Sunday, December 31, 2017

Heavy Psych Sounds Records & Booking is proud to unveil the previously unreleased bonus tracks of ***NEBULA***

We are really stoked to announce the previously unreleased bonus tracks of the upcoming NEBULA reissues:
Let It Burn, To The Center and Dos Ep's !!!


Let It Burn
Live at Roskilde Festival 30 June, 2000

Devil's Liquid (Demo Version)
Recorded by Eddie Glass 1997, on 8 Track Portastudio


So Low
(Live at Knaack, Berlin, Germany May 17, 1999)

To The Center
(Live at The Emty Botle, Chicago IL, June 9, 2000)


Anything From You
(Recorded October 20, 1999 by Jack Endino, Crocodile Seattle - Mixed Novemember 11, 2017 By Jack Endino)

Rollin' My Way To Freedom
(Recorded October 20, 1999 by Jack Endino, Crocodile Seattle - Mixed Novemember 11, 2017 By Jack Endino)


LET IT BURN - 26.01.2018
TO THE CENTER - 16.02.2018
DOS EP'S - 02.03.2018

All the albums will be available in:

CD (3 Panels Digipack)
LP (Black Single Vinyl-Gatefold Sleeve)
LTD LP (Coloured Splatter Single Vinyl-Gatefold Sleeve)
(Digital available the release date of each title)

Grab your copy here:

Guitarist Eddie Glass and drummer Ruben Romano formed Nebula in 1997 after breaking away from desert rock pioneers Fu Manchu, eventually recruiting bassist Mark Abshire. This power trio specializes in feedback-drenched heavy rock, incorporating liberal doses of Black Sabbath riffery, psychedelia, and space rock. The band released a number of EPs before moving onto full-length albums like 1999's To the Center and 2001's Charged. They've mainly distinguished themselves as a very hard-working live unit. Nebula creates pure guitar-driven, conscious expanding rock for the 21st century. They are a culmination of their rock forbearers such as Jimi Hendrix, MC5, The Stooges and Mudhoney turned up a notch, taken to the next level and blasting through space. Nebula spread their gospel through their music and what they are preaching will leave the congregation on the floor.
In 2017 the band decided to reissue three of their crucial early works via Heavy Psych Sounds Records: 1998’s Let it Burn, 1999’s To the Center and 2002’s Dos EPs, which includes the material originally released on 1999’s Sun Creature and the Nebula/Lowrider split. The reissues are being done to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band, and will be staggered as they come out in Jan., Feb. and March 2018.

Heavy Psych Sounds Records&Booking

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Sean Morales premieres first single from forthcoming solo debut on Super Secret Records

"A wild 8-song collection that's all over the map musically: power pop, proto-punk, garbled Krautrock, indie rock, Fat Possum blues, and more." -- Big Takeover

Austin songwriter  Sean Morales premieres the first single from his forthcoming solo debut today courtesy of The Spill Magazine and Big Takeover. Morales, who also plays in James Arthur's Manhunt, enlisted the help of several local scene luminaries to complete the project, a frenetic 8-song album that explores a variety of styles. Hear the lead single, a cover of '70s British musician/producer Chris Spedding's "Video Life" via The Spill, Big Takeover and Soundcloud.

Sean Morales is a family man from Austin by way Norfolk, VA. He began writing the songs for Call it In while living alone in Houston, then started shaping the songs with wife and drummer, Erica Barton (also of Super Secret artists Faceless Werewolves), after moving back to Austin. Sean then reached out to Jonathan Horne, a brilliant Jazz-bent guitarist known for his work with Young Mothers, Ichi Ni San Shi, and Knest and other heavy friends from the Austin rock'n'roll underground like Orville Neely from OBN IIIs, Bryan Schmitz from the Golden Boys, and James Arthur from the band Sean regularly plays bass in, the blistering psych damaged James Arthur's Manhunt, to bring whatever they had on them at the time; be it laughter, Clubtails, or scorching guitar. The recording was expertly helmed by Stuart Sikes who's recorded cornerstone works by The White Stripes, Cat Power, and Loretta Lynn.

Call It In is an occasion to celebrate the ease of life. It's an inviting debut that calls you over for a sundown evening of bourbon on the porch and unfolds into unexpected conversational turns. There is an alien familiarity in this record that resembles a solo night drive through blabber and smoke to arrive at a familiar room to find that Alex Chilton, Wreckless Eric, and the members of Amon Duul are already in the house, waiting for Junior Kimbrough to play. It's something that could have conceivably happened at some point, but it's still a dream.

Sean made his first record with more mission than vision, by that we mean that this record is a comfort to those of us who think about records almost as friends we like to catch up with. Call It In will tell you the lowdown and take you to some unexpected places.

