Dan Reed Network - Slam

Brides of Destruction - Here Come the Brides

Midnight Oil - Red Sails in the Sunset

The Thieves - Where the Bright Lights Bloom

John Wesley - Shiver

54-40 - Sweeter Things- A Compilation (Fiftyfour forty)

Prong - Power of the Damager

The Answer - Rise

The Angels (Angel City): Face to Face

PopeAlopes - Slowest Eye

Mr. Plow - Cock Fights and Pony Racin'

Imogene – Imogene

The Bongos - Drums Along the Hudson

BrainToy - Tremors

Bad Brains - Quickness

Down - III – Over the Under

The Wild Magnolias - They Call Us Wild

Curve - Cuckoo

Eric Hamilton – Dear Pia

Jen Trynin - Gun Shy Trigger Happy