Thursday, April 30, 2015

HYPOTHERMIA reveal new song "Eftergöld"

Swedish black metal/post-rock wanderers, HYPOTHERMIA, have unveiled a new song, "Efterglöd". The track features on the band's upcoming new album, "Svartkonst", and is a little over seven-minute long instrumental composition. Presented in a form of a video featuring photography of Kim Carlsson (guitars/ex-Lifelover, Kall), "Eftergöld" is available for listening via CVLT Nation, here:

The new album "Svartkonst" is set to be released on May 15th in Europe and May 19th in North America via Agonia Records. It has been recorded with the intention of giving more depth to the music itself, and allowing the listener to engage with the album's escalating atmosphere on a more personal level. Vilonist E.B. guest appears on the record, which is a sign of the band's progression - the music is stepping further out of obscurity, by slowly evolving to a more orchestral form.

The offering has been divided over five compositions.

01 - Invokation
02 - Svartkonst (listen)
03 - Efterglöd (listen)
04 - Regnvals
05 - Vy

(*Album cover)

"Svartkonst" will be released in:
- regular 
jewelcase CD;
ekopak CD (limited to 1000 copies);
gatefold black LP;
gatefold picture disc LP (limited to 200 hand-numbered copies);
green/black haze LP (limited to 150 hand-numbered copies);
digital formats.

HYPOTHERMIA was founded in 2001 as a means to channel negativity and manifest it in audial form. "Following ancient traditions carried in spirit and blood, through wanderings and introspective journeys a communion with a deity of the void is formed" - comments the band. 

The mysticism of HYPOTHERMIA is characterized by its highly ritualistic compositions, which are conducted in shamanistic trances of minimalism, and binding their followers in its meditative spell. Always recorded live, sharing with the world something honest and unique. 

The band is:
Kim Carlsson - vocals/guitars
Richard Abrams - drums
Hans Cools - guitars

Upcoming shows:
Nambucca & London (UK) - September 26th


Listen to the track "Svartkonst" at:


Agonia Records: 

THE KAHLESS CLONE Release Guitar Playthrough Videos

Chicago Instrumental Dark Music Band THE KAHLESS CLONE has released Guitar Playthrough Videos for the first two tracks from new EP An Endless Loop.   The videos for "Leave This Place With Me" and "I Can Feel Them, but I Can't Remember Them" can both be viewed at this location. Playthrough videos for the EP's other two tracks will be released in the coming weeks.

An Endless Loop was released March 17. Stream and/or purchase the EP at this location.

Featuring NOVEMBERS DOOM guitarist Vito Marchese, the EP is a gripping musical journey that forges the vibe of dark metal with the sonic landscape and emotional buildups of post-rock. THE KAHLESS CLONE was started by Marchese as an outlet for some of the instrumental songs he had been writing. Marchese secured the talents of Zach Libbe, Garry Naples, Andy Bunk, and Ben Johnson to help him record An Endless Loop. Recording, mixing, and mastering was done at Belle City Sound in Racine, WI by Chris Wisco, who was able to properly capture the mood and atmosphere of the songs. The band is currently booking live dates/tours to help promote it.

 Band Logo, CD Artwork, and Layout by Heather Lovett.
1. Leave This Place With Me
2. I Can Feel Them, but I Can't Remember Them
3. Everything You See is Gone
4. A Somber Reflection

"Beautiful & powerful." 

"Their sound places the dark tones of metal on a musical landscape that takes you on an emotional journey of post-rock music." 
- JP's Music Blog

"Severe and delicate and absolutely beautiful."
 - Stoner HiVe

Photo Credit: Mark Coatsworth


Vito Marchese - Guitars
 Zach Libbe - Electronic Drum Programming
 Garry Naples - Drums
Andy Bunk - Bass
Ben Johnson - Keys 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Libido Fuzz - Kaleido Lumo Age

Pink Tank continue to plow the musical battlefields with their girlish tint, but make no mistake, pink is the color of passion and reflects in one of their latest offerings by Libido Fuzz called 'Kaleido Lumo Age'. As defined, the music inherently summons a sexual desire to stroke the almighty riff.

