Tuesday, January 31, 2017

FATES WARNING - European tour begins!

U.S. Progressive Metal pioneers FATES WARNING return to Europe at long last next week to start their first European headlining tour in support of the much praised "Theories Of Flight" album. "T.o.F." was released in July of last year and ranked high in year-end polls across all media, including #1 in Greece's Metal Hammer.

Support for the shows will be provided by Armored Dawn from Brazil as well as opening acts Fallen Arise (24.01.-01.02) from Greece and A New Tomorrow (02.-10.02.) from the UK.

FATES WARNING - "Theories Of Flight" Tour 2017:
01.02.2017 Brno (Czech Republic) - Metro Music Bar
02.02.2017 Budapest (Hungary) - A38
03.02.2017 Bratislava (Slovakia) - Majestic Music Club
04.02.2017 Munich (Germany) - Strom
05.02.2017 Stuttgart (Germany) - Universum
07.02.2017 Nürnberg (Germany) - Hirsch
08.02.2017 Aarau (Switzerland) - Kiff
09.02.2017 Brescia (Italy) - Circolo Colony
10.02.2017 Bologna (Italy) - Zona Roveri
12.02.2017 Athens (Greece) - Gagarin205

FATES WARNING will also appear at several European festivals in the summer.
Here are the first events confirmed so far:

FATES WARNING - Live at festivals 2017:
02.-04.06.2017 Gelsenkirchen (Germany) - Rock Hard Festival
03.-05.08.2017 Wacken (Germany) - Wacken Open Air

FATES WARNING's 12th studio album, "Theories Of Flight", was released worldwide via InsideOutMusic and not only gathered critical acclaim (Some soundcheck results being:
Deaf Forever / Germany - # 1, Metal Hammer / Germany - # 2, Rock Hard / Germany - # 2, Aardschok / The Netherlands - # 2, Eclipsed / Germany - # 4, Powermetal.de /Germany - # 1), but also entered the sales charts in several countries across the globe with the following highest positions: Germany: # 12, Italy: # 80, The Netherlands: # 70, Belgium (Flemish): # 175,
USA: # 2 Billboard Heatseekers / # 62 Current Top 200 Albums

Here are some other previously launched album online samples:
"Seven Stars" video clip: https://youtu.be/0hguUU-VYug
"White Flag" (Guitar play-through video):https://youtu.be/oIGnVSX1sT0
"White Flag" (Drum and bass play-through video): https://youtu.be/dwtknUNsCx0
"From The Rooftops" (Lyric video): https://youtu.be/8kkJ8qtgLBY
Album teaser clip (excerpts of all songs): https://youtu.be/q1O7W9PKMEE

Next to the standard CD and Digital Download, "Theories Of Flight" is also available as limited Mediabook 2CD (with 6 acoustic bonus tracks) and as Gatefold 2LP (with full standard album on CD and the 6 acoustic tracks as bonus on Side D!). All physical are available from the IOM webshop here: http://smarturl.it/theoriesINOstore

(from left to right on photo)
Jim Matheos - Guitars
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums
Ray Alder - Vocals
Joey Vera - Bass




INSIDEOUTMUSIC Spotify Playlist:

BLACK ANVIL To Kick Off North American Tour With Mayhem And Inquisition

[Photo by Lani Lee]

New York City's BLACK ANVIL will kick off their North America tour later this week supporting black metal legends Mayhem and Inquisition. The trek will commence on January 20th and march its way through over two dozen cities, coming to a close on February 19th on their home turf.

BLACK ANVIL will be touring in support of their As Was full-length, unleashed last week via Relapse Records. Reaping critical accolades globally, in a recent investigation of the record, Pitchfork hails, "Like Celtic Frost before them, BLACK ANVIL find ways to summon profound darkness without tapping into black-metal clichés. Their latest ebbs and flows with effortless grace." Clrvynt crowns As Was BLACK ANVIL's, "most ambitious effort yet," while Noisey lauds the record's "evil riffs, vicious grooves, and an uncharacteristic abundance of soaring clean vocals." Decibel observes, "While maintaining their familiar scorched palette, they also employ breezy prog excursions, sunbaked steel guitar, and white hot Priestian trad metal," while Bandcamp, in their Album Of The Day honors, notes, "Thematically, the album tends toward a cerebral interpretation of the Satanic; rather than focusing on the demonic mythos, BLACK ANVIL are more concerned with internal struggles, and the necessary balance between darkness and light (See: 'As An Elder Learned Anew' and 'Two Keys: Here's The Lock'). And indeed, BLACK ANVIL prove themselves here as masters of equilibrium - the fluidity of stylistic and thematic tensions results in an album that is creative and challenging, the next step in their quest to push USBM forward, with hearty hails to the dark energies of the recent past."

