Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Grafvitnir – Keys To The Mysteries Beyond
Niantiel – Modrius, Tishin

Nidhogg sounds of a storm winds blowing then a blast from hell as the band unleashes all its fury. Keys To The Mysteries Beyond sounds of evil unleashed with a fury that just rips your head off.  Vargavinter wolves howling sounds of evil chasing you from everywhere and vocals from a demons’ mouth.  Crossing the Abyss slowly building total darkness and eerie sounds.  Eternity’s Glistening Black grinding ruitar riffs demonic vocals and blast beats from the underworld.  Journey Into Storms strange and eerie sounds slowly building all around you.  Unleash The Storm Of Nothingness then a blast in the face of pure fury and hatred.  Eye Of Lucifer evil intent on ripping your very soul apart. Whispers Of The Primordial Sea grinding guitar trying to chainsaw you in half and devour you. Glimpses of The Unseeable grinding riffs blasting drums and vocals from the pit of hell.

Into The Storm / Smooth Sailing – Split
Into the Storm

Murder Murder Murder  fast pounding in your face metal that just pummels you into the ground.  So How Do You Explain All The D slow plodding melancholy music that just drags you down into the nothingness before pounding you to dust.

Smooth Sailing

4599272 punk style guitar riffs and vocals that just take you away to a pit moshing away.  Stevie Ray Oiye a strange trip with many weird riffs and growling vocals.  Ryler Tomo more of a blues based guitar intro with punk influences.  Hey Girl Egg Roll David Grohl fast pounding in your face riffs and yelling style vocals.

Escape is Not Freedom/ dusK Village – Split
Escape Is Not Freedom

Mike – Guitar/Vocals, Darrin – Drums, Josh – Bass, Emily Jancetic – Guest Vocals

Boiling Nails slow grinding driving chainsaw like riffs and yelling vocals with a little melody.  We’re Wrecked a slow melodic song that plods along and slowly builds heavier and melodic with female vocals.

dusK Village

Slav, Gils, Fuks

Exolife Civilization Leak is a slow driving evil sounding song with dark deep vocal.  A Self Fan is a punk style of song with riffs that will make a pit start going strong.


Ozone Mama – Cosmos Calling
Marton Szekely – Vocals, Andras Gabor – Guitar, Gergely Donos – Bass, Mate Gulyas – Drums

Evil Ways has strange mid=eastern guitar sound then a more classic guitar with some fuzzy vocals. Straight On Till Morning Light take a trip to the 70s with some excellent harmonies and a southern rock feel.  Doppelganger has a excellent hard rock riff that will get your feet movin and vocals that will have you singing along.  High Ride get in your car crank up this tune and just speed along down the highway and enjoy.  Feel So Alive another song that will have you movin and grooving to the beat has sort of a Hendrix feel.  Shout At The Sky slow and bluesy and full of soul.  Cosmos Calling a slow beat bluesy psychedelic guitar and excellent vocals to sing along to lots of emotion.  Freedom Fighters has one of those excellent 70s hard rock riffs, excellent drum beats and great vocals get ready to rock out.  Cold Light Of Day another great song to play while driving down the highway and just jam away the miles.  The Alchemist a fist pumping foot stomping hard rock song that you will really get into with a few tempo changes.  Moon Pilot has a Cream style of beat and guitar riff with lots of great musicianship kick back close your eyes and enjoy.      

Summoning – With Doom We Come
Protector Richard Lederer – Vocals/Keyboards/Guitar/Drum Programming, Silenius Michael Gregor – Vocals/Keyboards/Bass

Tar-Calion pounding drums spoken words and grinding guitars that follow you with evil intent and a few tempo changes.  Silvertine takes you off to the sands of the middle eastern countries and add a rough chainsaw style guitar then adds some monk chants and screaming demonic vocals.  Carcharoth is slightly over nine minutes of just pure doom and gloom dragging you down into the black abyss. Herumor has some melody and melancholy emotions with the dark vocals from the deepest abyss. Barrow-Downs has a Therion influences sound with lots of mixed textures and emotions.  Night Fell Behind has grinding guitars thundering drums and dark demonic vocals.  Mirklands slowly builds with piano then grinding guitar it slowly takes you over and makes you take a slow walk into hell itself.  With Doom I Come evil rising from the open wounds of the earth and armies of dead coming forth to devour the earth and all living things.


