Tuesday, June 30, 2020


A message from BORIS:

“International borders are ‘closed’ now.

All kinds of anxieties, fear, sadness, anger, and hatred have arisen to drive the world apart.
Everyone is in a process of trial and error, doing what they can to live.
The critical state of the world has placed culture, art, and other means of expressing ourselves into a dilemma as well.
We decided to start managing our band ourselves again a few years ago, so we even more keenly aware of the current situation.

It was our actions up to this point and our methodology, various cultural influences, as well the connections and support we received from people around the world that led us to create this latest album.

Culture is lore that is not bound by blood, in other words ‘Non Blood Lore.’

We have put all of our influences and connections into this album so that they may be passed on circulated.
That is our current stance now as Boris, our role and mode of action.

The title of this album is NO.
People have a system whereby they unconsciously grow accustomed to things and adapt to them.
But, this same system is also cursed in the way it allows inconvenient or troubling things to be disregarded as if they were never there to begin with and goes by other names such as ‘resignation,’ ‘subordination,’ and ‘forgetfulness.’
We renounce this system.
‘Is this something I felt on my own? Is this idea something I came up with on my own? Is this something I chose to act upon myself?’
Everything begins with questioning and denying oneself.
That is the proper stance for people to adopt.

Music and culture possess incredible power.
The anger and discontent we had no outlet for in our youth shone through in our music, helping us to channel negative energy channeled towards creative ends and leading us to new means of expression and artistry.
We hope this latest album can be a mirror that gathers and reflects people’s negative energy at a different angle, one that is positive.
That is the power and potential of the dark, extreme, and brutal noise music that we have experienced up to this point.
Today’s society is littered with words that may or may not be true, making it easy to want to just not listen to what anyone has to say.
But, that’s all the more reason why we hope that you will at least open your ears to these songs sung in the language of another land.
These shouts that have no proper meaning as words will help release the raw, unshaped emotions within you.
This is ‘extreme healing music.’

International borders are ‘closed’ now.
When we’re able to travel again, it will be proof that the world has moved forward.
We pray for the day when we can share the same time and place again.


NO includes a cover of the song ‘Fundamental Error’ by Japanese hardcore punk legends GUDON, who were active during the 90’s in Hiroshima.
The same track also features guest guitars by Katsumi, the former of guitarist of similarly legendary Japanese hardcore punk bands OUTO and CITY INDIAN and now a member of SOLMANIA.
This album is also being released completely D.I.Y. and without the help of any label.

‘The answer we have been given doesn’t change anything, and this album is not an answer either.’”

Look for Boris NO to be released July 3rd on Bandcamp and pre-orders are available now.  More news + music coming soon.

Boris, NO track listing:
1. Genesis
2. Anti-Gone
3. Non Blood Lore
4. Temple of Hatred
5. -Zerkalo-
6. HxCxHxC -Parforation Line-
7. キキノウエ -Kiki no Ue-
8. Lust
9. Fundamental Error
11. Interlude

Boris is:
Takeshi: Vocals, Guitar & Bass
Wata: Vocals, Guitar & Echo
Atsuo: Vocals, Percussion & Electronics
Guest Guitar: Katsumi on Track 09
Recording: Fangsanalsatan at Sound Square 2020
Mix & Mastering: Koichi Hara (koichihara-mix.com)
“Fundamental Error" Originally Perfomed by GUDON
Logo Type: Kazumichi Maruoka
Design: Fangsanalsatan

Monday, June 29, 2020

On The Ripple Bookshelf: Featuring Ace Frehley, Megaforce - Jon Zazula, and Marky Ramone

Blame it on the Coronavirus, but I've definitely been reading more recently.  Books, magazine, cereal boxes, you name it.  My current passion has been to delve deep into rock music autobiographies, so in that spirit, let's take a quick blast through my current "finished" pile.  A broad mix of autobiographies here, and definitely a mix of quality in the read.   We'll run them down in the order I read them.  My honest opinions, warts and all.

Ace Frehley - No Regrets

Let's face it, I didn't really expect Tolstoy from this book. Ace never struck me as being too much of a thinker, but man, could he play guitar and his work with KISS inspired countless famous axe-men to originally pick up their guitars.  As a long-time KISS fan (I bought Destroyer brand new off the shelf the day it was released) I was really looking forward to this one.  No band has taken more liberties and been protective of their history than KISS.  The “Kiss-speak,”  of "KISS-tory" is almost entirely controlled by leaders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, and is so full of legends and myths that it bears little parallel in reality.  So,it’s always been hard to get at the real truth.

Don't look for it here.