Call It In will be available on LP, CD and download on January 12th, 2018 via Super Secret Records. Pre-orders are available HERE.

Artist: Sean Morales
Album: Call It In
Label: Super Secret Records
Release Date: January 12, 2018

01. Video Life
02. Call It In
03. Bring Me Home
04. Whispertime
05. Problems
06. Slummertime
07. We've Been Apart
08. Party 1

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Friday, December 29, 2017

Mastodon - Cold Dark Place EP

Greetings once again waveriders.  As this review is publishing shortly after Christmas I hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday season full of good tidings and cheer!  Thanks to a crowded schedule I needed something short and sweet to quickly write up in between family/social engagements.  Enter the latest release from Mastodon, the excellent Cold Dark Place EP.

I realize that I'm late to the party when it comes to discussing this EP.  Released in late September, I was aware of and listened to the Cold Dark Place EP when it initially hit the market but failed to actually purchase it until mid-December.  Why the delay?  I don't know.  What I do know for a fact is that in my time at The Ripple Effect I've become a rather large fan of the guitar work and vocals of Brent Hinds.  His work with Mastodon is exceptional to my ears, but the songs that make up Cold Dark Place better reflect the sounds I associate with his side projects Fiend Without A Face and West End Motel. 

Something else I know for a fact is that all four songs on this EP are phenomenal!  The heaviness associated with Mastodon is present, but it merely lurks menacingly in the background for the most part.  Taking center stage in place of said heaviness are beautiful, mysterious melody lines coupled with increasingly ornate guitar playing and magnificent, extended guitar solos.  Mr Hinds has outdone himself with the performances captured here.

Waveriders, this one is pretty easy.  If you're a fan of Mastodon you likely already know about the Cold Dark Place EP.  In the event you did not however, I'm happy to report you have another worthy release to add to your collection.  On the other hand maybe you're not a fan of Mastodon?  May I recommend that you put aside any preconceived notions about what these songs will sound like and take a chance?  You will likely be pleasantly surprised!


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Houston punk rock band THE COPS to release debut album, First Offense | Stream ‘Repeat Offender’ via Artificial Head Records

Following a recent confession given under duress, Artificial Head Records is hereby legally obliged to inform you that this February will see the official release of First Offense, the debut album from Houston-based protectors of punk rock and inhuman decency, The COPS.

Formed in the Fall of 2016 by members of bands from Houston’s thriving punk rock scene, straight off the night stick it’s worth observing that not only do The COPS dress like police officers when performing live, they actually sing about the system. As tracks like ‘Homicide’ channel the speed freak punk guitar play of The Briefs and Electric Frankenstein and ‘Life On The Beat' proving to be a mean municipal anthem in-waiting which sits perversely amidst a throng of Minor Threat, Hot Snakes and Pissed Jeans-loving reprobates.

Freeing their tongues from their collective cheeks to knock out some of the catchiest and most infectious jams you’re likely to hear from anyone/anywhere, having opened shows for the likes of JFA, NOBUNNY and Reagan Youth it seemed only logical that they would eventually team up with local legends Artificial Head Records. Having served the Houston music community loyally over the years the label has released albums from the likes of Funeral Horse, Jody Seabody & The Whirls and Cursus, not to mention some releases from further afield by bands such as Mountain God and Terminal Cheesecake.

“I'm glad that Artificial Head saw us for what we are,” explains front man and singer Tony Fulco. “I've been in bands and have recorded plenty of songs, put our own CDs and all that. But we’ve never done vinyl. The COPS is the best, hardest working, and funnest band I've ever been in. So, for them to come along and say ‘Hey, we gotta press some records!’ just makes it that much funner.”

First Offense by The COPS is released worldwide on 16th February 2018 on Artificial Head Records

Stream and share ‘Repeat Offender’ by The COPS here –

Tony Fulco – Vocals
Jeff Smith – Bass
Brandon Barger – Guitar
Halston Luna – Guitar
Casey Kemp – Drums
Cover art by Peter Lee –
1. Homicide
2. Life on the Beat
3. Street Hooker Love
4. Police Brutality
5. Night Stick
6. Paraphernalia
7. Repeat Offender
8. Downtown
9. Hot Pursuit
10. Protect and Serve
11. Riot Tonight

Artist: The COPS
Album: First Offense
Label: Artificial Head Records
Release Date: 16/02/2017
Format: Vinyl/Digital

Facebook (Artificial Head Records) –
Facebook (The COPS) –
Instagram (Artificial Head Records) –
Instagram (The COPS) –

Wishbone Ash's Twin Barrels Burning and Raw To The Bone Given First Official and Remastered Definitive Edition Re-release!

Each album is available on 2CD and Picture Disc LP with extensive bonus materials, just in time for Christmas!

