Solaris - Un Paese Di Musichette Mentre Fuori C'è La Morte
Alberto Casadei- Guitar/Vocals, Paride Placuzzi- Guitar, Lorenzo Bartoli- Bass, Alan Casali- Drums

Podio eerie tones and textures that pull you into dark dreams. Ezikmndrek lost in the darkness of space and time Oro close your eyes and just have one strange journey. Voce drifting in your imagination. Maledetti just let the music envelop your senses. Marnero a psychedelic musical trip.

The New Bardots - Already Been Chewed (A Return To Bubblegum)
Barry Bardot – Vocals/Percussions, Bobby Bardot: Bass/Vocals, Tommy Bardot: Guitar/Vocals, Lenny Bardot: Drums, Ernie Bardot: Keyboards, Guests Musicians – BB Vocals- Joe Cerisano, Sax- Tommy Labella

Yummy Yummy Yummy catchy riffs sing along vocals with a steady beat a cover of the by the Ohio Express. Sweet As Honey just get up dance and sing the night away and enjoy. Simon Says catchy riffs solid rhythms and melodic vocals. A cover of the 1920 Fruitgum Company. Wake Up Smell The Coffee a great little ditty to start the day pout with. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin excellent cover of the Crazy Elephant tune dance sing and just rock out.. Chain Reaction harmonica steady beats and melodic voclas.

Snail – Nothing Left For You / Fearless (Single)
Marty Dodson – Drums/Percussion, Mark Johnson – Guitar/Vocals, Matt Lynch - Bass/Keyboards/ Vocals

Nothing Left For You rumbling bass pounding drums and 60s psychedelic vocals just take a strange trip. Fearless slow psychedelic music that will just envelop your senses.

HYEMS - Anatomie des Scheiterns
A.E.J. - Vocals, D.M. - Guitar /Vocals, D.W. - Guitar /Vocals, F.B. - Bass/Vocals, C.A. - Drums

Triumph des Scheiterns marching drums yelling vocals then a riffs and rhythm that just annihilates your very being. Siechtum – Briefe vom Ende dark g dreary music that pulls you into madness. Vom Bankrott einer Seele the pits of hellopen and demons spew forth. In diesem Graben cruching riffs thundering rhythms and demonic vocals shred you to small pieces.. Zerwürfnis im Tal Josaphat pulled into themayhem of evil and destruction. Morgendämmerung dark dreams take you into mad dimensions. In Ketten hang on for your life till the last note rings out.

Conflict – Decision Code
Anna ‘Hel’ Milyanenko – Vocals, Aleksey Kurpyakov – Bass, Rodion Skityayev – Guitar, Mikhail Conflictov - Drums

2048 industrial keyboards pounding rhythms with crunchy riffs and rough/clean vocals death metal madness Autonomous slams you against the wall pummeling your senses. Art Of Resistance will just pull you into your dark imagination. D-Evolution crushing riffs thundering rhythms fast hard and heavy. Megapolis drifting alone in your nightmares. Decision Code hit the pit and just mosh till your drop. To Serve And Protect lost in the darkness of space and time with relentless fears. Room 101 dark madness ensues. Speechless majestic music that envelops you as it pulls you in with powerful emotions. The Architect eerie tones that just envelop your soul with some great musicianship. Deadlock takes you imagination into a dark dimension. New Industrial Order melancholy darkness envelops you.