I suspect there is a mighty powerful non-disclosure agreement the band has in place to protect their image, and particularly the images of Gene and Paul, because Ace does almost nothing to give us the much longed for "look behind the curtain."   In fact, once ACE is actually in the band, the book becomes mundane.  Rather, the more interesting stuff was the pre-KISS accounting of his life.  Ace leads us through his childhood, his early bands, his restlessness.  It's all charming and a lot of fun to read.  The bits about the early days of KISS including his famous first audition and the early workings of the band before they reached fame were enticing to read, albeit, too brief, and not nearly enough detail on the creative process, the personalities, limitations or conflicts within the band.   It was interesting to learn that on stage, every single move was choreographed to the precise second, which makes sense as they always had to make sure they were in the exact right spot when a pyrotechnic effect happened or else risk getting burned.  I'd never really thought about how, as Ace relates it, it totally killed any spontaneity, improvisation or fun, such that Ace felt like he was more or less a wind up doll.  This, along with dealing with Gene and Paul, led to Ace's feelings of boredom in the band and his turning to increases amounts of alcohol and drugs to alleviate the monotony.   That was interesting. 

But we learn nothing about the dirt and ugly underbelly of the band other than Gene, even at the formation of the band, was all about the money. No big revelation there.  Gene is portrayed as being completely humorless and so devoid of friends that when he was roasted on the Comedy Channel, they had to hire people to perform, because he had no friends to volunteer.   Paul comes across as just a political mouthpiece for the band who surprisingly plays very little roll in Ace's recounting of his life, and Peter is kinda here and kinda there in stories of alcohol and drugs, and not much else.  We certainly never see his bandmates as fully developed people.

And that's the problem   In truth, there aren't enough stories of alcohol and drugs, or the band mates who achieved amazing fame with Ace.  And even worse, the stories that are told are almost completely without insight or even regret or growth.  Basically, Ace drank because he drank.  He was bored so he drank. He totaled his Delorean because he drank. He lost his house because he drank.  No real insight there.  He glances over any feelings about his long-suffering wife, then mentions his daughter from out of nowhere when he gets her a bit part in the terrible KISS and the Phantom of the Park television movie, and comes across as if he's the father of the year for doing so; whereas she's never even mentioned before that.  He gives no remorse for destroying his family.   His career, his life.

I'm a big fan of Ace, so I'm not disillusioned by the man, just disappointed.   In the end, I didn't come out of this knowing the man any better than before, nor seeing his growth as a man from all the ups and downs of his life.  Add to that there really weren't any major revelations in the book, and it was just a so-so read.

Jon Zazula - Heavy Tales: The Metal.  The Music.  The Madness

I hate to say it, but if I was disappointed by the lack of insight in Ace's book, compared to Jon Zazula's look back at his life and the ascent and crash of Megaforce Records, Ace actually was Tolstoy.  I was really looking forward to this one.  I'd missed most of the thrash metal explosion back in the day because my schooling at the time was too intense to allow me much time to listen to music.  So, my knowledge of Megaforce Records and it's incredible roll in the explosion of speed and thrash metal came after the fact.  One day recently, I was power-washing our front steps and listening to an Eddie Truck podcast where he had Jon Zazula on as his guest, and it was fantastic.  I hadn't known Eddie's roll in Megaforce and his relationship with Jon before, so that was fascinating to learn, and gave me new respect for Trunk.  Hearing Zazula and Trunk talk about the old days, from the record store set up at the Flea Market that birthed Megaforce Records to the early signing of Metallica, I was inspired.  I literally pulled out my phone and ordered the book right then and there from Amazon.

I'm not disappointed I did, but the book left so much wanting.  The early tales of Jon talking about how me was a restless teenager were cool, and how he basically stumbled into the record store business were great.   The unexpected receipt of a demo tape from Metallica and how it inspired Jon to start his own label was also fun to read.   But . . . .

Perhaps it's because I am a record label owner and know first hand all the work, and trials and tribulations of starting and keeping a label going, I really wanted to see Jon dig deep into the nuts an bolts of what they did.  When Trunk comes on, I really want to learn what day to day was like.  It was the most exciting time in recent music history, but it certainly doesn't read like it. I wanted to know what Trunk did, how they functioned, how they looked for new bands, the fights, the arguments, the total stabs in the dark . . .  All the stuff that makes a look inside a label exciting.   Zazula touches onto bands like Anthrax (cool story) and Raven (sad story) but really just glances over bands like Overkill, Kings X, Merciful Fate and even Ace Frehley.  In the end, I got the idea that he loved metal, and stumbled luckily upon some good bands and every good decision he made he credits to God.  No major examination into his mind and all that was happening.  Just God.

We don't learn any true interesting stories about the bands, other than Metallica being driven and drunks from day one, Scott Ian being a record store rat constantly begging to get his band signed (cool story),  and we learn of Jon's hurt when Metallica ditched him (probably a smart career move on their part) and his disappointment at failing Raven.  But not much else.  Basically, the book reads as if the years were days and it all kinda happened then all kinda fell apart.

