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SPIRITUAL BEGGARS - Debut first "Sunrise To Sundown" single; Tour announced

Swedish vintage style hard rock pioneers SPIRITUAL BEGGARS return with their 9th studio album entitled "Sunrise To Sundown", which will be released on March 18th, 2016 in Europe as well as March 25th, 2016 in North America via InsideOutMusic.
Therefore the band is now debuting the album's first single for the title-track "Sunrise To Sundown" launched on the website of UK's Classic Rock Magazine. 

Check out the song here:

SPIRITUAL BEGGARS guitarist Michael Amott checked in with the following comment about the song:
"I wrote 'Sunrise To Sundown' last year and brought into the jam room, where it very quickly went from a basic idea to a finished arrangement in something like five minutes! Some songs come fast and others take time to fully develop, you never know when inspiration hits you...and therein somewhere lies the beauty of creating music. The lyrics follow that train of thought too, talking about following your chosen path and turning your dreams into reality - two things I believe in very much."

Next to the static video stream via the Classic Rock website, the track "Sunrise To Sundown" is now also available as digital single via Spotify here:

The album's cover artwork was created by Costin Chioreanu / Twilight13Media (At The Gates, Grave, Arcturus, etc.) and here is the tracklisting:
SPIRITUAL BEGGARS - "Sunrise To Sundown"
1. Sunrise To Sundown
2. Diamond Under Pressure
3. What Doesn't Kill You
4. Hard Road
5. Still Hunter
6. No Man's Land
7. I Turn To Stone
8. Dark Light Child
9. Lonely Freedom
10. You've Been Fooled
11. Southern Star
Just like on their previous two album releases, "Return To Zero" (2010) and "Earth Blues" (2013), SPIRITUAL BEGGARS stellar line-up is consists of bandleader Michael Amott (Arch Enemy, ex Carcass) on guitars, teaming up with Apollo Papathanasio (ex Firewind) on vocals, Sharlee D'Angelo (Arch Enemy, Witchery) on bass, Per Wiberg (Candlemass, ex Opeth) on keyboards as well as Ludwig Witt (Grand Magus, Firebird) on drums.
After a busy couple of last years with Arch Enemy, Michael Amott and his bandmates have once again found the availability and inspiration to lay down 11 dynamic and uplifting new songs, which not only easily demonstrate how much on top of their game SPIRITUAL BEGGARS still are after over 20 years of activities, but also add a fresh and spontaneous vibe to their impressive catalogue.
Supporting the release of "Sunrise To Sundown", SPIRITUAL BEGGARS will also be hitting the road on the following club-dates as well as festivals (* latest updates!):
27.03.2016 - Schijndel, The Netherlands- Paaspop
28.03.2016 - Cologne, Germany - Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld
29.03.2016 - Aschaffenburg, Germany - Colos-Saal
31.03.2016 - Leipzig, Germany - Hellraiser
01.04.2016 - Hamburg, Germany - Logo
02.04.2016 - Essen, Germany - Turock
04.04.2016 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
06.04.2016 - Kortrijk, Belgium - De Kreun
07.04.2016- Rouen, France - Le 106
08.04.2016 - Brest, France- Plougarock Festival Warm Up
09.04.2016 - Nantes, France - Le Ferrailleur
10.04.2016 - Paris, France - Backstage By The Mill
12.04.2016 - Munich, Germany - Strom
14.04.2016 - Karlsruhe, Germany - Substage
15.04.2016 - Malmö, Sweden - KB *
16.04.2016 - Stockholm, Sweden - Göta Källare *
17.04.2016 - Göteborg, Sweden - Sticky Fingers *
28.04.2016 - Berlin, Germany - Desertfest
07.07.2016 - Ballenstedt, Germany- Rock Harz Open Air *
08.07.2016 - Oulu, Finland - Jalometalli Metal Music Festival


SUNN O))) Announces US Live Actions Including Big Ears Festival, Levitation, Moogfest, And More

[artwork by Chris Moyen]