These are the FIRST OFFICIAL re-releases of Twin Barrels Burning from 1982 and Raw to the Bone from 1985 in decades and DEFINITIVE EDITIONS with all new 2017 REMASTERS.

Both albums feature new liner notes by rock journalist Dave Ling, including new interviews with all the surviving members and archive quotes from the late Trevor Bolder.

Twin Barrels Burning - This smoking hot 21 TRACK 2CD set includes the American Remixes of the album on a second disc, which have NEVER BEEN ON CD BEFORE.

Raw To The Bone - This mammoth 23 TRACK 2CD set has bonus tracks including a HOLY GRAIL for Wishbone Ash fans – ALL FOUR UNRELEASED SONGS from the post-album 1986 SESSIONS. The bonus CD also includes The Friday Rock Show BBC Sessions, which are often described as better than the album versions, plus four live tracks from Hammersmith.

These re-issues are FULLY APPROVED by Steve Upton, Laurie Wisefield, Andy Powell, Merv Spence, and the estate of Trevor Bolder.

These 2CD sets and Picture Disc LPs are IN STOCK NOW with PledgeMusic orders being sent out in time for Christmas – ahead of being released by Cherry Red on 2nd February 2018.

The second disc of bonus tracks accompanying each CD will not be available with any other product or box set.

The editions are IN STOCK NOW and can be ordered from:

Twin Barrels Burning 2CD Track List

1. Engine Overheat
2. Can’t Fight Love
3. Genevieve
4. Me and My Guitar
5. Hold On
6. Streets of Shame
7. No More Lonely Nights
8. Angels Have Mercy
9. Wind Up
Bonus Tracks:
10. Cat and Dog Fight
11. Go for the Gold
12. Night Hawker

DISC TWO – The American Remixes
1. Engine Overheat
2. Can’t Fight Love
3. No More Lonely Nights
4. Wind Up
5. Streets Of Shame
6. My Guitar
7. Hold On
8. Genevieve
9. Angels Have Mercy

Raw To The Bone 2CD Track List

1. Cell of Fame
2. People in Motion
3. Don’t Cry
4. Love in Blue
5. Long live the Night
6. Rocket in my Pocket
7. It’s Only Love
8. Don’t You Mess
9. Dreams (Searching for an Answer)
10. Perfect Timing
Bonus Tracks:
11. She’s Still Alive
The 1986 Sessions
12. Apocalypso
13. Valley of Tears
14. Nkomo
15. Talk To Me

The Friday Rock Show
1. Long Live the Night
2. Cell of Fame
3. Love in Blue
4. People in Motion
Live at Hammersmith on BBC local radio
5. Living Proof
6. Cell of Fame
7. The King Will Come
8. Blowin’ Free

Available for order:
Twin Barrels Burning 2 CD
Raw To The Bone 2 CD
Twin Barrels Burning Picture Disc LP
Raw To The Bone Picture Disc LP
CD Bundle
Picture Disc Bundle
All Formats Bundle

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The Xroadie Files

Sar Isatum – Shurpu
Sar Isatum tribal beats and grinding guitars that then kicks into overdrive of evil intent.  Chenoo kicks you in the teeth from the very first note and drags you down the road to nothingness.  Black Gate starts slow melodic and melancholy then it’s like the pits of hell are opening up.  Gormandizer deep plodding bass that rumbles your very inside then something from the pit is arising to take you with it.  Celestial Diaspora has more of a gothic classical intro then the blast beats and deep growling vocals come in to eat you alive.  Vanaspati in your face demonic death metal from Hades.  Halls of Pestilence melancholy intro music then the depths of hell open up to drag you down.

Signo Rojo – Svarfodd
Jonas- Vocals/Bass, Elias – Guitar, Ola – Guitar, Pontus – Drums

They Sell Conflict punk meets death meets stoner in this song.  Dead Horse is more of a thrash melds with death style of song with some interesting guitar work.  Holyman is almost thrash with a unique style of riff that has a few twists.  Underminer is more like old Sabbath with the growling vocals of stoner rock.  Cock Will Burn has a mid-eastern feel to the guitar and some excellent drum bass work a great song to head bang to.  Under The Wheels Of The Juggernaut has the feeling of being stuck in the ground and a steamroller coming your way to run you over and you can’t move.  Lockjaw is closer to classic metal reminds me of Rage from Germany but with deeper vocals.  Fractal and Shapeless ends the album with spoken words which builds into a really strange song.