His wife Marsha is a part and parcel to the whole wild ride, but I have no idea what she really did.  She's mentioned a lot, but not discussed.  Jon references his mania and depression about as casually as I just wrote those words, but no real insight into this mental state or how Marsha dealt with it all.  This all could have been a fascinating exploration of the merger of his mental state and the business.  The collapse of Megaforce came from a series of really bad decisions, including not staying true to their roots, chasing to try and find the next big things, and it's never really clear why that happened. Jon seems like a nice guys, but I can't say after reading this that I really know him any better.

So, an interesting read.  An easy read.  A fast read, at only 193 pages.  Some great old pics, and a few nifty stories.   But I wouldn't say a meaty read, certainly not the meaty read I was hoping for.

Marky Ramone - Punk Rock Blitzkreig:  My Life as a Ramone

Now this is what an autobiography of a famous rock legend should read like!  Man, not only did I come out of this book learning more than I ever dreamed I'd know about the bands, the Ramones, the punk rock movement, addiction, dysfunction and fame, but I also felt like I got to know the man.

And I gotta say, I like the man.

Marky takes us through his entire life in enough detail to taste the pollution of a rundown New York street, to feel the energy in a raging Brazilian Ramones-mania stadium, to fear the unpredictable nature of Dee Dee's next misadventure, and to smell the week's old, unwashed skin of Joey, complete with debris and detritus in his hair.   Marky recounts his early life and love of the drums, we learn of the struggling years (stealing bread deliveries at delicatessens in the early am hours just so he and his roommate could eat), the rise of Dust, one of America's proto-metal pioneers, and his move to the newly developing punk scene.  His stories of Johnny Thunder and the squalor are worth the price of admission alone, as they're always told without judgement or condescension, just unfailing honesty.

Of course the meat of the book is his time with the Ramones, and his in depth dealings with Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee are fascinating as they are dysfunctional.  Man, the pathology riding in that famous Ramones van as they crisscrossed the country!   Marky does a terrific job of bearing his soul when it comes to his own addictions and recovery, his return to the band, and his torn feelings when the Ramones finally start to get the recognition they're due, like the Lifetime Achievement Award and their entry into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  His recounting of his friendship with Phil Specter, including the infamous recording sessions, his tales of Joeys' OCD, Johnny's sadistic relationship with his bandmates, and the trials and tribulations of their long-suffering road manager Monte are keenly insightful.

I'd always been a Ramones fan, and had the honor of interviewing Marky once, many years ago, on our Ripple Radio Show, so I came into this book expecting to be pleased, but man, it was so much better than that.  I found myself googling to buy the few Ramones albums I didn't have as I read about them, streaming Rock n Roll High School as Marky talked about adventures on the set, even searching for Marky records with his new band The Intruders.   As Marky walks us through the failing health and passings of his Ramone brothers, it's all relayed with compassion and a touch of regret for lost opportunities.

If you're a Ramones fan, this book is essential and will give you the behind-the-scenes glimpse you've wanted.  If you're a punk rock fan, this book will take you on a wild ride of one of the most influential bands ever in rock music.  And if you just want to read a cool book, about drugs and sex an rock n roll, you won't go wrong here.

Gabba gabba hey.


Sunday, June 28, 2020


This new single appears on the band’s 11-song LP Despair Anthems, out July 10th on Profound Lore.
"eerie post-punk supergroup" - Paste

Executioner’s Mask has arrived at the darkest of times with its most haunting offering yet— the 11-song collection titled Despair Anthems, due out July 10th on Profound Lore.  Today, the band has uncovered the album’s third and most personal single yet: “Hatred of Self.”  The swirling, shadowy single showcases the sonic depth found about Despair Anthems.  The song premieres alongside an animated music video, which you can check out below. 

Offering a modern take on the classic blueprints set by Pornography-era The Cure, The Sisters Of Mercy and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Executioner’s Mask is the darkwave brainchild of three unlikely suspects: Jay Gambit of noise metal unit Crowhurst on vocals, Ryan Wilson from Intestinal Disgorge on synth and drum programming, and LACE and Cop Warmth’s Craig Mickle also on guitar.  The trio added Samus Clintonov to their live lineup on drum duties in addition to Joshua Bosarge on bass and Jim Reed on second guitar. With Gambit’s deep, velvety vocals front and center, the driving rhythm section provides the perfect backdrop for the moody and melancholic guitars.

Executioner’s Mask’s released their demo ‘True Blue’ in 2018, which was cripplingly dark and solemn while weaving infectious hooks at every turn. Shortly after its release, Executioner’s Mask re-imagined and re-recorded those tracks, and completed 7 new songs that would round out their Profound Lore debut. Featuring production from Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile, Nothing) and Ryan Schwabe (Big Thief, Algernon Caldweller), Despair Anthems sounds both icy and cavernous, and remains raw, desperate and satisfying throughout. 

Despair Anthems is available for pre-order here ahead of its July 10 street date.