Tuesday, January 30, 2018


New Model Army have announced a revolutionary two-night event at the Round Chapel in Hackney, London, April 13th/14th 2018.
You know those moments when a band plays quietly and the whole audience sings the words? Sometimes, these are the most emotional experiences - because singing together is the oldest and most basic form of human art, something primal and truly shared. So we are planning two nights of just this, which, to the best of our knowledge, has never been attempted by any band ever.

We have chosen the Round Chapel in Hackney both for its amazing open acoustics and for the circular layout of the room, which we believe will be perfect for the spirit of the event.

These are not concerts as such; this is a community singing event for all those people who love our songs, who love singing and love the feeling of singing together with others. The venue will be fully seated around a small stage constructed in the centre of the room; the whole band will be playing but the arrangements will be deliberately stripped down and very quiet - there will be no big PA system. The nights will be all about the participation and voices of everyone who comes.
While we are open to suggestions, ultimately we will choose the songs that lend themselves best to the idea – strong melodies and slower, easy vocal rhythms will suit best and we will vary these over the two nights. We will issue song-books (included in the price of the ticket) as we understand that people often know particular lines and choruses but usually not all the lyrics; and, of course, we plan to record and film both nights.

If you love singing and love New Model Army songs and love the sense of community that we have created over the years, we hope you’ll join with us from all different corners of the World for these special nights.

Tickets went on sale from the band’s own website at (in order to undercut crazy ticket agency fees) on two weeks ago and sold out within an hour.

UPDATE: A further Sunday matinee show on the afternoon of April 15th has now been announced. Tickets here
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Monday, January 29, 2018

Blackwülf to Release New LP, 'Sinister Sides', February 23

Bay Area heavy metal band Blackwülf will release its new album, Sinister Sides, on February 23 via Ripple Music (Mothership, Wo Fat). Recorded at San Francisco's Trakworx Recording & Mastering (Agalloch, Deafheaven), Sinister Sides showcases eight songs featuring heavy, headbanging riffs and is the follow-up to Blackwülf's 2015 LP, Oblivion Cycle, hailed as "rock ‘n’ roll at its purest" (The Bay Bridged).

On the new album, Blackwülf is joined by founding Pentagram and Bedemon guitarist Geof O'Keefe, who guests on the record, bringing his trademark doom vibrato and guitar heaviness to the group's vigorous, vintage metal and blistering cover of Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love”. O'Keefe will also appear live with Blackwülf at the 2018 SXSW festival in Austin, TX this March as part of the official Ripple Music showcase (w/ Mothership, Wo Fat, more; see details here).

Blackwülf will hold its hometown record release show for Sinister Sides on February 24 at The Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco (see details here). Additional U.S. touring is expected to be announced soon. The band will also perform as one of the featured acts at Desertfest London this May, alongside High on Fire, Graveyard and more.
Track listing:

   1.) Gate of Sorrow
   2.) Sinister Sides
   3.) Waiting on Tomorrow
   4.) Dead to the World
   5.) Blind to Fate
   6.) The Tempest
   7.) Sunshine of Your Love (Cream cover)
   8.) Battle Line

Blackwülf features Alex Cunningham (vocals), Pete Holmes (guitar), Dave Pankenier (drums) and Scott Peterson (bass). Find Blackwülf online at and follow the band on Facebook.

"Oakland-based Blackwülf follow the Hard Rock/Proto-Doom traditions of the '70s with a charismatic heaviness." - DOOM

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Chief Prefab Pontificator (and creator of the animated video) Xerox Feinberg says this of the track and video, “’Outtayerhands’ is a warped prefab Zen meditation on the limits of directly affecting the wider world: the ‘stupid monkey’ behavior of the rich and powerful, the pointlessness of trying to effect change by ‘picking crumbs out of the carpet.’  So much of what is going on is ‘outta yer hands’ — it can drive you crazy."