Staring Into Nothing – Power
Steve Rogers – Keyboards/Vocals, Savannah Rogers – Guitar/Vocals, Kurt Barabas – Bass/Guitar, Matt Chamberlain – Drums, David Levita – Guitar, Jamie Muhoberac- Keyboards, Pop Levi – BG Vocals, Andrea Meli – BG Vocals

Puritans is excellent prog rock that takes you back to the early days of the prog rock style lots of emotion and melody Pink Floyd meets Genesis.  School Daze has sort of a prog rock meets Beatles feel to just sit back and enjoy.  Obey excellent melodies with lots of great musicianship and an older Rush feel to it.  The Program continues the saga of the excellent concept album mixing Rush, Asia, Yes and Genesis.  Heads or Tails great keyboard work has sort of a saga meets Prog rush mellow sound.  Information Crime is a slow melodic lots of excellent vocals and musicianship that takes you on a trip to yesteryear then slowly builds to a great riff and story with some amazing lead guitar.  Towers is Tangerine Dream mixed with Pink Floyd and early Genesis a great nod to the old school prog rock 18 minutes of excellence.  Big Brother great piano work and heartfelt vocals that melds its way into a mid-tempo rock song.  Freedom is another excellent prog song that takes you on a trip to younger times with some excellent guitar work and an excellent rhythm.  The Gates Of Hell starts with chorus vocals and a great message over 6 minutes of prog rock excellence.

Starsoup - Castles of Sand
Artem Molodtsov – Bass, Mikhail- Sorokin – Drums, Alexey Markov – Guitar/Vocals

Catcher In The Lie keys bass and drums build to a great prog metal sound and riff excellent to bang your head to with lots of turns in the music.  Into The Woods has more of a new wave intro with some great drums and vocals that melds into a great sing along song.  Brothers Plea has an almost rockabilly feel to the intro that turns into a mid-eastern feel with some interesting vocals and a great metal riff.  Your World Is Dead has some great guitar and flute work reminds me of Jethro Tull lots of feeling and emotions.  Rumors of Better Love is a renaissance style guitar and vocals song.  Escapist is full on prog metal in the style of Dream Theater with some interesting vocals.  Winter in Shire takes you back to the time of times in the woods and living very quietly.  Castle sounds of a storm then some strange interesting sounds and spoken words with a rush style rhythm that takes you on a strange trip thru emotions. The World That Has Moved On classical piano and vocals that leads into Light Up The Stars another melodic excellent song to just sit back to and sing along with.  Moon On The Shore sounds of wind and a storm in the background with excellent piano that just drifts away.  Road to Sunset is a jazzy style of song has sort of a Billy Joel feel.

Lunar- Theogony
Alex Basson – Drums/Percussion, Ryan Erwin – Guitar/Vocals, Danny Stevenson – Keyboards

Thalia excellent acoustic guitar that melds into a great rhythm with many prog rock twists.  Clio excellent drums lead guitar and a great riff along with some excellent keyboards and heartfelt vocals make this prog metal song worthwhile.  Calliope a catchy riff some excellent musicianship and a great song to just kick back and drift along with.  Polyhymnia feedback sounds then a melodic guitar with some very deep growling vocals.  Euterpe classical guitar sounds envelope you then melodic vocals then a great prog metal riff and some scorching lead guitar an over 11 minute prog metal masterpiece.  Erato more classical guitar and vocals that slowly melds into a prog metal song.  Terpsichore sit back relax and just drift to the music with an excellent riff and searing leads.  Urania an off tempo beat and riff that slowly catches your attention that goes from heavy to mellow and back again several times.  Melpomene ends this prog metal festival of sounds starting out very melodic and slow then slowly builds till the end.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Sonic soundscapes of uncommon beauty and depth. 

Really, there are very few other words I could use to describe the atmospheric post-rock of STAHV.  A one man band, STAHV cut his teeth as a musician in the same California music scene that birthed Sleep, Neurosis, and Noothgrush. And you can get a feeling of that here.  While not like any of the bands mentioned, STAHV shares their patience, their gift of allowing a song to breath, to progress in an unhurried way without ever losing sight of the final destination.  STAHV is also much brighter than those bands mentioned.  While his aural atmospheres does trip upon everything from doom to shoegaze to psychedelia, overall the music never loses it's heart of inherent brightness.  Even during some of the heavier passages, (like midway through "The Test" the heavy riff that bubbles up from beneath the cinematic soundscape is one of power and muscle, not necessarily death and despair. 

Don't get me wrong, the album is plenty dark, but somehow, it seems as if STAHV can always see the light that lurks within the darkness.   Synths, gentle acoustic guitar, distorted riffs and other instrumentation (is that a sitar I hear during Djinn Rumi) fill the space with a musical density, but always allow enough space for that light to surface.

My personal favorite is the damp acoustic romp of  "Forest Dweller," which is so thick and lively you can almost feel the moisture of the dangling moss from the tree branches on your skin.  Don't know what species of mystical animal this Forest Dweller is, but he seems to be mischievous and even dangerous, while still being playful at heart.