Libido Fuzz skips the foreplay on their latest offering 'Kaleido Lumo Age', and goes straight for the orgasm. Right out of the sheets 'Oblique Strategies' exposes its sensuous riffage, throbbing ecstatically like a stoner band wearing white cotton lace on magic mushrooms. Before you picture beards in bra's, picture instead, guitar riffs with cleavage bouncing to the groove of a bitchin' drum beat.

'Raw Animal' follows suit with a fuzzed out melody conjuring up a slightly occult vibe by the 3-way auditory gang bang. Drumming is at the forefront just behind the fuzzy lead guitar riff and bass slapping nonchalantly in the background like a bag of potato chips at a stoner fest. Reverb haunts the microphone throughout the record summoning forth an erotic sense of excitement.

'Redemption of the Bison' slightly slows the pace down and keeps the load from blowing full force unto the unsuspecting victim, for the first 5 minutes that is. At around the 5-1/2 minute mark all efforts of orgasmic extension are relinquished with the thrusting of fuzzed up guitar solos and precision musical placement towards the auditory G-spot.

'The Postman' brings a post-punkish flavor to the table combining groovy riffs and indie punk vocal tones keeping the album feeling fresh and alive. The main riff takes on a bluesy and ballsy rhythm throughout and maintains the arousal.

'Sweet Hours' holds the libido intact with fuzzy riffs swirling like ripples of bong water churn against hand-blown glass. Bits of spacey fuzz and stoner dirge lead into a tripped out and melodic occultation known as song 6 'Enter the Occult'. The satanic pulse echoes like a submarine on its way to the pearly white gates. Laid back riffs exhaust fumes of ecstasy into an otherwise carnal state of listening spirit.

'Haight Ashbury' closes down the erotically impressive listening experience with utter retro ease. Rewinding the clock back to the 1970's, which is the generation we all wish we were apart of by the way, Libido Fuzz construct their song of a lifetime! Basically 2 songs in one, Haight Ashbury, whether it is about the district in San Fransisco or not, totally rules. Trippy melodies, with Zeppelinesque sensibilities bring the album full circle and to a close leaving the listener feeling at ease and in awe. Libido Fuzz truly lives up to their band name with the perpetually sexual stoner rock display on Kaleido Lumo Age.

Order the record directly from Pink Tank now, I strongly recommend it. They treat their packages with care and they treat their taste in music with the utmost respect. Check out all their bands while you're at it.

-The Huntsman

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mothership announce Spring Odyssey Tour with The Dirty Streets across the USA this May

“Such a killer find, man. Can’t wait to see them live!”
Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer

"They've got the world ahead of them and the chops to dominate it. These guys could be our generations rock and roll saviors come down to Earth just in the nick of time."

Two Guys Metal Reviews

"They represent everything that is great with rock and roll from everything in the past, to everything in the future and everything in between. Mothership is the future of rock and roll. These guys are just going to keep getting bigger and bigger. You watch."

The Evil Engineer

After a storming 2014 following the rerelease of their momentous second album through Ripple Music and European debut at The Freak Valley Festival, supersonic/intergalactic Dallas band Mothership return for what promises to be another busy year for the hard rocking Texan trio.

This May, brothers Kyle and Kelly Juett along with Judge Smith take to the road to recreate live their steaming hot stew of UFO and Iron Maiden inspired metal; southern Molly Hatchet and ZZ Top swagger, and deathly Sabbathian rock. A concoction that for some might prove too heavy to handle on record, those brave enough to bear witness to the full Mothership experience will soon discover exactly what it means to party hard.

Since 2013 the band has travelled non-stop to play live across the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe; taking to festival stages, nightclubs, and under the sun at whatever motorcycle parties they could find. They are for all intents and purposes a heavy rock juggernaut that has only just begun to tear a hole in the cosmos. And guess what? They have no plans of slowing down for anyone.

For the full list of dates on Mothership’s Spring Odyssey Tour with Memphis band The Dirty Streets see below.

1st May – St. Louis, MO – Fubar
2nd May – Dubuque, IA – Vintage Torque Festival*
3rd May – Milwaukee, WI – Metal Grill
4th May – Chicago, IL – Reggie's
5th May – St. Paul, MN – Big V's Saloon
6th May – Kansas City, MO – The Scene
7th May – Denver, CO – Moon Room
9th May – Boise, ID – Crazy Horse
10th May – Vancouver, BC – Hindenburg*
11th May – Seattle, WA – El Corazon
13th May – Bend, OR – Volcanic Theatre Pub
15th May – South Lake Tahoe, CA – Whiskey Dicks
17th May – Orange County, CA – Psycho California*

*Mothership Only

Mothership is Kelley Juett (guitars/vocals), Kyle Juett (bass/vocals) and Judge Smith (drums).
Mothership on Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Arcturus: Metal Legends to Release New Album Arcturian May 8

Norwegian Progressive Black Metal Supergroup Returns with First New Studio LP in Ten Years!