"Sonically, the song is a buzzing 21st Century ode to raging Kinksian garage-pop (maybe with a bit of wannabe Serge Gainsbourg thrown in?) In
keeping with the whole theme of our Psychsploitation Today album, it *sounds* like what we feel."

"Finally, the animated video proudly wallows in mid-'60s Dadaist Anglophilia, featuring an alternative universe of senseless secret agent action.”


“Psychsploitation Today offers more garage goodies with tongues firmly planted in cheeks, fuzz boxes (and phasers) set on stun, and hooks aplenty hailing from all directions. Everything is played with gusto and gumption, ‘60s influences are proudly pinned to sleeves, but the Prefabs also inject their own ‘80s take on garage/psych that’ll have us digging our paisley shirts and Beatles boots out storage.” - Jeff Penczak, SHINDIG! MAGAZINE

“This outfit crawled from the basements and alleyways of Wormtown (Worcester, Mass. to the uninitiated) in 1981, died in 1983 and has been resurrected all these decades on to deliver a new and impressive gospel to a generation with its eyes open and tongues extended, excited about receiving a holy communion in which traces of the lysergic and psychedelic abound. These dudes have not traveled all this distance merely to know the place for the first time. They’ve come to own it.” - Jedd Beaudoin, POPMATTERS

“The Prefab Messiahs are a post-punk band with actual credibility, considering they formed in 1981 amid the peak of DIY basement guerrilla-style attacks on the status-quo of pop. Fast forward three decades later, with a little help from local heroes Burger Records, and this Boston-based four-piece is releasing an album of brand new material, saturated with years of experience as an “art-damaged psych-pop collective” eager to prove their worth. And they’re proving it pretty hard on their forthcoming album, Psychsploitation Today. Keep your ears on this band.” - Maya Eslami, WHAT YOUTH

“Are The Prefab Messiahs condemning psychsploitation or pursuing it? Both, maybe. Whatever the hell they’re up to, it’s a commendable hoot.” - JR Moores, RECORD COLLECTOR MAGAZINE

“Fake news? Alternative facts? Worcester rockers the Prefab Messiahs hold nothing back with their scathing indictment of President Donald Trump with ‘The Man Who Killed Reality,’ a bright bit of psychedelic rock bolstered by a satirical cartoon of the president on a rampage of mass destruction. Not subtle, no, but it’s a great bit of protest rock that captures the defiance of an earlier era and recasts it for a modern audience.” - Victor D. Infante, THE TELEGRAM

[9/10 ] “Joyous lyrics shared over some glorious `60s garage psychedelia.… had me happily drifting off almost to another dimension. Brilliant.” - Damian Sullivan, MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC

The Prefab Messiahs [photo: Plastic Mynd]

Timing is everything, they say. Of course, when you’re too far ahead of the curve musically-speaking, timing can also throw a wrench in the works. Give enough passage, however, and others eventually catch-up, understand... even emulate.

Such is the case for self-proclaimed micro-legendary weirdoz The Prefab Messiahs. Originally together from 1981-1983, they played basement and club shows fairly often. Armed with borrowed guitars, puny amps and a mission to confound the status quo, the Clark U. undergrads began a unique post-punk musical trajectory through the burgeoning-yet-insular Wormtown (Worcester, MA) underground. Aside from the 1983 cassette Flex Your Mind, though, no recorded material was available from them until 1998's Devolver CD-R - an anthology of their recordings from the early '80s. Several songs on the album were produced by their friend and outsider psychedelic singer-songwriter Bobb Trimble.

Fast-forward three decades later with the official remastered release of Devolver via Burger Records, followed by a well-received eight-song maxi-EP of new material entitled Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive (2015), and it seems the stars have finally aligned for this art-damaged psych-pop collective. These two releases witnessed not only a new appreciation from a younger fanbase (not much older than the original one the band first started out with over 35 years ago), but also rave reviews from media, who traced the lineage from the Prefab Messiahs to many of today’s garage-psych scuzz-pups, such as Oh Sees, King Tuff, White Fence, Ty Segall, et al.