SUNN O))) has just announced a series of US tour dates for the Spring months, including several massive festival performances.
Following the band's run through Australia, with shows in Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne in mid-March, SUNN O))) will tour though the Southern US in April. First, the band will perform at Big Ears Fest in Knoxville on April 2nd, appearing as one of the main acts alongside the likes of Yo La Tengo, Sun Ra Arkestra, Andrew Bird, Wolf Eyes, and more. The festival will be immediately followed by shows in Nashville, Athens, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Tampa through April 8th. Later that month, SUNN O))) will travel to Austin to take part in Levitation 2016, playing Saturday, April 30th with Brian Wilson, Animal Collective, The Black Angels, Boris, Sleep, The Thurston Moore Group, and countless more.
SUNN O))) will assemble again in May, with a set at Moogfest in Durham, North Carolina, performing alongside Odesza, Gary Numan, GZA, Laurie Anderson, Explosions In The Sky, and many other artists. Additional live performances are also being scheduled.
The SUNN O))) touring lineup for these shows will include founding members Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley, as well as longtime members Attila Csihar, Tos Nieuwenhuizen, and Steve Moore (Earth, Stebmo).
SUNN O))) Tour Dates:
3/12/2016 Adelaide Festival - Adelaide, AU w/ Magma [tickets]
3/15/2016 Manning Bar - Sydney, AU [tickets]
3/16/2016 Max Watts - Melbourne, AU [tickets]
4/02/2016 Big Ears Fest - Knoxville, TN[tickets]
4/03/2016 Exit/in - Nashville, TN [tickets]
4/05/2016 Georgia - Athens, GA [tickets]
4/06/2016 Terminal West - Atlanta, GA [tickets]
4/07/2016 Sun Ray Theatre - Jacksonville, FL [tickets]
4/08/2016 The Orpheum - Tampa, FL [tickets]
4/30/2016 Levitation - Austin, TX [tickets]
5/21/2016 Moogfest - Durham, NC [tickets]
In December, SUNN O))) closed a six-year gap in new studio albums, releasing the mighty Kannon. Consisting of three self-titled pieces of a triadic whole, the roots to SUNN O)))'s new album trace deeply into the sessions of their 2009-released Monoliths & Dimensions LP and recent collaborative recordings with Ulver (Terrestrials, 2014) and Scott Walker (Soused, 2015). Recorded and mixed with SUNN O)))'s close colleague and co-producer Randall Dunn at Studio Litho, Aleph and Avast!, the literal representation of Kannon is as an aspect of Buddha: commonly known as the Guanyin Bodhisattva (Chinese: 觀音菩薩) amongst a plurality of other forms. There is a rich lineage behind this idea tracing back through many Asian belief systems, with as many names and cultural personifications of the idea.
This Friday, February 5th, will also see the reissue of SUNN O)))'s 2008 live 2xLP, Dømkirke. Kannon, in its earliest incarnation, was spawned and inspired from live compositions of SUNN O))); elements of which were present at Dømkirke, Dømkirke itself was recorded at the Bergen Cathedral in Bergen, Norway during the Borealis Festival in 2007. The four-song double album was initially released in September 2008 and is available on vinyl only, with one track featuring on each side of the records.
Kannon, Dømkirke and other SUNN O))) titles and merch can be ordered through Southern Lord HERE and Southern Lord European store HERE.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Listen to KING MUD in its entirety

"Blues don’t come any deeper, any harder, any sleazier, or any better than this." - MAD MACKEREL
“Twist one up and enjoy stoner blues-rock supergroup King Mud’s latest Victory Motel Sessions.”  - THE BIG TAKEOVER
"Left Lane Cruiser and Black Diamond Heavies men team up for King Mud. Result = dirty blues" - MAXIMUM VOLUME

Listen to the album in its entirety via CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

KING MUD is out on CD/LP/DIGITAL  2/5/2016

BEASTWARS to release new album The Death Of All Things this April | Stream and share the new song 'Call To The Mountain'

Photo Credit: Damian McDonnell

“Seemingly growing and unstoppable, Beastwars don’t do anything small and it’s time they became worldwide. Simply enormous, their time is now.”
John Damon, Big Cheese

“If there is any justice in metal it shouldn’t be too long before Beastwars are dragging their distinctive sound – one which includes but is not limited to High on Fire’s molten sludge, Kyuss’s Sky Valley grooves and the rhythmic backbone of Unsane – to a sweat and sawdust venue near you.”
Dean Brown, Terorrizer


Obey The Riff... As far as aphorisms go few hit harder than Beastwars’ heavy metal mantra.