As Was is out now on Relapse Records on CD, 2xLP, and digital formats. Physical orders and bundles are available via Relapse.com HERE and digital downloads can be preordered via Bandcamp at THIS LOCATION where the record can also be streamed in full.

BLACK ANVIL w/ Mayhem, Inquisition:
1/31/2017 Starlite Room - Edmonton, AB
2/02/2017 El Corazon - Seattle, WA
2/03/2017 Rickshaw Theatre - Vancouver, BC
2/04/2017 Hawthorne Theater - Portland, OR
2/06/2017 Social Hall SF - San Francisco, CA
2/07/2017 The Observatory - Santa Ana, CA
2/08/2017 Club Red - Phoenix, AZ
2/10/2017 Alamo Music Hall -  San Antonio, TX
2/11/2017 Trees - Dallas, TX
2/13/2017 Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
2/14/2017 Throne Theater - Wilmington, NC
2/15/2017 The Howard Theater - Washington, DC
2/16/2017 Theatre Of The Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA
2/17/2017 The Chance - Poughkeepsie, NY
2/18/2017 Royale - Boston, MA
2/19/2017 Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY

Atmospheric and melodic without relenting any of the ferocity BLACK ANVIL has always been known for, As Was seamlessly weaves through eight monumental passages of extreme metal art. More diverse, complex, and thought-provoking than anything they've released previously, As Was is a stellar representation of modern black metal, and of BLACK ANVIL's continuous progression and songcraft. As Was was recorded at Menegroth by Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, Panopticon) with mixing and mastering done by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Tribulation, Funeral Mist, Watain), and features cover art by Metastazis (Behemoth, Watain, Morbid Angel).

Monday, January 30, 2017

Geezer – Self Titled

On their past releases, Geezer have been rather like a shy stripper. We’ve gotten a peek at this, and a glimpse at that, and we’ve all pretty much come to the conclusion that when we got to see everything we’d all be weak in the knees. Along comes this beast of an album and we finally get the full monty and we just can’t stop staring. It’s just flat out more spectacular than we could’ve ever imagined.

This is a band that seems rooted in the blues, but the trunk and branches feel free to move in different directions and take us to interesting places. This is fuzzed out, heavy music. You can almost feel the dankness crawling out through your speakers, and if some cannabis smoke happened to start curling up off the turntable, you wouldn’t be surprised by that either. This is the band you hope is playing at your local watering hole when you’re 5 shots and 3 beers into your Saturday night and shit’s about to get weird.

“One Leg Up” is one of those tracks that I could put on a loop and literally listen to it all day long.  This song has some sort of pungent magic. It’s basically just one long groove, just a one riff song that the band have described as their tribute to Iggy and the Stooges. I mentioned weird a moment ago; how about a line in the lyrics that goes “I got a bag full of donkey teeth”? I mean, what the hell man? What does that even mean? You have to hear this song to appreciate just how good it is, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, do so.

“Sun Gods” and “Bi-Polar Vortex” are some amazing fuzzed out, blissed out jams that just seem to ebb and flow in just the right way. They both clock in a little over eight minutes, and when you are listening to them you just don’t want them to end. Yet they both also seem to end at just the right moment. I tell ya, there’s some alchemical stuff going on with this release.

“Dust” needs a little nod as well. It’s got a very tasty Middle Eastern flavor to it (are we allowed to talk about Middle Eastern things now that Trump is in office?) Another song that just jams along, not like some jam band where everyone is playing 100 notes a minute, but more of a stately, medicated type of jam, the kind where you just want the band to go through that passage of music one more time, and then another time, and then another time……

If you are a collector or complete-ist you will want the CD and vinyl both, because each version shares seven tracks and each has a different bonus track. You can find the CD at Ripple Music and the vinyl, if there are any copies left, at STB Records. Add this one to your collection, friendzos, I promise that you’ll go back to it time and time again.