ARCTURUS (L to R: Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg (drums), Hugh "Skoll" Mingay (bass), Knut Magne Valle (guitar), Simen "ICS Vortex" Hestnæs (vocals), Steinar "Sverd" Johnsen (keyboards)
Legendary Norwegian metal band ARCTURUS will release its first new studio album in a decade, Arcturian, on May 8 via Prophecy Productions. In advance of the new record's release, ARCTURUS vocalist ICS Vortex (Simen Hestnaes) is available for interviews next Wednesday and Thursday -- April 29 & 30 -- from 10 AM EST to 3:30 PM EST. Hestnaes is available to chat with interested media via phone, Skype, FaceTime or Viber. To speak with the vocalist, simply reply to this email with your preferred date.

   ARCTURUS teases the release of Arcturian with the premiere of the record's lead track, "The Arcturian Sign". Hear and see now at THIS location.

   Unparalleled in creativity, musicianship and artistic approach since its formation in 1987, mastermind Steinar "Sverd" Johnsen and his cosmic crew -- consisting of past and present members of UlverMayhemDimmu BorgirBorknagar and Ved Buens Ende -- have been dancing their very own tightrope between genius and madness ever since. With each new release becoming an interstellar journey of its own, ARCTURUS is consistently ahead of its time and can justifiably be labeled the epitome of avant-garde metal.

   Arcturian is ARCTURUS' fifth full-length studio album, and the announcement of its release may take many a fan by surprise. As the title indicates, ARCTURUS return with their quintessential work. Veined by the band's boundless creativity, Arcturian is a setting-to-music of both the sublime and the beauty of outer space, uniting grandeur and filigree. The band's new music is at once daring and unpredictable, just like the magnificent artwork designed by artist Costin Chioreanu (Triptykon, Darkthrone) in close collaboration with the group. With what is unquestionably the group's strongest album of the millennium, ARCTURUS prove once and for all that -- for them -- nothing but the sky is the limit.

   "'Arcturian' contains elements from Arcturus' entire history," states guitarist Knut Magne Valle. "We went back to real drums, real strings and 'first take', improvised guitar solos to give the album an authenticity and life that not many records tend to have these days. We worked hard to mix the old Arcturus sound into our newer material and, in doing so, we obtained a more homogeneous, mystic Arcturus sound picture."

 Track listing:

     1.) The Arcturian Sign
     2.) Crashland
     3.) Angst
     4.) Warp
     5.) Game Over
     6.) Demon
     7.) Pale
     8.) The Journey
     9.) Archer
   10.) Bane
     Arcturian is available for pre-order purchase now at this location.
   ARCTURUS will make its only scheduled U.S. live appearance on May 23 as one of the headlining acts at the 2015 Maryland Deathfest. For full details, visit this location.
   Follow ARCTURUS on Facebook 
"eccentricity incarnate...flying the flag high for strange and adventurous metal" - Jeff Wagner (Mean Deviation: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal, 2010)

   "Culling its membership from various Norwegian black metal luminaries, Arcturus has been an evolving project for founding keyboardist Steiner "Sverd" Johnsen and drummer Hellhammer (also known as a member of Mayhem, one of the most infamous Norwegian black metal ensembles)." - ALL MUSIC

    "As always, an ARCTURUS album requires an investment of time and awesome mix of atmospherics and madness." -


Monday, April 27, 2015

Black Star Riders - The Killer Instinct

We all now the second album can be a very tricky thing for bands, even for seasoned veterans like the guys in Black Star Riders. Even more so, when their debut was a breathtaking piece of magic. However, any concern I had regarding their new wax - #2! - 'The Killer Instinct' was quickly vanquished. Although it took a few spins before I fully embraced what the album is about.