Returning in 2016 with what will undoubtedly become one of this year’s most revelatory releases, Beastwars are a band so heavy, and heavily admired by fans in the Southern Hemisphere, they practically weigh the world in place and stop it spinning wildly off its axis.

The Death Of All Things was produced by the band and James Goldsmith in their hometown of Wellington, New Zealand, mixed by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Big Business) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Windhand). and is the third and final full-length in a post-apocalyptic trilogy. An album that signals the arrival of one of metal’s best-kept secrets out from under; primed to take on the world full tilt.

In 2011, Beastwars released their self-titled debut to critical acclaim and in doing so transformed New Zealand's metal landscape. Reviewers celebrated the album’s, "slow- burning furnace of bass-trawling riffage," (The Sleeping Shaman) as well as its distinctive blend of lysergic and premonitory metal that compared the band to Kyuss, Neurosis and Godflesh, while hinting at influences as distinctive as The Jesus Lizard, Black Sabbath, and in Hyde’s ‘avant-grunt’, Celtic Frost. Music that at its very core channels a colossal mood filtered to a point where, "every wail, every riff, every bass thump and every cymbal crash serves to remind you that this is enigmatic and darkened metal, straight from the murky heart of the Antipodes.” (Sixnoises)

Two years on from their internationally acclaimed debut, Beastwars returned in 2013 with Blood Becomes Fire which landed at #2 in the nations music charts. The album delivered ten songs retaining all the strength and psychedelic fire of their first while presenting a powerful evolution in vision.

The Death Of All Things is released worldwide through Destroy Records on 22nd April 2016. On 11th March a pre-order for limited edition vinyl will be available from but in the meantime, you can stream and share their brand new song for ‘Call To The Mountain’ here – or via Soundcloud –


Clayton Anderson – Guitar
Nathan Hickey – Drums
Matt Hyde – Vocals
James Woods – Bass
Artwork by Nick Keller –
Beastwars on Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram
Beastwars Discography:

‘When I Am King’ (2010) digital single [Destroy Records]
Beastwars (2011 NZ, Australia and Europe; 2012 USA and Canada) [Destroy Records]
‘Tower Of Skulls’ (2012) ”7-inch [Destroy Records]
Blood Becomes Fire (2013) [Destroy Records]

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Stars That Move – No Riders

'No Riders' rides hot off the heels of Stars That Move's debut self-titled album released last year and recently on vinyl at Twin Earth Records available in various locations including here at The Heavy Ripples distro. For those who don't know about these guys (and gal) already, they are basically the new project with members of the classic doom band Starchild including Ric Bennett on guitar/bass, wife Elisa Maria with the vox, and Frank Sikes on drums. The new album takes what the S/T started and adds more retro classic rock touches to its doom roots with raw production mastery. 

‘The Devils Fountain’ sprays a spine tingling opening riff inspired by For Those About To Rock by AC/DC. That riff is one for the ages and what STM does with the entrance of their brand spanking new album is absolutely jaw dropping and it does not stop at the intro. The Devils Fountain slathers eerie melodies into your ears with doomy fuzzed out solos and demonic female vocals.

‘Witchtower’ continues on with a rumbling guitar lead assembling a feeling of horror and delight in unison. Crisply distorted and hook-laden to a T, the song circulates in your mind like tattered souls haunting a graveyard. Elisa's vocals hymn with occult intent while husband Ric rolls the stage with an outstanding display of riffs and solos. The driving tones on the album at song 2 are already proving to be a focal point.

‘Castles’ maintains yet another killer opening riff ringing in with a simplistic structural hook delivering an infectious wall of sound pleasing the ears like a barbican protects an enchanted castle’s wall. The rhythmic riffs are click bait to the ears demanding undivided attention while the lead guitar surrounds the atmosphere like a moat protects the Queen of the castle belting out her vocal dexterity.