Quite beautiful at times, darkly dysphoric at others, STAHV is a perfect soundtrack for the troubles of our time.  Angst, anger and betrayal seem to live amongst these musical brushstrokes, but hope lives on.   Well worth exploring.  --Racer

Monday, December 25, 2017

Ripple Field Trip: Dream Syndicate At The El Rey Theatre 12/15/2017

On the title track to Dream Syndicate's stellar new release "How Did I Find Myself Here", Steve Wynn's protagonist asks himself that very question in the song's sparse chorus, which he repeats a few times sandwiched between extraordinary lead guitar pyrotechnics from the band's new guitarist Jason Victor.  When Wynn sang the lyric from the El Rey Theatre's stage on Friday evening December 15, I am not sure how exactly, but where Wynn found himself was back in the welcoming arms of the city that gave birth to the band over thirty years ago.  One of the standard bearers of the LA sub-scene Paisley Underground in the early 1980s, the band's earlier music was considerably darker than their compatriots’ such as jangle pop Rain Parade and baroque Brit-rock of the Three O'Clock.  Wynn reformed the group recently, with original drummer Dennis Duck, and newbies Victor on guitar and Mark Walton on bass, and the new record is even better than its celebrated 1980s release The Days of Wine and Roses, with more melodic Doors and Velvet Underground elements softening their grungier Stooges-like brooding intensity. 

The Syndicate's SoCal homecoming would have been triumphant enough with just a healthy mix of songs from those two standout albums, but the audience was treated to more.  Joining the band on keyboards was Chris Cacavas of Paisley Underground veterans Green on Red, whom Wynn told the crowd he'd picked up along their travels in Germany to play with the troupe, and an especially delicious surprise was watching original bassist and vocalist Kendra Smith take center stage for two enchanting encores.  Looking like a postpunk Stevie Nicks, with arms flailing and blonde locks drooping playfully over her black-clad shoulders, her vocals having grown even huskier and more mesmerizing over the decades.  What a return to glory.  Is LA the best rock and roll city in the world or what?
-Rhythm Slayer

Sunday, December 24, 2017



It feels like Christmas eve already, but no... it's "just" another exciting announcement for DESERTFEST BERLIN 2018! Today we are more than thrilled to unveil our third headliner, the mighty HIGH ON FIRE, alongside a bunch of additionnal killer bands for next year’s edition: the much loved drug-guzzlers WEEDEATER, the highly-acclaimed psych-prog-pop-rock powerhouse CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL (who will release their much-anticipated second album next spring), and last but no least, the heavy-groovy rockers FREEDOM HAWK!

2018 will mark the Oakland outfit's 20 years anniversary! To celebrate, the band will peform a special anniversary set entitled "Twenty Sunless Years with High On Fire”. We are more than proud, that our DESERTFEST BERLIN will be part of their upcoming anniversary shows! They will undoubtedly mix up some old and new stuff, but they want to hear from the fans first! So let them know what you want to hear!

Hailing from North Carolina, Weedeater is going to take over all your green - be forwarned! With an excellent mix of Stoner, Sludge & Doom, the trio will make sure to transform the entire Arena Berlin into a heavy tuned psychedelic wonderland and we just can’t wait to see this live!

Church Of The Cosmic Skull define themselves as an "ever-growing spiritual organization, spreading the light of the Cosmic Rainbow across this planet and beyond"… Well, we cannot wait for them to bring these lights of the Cosmic Rainbow over the Arena Berlin and are very much looking forward to finally see their outstanding live performance on our stage in 2018!

The amazing Freedom Hawk are rounding up today's line-up announcement! This trio’s brand of heavy rock capitalizes on the best of the heavy ‘70s, with a hint of modern and massive fuzzy sound. Be prepared when they will bring their heavy riffs and rolling groove to DESERTFEST BERLIN 2018!

The Desertfest Berlin line up is getting thicker and ticker, and we are far from being done: A third of the line up is still to be announced! Desertfest Berlin 2018 will be outstanding so join us in the capital of the almighty Riff! Regular Weekend Tickets can be purchased HERE!

SCOTT KELLY Announces Early 2018 European Tour Dates With John Judkins

[photo by Danin Drahos]

SCOTT KELLY of NEUROSIS announces a European solo tour for early 2018, where he'll accompanied by John Judkins of Rwake.

The tour will be supported by the release of a 7" EP which captures the two artists performing at their show at White Water Tavern in Little Rock, Arkansas on March 3rd, 2017, during a US tour together. In selecting these two songs for the release, SCOTT KELLY offers, "we felt that they show the depth, emotion, and life that we are trying to bring to them."