Now The Prefab Messiahs are set to release their latest full-length platter of new material, Psychsploitation Today. On it, the fuzzed-out foursome of Xerox Feinberg, Trip Thompson, Doc Michaud and Mattyboy Horn have cooked-up, arguably, their most far-out and fantastical effort to date. The new record continues the path of melding timely social commentary with equal measures of jangle, left-field garage-pop and hooks aplenty.

Prefabs' front dude Xerox Feinberg, a self-described "Lost Generation Wanna-be Spokesperson," describes the the band's approach on Psychsploitation Today thusly, “The new album is really a mental and sonic continuation of the things we were obsessed about from the beginning -- mashing up the sounds and  attitudes of '60s garage-psychedelia with post-punk '80s stuff and dragging all that into whatever 'today' is -- while generally trying to poke people in the ribs and skewer some of the Big Shams behind all the Shiny Facades. We still don't do songs about girls' names or feeling good. We're still trying to toss everything into the mix including the kitchen sink. We're still bemused and shocked and disgusted with The State of Things -- and also in love with the noises in our heads and guitars. We like to think that The Prefab Messiahs' work is never done."

The Prefab Messiahs’ Psychsploitation Today will be available on cassette, CD, digital and streaming formats January 26th via Lolipop/Burger Records.





Church of the Cosmic Skull Announce New Album "Science Fiction".

Will the congregation please stand....

Church of the Cosmic Skull have just announced their follow up to 2016's glorious debut "Is Satan Real?". The new album, seen above and titled "Science Fiction", will be out this May on heavyweight vinyl & CD via your favourite volume dealer, Kozmik Artifactz.

Described as ‘Occult Pop’ for fans of ELO, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac and Queen, the 9 track record from the Nottingham based ‘spiritual organisation’ sees an expansion on the prog / psych / retro stylings and hook-heavy songwriting of the critically acclaimed debut ‘Is Satan Real?’(2016 Kozmik Artifactz. “★★★★” - MOJO). Piano and vintage synths have been introduced alongside the Hammond organ, electric cello and six-part vocal harmonies, resulting in a sound that truly ‘puts the ABBA in Sabbath’.

The decision to self-produce the release is a reflection of both the changing landscape of the music industry, and the Church’s wholeheartedly DIY approach, having turned down major label offers in favour of maintaining independence. Quoting one of the ‘7 Objects’, Church founder Bill Fisher describes the record as a chance to ‘Celebrate and uphold the freedom of art, science and thought.’

‘Science Fiction’ will be supported by UK and European shows, including Desertfest Berlin and they have alluded to something very special happening in their hometown of Nottingham, England on June 2nd. The group are contributing a track to Magnetic Eye Records’ Pink Floyd ‘The Wall Redux’ tribute album alongside the Melvins and Mark Lanegan, and continue their ‘Tele-Vision’ output with three new music videos, coming soon at

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Bandcamp Bonanza – 1/27/18

Bandcamp Bonanza features a weekly myriad of albums gathered from the depths of bandcamp. This round feast your ears to another 10 pack of killer tunes.

Easy Killer – Galactic Sin
Easy Killer is easy on the ears that’s for sure. Nice gritty vocals and a stoney groove straight out of the  Brant Bjork handbook. The 4 piece keeps the heads bobbing with a bluesy swagger and a kick ass fuzzy guitar stroke throughout and a soulful rhythm to boot.

Slow Voyage – Time Lapse
I'm not even halfway through this beast and I am mesmerized by the pulsating heavy psych and expansive layers of warmth. These dudes from Chile have given us more proof that the South American hard rock and stoner scene is solely responsible for melting the polar ice caps with their blazing riffs, vibrant fuzz and smoldering groove. Favorite track: 07. Take Me Away.

Crypt Trip – Rootstock
Even better than their debut. The TX power trio has unleashed a hazy jam-ridden leviathan of heavy blues. Like FDJ said, there is an underlying Allman Brothers vibe ringing in the background melding with a groovy, dusty funk unmatched by most in the current scene. Fantastic!! Favorite track: Natural Child.