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Out Now! Freedom Hawk "Sunlight" limited Vinyl, CD, and digital. Plus Mothership 7"!!

Hailing from the barrier dunes of Virginia, FREEDOM HAWK blend heavy riffs into rolling grooves and soulful guitar melodies to showcase their sound. Widely recognized as one of the leading forces in the retro-rock movement, their exceptional brand of heavy and high energy live shows leave many questioning whether they’ve stepped through a time warp directly out of the 70s hard rock heyday. Wrapped in core metal tones with slight psychedelic edges Sunlight'’s driving beat and heavy guitars offer the kind of timeless vocals that gave light to the dawn of the new and heavy revival.​

Relegated to “digital-only status” for too long and only ever produced on limited, self-released CDs back in 2009, Ripple Music is giving this seminal album the full vinyl treatment. "Sunlight" was released worldwide on January 28th 2017 in two vinyl versions, digital and CD.

Sit back, turn up those speakers and get ready to embrace a brand new song from Mothership exclusively available from the Ripple Music webstore. “Crown of Lies” the new 7" from Mothership has a classic hard rock feel yet these Dallas up-and-comers put a modern spin on it as well, and by the time you get to the mid-song jam, you’ll be hooked.

Bassist-vocalist Kyle Juett tells us, “‘Crown of Lies’ really captures the overall vibe of the new songs that came together to create our third album, High Strangeness, which is the next chapter of Mothership. This song takes you on an epic journey composed of all the elements that make up our sound. It’s also one of our favorite new songs to play live.”

As stated, you can find “Crown of Lies” on Mothership’s High Strangeness album. The disc was recorded and mixed by Ryan Lee and mastered by Tony Reed, delivering the band’s branded “supersonic intergalactic heavy rock” sound. The disc will be released by Ripple Music and is available to pre-order via Amazon and iTunes. You can also pre-order the song as a 7-inch here.  Only 300 of these were pressed (100 in each variation) and once gone, they're gone!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Bandcamp Bonanza – Its Dumping Riffs

While out west we are getting pounded by massive amounts of snow, here in the mystical land of bandcamp we are getting dumped on by a blizzard of riffs and grooves. Take a gander at another smoking round of bonanza picks by yours truly. Record snowfall in January out west equals record riffs on the Richter scale in bandcamp land.

Pulgasari – Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot me Down)
We all love a good cover, and when a retro hard rock band covers a classic by Sonny Bono our interest is piqued. Pulgasari nail it on the title track making it sound their own and giving it an invigorating makeover utilizing their potent skills of heavy retro blues.
An absolutely scorching pair of tunes rich with somber tones, dynamic riffs and solos drowned in heavy blues. Vocally, Pulgasari shine with a paralyzing delivery both sensuous and spooky. Fantastic prelude to a hopeful album engrossed with retro Swedish texture while simultaneously bursting with a sultry outlaw swagger

Topplock – Boogie Till You Barf
While we’re at it might as well share another smashing 2-song single. First I’ve heard of this band and an instant vinyl seek and destroy on my end. This promises to be another outstanding effort in the Swedish retro scene. Keep your eyes on this band. This serves as prelude to their upcoming debut full length album called ‘Overlord’ which is available on vinyl for pre-order at numerous locations. I found on Amazon.
The Swedes are back at it drinking their holy water. It's obviously spiked with retro groove, heavy bluesy riffs and soul-soaked power vocals. They just keep drinking it and continue to set the bar for heavy stoner blues rock. Immediate google search led me to preorder of their debut full length on vinyl due out in February 2017. Another one bites the dust.

Lord Vapour – Through the Doors of Kukundo
Lord Vapour are back with a brand new track that will rock your world. While their haled LP released last year is undergoing the final vinyl treatment due out for release this spring, the band has already got a new LP in the works. If this track is anything to go by we can expect great things for album number 2.
Through the Doors of Kukundu you will find a super bluesy number, overgrown by eminent fuzz, strangled by psychotic solos, and reeking of Rawk and mother fucking Roll! Can't wait for the next album.

