Ripple Music to Invade Europe for the Festival Season; Trucker Diablo, Grifter, and Stone Axe set to Lay Waste to a Town Near You

Mario Lanza - Mario Lanza Icons Boxset

Protometal Report - Illinois Speed Press - S/T

Shovel's Latest Finds - Treasures from the Underground, featuring Toad, Kaleidoscope, Six Dead Horses, Arbogast, and Enos

A Sunday Conversation with John Kirby

Virgin Steele - Age of Consent

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Cryptopsy - None So Vile

Sigiriya - Return to Earth

2 albums from Alone Records; featuring Damo Suzuki with Cuzo, and Orthodox

Matt Ebert - Hard Work

Animals As Leaders – Weightless

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Yob - Live 1/23/12 - The Bourbon Theater, Lincoln, Nebraska

Astral Doors -Jerusalem