The Sisters Doom – The Sisters Doom
Hot damn, The Sisters Doom were a fun band in Reno and its great to hear all this material on record. Prior to this I only watched them live. This brings an entire different dimension to the band hearing it through headphones. Well done guys, this is a diverse array of doomy progressive metal marked by Mark's passionate vocal cries.

Dirt Forge – Soothsayer
I missed this one earlier in 2017 and finally caught up. The tone is all out heavy as fuck, and with a sludgy Motorhead vibe. Dare I say “angular” to describe the crunch of the riffs here? Either way, Soothsayer is soothing in a world of aggressive and pounding rock and metal. Don’t underestimate these fine lads from Denmark.

An Evening With Knives – Serrated
BIG fan of these cats. Finally their debut full length album is out. Hot off the press. If you’re into punky progressive stoner riffs with “serrated” atmospheric interludes then this is for you. Similar in style to another one of my favorites “Sandrider” An Evening With Knives keeps you on edge with dynamic range and powerful instrumentation.

Electra Huldra – Roadburner
Roadburner chars a thick layer of riff heavy groove, fuzz pedal to the metal holeshotting down the desert highway. The power trio roosts fat chords of stoner rawk over polished yet muscular vocals. Ya, kind of a John Garcia tone but with mega head-banging, throttle pinning groove.

The Trona Experience – Helios + Selene
The Trona Experience is one I highly recommend. Very majestic alternative/prog rock metal of sorts. Hard to describe other than a dramatically intense experience of music. Expansive grunge metal meets 90’s alternative rock. Ya, this is great stuff folks. Dig in. For fans of that Elder type thing but with more of a 90’s vibe going on.

Yellow Dust – Slodge
Yellow Dust put the stoner in sloth and the sludge in Slodge. Be prepared for a crusty assault of wicked riffs meets back-alley biker blues.

Antler – Antler
Oh man, so excited to find this is finally on bandcamp. A buried treasure if there ever was one. The combination of rusted down Americana meets heavy stoner blues is off the charts. For those familiar with Craig Riggs main project "Roadsaw" and now "Sasquatch" this is a welcomed alternative and timeless classic. Favorite track: 1975.

-The Huntsman

Friday, January 26, 2018

Stay Up To Date On All Ripple Music News and Releases -- Join Waveriders Unite

Hey Waveriders!

You may have seen that Facebook will soon be decreasing the amount of content you see from bands and businesses on Facebook - sadly this will include Ripple Music.

As we know that many of you value our Facebook activity as a way of discovering new great music and staying up to date on Ripple happenings and releases, we have created our own Facebook Group, Waveriders Unite.   At Waveriders Unite, you'll be kept up to date with all the label's news, signings and new releases - as well as exclusive competitions, giveaways and band interaction.  But it's not just about Ripple!  There are also tons of ongoing conversations about all aspects of music, tours, games, stoner, doom, you name it.

So as valued supporters, we wholeheartedly welcome you to Join Waveriders Unite.  It will be the best way to keep current on all things Ripple.

Keep making ripples!

Ripple Music is widely regarded as one of the world's leading record labels for heavy psych, stoner, doom and heavy rock.  Based in California, you can get releases and information at the Ripple Website and Ripple Music Bandcamp pages.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse

When any of us goes all in on something, the results can be impressive. Perhaps you have a business idea, or you have found the love of your life, or you find a cause that you can really get behind. When we find that one thing and we pour ourselves completely into it, it can be life changing. If you are an artist and you go all in, you get an album like this one.

This is one of those albums that really took me by surprise. Their last album, 2013's “The Wild Hunt”, was actually pretty tame, and many fans of the band felt that perhaps hitting middle age (in band years anyway), we had seen the mellowing of the band. This new album, however, is full of fierceness and ferocity and seems almost a rebirth of the rampaging beast that we had known as Watain.

If you are not familiar with Watain, they are a black metal band from Sweden and they are most definitely “all in”. Black metal is not just a musical genre for them but has become a lifestyle that they have followed for 20 years now. Their album artwork and stage designs are made of various symbols that represent what they believe, and their placement and use is very purposeful. They are a band that does not just perform, but can rightly say that each time they play it is a ritual. They are one of the few bands active today that can truly lay claim to being a personification of what black metal truly stood for when it first drug itself into being as a means for cultures to reconnect with their pagan histories.