This limited edition live 7" will be sold throughout the tour via My Proud Mountain, available in quantities of 200 on purple vinyl and 100 on black vinyl. A full overview of the dates can be found below.

See a new tour trailer by Chariot Of Black Moth HERE and the video of SCOTT KELLY performing NEUROSIS' "Stones From The Sky" acoustic on the edge of Crater Lake with Revolver Magazine's new No Distortion series HERE.

SCOTT KELLY European Tour 2018 w/ John Judkins:
1/11/2018 Stubnitz - Hamburg, DE w/ Peter Wolff
1/12/2018 UT Connewitz - Leipzig, DE w/ Peter Wolff
1/13/2018 TBA - Poznan, PL
1/14/2018 Chmury - Warsaw, PL
1/15/2018 Klarisky Church - Bratislava, SK
1/16/2018 Kapu - Linz, AT
1/17/2018 Circolo Magnolia - Milan, IT
1/18/2018 Traffic Club - Rome, IT
1/19/2018 Cueva - Caligari, IT
1/20/2018 Poudrière - Belfort, FR
1/21/2018 Black Sheep - Montpellier, FR
1/22/2018 Karspek - Lyon, FR
1/23/2018 Sunset Bar - Martigny, CH
1/24/2018 Knabenschule - Darmstadt, DE w/ Peter Wolff
1/25/2018 Parterre - Basel, CH
1/26/2018 Sabotage - Lisbon, PT
1/27/2018 Understage - Porto, PT
1/28/2018 Festsaal Kreuzberg - Berlin, DE @ CTM Festival
1/29/2018 Arena 3raum - Vienna, AT
1/30/20018 A38 - Budapest, HU
1/31/2018 Club Mochvara - Zagreb, HR
2/02/2018 Dachstock - Bern, CH
2/03/2018 Pauluskirche - Dortmund, DE w/ Peter Wolff
2/04/2018 Gebr de Nobel - Liden, NL

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Bandcamp Bonanza – Naughty Or Nice?

He’s making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice, Bucky’s Bandcamp Bonanza is coming to town…. He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows when you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake, Oh, you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not shout I’m telling you why, because clean vocals are better and you might not make it on the bonanza feature. SCREACH! Oh sorry there, I got lost in the moment. Check out these bad boys and leave a new Bandcamp Gift Card for Santa so he can stream some killer jams on his sleigh ride across the world. These are all both naughty and nice albums.

Monkey Fist – Infinite Monkey
Infinite Monkey takes flight by way of ferocious riffs, effortless and infectious chops with robust groove and serene melody. This debut full length is a high energy, testosterone driven marvel of rock and roll. Favorite track: Bloodfest.

AUX - Troubador
Hold everything boys and girls, there’s a new pink tank band in town. The cannons are firing louder than ever, rifling out tight patterns of progressive heavy, reinforced with jagged riffs and atmospheric melodies. Absolutely sublime!

Catapult the Smoke – Born Again
Catapult the Smoke have birthed a first class assault of massive riffs, crushing, yet melodic, vocals and progressive layers of intense groove on ‘Born Again’. This is how it’s done folks. Ripple Rock of the highest caliber.

Dead Harvest – Wasted Love EP
Wasted Love wastes no time in demonstrating its ability to shred the airwaves with a wasted assault of psychedelic riffafe. The pop-fueled vocals pair with an insane mastery of guitar jammanship to give this EP a deadly combo of holy shit inducing spine tingles.Favorite track: Wasted Love.

Stone Disciple – Hollow Mountain EP
The dueling fuzz cannons bellow a viscous layer of riffs pummeling us with blackened doom force and thick stoner rhythm. Favorite track: Sickle Moon.

The W Likes – The W Likes
Like the infamous Mr. Rodger (Steve) says, this is glistening with swaggering fuzz. Got the Orange Vinyl, which compliments the album cover art, that compliments the barbaric riffs, desert crusted vocals and blistering groove. I W Like this very much.Favorite track: In A Mind.

Warlung – Sleepwalker
I haven’t added this one to my collection yet, don’t ask me why. Probably just being the cheapskate that I am. But I am strongly recommending this Houston Texas band Warlung. This stuff is hard hitting, super psychedelic with a mild occult vibe going on. Everything is bigger in Texas and the riffs here are BIG.
“Founded in 2016, former members of Houston's The Dead Revolt and Rivers joined forces to push the limits of song writing and creativity. Inspired by the sounds of old, WARLUNG has taken what the 70's era of rock and psychedelia gave us and turned it into a hi-powered, white knuckled ride, down the rock n' roll highway. The debut album is entitled, "Sleepwalker"

Mother Mars – On Lunar Highlands

Strap your belts and fasten your helmet tight, come December 6th, the sound barrier will break with a blustery explosion of rustic Sabbathian doom. On Lunar Highlands is an epic musical journey clod-hopping through dusty belts of asteroid rock by way of distorted delta blues.