Despair Anthems, Track Listing:
1.  The Defilers
4.  1988
5.  In the Night
6.  True Blue
7.  Growing Distances
9.   Ratboy
10.  Freight of Fire
11.  Desperation Rising

All songs written by Executioner’s Mask except “Freight of Fire” which is by Scud Mountain Boys.

Executioner’s Mask is:
Vocals, Synth - Jay Gambit
Drum Programming, Synth - Ryan Wilson
Guitar - Craig Mickle
Guitar (recorded) - Mac Stephens
Bass, Synth (recorded) - Jason Duarte
Drums (live) - Samus Clintonov
Bass (live) - Joshua Bosarge
Guitar (live) - Jim Reed

Despair Anthems cover art:

Friday, June 26, 2020

Help Fight Covid-19 And Get Your Hands On This Huge Compilation!

The Gratitude compilation was an idea brought to life by Deadfall Artist/Band Management, Secret Sin Records and The Cage Studios to show support for and to raise money for NHS Together Charities during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Over 80 bands from the alternative music scene worldwide got involved and supplied tracks for the compilation. A renowned artist and friend, John D’Anter, volunteered to do the artwork which is a poignant portrayal of the Covid -19 situation, and the heavy burden fallen on the NHS in the United Kingdom.

Due to the overwhelming response from the bands in the scene, the compilation had to be split into two parts in order to accommodate the number of tracks used.

Gratitude part 1 & 2 is available to download via Bandcamp and has a minimum suggested donation of £7.99.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Night Premieres New Song "Here On My Own" From Forthcoming Album High Tides - Distant Skies

Night should be spelled 'R.O.C.K.’, The Swedish band that started out as a Judas Priest and Saxon worshiping band with their first release in 2012 has now transformed into a timeless and classic rock act with loads of proto-metal influences. Hailed for their wide influences and direct approach the band finds themselves taking new paths in a musical landscape that is well known for all fans of guitar-based music.

"Rock is a serious thing, but at the same time, it cant be taken to serious. Rocking is fun and fun it shall remain. For us, I think the future is looking bright and it's feeling groovy. Put on your boots and get ready for the next chapter of NIGHT! Imagine a twilight zone where disco didn't die and rock music was allowed inside studio 54!" - Sammy Ouirra

It´s easy to grow fond of Night. It´s easy to say that their influences today could be found in history with artists as Phil Lynott, Mark Knopfler, or Scorpions ’76, or Blue Öyster Cult around ’77. But it´s so much more. With their last album 'Raft of the World' (2017 The Sign Records) the band got hails from most part of the rock scene. The dark album moved the band several steps away from the NWOBHM background and towards a proto-metal atmosphere of the ’70s.

Night keeps moving and during the spring of 2020 the band released a two-track 7” called ’Feeling it Everywhere’. The directions of the new tracks take the band even more into the rhythm and style where the ’70s collided with the ’80s. Where Rock music meets up with Disco. It was a golden age for music, and the go-to period for many bands to find their influences. The recording was done as an in-studio live session to keep the feeling of live music.

Their new album ’High Tides - Distant Skies’ is released in September 2020. The band has once again used the help from producer Ola Ersfjord (Primordial, Dead Lord, Imperial State Electric) who the band started to work with on ’Raft of the World’. ’High Tides - Distant Skies’ is a classic rock album. The album holds a greater variety of influences, most of them from a time period when rock was so popular that it was played on arenas around the world. Night recorded their self-titled debut album, released in 2013, and their second album ’Soldiers of Time’ was released in 2015. In 2019 the band released ’Raft of the World’ in Brazil through Hellion Records.

Night has proven to be a live act to count on all around Europe. From touring with a variety of bands such as bigger names like Ghost to more established underground acts like Dead Lord and Angel witch. The band has been able to maintain a steady reputation and managed to spread their rock all over, from the Greek Gods of Athens, the Catalans of Barcelona to the Vikings of Norway.

Night is:
Oskar Andersson - Guitar / Vocals
Sammy Ouirra - Guitar / Vocals
Joseph Max - Bass
Linus Fritzson - Drums

Social links:

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Xroadie Files

The Shrieks – Ode To Joe
Luis Accorsi-Writer/Guitar/Lead Vocals, Darren Lipper- Bass/Vocals, Jeremy Sauber-Drums/Vocals- Duff Harris- Keyboards/Guitar, Jeff Lampert-Pedal Steel Guitar.

T Rex has a very catchy riff and sing along vocals with some strange influences. Lie To Me just get on your feet and dance. Whistleblower a punkish new wave influences tune. Notre Dame Is Burning sway and sing as the melodies envelop your senses. Ode To Joe crunchy riffs solid rhythms and searing leads. Give Love take a trip back to the psychedelic 60s. Mirror Mirror catchy riff and punkish vocals. The Climb slow bluesy countrified music. Let Me Go just let the emotions flow all thru you. Love Or Lust strange punkish music that just pulls you in. Collision funky punk rock madness. Super Cryptonite crunchy riffs solid rhythms and sing along vocals. Legs bluesy punk rock with strange influences.