The album is also informed by the suicide in 2014 of Selim Lemouchi, a founder of the band The Devil's Blood, and a touring member of Watain. With the beliefs that they hold, a band like this is very insular, and the band members freely admit that his death had a huge impact. They have obviously taken this influence and molded it into a part of what they do.

The music rips and blasts like few things I have heard in a while. Opening track “Nuclear Alchemy” is so different from their previous album that I really had to remind myself who I was listening to. The album is full of wild and unhinged music and lyrics, as though the past few years have freed the band to unleash the true fullness of their feelings and beliefs. Read the lyrics to “Towards the Sanctuary” and you can basically take them as a manifesto of what the band is about and what they would see transpire in the world. In my mind this album is nothing short of a black metal masterpiece.

Watain will be on tour in the US in February and March and it would be in your best interest to take in a show if they come through your town. As great as it is to hear their recorded work, a live show is where you can truly connect with this band. This is music that transcends the boundaries between our mundane lives and the other possibilities that exist, and why wouldn't you want to check that out.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Trigger – Cryogenesis
Tim Leopold – Vocals, Luke Ashley – Guitar, Sean Solley – Guitar, Matt Ambrose – Bass,
Tim Joyce – Drums

The Forge Of Hepaestus full force in your face death speed thrash metal with lots of aggression.  Dead Sun blast beats dual leads pounding rhythms with almost yelling style vocals and some excellent melodies.  Echoes Of The Silenced has a melodic intro and some interesting tempos with yelling vocals then it turns into a thrash metal song then back and forth.  Crowned begins with prog style keyboards and a solid beat and rough crossed with melodic vocals.  Tethered to The Tide sounds of a storm and some melodic instruments along with a grinding heavy riff that’s very catchy.  Devide is power prog metal with lots of great playing.  Alexandria acoustic guitar and percussion then a solid metal beat and riffing guitars.  DeluZion prog keys and a heavy riff with yelling chorus vocals that just seem to grab ahold and won’t let go.  Dysphoria industrial and some other strange sounds with a slow plodding Sabbath stoner style of riff.  Veins of Ambrosia mid-eastern guitar sounds and the wind slowly moving along   that slowly builds.   

Wight – Fusion Rock Invasion Live Over Europe
Rene Hofmann – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Peter Philipp Schierhorn – Bass, Thomas Kurek -  Drums
Steffen Kirchpfening – Percussion

Helicopter Mama is a slow bluesy jazz song with lots of emotional playing just close your eyes and drift to the music.   The Muse And The Mule is more slow bluesy jazz that will take you to a dark smoky club and have a few drinks while listening to the music and watching the women groove to the music.  Kelele has a very Hendrix feel to the guitar with a catchy riff that just envelopes you and takes you on a trip down the road to anywhere you wanna go.  Master of Nuggets get ready to play some air guitar and just jam along as you tap your feet and groove along.  The Love For Life Leads To Reincarnation a very interesting weird improve jazz meets blues psychedelic sound to just trip along with.

Witchcryer – Cry Witch
Jason Muxlow – Guitar, Javi Moctezuma – Drums, Suzy Bravo – Vocals, Marilyn Monroe – Bass

Cry Witch a slow driving Sabbath style of riff with a steady rhythm section and some excellent female vocals.  Ricochet is more of a speed metal riff that will have you head banging in no time just pounding your fist to the beat.  The Preying Kind slow evil sounding riffs and scorching guitars along with Grace Slick style vocals.  Ma Kali low rumbling Geezer style bass that just grabs you then an excellent riff that will have to movin and grooving.  Embryo (Instructions) is an excellent guitar instrumental.  Great Divide get ready to be pulled away into the great mass that is Sabbath style metal and just enjoy.  For The Slaves excellent riffs that just garb you and have you fist pumping and foot tappin till the last note.  Witchfinder General get ready to air guitar and bang your head to one excellent metal song.  Lapis Philosohorum is a very nice way to end the album with a renaissance style of song.