Doomstress – Supernatural Kvlt Sounds The Second Rite
Doomstress straddle the listener wearing molten doom studded lingerie showing us her prowess with tantalizing riffage and asphyxiating groove. With bedsheets forged of heavy metal stitched with solos birthed by Viking gods, Supernatural Kvlt Sounds blindfold and dominate with unrelenting precision and commanding thrill. Completely blown away!

Octopussy – Dwarves and Giants
Octopussy is back with a rife stench of powerhouse riffage echoing with melodious keys, retro-tinged reverb, and a stellar spin of hard charging heavy blues. Dwarves and Giants has surpassed all expectations of greatness with this immaculate display of modern stonerfed arena rock. Imagine Clutch meets Audioslave loaded with a diverse array of psychedelic grandeur. And don't forget about that drumming.... Favorite track: Birdman.

There’s a few stocking stuffers for you! Ten to be precise. Merry F’ing Christmas Waveriders!!
If you’re lucky you won’t shoot your eye out listening to that super pack of tunes but watch out anyway as this shit is so rowdy Santa’ reindeer will surely be plowing over Grandma unless Grandma is listening too. And as I mentioned at the beginning I am making my list, don’t know if I’m checking it twice, and it’s not going to be easy that’s for damn sure. Expect a Best of Bonanza list at the end of the year.

-The Huntsman

Friday, December 22, 2017

Amerigo Gazaway - A Common Wonder

Mashups are tricky things waveriders.  In my opinion musical mashups are even trickier.  We've all surely heard two different songs hammered together in an ear pleasing manner.  The tricky part lies in finding musical combinations that are not only fun to listen to, but also genuinely fulfilling.  Creating these magical aural collages?  That is where Amerigo Gazaway comes in and excels!

Amerigo Gazaway is an artist I've followed ever since I first heard his album Bizarre Tribe: A Quest To The Pharcyde.  His superb craftsmanship allowed me to hear music I was already enjoyed in a whole new light.  Time passed and Mr. Gazaway kept releasing stellar work.  In fact I thought so highly of his project entitled Yasiin Gaye: The Return I wrote an exceedingly complimentary review for this very site.  Fast forward to present day and we see the release of this man's latest masterpiece, A Common Wonder.

What makes this album so special you ask?  I'm going to circle back to a point I made earlier.  The fourteen songs (fifteen if you count the bonus track) that make up A Common Wonder are not only fun to listen to, but they are fulfilling as well.  What that means to me is rather simple.  Although I'm a fan of both Stevie Wonder and Common when I hear A Common Wonder it doesn't make me want to go back and listen to the original compositions.  I want to hear these tracks again!

It is uncanny how easily Amerigo Gazaway enables his listeners to temporarily live in a world where these seamless mashups actually occurred.  There is absolutely nothing out of place.  Nothing ruins the illusion.  Pick a track, any track.  "Sugar By The Pound", "Resurrection To Higher Ground", "The Sixth Superstition", "I Was Made To Love Her", "Living For The Chi-City", it does not matter.  Everything sounds as if it emerged naturally from one recording session.

Waveriders, if you have not experienced the wonderful work of Amerigo Gazaway now is the perfect time to jump onboard the bandwagon.  A Common Wonder is nothing short of phenomenal!  Listen, enjoy, download for free, support.


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Introducing OZONE MAMA: Hungarian Hard Rockers to Release New Album on Ripple Music | Stream and share new single ‘Doppelganger’

Ozone Mama on Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Featuring vocalist Márton Székely, guitarist András Gábor, bass player Gergely Dobos and drummer Máté Gulyás, Ozone Mama’s soulful and riff-heavy music gives a fresh facelift to the rock and roll of the 60s and 70s. What’s more, this January, the Hungarian quartet will release their brand-new studio album Cosmos Calling on one of the finest heavy psych, stoner and doom labels on the planet. Ripple Music.

Acclaimed for their electrifying live performances, cranking out a bristling brand of high-octane rock, Ozone Mama hail from Budapest with a vintage sound swaddled in a modern vibe. “Ear-catching show of strength, rippling with musical talent and tunes that might just induce hip-shaking and hair-tossing.”
Maria Haskins, Rock and Roll (CA)

Their debut album The Starship Has Landed won a Fonogram Prize at the Hungarian Music Awards in 2012 and their follow up, Freedom EP (2013), received major airplay across European, American and Canadian radio stations, as well as press plaudits from esteemed publications like Classic Rock Magazine (UK).