Them Moose Run – Dancing Maze
Nikola Runjavec - Guitar,/Vocals , Vedran Marinko Komlen - Drums , Branimir Kuruc - Bass

Ray’s Dancing Maze bluesy 70s hard rock psychedelia. Jeff’s Transcending stand sway and just let the groove take you away. Annie’s Moles takes you off into your imagination. Jerry’s Bacon Flavored Vegan Potion has a very funky prog rock feel. Jude’s Got Another just close your eyes and drift away in your mind. Dolly’s Wedding Song a heavy psychedelic trip thru your dreams. Nigel’s Food Falling just drift along with the strange memories. Sonny’s Hidden Money heavy bluesy psychedelia. Yvonne’s Getting On a strange musical journey back in time thru the 70s. Chris’s Cake Crisis just let your imagination take off. Jack’s Secret Algorithm funky prog rock imaginations.

Drontheim - Down Below
-viNd - Guitars/Computers/Synth, Snorre Hovdal - Bass/Synth, Rune Folgerø – Vocals, Tom Christian Engelsøy- Vocals, Geir Knarbakk : Drums, Torstein Parelius -Guitars

Dark Passage slow plodding dark metal madness with spoken gothic style vocals. Deadlight just close your eyes and drift thru your darkest dreams. Down Below lost in despair and deep thoughts. House of Horus close your eyes and just take a musical journey thru your minds eye. Ship of Fools prog rock psychedelia. Draume gothic space rock mayhem. Tre Lovløse Dager one strange musical trip. Fathom lost in the deepest darkest places n your imagination.

Bloods – Seattle
MC, Dirk, Mike

Girls are just Fucking Cool pop 80s new wave music. I Hate It sway clap and sing along. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others bop pogo and just dance the night away. The New Guy fast catchy melodic punk pop new wave. U & Me clap sing dance and just enjoy. Waste of Time catchy rhythms melodic vocals and thumping bass pulls you in.

Omega Purge- As Hell Emerged
Maximilian Eckardt – Vocals, Kai Seidel – Guitars, Martin Schlegel – Guitars, Tobias Weigel – Bass. Sönke Tautorus - Drums

1984 a strange musical journey with some interesting influences. Call 13 shredding guitars thundering bass pounding drums and gruff vocals. Walk Astray dark grab you by the throat and just r punch you in the mouth metal. Tear it Down hit the pit slam sweat and just thrash about. As Hell Emerged crunchy chugging guitars thundering rhythms and dark growling vocals. The Void pulls you into deep despair.


Tuesday, June 23, 2020


In The Beginning, Available Today, Streaming Now
“In many ways, it is a new beginning and also a tribute to where it all began,” reflects CRO-MAGS founder Harley Flanagan on the band’s new album, In The Beginning, out today via Mission Two Entertainment and Arising Empire. This marks the CRO-MAGS first official release since the album Revenge (2000).

“I'm not afraid to break the so-called rules of hardcore, I never was,” admits Flanagan. “That's why our music stood out and always has. I am so proud of In The Beginning, it was a long time coming but I feel redeemed. It’s a culmination of everything I am as a person, my personal evolution. It is 100% CRO-MAGS.”

On the album’s artwork, Flanagan explains, “The front of the album is my old building I used to live in, called ‘C Squat’ where I wrote most of the music for 1986’s Age Of Quarrel album. The rear of the record shows me looking down at the site where the building once stood, essentially, it’s me looking at my past and where everything began.”

CRO-MAGS, rounded out with guitarist Gabby Abularach and drummer Garry Sullivan, hit the road last year supporting the reunited Misfits and compiled footage for their first music video in 27 years with “No One’s Victim.”

As the Coronavirus pandemic took hold of the world this year, the legendary NYC outfit took swift action and was one of the first artists to deliver an honest, raw, in-your-face concert set with “The Quarantine Show,” filmed live in NYC on March 15, 2020.

“From The Grave” - Featuring Phil Campbell

“A hybrid of ‘80s and ‘90s anthemic hardcore full of underlying anger” - BLABBERMOUTH
“Fast punk and thrashy breakdowns” - DECIBEL
“Hits like a ton of bricks” - PUNK NEWS
“This one’s gonna snap a few bones and blacken an eye” - NEW NOISE
“An absolutely ripping album” - BLUNT (AU)
“Fast-paced, raw, blazing and blistering” - CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND
“A two-stepping salute to four-chord classic hardcore” - METAL HAMMER
“The founding band of hardcore punk” - ROLLING STONE

Monday, June 22, 2020

Revenge of the Quick Ripple Bursts - Featuring Love Gang & Smokey Mirror and Whitford St. Holmes

Come with me as we blindly grab from the stacks and stacks of records sitting by my Ripple desk.   Storage space is at a premium, so each album has to warrant being kept.