Since their debut was originally meant to be a brand new Thin Lizzy album, those songs carried a strong feel of Philip Lynott's amazing songwriting. His presence is still there on opus number two, but the chief song smiths, Ricky Warwick and Damon Johnson, have already started to steer the band down their own path. Perhaps that's why it took me a little bit to warm up to 'The Killer Instinct', who knows? All I know is, once that aha-moment appeared, this album is cementing Black Star Riders' status as the forerunners of proper heavy rock.

One significant change from last time is that the lyrics have a darker undertone. A sense of hope and fighting spirit permeates throughout via the music, while rejection, failed relationships and alienation are the main themes in the lyrics. My favourite track 'Blindsided' covers it all where a solitary acoustic guitar leads into some of the most heartfelt lyrics I have heard in a long time. New four-stringer Robbie Crane's thumping bass moves along like a heart beat, before the rest of the band joins in portraying all the different stages of emotions you go through, when being left in the dumps by someone you hold dear. Another of my top tracks is 'Soldierstown' which carries a strong Celtic vibe and automatically reminds me of Thin Lizzy in the best possible way. Damon Johnson and Scott Gorham have formed a formidable guitar duo, the kind you can really only find in "old" 70's heavy rock bands. And that's a heritage which needs to be continued. 'Turn In Your Arms' is another song steeped in the lineage of Thin Lizzy á la 'Emerald', especially the guitars and the drums in the bridges, but also in the choruses as well.

I stated earlier that singer Ricky Warwick and guitarist Damon Johnson, the main song writers, are moving Black Star Riders towards a sound of their own. To me this is most apparent in the arrangements and the structures of the songs. Incorporating all their experience from The Almighty, Brother Cane as well as their respective solo careers is certainly paying off. Everything mixed together forms excellent songs that is surpassed by few. Since I have the Deluxe 2CD edition the tracks on disc 2 are proof enough for that, where the opening two, 'Gabrielle' and the Gary Moore-sounding 'The Reckoning Day', easily could have been added to the regular edition. The other four songs are acoustic versions of the album tracks 'The Killer Instinct', 'Blindsided', 'Charlie I Gotta Go' and 'Finest Hour'. Taking on a whole new dimension this way also highlights Warwick and Johnson's superior song writing skills.

'The Killer Instinct' is a fantastic second album by a band in top form, who are clearly out for world domination. It's a perfect continuation to 'All Hell Breaks Loose' and played back to back well that's all you really need, dear waveriders.

- Swedebeast

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sons of Huns premiere song featuring Scott "Wino" Weinrich on guest duet vocals

Portland trio featuring DANAVA guitarist issue RidingEasy album in summer 

Hear & share "An Evil Unseen" HERE.
Portland trio Sons of Huns premiere the first track from their forthcoming album today via Noisey. The song "An Evil Unseen" features special guest Scott 'Wino" Weinrich (St. Vitus) singing duet with Sons of Huns vocalist/guitarist Pete Hughes (also of Danava). Hear and share "An Evil Unseen" HERE. (Direct Soundcloud.)

Sons of Huns also join an impressive list of renown heavy hitters playing Portland's annual Stumpfest this week, including Danava, Yob and Big Business. Please see the band's complete list of upcoming shows below.

While Sleeping Stay Awake, the sophomore album by Sons of Huns was recorded in Los Angeles by engineer Toshi Kasai (Tool, Melvins) and features guest performances by Weinrich and Melvins drummer Dale Crover on the track, "Philosopher's Stone."

The quest for truth can lead to many different places. One door shuts, another door opens. One path dead ends, while another path widens. Life can often be akin to that proverbial rabbit hole, spiraling through options only to be left asking, "Why?" Sons of Huns explore some of the universe's biggest questions on their second full-length album for RidingEasy Records. This journey commenced for singer and guitarist Pete Hughes under the most unpleasant of circumstances-to say the least.

"I got bit by a damned bacteria-ridden tick in the Virginia woods when I was a teen," he sighs. "I got Lyme Disease, among other things, leaving me now 16 years later with chronic pain and illness and searching for answers to questions that no one seems to have answers for. That's at the heart of While Sleeping Stay Awake. Its themes include Raja Yoga, meditation, Egyptian magic, occult and Hermetic philosophy, our connection with the stars and cycles of life, death, and rebirth."