No Riders continues on the doom and gloom on the next couple songs as ‘Lost Beyond The Stars’ and ‘Burning Village’ which pay homage to Iommi and company. Wicked riffage churns like frozen butter at the gates of hell while Pentagram worship floats amongst STM’s own quirky technique. 

'Oh Sharon' opens with a killer groove grasping your full awareness as Alisa's sexy moan adds a haunting touch. Ric follows up with his, now patented, bluesy solos interspersed with precision placement and just the right finesse. This one has a big time 70’s groove with a laid back and dire atmosphere. Warm melody backed by smooth rhythm and a virulent undercurrent of riffs.

'TV dinners' shows the band likes to have fun. A bit of a departure from the theme of the overall album, the song is a breath of fresh air with cheesy lyrics loaded with musical preservatives and fork ready instrumentation, all puns intended. Although the song is somewhat of a spoof, lyrically, the music is hard rocking. Like ZZ Top meets Pat Benatar singing about TV Fucking dinners! If anything it'll make you laugh while bobbing your head to a killer groove and spike your appetite. The solo alone is hot enough to nuke your Salisbury steak banquet plate to perfection. The song is protein for the soul and gut bomb of the album! Kick back your feet, crank up the volume while airing out your socks and push play on the album muting the TV while slurping that drippy sauce from the non-biodegradable container. It’s really begging that somebody do it. Be the first one!

Album closer 'People of the Sea' combines an insatiable groove with its modern doom meets retro blues. Overall No Riders is a welcome follow up to the recently released self-titled that helped put Twin Earth Records on the stoner/doom map! The album plays through rather quickly urging repeat listens and is best heard in complete form. The songs flow exceptionally well and play almost as if it was one long song, with several chorus lines.

Check it out on Twin Earth Bandcamp page and support by buying a CD. Who knows, it may become available on vinyl if enough interest is generated, buy them all. Be a man!

-The Huntsman

Friday, February 26, 2016

Moonstone Music Fest Wave 2 Just Announced!!

RidingEasy Records shares "RidingEasy Potcast #2" w/ guests Mondo Drag

Monthly series feat. seminal and rare heavy tracks influencing the label's sound

Hear & share RidingEasy Potcast - Vol. 2 HERE. 

Southern California label RidingEasy Records launches the second edition of the ongoing monthly podcast series featuring tracks by bands that have influenced and inspired the label's aesthetic. This month's episode features special guests RidingEasy's Mondo Drag, whose The Occultation of Light album comes out on February 26th. RidingEasy Potcast Vol 2: Drink The Kool-Aid is available to hear & share HERE. (Alternate Mixcloud link HERE.)

The labor-of-love project aims to introduce fans of the imprint's artists -- Monolord, Electric Citizen, Mondo Drag, Spelljammer, Sons of Huns, Holy Serpent, et al. -- to both seminal and rare recordings by lesser-known acts as well as poignant tracks by rock legends. 

01. In The Light of a Different Day - Noah
02. Buick Mackane - T-Rex
03. No Other - Gene Clark
04. Down Home -Bob Segar System
05. Whiskey Women - Mott The Hoople
06. I Don't Have the Time - James Gang
07. The Great Train Robbery - Mountain
08. Every Hungry Woman - Allman Brothers Band
09. Highway (Killing Me)- Foghat
10. Space Truckin' - Deep Purple
11. In the Beginning, Darkness - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
12. Buzzard - Armageddon
13. Baby Please Don't Go - AC/DC
14. I Ain't Superstitious - Jeff Beck
15. Transient Amplitude - Medusa
16. I Wanna Freakize Em - John Sinclair
17. Lucifer Rising - Bobby Beausoleil
18. Sweet Morning Light - Weed
19. The Scene - Cosmic Dealer
20. Beautiful Scarlet- Rare Bird
21. Diodo - Blue Phantom
22. Aw Give Me Air - Flower Travellin Band
23. Snakeskin Garter -Manfred Mann Chapter Three
24. King of Mars - Neil Merryweather
25. Red - King Crimson
26. Lord of Light - Hawkwind
27. Look At Yourself - Uriah Heep
28. Hobo - Lucifer's Friend
29. No More White Horses - T2