Let's decide if each album is a keeper or tosser.

Love Gang & Smokey Mirror - Glory or Death Records

San Diego underground masters Glory or Death Records doesn't release a ton of material, but when they do it's time to stand up and take notice, because these guys know how to currate some killer bands.  I knew Love Gang from having witnessed them blowing minds at a SXSW off-site showcase, so no surprise, their side is insanely good.  The band never fails to bring some unique touches to their heavy psych, in this case kicking off with some tasty flute, but never falling into aping Jethro Tull.  Three songs here, each it's own psychedelic trip.  Nicely done.  So, I guess the surprise here was the 3-piece Smokey Mirror bust out some killer psychedelic Texas boogie that perfectly compliments the Love Gang side.  Serious guitar chops and smokey grooves let this one tear off into the netherworld.

Apparently this is the first installment in what will be the GLORY OR DEATH RECORDS  “Double Impact” Vinyl series of split albums.  Count me in for the ride.   Verdict -- Keeper

Whitford St. Holmes - S/T 

With this killer line-up, a lot was expected of this band when this album came out in 1981, but it definitely was a case of reality not living up to the hype.  Bradford Whitford, guitarist for Aerosmith and Derek St Holmes, singer/guitarist for Ted Nugent, certainly had the cred and the chops to form a band.  And when their respective day jobs both went into the crapper, that's exactly what they did.  Problem here is that neither one really had anything to say and neither was a song-writer for their main bands, and this album shows why.   A whole album of watered-down Sammy Hagar-lite MOR rock.  No balls anywhere to be found, no killer riffs, nothing nasty at all.  Just very respectfully performed corporate rock that beats melatonin for a good night's sleep.  I remembered being underwhelmed with this album when it first came out, but picked this up for a buck at a record store bargin bin just to see if my hearing of their jams had changed.  I mean, really, with the talent those two guys have, how bad could it be? 

Nope.  Snoozefest.   Verdict -- Tosser


Sunday, June 21, 2020


SUNN O))) proceeds go to ActBlue, with the donations split between 70+ community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers. // Bandcamp proceeds go to NAACP Legal Defense Fund.
At the end of May 2018—  in preparation for their session at Electrical Audio in Chicago with Steve Albini from which would emerge the Life Metal and Pyroclasts albums— SUNN O))) entered 606 Studios in Los Angeles for a preproduction session. 606 is the studio owned by The Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl and features the mythical Sound City Neve desk. T.O.S, Greg and Stephen spent four days arranging and rehearsing those tracks, and they were captured by engineer John Lousteau. These tracks would go on to become the critically acclaimed Life Metal and Pyroclasts albums, released in April and October 2019, respectively, on Southern Lord Recordings.

SUNN O))) comments: “SUNN O))) stands in solidarity with the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement and the revolutionary movement, the demonstrations and protests in the United States and around the world.  We stand in solidarity against the police state, police brutality, against systemic social, institutional racism and bigotry, and are vehemently antiracist and antifascist in our morals. We say fuck you to the horrendous Donald Trump administration and their responses, perhaps the worst government the USA has ever had.


We will be donating proceeds from sales of these rehearsal demos to ACTBLUE’s campaign which splits donations between 70+ community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers. You can read more about their work here: https://bit.ly/2BQwmK8

By purchasing these rehearsal demos you will be directly involved in a large donation to these 70+ causes, which SUNN O))) will make on all of our behalf.
The community of music is great, compassionate, aware and active in these times. The underground is strong and in solidarity!  Thank you so much for your interest and support.

SUNN O)))”

SUNN O))) lineup on the Life Metal 606 Production Demo recordings is:

SOMA : Guitar
LORD : Guitar
TOS : Moog

Music written & Produced by Stephen O'Malley & Greg Anderson
Arranged by SUNN O)))

Friday, June 19, 2020

PRIMITIVE MAN To Release Third Full-Length Immersion August 14th Via Relapse Records; "The Lifer" Now Streaming + Preorders Available

[Photo by Alvino Salcedo]

Stream / Share PRIMITIVE MAN's "The Lifer" HERE.

PRIMITIVE MAN returns after three years with the extreme, terrifying, and confrontational new album, Immersion, set for release August 14th via Relapse Records.

True to the band's ethos, every moment of Immersion is overwhelming; from the sonic pummeling of the album opener "The Lifer" to the brooding, unnerving guitars whirring throughout "Entity," Immersion builds and builds. The tension throughout the record is palpable. Hair raising tracks such as "Menacing" push and pull constantly, shifting from passages of harsh doom to an endless corridor of horrid screaming, blast beats, and a formidable low end.