Doomstress / Sparrowmilk – Split
Doomstress Alexis, Brandon Johnson, Tomasz Scull - Drums

Way Of The Mountain slow driving stoner rock with lots of heavy riffs that takes you away to the good day of when stoner rock ruled.  Bitter Plea has an excellent riff to jump in your car and just jam on down the highway.  Rainbow Demon is a very interesting but excellent cover version of the Uriah Heep Classic.  Sleep Among The Dead slow plodding bass rumbles then the band kicks in and continues to go slowly down the road like a steamroller.
Tomasz Scull – Drums, Erin Lung – Bass, Joe Fortunato – Guitar

Black Night Satellite hold on to your seats with this thumping bass riffing guitar solid drums beating close your eyes and take an instrumental trip thru your mind with over 8 minutes of excellent musicianship.  Erie Depths has guitars piercing thru the airwaves with lots of emotion get ready to be taken on a ride.  Teeth of The Hound get in hop on and get ready to rumble down the highway of music.

Andrew Reed – If All The World Were Right
Andrew Reed – Guitar, Trevor Walker/Rob Geisler – Bass, Aaron Price – Keyboards,
Paul Babelay – Percussion, Courtney Hodges – BG Vocals, Alex Bradley – Trumpet,
Joseph Dowdy – Saxophone, Kyle Snuffer – Trombone, Kara Poorbaugh – Viola,
Franklin Keel – Cello

Sailed Away takes you on a trip back to the folk rock sixties and early seventies kick back relax and take a trip to a mellow time.  Cure My Mind excellent acoustic guitar keyboards and some mellow singing that just drift away to a mellower time and place.  Life In The City has more of an upbeat toe tapping rhythm that is like taking a walk down the streets of the city and enjoying the views.  Putting Things in Order is a very mellow jazzy style of song mixed with some folk and blues influences.  If All The World Were Right great guitar riffs excellent keyboards and a rhythm that just sticks in your head with some Tom Petty Influences.  Carolina In the Morning has a folky country style with lots of emotion.  Where She Goes more folk country style of music with steel guitar and a great story.  The Ghost Of Robert Johnson is an excellent blues based song with great playing and emotion.  Open Road takes you down a mellow trip like the style of the 60’s early 70’s just slowly walking down a long winding road.  All Of My Life kick back around the fire and just relax and enjoy the drifting music and vocals.  Hourglass has a sort of southern rock style of sound with some excellent guitar work and heartfelt vocals.  Sailed Away (Reprise) is another version of the first song on the album. All The World is Right (Poem) is a poem with music to go with it.  


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Arcadian Child Signs to Rogue Wave Records, the New Psychedelic/Garage Imprint of Ripple Music for World Wide Deal

Ripple Music is thrilled to announce the signing of European Psychedelic/garage rock band, Arcadian Child, to it's newest imprint Rogue Wave Records!

Arcadian Child were formed in Limassol, Cyprus, in 2013. Psyched, potent and intoxicating, they deliver daunting guitar-orientated psychedelia blended with ambient elements, hallucinogenic patterns and cathartic outbursts. With sounds rivaling the squealing sirens of the Mediterranean up to the dark bellows of the West, Arcadian Child convey their psychedelic ritual in their jam-filled live shows where they spread their hypnotic vibrations. Their debut album, “Afterglow” originally self-released on bandcamp the 29th of October, 2017, was widely acclaimed and received compelling support from the international psych/fuzz scene.

Now Ripple Music is thrilled to welcome the lads to Rogue Wave Records, the new imprint of Ripple designed to focus on psychedelic/garage rock.  Bringing a new sense of melody and dynamics to the rock that Ripple is already world-famous for, Rogue Wave Records hit the scene 2017 with two releases, the Top 10 Album of Year "Pop Guilt" by Australian legendary garage/noise poppers, Screamfeeder, and "Come Down from the Mountain" by fellow Aussies , Sacred Shrines.