The trio rounded out by Ryan Northrop [drums] and Aaron Powell [bass, vocals] retreated to Kasai's Sound of Sirens Studio for a week in January 2015. During that time, the group honed its robust rock sound with the right flourishes of spacey elegance and artful bombast. "We're a heavy rock band, no frills, we turn up and let it rip," he adds. "Playing this music is cathartic, and we hope this album captured that."

In 2013, Banishment Ritual announced the arrival of Sons of Huns. They shared the stage with everybody from Kadavar and Pentagram to the mighty St. Vitus, while earning acclaim from tastemakers like CVLT Nation, The Sludgelord, and Decibel Magazine who described them as, "Rampaging garage rock with plenty of stoner/psychedelic inclinations."
While Sleeping Stay Awake will be available on LP, CD and download via RidingEasy Records on July 21st, 2015. Pre-orders for LP/CD (HERE) and download (HERE).
04/23 Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios - Stumpfest w/ Danava, Big Business, Yob, Intronaut
05/14 Portland, OR @ Bunk Bar
05/22 Portland, OR @ The Know - RidingEasy Presents w/ Slow Season, Blackout
05/23 Salem, OR @ Christo's - RidingEasy Presents w/ Slow Season, Blackout
05/30 Spokane, WA @ Volume Fest
07/23 Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios - Album Release Party

Artist: Sons of Huns
Album: While Sleeping Stay Awake
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: July 21st, 2015

01. Osiris Slain
02. Ad Astra
03. An Evil Unseen (STREAM)
04. Eye in The Sky
05. Philosopher's Stone
06. Alchemist Part I
07. Alchemist Part II
08. While Sleeping Stay Awake
09. The Reaper is Waiting For You 

On The Web:


Danish rockers Grusom to release debut album through Kozmik Artifactz | Watch and share video for new single ‘The Journey’

Watch and share the new video for new single ‘The Journey’ here – Grusom will be released on 31st July 2015 through Kozmik Artifactz

“Grusom make some truly majestic rock, the old way. Inspired by and delving into the heart, passion and darkness of the 70s.”
DHU Records
Last November, less than one month after releasing a short three-song demo through Bandcamp, Danish outfit Grusom found a second home at Kozmik Artifactz. After falling for the band’s authentic, dark and brooding doom blues the German label – one of Europe’s leading purveyors of heavy psych, blues and stoner rock – immediately sought to release the band’s first full-length debut which will be released this July.

Originally formed in 2013 as a trio, Grusom quickly morphed into the six-headed beast it is today through extended jam sessions with friends; all experienced and passionate musicians that would soon find themselves positioned firmly amid the ranks of the band’s ever-growing sonic arsenal of drums, strings and keys. Marked out by the dual 70s guitar play of Dennis Warburg and Thomas Ulrik, Jakob Kaae (drums) and Søren Olesen’s (bass) progressive rhythm section, Peter Pørtner’s organ and lead singer’s Nicolaj Hoffmann Jul’s weathered vocals, Grusom create a heavy, honest and unpolished world from their music.

The band’s lead single and video for ‘The Journey’, directed by Andreas Bastiansen and written while recording the album with Jacob Bredahl (Children Of Sodom) in Århus, Denmark’s Dead Rat Studio can be viewed via the link below –

Grusom by Grusom will be released on 31st July 2015 through Kozmik Artifacz
  Grusom on Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ripple Media - "The Warrior Spirit: The Legend of Gideon Smith" -- Independent Film

When I first heard that a movie was being made about the legend that is Gideon Smith I thought "now this is fitting."  I'd be hard-pressed to think of another personality in our world of heavy underground rock that would be better served by a biopic of his life.  Part freedom biker, part shaman, part martial artist, part poet -- Gideon is a legend to those who've crossed his path.  I've search in vain for over a year for a copy of his book, "The Way of the Outlaw Spirit" and all I've ever come across are books that have already sold for hundreds of dollars.  I own every Gideon Smith and Dixie Damned CD there is and still sit here patiently waiting for the vinyl.  I even have the Gideon Smith Tribute CD, where a legion of admiring bands pay tribute to the man, the myth, the legend . . .and the music. 

So a movie seemed natural.  