Adding to the album's darkness, a pervasive lyrical anxiety erodes throughout the record. A stark look at a mirror, Immersion's themes tackle sobering views on existential crises, a general distrust among another, and the current state of the world. Frontman Ethan McCarthy elaborates, "Souring your view on your existence and everything you had worked towards... allowing yourself to become possessed by the darkest parts of your mind that you have carried around your entire life and not dealt with."

True to these dark times, PRIMITIVE MAN's Immersion is an introspective look into ruin and undoing. As McCarthy explains, Immersion dives into the point of no return. "Now you're a grown man and you're fucked."

In advance of the release of Immersion, PRIMITIVE MAN shares "The Lifer." McCarthy comments, "'The Lifer' is about being cursed with and unable to shed the desire to create. The lack of financial security that comes with that. It is also about the ever present on-the-road psychosis touring musicians get as well as the enemies you meet along the way."

Listen to PRIMITIVE MAN's "The Lifer" via YouTube HERE.


Immersion will be released on CD, LP, cassette, and digital formats via Relapse. Physical preorders are available HERE. For digital downloads and streaming services go HERE.
Immersion Track Listing:
1. The Lifer
2. Entity
3. Menacing
4. ∞
5. Foul
6. Consumption

Ethan Lee McCarthy - guitars, vocals
Jonathan Campos - bass
Joe Linden - drums

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Xroadie Files

Icon Of Evil – St
Rapidfire – Guitar, Kamil – Guitar, Folgin – Bass, Grzelo – Drums, Mokry – Vocals

Ojcze nasz / Your Father In Heaven just opens the mouth of hell as demons spew forth devouring all in a furious hate. Urojony bóg / The God Delusion fist pumping Gothic death metal madness.

Harvey Dalton Arnold – Stories To Live Up To
Harvey Dalton Arnold – Vocals/Guitar, Zev Katz – Bass, Charley Drayton – Drums, Rob Arthur- Piano/Rhodes/B3 Organ/Keyboards, Zak Alister on Rhythm Guitar

Stay Here With Me on your feet clap sing and just dance the night away. Early Bird c bluesy southern rock with lots of soul. What’s On Your Mind has a countrified bluesy groove that just envelops your very being. Poor Boy just close your eyes and let your imagination drift. When the Sun Goes Down a catchy tune that sticks in your head for days. Lone Outlaw excellent southern rock with some searing leads and tons of emotions. Gotta See Ya stand clap and sing as the music takes over you just enjoy. Put Me Back scorching blues guitar that seeps into your soul just kick back and relax. Catfish Blues catchy blues that pulls you in till the last note rings out.

Witches Hammer – Damnation Is My Salvation
Across Azeroth the darkness just shred you into small pieces with hate and fury. Solar Winds hit the pit and just mosh and slam till you are exhausted. Damnation Is My Salvation shredding hard heavy death metal madness. Within The Halls crushing riffs thundering rhythms and growling vocals. Frozen God ripping tears slamming thrashing at your very being. Witches Hammer hit the pit and just sweat and get all your aggression out. Deadly Mantis fast hard heavy and demonic. Nine Pillars scorching leads dark vocals pounding rhythm thundering bass.

Todd Rundgren’s Utopia – Benefit For Moody Klingman / Live From Peekskill And New York City
Todd Rundgren - Guitar/Vocals, Kasim Sulton - Bass/Vocals, Kevin Ellman - Drums/Percussion, Jesse Gress– Guitar, Mark "Moogy" Klingman – Keyboards, Ralph Schuckett – Keyboards, John Siegler – Bass, Prairie Prince - Drums/Percussion

DISC 1: CD Highline Ballroom – New York, NY – January 29, 2011
Moogy’s Boogie get on your feet and just boogie woogie. Never Never Land floating piano and vocals envelop you. Crying In The Sunshine soft melodies with a catchy beat have you on your feet singing and dancing. Lady Face close your eyes and just drift. Dust In The Wind one melodic emotional tune with some scorching leads.. Utopia Theme catchy riffs memorable rhythms that just stick in your head. Freak Parade just take a strange trip in your mind. Another Life prog rock magic.

DISC 2: CD Highline Ballroom – New York, NY – January 29, 2011
The Ikon keyboard heavy prog rock that just pulls u you in. Heavy Metal Kids a heavier tune just chant along and enjoy. The Wheel drifting along in your dreams. Set Me Free catchy sing along music. Do Ya an excellent version of the tune that ELO made famous.. Last Ride floating with the melodies that envelop your soul. Just One Victory memorable catchy tune. Sons Of 1984 will have the entire crowd on its feet dancing and singing. (You Got To Have) Friends just enjoy a magical musical journey.

DISC 3: CD Peekskill Performing Arts Center – Peekskill, NY – November 18, 2011
Utopia Theme one amazing keyboard laden prog rock extravaganza. Freak Parade drifting along in your imagination. Heavy Metal Kids crunchy riffs solid rhythms and interesting vocals. Another Life has a prog meets blues feel that just envelops you. Something’s Coming floating on the melodies thru your imagination. The Seven Rays just enjoy the musical journey thru your minds eye.