30. Into the Void - Soundgarden
31. The Clarity - Sleep
32. Queen of Bees - WitchCraft
33. Our Lives - MOPPTOPS
34. Buying Truth - Graveyard
35 .Supernaut - Slow Season
36. Bellydancer's Delight - Satan's Satyrs
37. Flesh Tour - Wand
38. Hit It and Quit It - Funkadelic
39. Dying Light - Mondodrag

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Panopticon/Waldgefluster – Split

There's a meme floating around social media that tells us, in effect, let people know how you feel about them. So when Racer sent this promo to me, I promptly let him know how much I love him, and that if we didn't live 800 miles apart I'd stand in his front yard and serenade him. Of course, he hasn't spoken to me since then, which leads me to think that maybe I pushed it a little too far. It is what it is.

The cause of all this sharing of feelings is the new split featuring Panopticon and Waldgefluster. I like splits that have well matched bands, and this one definitely works in that regard. These are two bands that deal in black metal, and more of the Cascadian, nature worshiping black metal at that.

Waldgefluster hail from Munich, Germany. They have two songs on the split. A new original titled “Der Traumschander” leads off their side. It's a longer track, clocking in at a bit over twelve minutes, and seems to flow through and touch on most of the things you would expect in a black metal song. There is raging music with blast beats, there are acoustic breakdowns, and some really nice melodic touches, which a lot of people miss about black metal. Their second track is actually a cover of a Panopticon song called “Norwegian Nights”. They manage to do a pretty faithful cover while putting their own spin on it, and it turns out very nicely.

Panopticon is in the fine tradition of the one man black metal band. Austin Lunn is the man behind the band, and his original track is just a beast. “Hakan's Song”also manages to cover a lot of territory stylistically, and goes from a full on black metal rager for about half of the almost thirteen minute running time, to an acoustic interlude that is some of the most beautiful music I've heard in a long time. The song finishes with full “band” continuing the melody and I have to say that this track just blew me away. The best individual song I have heard in years. This one song alone is worth the price of admission. And of course the favor is returned as the second song for Mr. Lunn is a Waldgefluster cover, “Trauerweide II”. Again, the track gets the Panopticon treatment with some interesting instrumentation, but it's true enough to the original that you know what it is.

Another killer release from the Bindrune Records collective, this one just has to be in your collection. Waldgefluster bring a top effort, and Panopticon have been straight killin' it over at least the last five releases in which they've been involved. This one of those can't miss albums and you need to hear it.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Taxi Driver Records together with Temple Of Deimos and Dandy Brown announce the release of a split record in Autumn 2016.

Steve “Dandy” Brown is very well known in Palm Desert, Joshua Tree (CA, USA) and in the worldwide music scene. American producer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, already bass player and composer of many of Hermano and John Garcia's releases, he also recorded two albums for Orquesta del Desierto together with Pete Stahl, Mario Lalli and Alfredo Hernandez.

Temple of Deimos are a pure “desert stoner rock” trio from Genova (Italy), whose sound is very much influenced by the Palm Desert music scene. They already released two albums and Taxi Driver Records supported them promoting their latest record “Work To Be Done” at the end of 2014.

Temple of Deimos have always been fascinated by Desert and its mysteries. After having recently shared the stage with their personal idol Nick Oliveri, this is what they say concerning the collaboration with Dandy Brown: “We're so honored! For us, this is the very first official contact with Joshua Tree and with one of the creators of the sonorities we love so much”. Fabio Speranza (guitar and voice) and Riccarco Eggenhöffner (bass) also take the chance to announce that a new drummer, Francesco Leo, has recently joined the band.

The album will be released in Fall 2016 by Taxi Driver Records. Temple Of Deimos will record two new songs for the split next Spring at Mattia Cominotto's Greenfog Studio (Genova, Italy), and Dandy Brown will provide two previously unreleased tracks from his solo project. Artwork will be curated by Solomacello.


Youtube Playlist: TaxiDriverChannel

Russian Circles to headline the fifth edition of DESERTFEST LONDON this spring in Camden!