Highly respected producer and journalist Peter Gordon Donald (Ex-Fox Televisions Stations Productions, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, GQ, and a former manager of Travis Meeks/Days of the New) contacted Gideon with an idea to produce an independent movie about his life presented in the 'found footage' genre. Entitled 'Warrior Spirit: The Legend Of Gideon Smith' the film was completed in North Carolina in 2014.   Found footage is an apt description as the film is a smattering of separate vignettes that weave back and forth encompassing many aspects of the life of the man.  From martial arts sequences to "captured" moments with  Gideon and his friends, the movie offers a glimpse -- just a glimpse into the life of one of rock's most complex individuals.  There is a haunting nature to much of the film, much like Gideon's poetry, that reflects both light and dark.  Glimpses of his shamanistic philosophy are given, his mantra, his soul.  Somehow this all seems to perfectly capture the persona that Gideon has created.  

"The Warrior Spirit: The Legend of Gideon Smith" presents in 'found footage' retrieved from archive film recently discovered in the basement of an abandoned Charlotte, N.C. bar. These powerful and fragmentary images reveal the true story behind the raw early years in the life of legendary southern rocker, Gideon Smith. Intercut with this newly discovered footage of Charlotte’s filthy dives, alcohol drenched recording studios, Dionysian shows, hidden occult backwoods, hard streets and underground haunts are new live performances on stage and in the recording studio. The amazing story of legendary southern rocker Gideon Smith is brought to life with authentic scenes from Gideon’s life, painstakingly recreated by actors, friends, collaborators and fellow musicians…. and of course, Gideon himself in the lead role, assuring authenticity and depth of characterization through the weight of his life experience and his determinedly heroic/anti-heroic way of perceiving the world. A mixture of real-life action, philosophical musings, gritty reality in all its ragged beauty, and full-on rocking, 

And of course, no film about Gideon would be complete without the music, and "The Warrior Spirit" features live gigs that capture the essence of the music and the musical world.    My highlight is the spontaneous, freeform jam from Murr House of Music in 2006 with Gideon sitting of the living room floor while his buddies strum away and the women on the couch sing accompaniment.  Sublime. 

My only quibble is that the sonic quality of the true live gigs is a bit rough, which hurts because I really want to hear the man in full flight.  But still, the flavor comes through. 

Gideon Smith has pioneered southern ‘stoner rock’ as a shaman, sage and veteran of the genre. The mosaic form of the film – with Gideon himself holding the pieces together – reveals much, yet still remains mysterious. 


Friday, April 24, 2015

Young Hunter - Embers At The Foot Of Dark Mountain EP

Not long ago, I read that Portland, Oregon band Young Hunter were about to start recording their new album.  My first thought was, “Who?”  My second thought was, “Cool name,” although I’ve heard plenty of cool band names which weren’t attached to music that lived up to the moniker’s impressiveness.  Is that my fault for burdening them with impossible expectations based on a name?  Probably.  (But come on, if you’re going to name your band, say, Gigantic, fucking deliver, you know?)

Young Hunter’s announcement snagged my attention, perhaps because they originally hail from the Southwest desert (where I’m from), or possibly because they recently relocated to the Northwest (where I now live).  Hell, maybe it actually was their name.  Regardless, I don’t believe I ever had a choice—I’ve been an uncompromising seeker of new music long enough to acknowledge that sometimes the cosmos just wants me to hear something.  And, while I’ve lost count of how many under-the-radar bands I’ve discovered through unlikely sources or apparent chance, I absolutely rely on it now.  I keep my eyes and ears open, and the great music snob in the sky drops what I’m supposed to check out into my little universe.  Thus did I end up with Young Hunter’s most recent release, the three-song Embers at the Foot of Dark Mountain ep.

This record thrums with confidence.  Years of handling A&R for a label with very little money taught me to look out for those unique talents that seem to come out of the artistic womb fully formed.  Back then, if I’d heard a band this mature, I would’ve offered them a contract.

Calling this heavy rock does little to explain it.  Yes, Young Hunter is heavy, but not because of crushing riffs or rage-fueled vocals.  The music is resonant and hypnotic, the vocals smooth and restrained.  But there’s a blanketing weightiness to it, like an alchemical transmutation of “Why am I here?” into song.