Of signing to Rogue Wave Records, Arcadian Child said, "We are stoked to announce that we signed with Rogue Wave Records, the psychedelic/garage imprint of the mighty Ripple Music. We feel blessed to join the Ripple Music family, and be part of the umbrella that hosts bands we love such as The Flying Eyes and Mothership and have “Afterglow” released on a limited edition 12’ vinyl and digipak in the summer. We are currently working on a concept album inspired by the hermetic philosophy, contemporary stimulants and challenges which is to be released later in 2018 by Rogue Wave Records. This is our attempt in decoding today's challenges after taking a deep dive into our subconscious."

"Afterglow" will be available world-wide on vinyl, CD and digital, and available via the complete distribution network of Ripple Music, as well as the Rogue Wave Bandcamp and Webstore pages.  Follow Rogue Wave Records on Facebook to learn all about the latest in psychedelic/garage rock.

Look for "Afterglow" to hit the streets late this spring.  Then let you mind run wild.

The Band
Panayiotis I.G – Vocals, Guitars
Stathis Hadjicharalambous– Guitars
Andreas Kerveros – Bass, Backing Vocals
Christos Dimou – Drums

Arcadian Child Facebook / bandcamp

Monday, January 22, 2018

Andrew Reed - If All The World Were Right

Artists International Inc

The new album from Andrew Reed has thirteen tracks, and is a blend of rock, Americana and new classic rock. Musicians contributing to the album include: Trevor Walker and Rob Geisler on bass; Aaron Price on keyboards and piano; Courtney Hodges on backing vocals; Paul Babelay on percussion; Alex Bradley on trumpet; Joseph Dowdy on saxophone; Kyle Snuffer on trombone; Kara Poorbaugh on viola; Franklin Keel on cello; and Andrew Reed on guitars.

“Sailed Away” is a pleasant mellow track that reminds me of some of the acoustic British bands in the mid ‘80s with the gentle sounds and swaying beat of the music. The song has a lovely quality that makes you fall in love with it. “Cure My Mind” is another great song that has beautiful guitar playing and the organ is fantastic in the song, giving it so much depth. The band is tight, has emotion and plays so well that you will just want to listen to the songs over and over again. The album has that mid ‘80s British vibe that I miss and they really took me for loop because I was not expecting that at all. “Life In The City,” “If All the World Were Right,” and “Open Road,” were a few more songs that really grabbed me. “Sailed Away (Reprise)” is a little different than the previous version, but still holds up as a fantastic song. It’s a little slower, more dramatic, and just fantastic. The album ends with “All the World is Right (Poem)” which is really a poem being recited with piano and strings accompanying , and it totally works as a great close to an album that just kept on giving the listener great songs.

The album doesn’t exceed expectations, it completely blew them away and made for an experience that you will want to bring back to your ears as soon as you can. This shows that you can have heartfelt, expressive songs and not bore the listener, you astound them.

-Rick Ecker

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Two New Ripple Releases and the Biggest SXSW Party of the Year!

Huge News!!  Come join us at the first ever Official Ripple Music SXSW Showcase!!  Features some of Ripple's best and biggest bands and an amazing guest appearance by Geof O'Keefe (Pentagram/Bedemon), exclusive merch, an exclusive CD, new album release shows and more surprises. Come one come all, tickets can be bought at the door without a SXSW Badge.
Two new releases coming at you this week!  First is the amazing new album by Hungary's finest, Ozone Mama.  The boys have already won two equivalents of the Grammy for best rock albums in their home country and are now poised to make noise throughout the World.  Combining stoner fuzz, hard rock intensity, and Southern Rock flair into one amazing amalgam of heavy rock.   Limited Edition vinyl limited to 100 pressed.  Black vinyl, CD's and Digital available too.  Goes on sale 1/19 (pre-orders open now) at 7am PST at  People will be talking about this one.
And Don't forget Witchcryer! A supergroup of sorts made up of members of Earthen Grave, Las Cruces and more, According to The Sludgelord, "The riffs are infectious, the grooves hit you right in the gut and their well written songs are accentuated by climatic dynamics and impassioned performances by all members of the band. Witchcryer have created something really quite special on “Cry Witch”, a debut surely worthy of addition to the doom metal cannon." You don't want to miss this one.  On sale same day as Ozone Mama!
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