Their last album, Sonic Glory (2016) saw the band receive their second Fonogram Prize in the category of ‘Hard Rock/Metal Album of the Year’ and capped off what had been an extremely busy time for the band, sharing stages across Europe with International headliners such as Monster Magnet (USA), Airbourne (AU), The Darkness (UK) and Kamchatka (SWE).

Now joining forces with the industry leading heavy rock label Ripple Music and following the success of their lead-off single ‘High Ride’ – which is still available here – Cosmos Calling officially hits the streets on 19th January of 2018.

Ozone Mama:

Marton Szekely – Vocals
Andras Gabor – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Gergely Dobos – Bass
Mate Gulyas – Drums
1. Evil Ways
2. Straight On Till Morning Light
3. Doppelganger
4. High Ride
5. Feel So Alive
6. Shout At The Sky
7. Cosmos Calling
8. Freedom Fighters
9. Cold Light Of Day
10. The Alchemist
11. Moon Pilot

Artist: Ozone Mama
Album: Cosmos Calling
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: 19/01/2018
Format: LP/CD/Digital


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Iron Monkey – 9-13
J- Vocals/Guitar, B- Drums, S- Bass, JPM – Rest in Noise

Crown of Electrodes punk and thrash mixed and in your face with rough vocals and a sawblade riff. Omegamangler driving down the road fleeing from a wild man with your heart pumping out of your chest.  9-13 feedback and a grinding heavy riff that drags you by the hair though some very violent times.  Toadcrucifer R.I.PPER bass overdriven along with overdriven guitar that sears thru your ears piercing them then a punk meets thrash riff that just speeds away with you on it.  Destroyer grabs you and slams you to the ground over and over again.  Mortarhex blasts away full force and never lets up in its relentless aggression.  The Rope is slow plodding and full of evil intent.  Doomsday Impulse Multiplier has a driving drum beat and grinding rhythm that just plows you over and keeps dragging you along with it.  Moreland St. Hammervortex overdriven sound and screams from hell goes back and forth from slow and evil to fast and demented.

Prostitution – Egyptian Blue 
Jesse Adelson – Bass/Vocals, Russ Cowen- Guitar/Vocals, Jason Spence – Drums

Hypergiant fast heavy and evil demented riffs and vocals that just sear into your very being.  The Boat blast beats fast guitars and bass rumbling down the road hitting everything in sight.  Elevated Droves continues the onslaught of violent aggression.

Retortion Terror/Split
Takafumi Matsubara – Guitar

Arcane Dogs yelling screaming and blast beats with riffs from hell that just sear into your brain. Scorched grinding riffs from hades and below.  Trench continues the onslaught of sounds from below.  The Line grinding riffs blast beats and sounds to melt your ears off.  River Of Ignorance the onslaught of a thousand lives going to hell.


Matthias Joyce – Vocals, Kevin Alter – Guitar, Ray Nevison – Guitar, Todd Farnham – Bass,
Colin Lewis - Drums

Cultural Indifference fast riffing thrash riffs and death metal vocals grinding into the ground and coming up from underneath you.  Purpose Defeater grabbing your hair and forcing you to head bang at a break neck pace.  O’d On Technology fast heavy in your face down your throat death metal. From The 16th Floor has a Slayer meets Death style of feel that just rips you apart.  Where Evolution Ends slow grinding rumbling death metal that tries to steal your very soul.

Elijah Kamminga – Sun Ali
Elijah – All Instruments

Pass On acoustic guitar and country style vocals.  Skating On Thin Ice a jazzy folk feeling song has kind of a Dylan feel.  Spare Change melodic music to sit back and drink your coffee to.  The Light an almost 15 minute trip the the annuals of jazz folk acoustic history.  Suns Ali more melodic folk rock to just while away the time.  Pages sit on the porch and just close your eyes and enjoy the melodic tunes.  Angels drifts away on melodies of sights and sounds to just trip to.

Denizen – Songs From The Kraken: The Georges Sessions
Fabien Aletto – Vocals, Andreas Goumy – Drums, Colin Trognee – Bass, Georges Pillard – Guitar

The Fall has a bluesy riff that just makes you want to get up and move and groove to with some excellent guitar work.  Holding The Sea starts with some melodic guitar and then an excellent bass and drums riff that just makes you want to flow with the music has sort of a Doors/Pearl Jam feel. Tambourine Blues slow steady bluesy with a mix of original Sabbath great music.   

Clouds Taste Satanic- The Glitter Of Infinite Hell
Steve Scavuzzo, Sean Bay, Greg Acampora, Brian Bauhs

Greed is an almost 19-minute instrumental of slow plodding deep dark metal riffs and excellent bass/drums taking you on a trip thru deep dark secrets just lay back and enjoy.  Treachery, Violence and Wrath continue the musical onslaught thru deep dark caverns of hell.

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