signed to the New York based label Magnetic Eye Records, Horsehunter are primed and ready to breach the Northern Hemisphere and take on the world full tilt.

Caged In Flesh will receive an official worldwide release on 21st April 2015 and the band embarks on a national Australian tour with fellow doom monsters Space Bong this March. (See dates below.)

The Bonghunter National Australian Tour Dates:

14th March – The Tote, Melbourne (Dopefest)
19th March – The Phoenix, Canberra
20th March – Monster House, Sydney
21st March – Beetle Bar, Brisbane
22nd March – Tym Guitars (Instore), Brisbane
22nd March – Thomas Surfboards, Noosa (w. Scab Eater, Hobo Magic, Black Deity, Vile Specimen, Tender Lavender, and Lefft.)
28th March – Crown And Anchor, Adelaide


Dan Harris – Guitar
Michael Harutyunyan – Guitar, Vocals
Himi Stringer – Bass, Vocals
Nick Cron – Drums

Deep Aeon Album Teaser & Song: Element 24

Deep Aeon is a Stoner/Heavy Rock Band founded in early 2013 in Düsseldorf and released their first 4-track EP in September 2013. Urtod Void released it on Tape in early 2014 and now it is time for this stoner four pack from germany to do the next step: A powerfull stoner/heavy debut with six new fresh songs you will never forget! New label Shithead Records from Düsseldorf in cooperation with H42 Records releasing
Deep Aeons outstanding debut album "Temple of Time"! The four guys from Dusseldorf will roll over you like a locomotive travelling with the speed of light! This ‘six Track dusty monster’ Release is pure desert Rock at its best. Alexander v. Wieding is once again responsible for another outstanding artwork!

Deep Aeon bring all the elements you'd expect from a hard rock / stoner rock band looking towards to all the past masters for inspiration. Thick but warm guitars with a definite emphasis on driving rock 'n' roll sound. The vocals have a slight garage rock tinge to them sometimes, which really is a fresh change from underwhelming John Garcia croons you typically encounter.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cleaning out the Corners - featuring Ex Friends, Stephen Duffy and The Drones

Another installment of the column where we weed through the piles of vinyl in my office together to decide what stays and what goes.  Is it a keeper or a tosser?

Chosen randomly from my "To Spin" stacks . .

Ex-Friends - Twisted Around EP

Spirited, raw and spit-faced hardcore punk in the old school vein.  Hell's yes!  "Punk Rock Wedding, Punk Rock Divorce" is a spleen-spasm of vitriol punk, simply perfect.  "Rainy Season" shows some classy depth of range with a melodic guitar hook and some acoustic strumming.  Like a bar sing-along at your favorite watering hole.   Side two keeps the phlegm rolling with more guttural bursts of punk snot.   In the end, it's all just kinda perfect.  According to their bandcamp this slice of vinyl is sold out, and I understand the band is now broken up, so finding one may be a challenge, but if you're a hardcore, old school, UK, Oi! punk fan, you owe it to yourelf to track down a copy for yourself.  I have no idea where mine came from, but I guess I should thank the punk fairies for placing this under my pillow.

Verdict: Keeper

Stephen Tin Tin Duffy - She Makes me Quiver b/w Push It. 

Again, no idea where this came from.  I tend to buy large lots of 7" vinyl on eBay and get random stuff there, so I guess that explains this one's presence in my collection.  I'd never heard of Stephen Tin Tin Duffy before, but apparently he was one of the original founding members of Duran Duran but left before they signed on with EMI.  Just as well, he was the original vocalist and in truth he doesn't hold a candle to Simon LeBon.  So it all worked out as it should.  Still, I have this 7" taking up space in my collection, so what's the verdict?  Competent if slightly banal 80's pop/funk in the early Duran Duran vein.  Stephen's vocals are adequate if underwhelming and the music is solid, if uninspiring.  I actually have a soft spot for 80's rock like this, but I'm having a real hard time with this one.  Flipside "Push it" borders on the asinine, so the entire verdict will be based on the A-side, "She Makes me Quiver" and it almost makes it.  Stephen's vocals are nicely thick with accent, like a b-grade Soft Cell, and the bass pulses in all the right places.  But damn, I can't get passed the darn lyrics.  "She makes me quiver/She's dreamy to the max."  Wow.  Maybe in the '80's that worked, but not now.   Let's label this one as dispensable.

Verdict: Tosser

The Drones - Temptations of a White Collar Worker

Guitar fueled, original punk rock of the kind that can piss off grade school teachers the world over.  Featuring a distinct post-Sex Pistols tone and 'tude, The Drones were the real deal.  Released way back in 1977, this is first run, old school punk. The guys probably hung out in Chelsea back in the day and spit into the same fountains as the Pistols.   This copy is the 1998 reissue on Data Records.   There's no explanation for why these guys aren't talked about more often as one of the original punks.  That's a tragedy.  With band names like MJ Drone, Gus Gangrene, Whisper and Pete Purrfect, you know these guys were having fun, and it shows.  Four simple bursts of pure punk energy.  No reason to talk about each song, they're all the same.  Punk, punk and more punk.  And that's just fine with me.  Great stuff.

Verdict: Keeper


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Europe - War Of Kings

Remembering those golden years of mtv when bands like Europe took over the video waves. Songs like "Carrie" and final countdown are forever burned into my teenage mind."The Final Countdown" alone has rocketed forth from so many stadiums and sporting events over the years, that it would be impossible to count. War of Kings, the 10th studio album, is a heavier and streamlined Europe. This band sounds like a prize fighter begging to get back in the ring.  It is less Smiles and bubble gum pop rock, and more brooding, dark, a hard rock atmospheric. You can still feel the musical sensibility. The song writing is top notch and the hits are there. This album is a testament to the bands staying power. Legendary are not terms you can apply to every band. Europe is one of those few. With the rise of "Final Countdown" Europe solidified themselves as a major contender to the throne of iconic metal. Then during the Grunge age, they fell away from America's favor. After reuniting in 2003 they have begun a steady trek back across the littered fields of burnt out metal and rock bands. "War Of Kings" is the album that will carry them to the throne room once again. Simply put it is one damn good heavy rock album.  The title track is an in your face atmospheric assault on your senses. Guitarist John Norum is one of the best shredders on the planet and he shines all over this album. Joey Tempest sounds amazing and more importantly he sounds hungry. Hungry to prove something. No need to prove anything to the diehard fans. We know Joey. We know.

- MetalRising

War of Kings
1) War Of Kings
2) Hole In My Pocket
3) Second Day
4) Praise You
5) Nothin’ To Ya
6) California 405
7) Days Of Rock n Roll
8) Children Of The Mind
9) Rainbow Bridge
10) Angels (With Broken Hearts)
11) Light Me Up
Bonus: Vasastan (Instrumental)

Joey Tempest – lead vocals, acoustic & rhythm guitar, keyboards
John Norum – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
John Leven – bass, backing vocals
Mic Michaeli – keyboards, piano, backing vocals, rhythm guitar
Ian Haugland – drums, percussion, backing vocals

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