The Xroadie Files

Constance Tomb – St
Tony Reed – All Instruments/Vocals

Spiritual Stairway catchy riffs interesting vocals and steady beats take a trip back in musical time. Amokt just drift away in the darkness of your mind. The Doomsday Subliminalist a very interesting Gothic musical journey. Crawl slow steady melancholic music and vocals. Neurosleep stand clap sway and sing with a catchy riff and groove. The Last Picture Show a trip thru time space and your imagination. Orthodox Seduction close your eyes and drift away into madness. Big Brother Doom on your feet sway slither and move to the music. Poison Performances take a trip back to MTV and the late 80s for a fum memory. Blood Red Eternity low bass crunchy guitars and Gothic new wave vocals with some screaming leads a strange mixture but it works.

Nick D’Virgilio- Invisible
Nick D’Virgilio – Drums/ Vocals/ Guitar/Loops/Bass, Guests Musicians - Guitars- Paul Gilbert, Rick Nielsen, Carl Verheyen, Bass- Tony Levin, Jonas Reingold, Keyboards- Jordan Rudess, Jem Godfrey, Full String and Brass Sections

Prelude classical music that just envelops your soul. Invisible strumming guitars with melodic vocals and orchestration that pulls you into your dreams. Turn Your Life Around has a very funky w feel that will pull you in with some space rock sounds and a catchy riff great musicianship. I’m Gone on your feet dance swing and just let he music envelop you. Money (That What I Want) an emotional jazzy tune. Waiting For No One kick back and just flow with the melodies. Snake Oil Salesman powerful emotional music and vocals just take you over. Where’s The Passion close your eyes and drift away. Mercy prog rock at its finest with some amazing musicianship and strong vocals. Overcome drifting in your dreams and memories. In My Bones crunchy guitars searing leads thundering drums soaring keyboards just hang on for the trip. Wrong Place Wrong Time catchy guitars riff pounding drums space rock keyboards one excellent musical journey. Not My Time To Say Goodbye one melodic tune that pulls at your heart with crunchy riffs and soaring vocals. I Know The Way just enjoy the journey in your dreams.

Hawkestrel- PRE-MED
Danny Faulkner- Vocals/ Multi-Instrumentalist, Alan Davey – Bass, Lewis Turner - Guitar, Steve Leigh – Keyboards, Martin Faulkner - Lyrics. Keith Hill-Drums, James Hodkinson- Keyboards/Bass, Danny Thompson – Drums, Eamon O’Neil – Guitar, Phil Oates – Guitar, Andy Teszner- Keyboard and David Saunders -Bass ,

DISC 1: Medication Time - Detox Train get ready for one amazing space rock musical journey. Up All Night crunchy guitars thundering bass pounding drums on your feet and fist pump and sing. No Smoking take a trip thru your imagination. Invisible Spies psychedelic tones just envelop your senses. Man Eggs From Mars drifting with some scorching leads and ethereal vocals and catchy riffs. Higher pulsating keyboards pounding drums crunchy guitars psychedelic vocals and scorching leads. Inner Doors a melodic journey thru your very being. What’s Your Name take a trip back to the space rock psychedelic 70s and enjoy. Once Upon A Line drifting alone in time and space. Medication Time heavy thundering bass and drums with chugging guitars with space rock keyboards and searing leads.

DISC 2: The Truth About Us - Cerebral Escape will stick in your head for days and you just sing and shout. Wallpaper Warriors fist pumping keyboard swirling melodic vocals bass rumbling drum pounding space rock. The Crowning Of The Acid King get on your feet sway groove close your eyes and just trip the night away. 5HTP drifting in space all alone with your thoughts. Death Of A Star psychedelic space rock at its finest with great musicianship. The Truth About Us let your mind open and just let your imagination flow. The Demented Man soft melodies and space rock sounds pull you into your dreams. Has The Whole World Gone Insane powerful music that just grabs a hold and wont let go of you and your imagination. Debouch floating in your mind tripping away.

DISC 3: Einstein’s Day Off - Bang Goes The Theory a hang on for your life heavy rock n roll tune. Cern pounding beats thundering bass crunchy guitars and great vocals with soaring keyboards. The God Particle drifting in your mind and space with time explosions. The Robonaut Project one amazing musical journey that just pulls you in. Fear Is Temporary fist pumping head banging tripping hard psychedelic rock. Einstein’s Day Off one amazing musical journey from a different time. Biosphere just close your eyes and dream. The Stargazer’s Apprentice has a very catchy riff melodic vocals and pounding rhythm that will stick with you for days just enjoy. Energise space rock keyboards powerful m majestic music that envelop your soul as you are pulled along. Fragile Ship tripping in a different dimension with some amazing musicianship and powerful vocals. The Event Horizon ends this magical musical journey on a high note drifting away.

Septure – Betrayed And Exiled
W. Hujanen – Bass, T. Hämäläinen – Drums, T. Takala – Guitar/Vocals, Guest Musicians - Mikael Haavisto Guitar

The Veil heavy fist pumping chant along metal music. A False Apparition crushing guitars screaming leads pounding drums thundering bass and metal vocals. Cavalry On The Verge of Time scorching leads that just pierce your soul heavy drum thumping bass fist pumping head banging metal magic with soaring vocals. Betrayed & Exiled join in unison chant along as you bang your head. In The Night classic heavy metal that has the entire crowd on its feet rocking out. Dune pounding drums thumping bass screaming guitars and soaring vocals. The Screams Never Came thundering rhythms chugging riffs soaring vocals and scorching guitars. Revealing Truth garb your air guitars and just shred with some amazing musicianship.

Mrs. Fun – Truth
Connie Grauer - Bass-Driven Keyboards, Kim Zick – Drumming.

19 just let the funky jazz music envelop your being. Process Is The Purpose Tula’s Turnaround has a rap jazz feel that just has you grooving away. Silent Mists /How Insensitive takes you a into a magical musical journey. Soulful Strutt just slithering along with the melodies. Zawinul close your eyes and just drift. I Don’t Want To Know Your Name just a melodic tune that envelop your senses. Light My Fire one jazzy version of the Doors classic. House Party grooving and dancing the night away. Orange Grove alone in your dreams. Space Port / Pinocchio takes you on a strange musical journey with some amazing musicianship. Let Me Live My Lie rapping grooving and just sliding along. Calm Before The Storm slow bluesy jazzy music.