It's finally here: your complete DESERTFEST LONDON 2016 line-up has arrived! Chicago's majestic instrumental progsters Russian Circles are set to headline the Saturday night with Pelican as lead support. Not only that, but we have the mighty forefathers of doom Trouble celebrating their 30th anniversary with a very special show for us, just before Electric Wizard bring down the Sunday night curtain in style! See you all in April..
Desertfest is all about our passion for heavy music, our love through deep-rooted friendships and above all, our collective appreciation of diversity, musical skill and the broadest range of powerful performances...
RUSSIAN CIRCLES are not from the desert, they’re not exponents of standard 5-minute, 4-4 rock songs and they expose their soundscapes exclusively for us to form our own interpretations without the mask of any form of lyrics. Shrouded in darkness, illuminated only by flashes of white light and the occasionally projected visual, they’re performers worthy of headlining any show in front of an audience who have the ability to think before they roar. With fellow instrumental crusher-destroyers PELICAN primed and ready as their main support, get ready to see, smell and FEEL the sheer weight of these swirls of Siberia.
Desertfest is also proudly joining in with Chicago doom legends TROUBLE's 30th anniversary celebrations. Original members Bruce Franklin and Rick Wartell will be touching the sky with their classic dual guitar leads and now-established front man Kyle Thomas (Alabama Thunderpussy, Floodgate, Exhorder) will be tempting the crowds with his prayers for the dead, it’s going to be a real mind bender!
The rest of final announcement for Desertfest London 2016 goes as follows:
April 29th to May 1st in Camden, London (UK)
3-day tickets available HERE // Day tickets coming soon
Get more infos on the Desertfest website 
Follow the festival on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beehoover – Primitive Powers

Ever wonder what it’d be like if you took Primus and put them in a blender with Tool?  Yeah, neither have I, but having thought of it, I have to admit the possibilities are compelling.  What would inspire thoughts of such an odd yet interesting combination you might ask?  In a simple answer: Beehoover, that’s what.

Upon first listen, my immediate thought was something along the lines of “wow, this is really different, kinda quirky and Primus-y, but a little darker and more sinister somehow.”  Indeed, the atonal, almost spoken vocal style and presence of the bass guitar as more than just background but actually in the forefront providing melody naturally evokes comparisons to the mighty Les Claypool, but without his technical virtuosity and the tongue-in-cheek humor Primus is so associated with.  Beehoover’s sound is decidedly heavier, grittier, and more brooding; punishing one moment, quieter and more melodic the next, with a proggy undertone conjuring a feel more akin to Tool.  Much of Primitive Powers has the bass mimicking guitar, with open odd-meter drumming featuring heavy cymbal work in the vein of Steward Copeland or Tim “Herb” Alexander, there’s not much danger of a standard 4/4 shuffle beat happening here.

Opener “Pissant Wings” and follow-up “Bombs & Bagpipes” showcase dynamic changes in volume and tempo, airy and sparse one moment, then bruising and heavy the next over spoken, almost chanted lyrics, then harmonized choruses, with the odd verse or line sounding as if it’s spoken from a megaphone.  “Millwheels of Being” begins with a mesmerizing bass melody that morphs into driving verses and choruses, then abruptly stops, going into a quiet mellow arpeggiated melody with emotive, almost soulful vocals, building up to a half-time feeling heavy section to close out the song.  (Full disclosure, I’d never realized both sections were part of the same song, I’d always thought the two halves were individual songs until I sat down to listen to it and write this review and noticed the song title hadn’t changed.)  “Tickling The Dragon” is a short bit of psychedelic droning thick with bass guitar feedback and vibrato, with no drums, serving as a sonic bridge to the next song.  “Embers” begins with the sounds of an ocean’s waves and the squawking of gulls over a surprisingly beautiful piano melody before the drums and bass kick up a full head of steam.  “Anti Zooo” is another mid-tempo number that begins with a bass melody, that quickens to a chugging fury.  “Light My Pyre” is a more melodic number with sparse drumming and mellower vocals that builds to a simmer then breaks into an up-tempo angry stomp.  Album closer “My Artillery” is an 8 minute brooding dirge that boils beneath the surface, boils over into a soup of heaviness, then simmers down again into a slow bubbling cauldron.  From start to finish, Primitive Powers is anything but predictable, this album keeps me guessing, which I think is what makes it that much more fun to listen to.

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