DISC 4: CD Peekskill Performing Arts Center – Peekskill, NY – November 18, 2011
Do Ya a riff that just sticks in your head for days and you sing this song. The Wheel melodies just drifting away a with some strange influences. The Ikon swirling keyboards steady beats thumping bass and imaginative music. Freedom Fighters one amazing prog rock musical magical trip. Just One Victory just drift away on emotions.

Greyhawk – Keepers Of The Flame
Taylor – Vocals, Darin Wall – Bass, Jesse Berlin – Guitar, Alika Madis – Guitar, Nate Butler – Drums

Gates Of Time majestic music just envelops your soul. Frozen Star shredding guitars scorching leads thundering bass pounding drums and soaring vocals. Drop The Hammer fist pumping head banging metal magic. Halls Of Insanity stand in unison and just get ready to rock. The Rising Sign let the emotions just flow thru you. R.X.R.O scorching leads just pierce your imagination. Don't Wait For The Wizard the music builds as the guitars crunch fist pump head bang and metal out. Black Peak a steady beat just pull you in as you chant along. Masters Of The Sky will have the entire crowd on their fee singing in unison as they just head bang. Ophidian Throne crunchy guitars pounding drums thundering bass and soaring vocals with searing leads. Keepers Of The Flame on your feet sing along as you fist pump together and feel as if you can take on the world together.


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Riff metal purveyors CURSE THE SON unleash "Suicide By Drummer" video; new album 'Excruciation' out now on Ripple Music!

New Haven's doom rock warriors CURSE THE SON unleash a second video taken from their dark and genre-defying fourth album 'Excruciation', available now on Ripple Music.

CURSE THE SON recently released a grunge-laden video for "Worry Garden" and don't intend to stop there. Frontman Ron Vanacore explains: “In this bizarro world we currently find ourselves in, a band’s life’s blood has been taken away. Who could ever have thought that live performances would be such an outlandish concept? Pre-Covid19, Curse the Son had already made the decision to unleash videos for every song on Excruciation! That decision appears even more relevant and necessary now. Fast forward a year and here we all are, isolated, lonely, nervous and frustrated. Fear not friends, music is alive and well.”

Enjoy Curse The Son's firepower with "Suicide By Drummer" video!

New album 'Excruciation' is a defining moment for a band who has dealt with multiple challenges since the release of 'Isolator', and responded in full with their most diverse, ambitious, and genre-shattering record to date. 'Excruciation' is shaded heavy and light. Beautiful and disfigured.  Depressingly sad but strangely uplifting at the same time. It is a record that defies genres, defies limitations and generalizations.  A true musical experience for one and all who love their music heavy.

CURSE THE SON 'Excruciation'
Out now on Ripple Music
What began as a studio project in 2008, CURSE THE SON has slowly and steadily risen to achievements never imagined.  Beginning with the release of the “Globus Hystericus” EP in August 2008, founding member Ron Vanacore (Guitars & Vocals) felt “a calling”.  There was a need for sonic expression and a passion to create music to share with the world.  Using “Globus Hystericus” as a recruitment tool, Vanacore was soon able to find like-minded musicians who would assist in making the live experience a reality.   

What followed was the 2011 debut LP “Klonopain”, which set the stage for what the band was and what it was to become.  Riff rock in the truest sense.  Screaming guitars, thick, teeth rattling bass, bombastic drums and that voice expressing years of pain, torture and sadness.   Released in January of 2013, “Psychache” was a humongous step forward for CURSE THE SON and the press took notice.  Soon after the online release of “Psychache”, STB Records signed the band. In 2015, they recruited Brendan Keefe (Bass) to join the fold.  What followed was their fourth release  “Isolator”.  Released in March of 2017 on Ripple Music, this was the bands most cohesive, well written and greatest performance yet. 

CURSE THE SON toured regionally in support of the "Isolator" record throughout 2017 and continued to garner growing attention and fans along the way.  Unfortunately long time drummer Michael Petrucci was no longer able to continue with the band and a replacement was needed.  Robert Ives (Drums) joined the group in April of 2018 and Curse the Son hit the road again performing at many high profile festivals such as The Maryland Doom Fest,  Descendants of Crom and the New England Stoner/Doom festival amongst others.  Writing began in Summer of 2018, but was put on hold after bassist Brendan Keefe suffered extensive injuries in a devastating motorcycle accident in November of 2018.  

Marking their great return, their 2020 full-length 'Excruciation' was recorded at Dirt Floor studios in August 2019, produced by Eric Lichter, and saw release on June 12th through independent US powerhouse Ripple Music.

Ron Vanacore – Guitars & Vocals
Brendan Keefe – Bass & Vocals
Robert Ives – Drums

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