“Welcome to Nothing” is an anthem for dislocation.  It brings the metaphorical house lights down, then kicks in with the elemental rhythm of an urgent war drum.  “Trail of Tears” balances singer/guitarist Benjamin Blake’s baritone atop a questing, bounty-hunter-in-pursuit vibe.  It’s cinematic stuff, bringing images of declining civilizations and extinguishing stars to my mind (something I only experience when the songs are really good).  Patient but restless, expansive yet claustrophobic, Embers sounds like someone searching, and feels like things coming to an end.

Embers at the Foot of Dark Mountain was released in late 2013, and the band is crowdfunding their latest effort with a campaign on Kickstarter.  Launched in mid-April, the project has until May 11th to amass $4,444 that will cover the costs of mixing, mastering, and vinyl production, not to mention rewards for their backers. 

I have no idea how many fans Young Hunter has.  Maybe there are fifty of us.  Maybe there are ten thousand, and they’ll have already met their funding goal by the time this is published.  Even so, I couldn’t take a chance of it not happening without trying to help.

Young Hunter accomplishes what thousands of artists have failed to do:  they make resignation and disenchantment sound romantic*.  Not everyone appreciates that in a band, but I think it’s just about the ultimate compliment… which is why I (and perhaps you) absolutely must hear what Ben and his crew will do with a full album.  Listen to “Welcome to Nothing” from the Embers EP, and maybe you’ll hear what I hear.  And, if you dig what you hear and want to support Young Hunter’s Kickstarter, check out the details here.

* Jim Jarmusch achieved this with his typically under-recognized 2014 vampire masterpiece, Only Lovers Left Alive… just to illustrate the quality of company Young Hunter are in.

- MeteorJadd

“Welcome to Nothing” on YouTube: 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

BLACKWOLFGOAT / LARMAN CLAMOR Split EP on H42 Records this May

H42 Records H42-020
A1: Straphanger
Limited Edition of only 210 copies on:
70x clear-orange (Larman Clamor Edition)
70x lilac (Blackwolfgoat Edition)
70x clear-darkblue (H42 Records Edition)
Presale May 5th 2015
Street Date May 16th 2015
BLACKWOLFGOAT / LARMAN CLAMOR Split 7"-Single is coming ... German psychedelic swamp rock meets American drone and ambient sounds:
BLACKWOLFGOAT began in 2010 as the experimental drone project of guitarist Darryl Shepard (Black Pyramid, The Scimitar, Milligram) as a way to explore what could be done with just a guitar and no other instrumentation. Three full lengths have been released thus far, “Dragonwizardsleeve” and “Drone Maintenance” on Small Stone Records and “Dronolith” on The Maple Forum and Bilocation. Reviews of BLACKWOLFGOAT have stated: "Progressive is the name of the game as his music creates a shifting landscape of fuzzed out guitars/ambient noise. His creative use of atmosphere is most striking of all" (Heavy Metal Time Machine); and "Each sonic structure has a distinctly modern and minimalistic texture established on firm but simple foundations, soon evolving, almost organically, into towering edifices and labyrinthine complexity" (Sea of Tranquility). The sound of the first two albums was expanded upon on “Drone Maintenance” to include some sparse vocals and a drum machine, and that has continued with the newest single “Straphanger” which is a very rhythmic track, almost veering into dance music territory, consisting of only guitars and spoken vocals to create a haunting and claustrophobic atmosphere of constant movement. BLACKWOLFGOAT is not just a studio project, either, having performed shows alongside bands such as Man's Gin and Totimoshi. And once again, the striking artwork was handled by Alexander von Wieding, who has done all of the previous album covers as well.
LARMAN CLAMOR is throwing a carnival. More of a street fair, really. You’ll find the sky is tinted a greenish yellow watercolor, the air is tepid and wet with humidity, bugs come in swarms, and later, a parade of children on the backs of reptiles will come out of the swamp and march down the crossroad.

Blending acoustic and electric guitar, simple drums and throaty vocals, LARMAN CLAMOR presents an alternate view of tradition and a new take on its own approach. More and more, there’s nothing else that sounds quite like it. First Track ‘Drone Monger (Bonk the Stomp)’ is totally different to the ‘Beetle Crown & Steel Wand’ version – more acoustically, more southern and is totally cool! Second track on the LARMAN CLAMOR Side ‘ ’ is a previously unreleased new song and has also a slope to the acoustic: an absolute cool stomping sweaty song!

Larman Clamor
H42 Records
Jürgen Berndt
22089 Hamburg
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