Kings Destroy – None More
While the digital are not available at this time, I was sent a copy by the band and must tell you the kings have destroyed the airwaves once again in stylish fashion. The band went total old school this time around with a DIY approach and have offered the EP up on limited cassette tape including sticker and patch (score) via bandcamp. I had to bite as I own virtually everything this band releases. The EP is relatively short, but within those 14 minutes the heavy yearning riffs, accompanied by throaty stoner drenched vocals awakens the inner rebel child. It’s a concept album about whatever you interpret to be as I am not one to tell you what to think other than it rocks the fuck out. Hurry up cause at this time there are very few copies of the tape left, which come with the unlimited streaming and download in classic bandcamp fashion as soon as the band decides to go live with it. I am assuming it’s when the tapes are shipped out.

Diana Spencer Grave Explosion – 0
This one was discovered via another bands ‘recommendations’ link on their bandcamp page. At the moment I’m struggling to remember the band that recommended this band probably due to bandcamp overload, but either way, this is one cool ass little release I highly recommend checking out.
Dreamy riffs floating in atmospheric texture numbing the mind and creating a sense of euphoric chaos. The spine tingling groove transitions seamlessly into angst ridden passages swirling with psychedelic solos of the highest caliber. Prepare to lose track of time and space.

Blood Mist – Blood Mist
Last but not least I bring you a new band on my radar called Blood Mist. We were sent the promo copy which passed the test hiding within all the extreme death/black metal promos we get throttled with on a daily basis. Out via Grimoire Records based in Baltimore, MD and specializing in black, death, doom, stoner, thrash-metal, math/noise and post-rock bands based in the mid-Atlantic area. Blood Mist delivers in the stoner doom sector of the labels roster.  I instantly fell in love with this upcoming album and recommend you check this out as it is surely going down as one of the underdogs. Act now to get in early on a not to miss gem being released on February 10, 2017 on CD for a measly $7. That’s equivalent to a coffee and a Danish only these riffs are unlimited in supply both via your unlimited bandcamp app and in physical form to jam in your car on the way to the office.
Monstrous stoner riffs meet gargantuan metallic groove with vocals spewing violent Danzig tones as the rhythm devours with intensity. There's no escaping the Blood Mist. This is rad!

 -The Huntsman

Friday, January 27, 2017

DOCTOR CYCLOPS return with new LP "Local Dogs" on Heavy Psych Sounds!

Retro rockers DOCTOR CYCLOPS unveil details about upcoming album "Local Dogs" on Heavy Psych Sounds.
Northern Italy's cold woods are set to unleash their fieriest beast, with '70s power trio DOCTOR CYCLOPS returning with their blistering third album "Local Dogs" this March on Heavy Psych Sounds.

DOCTOR CYCLOPS haven't stood idle since their latest album "Oscuropasso" (World In Sound 2014), slowly but surely rustling up their heaviest and most accomplished project to date. This new full-length entitled "Local Dogs" delivers an explosive blend of '70s heavy rock, NWOBHM and doomier Sabbath-style riffage, ready to take you back to a different era. Groovy riffs and gloomy paths coming straight from the woods feel like the epic saga of the '70s is truly likely to continue its course. In this context, the appearance of Bill Steer (Carcass, Firebird, Gentlemans Pistols) on lead guitar tastes like the icing on top of a tempting cake.

"Local Dogs" will be issued on LTD clear blue vinyl, black vinyl, CD and digital. Its compelling artwork was designed by Rise Above (Marcello Crescenzi).

DOCTOR CYCLOPS New album "Local Dogs"
Out March 31st on Heavy Psych Sounds
- Presales start on February 24th -

1. Lonely Devil
2. D.I.A.
3. Stardust (w/ Bill Steer)
4. Epicurus
5. Wall Of Misery
1. King Midas
2. Stanley The Owl
3. Druid Samhain (w/ Bill Steer)
4. Witch's Tale
5. Witchfinder General

DOCTOR CYCLOPS is a power trio delivering a blistering heavy rock rejuvenating the legacy of the '70s and early '80s. The band formed in 2007 in a small village in the middle of Appennino mountains, Northern Italy. Their common passion for brilliant outfits such as Truth and Janey, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond or Witchfinder General lead them to record and self-produce their first EP “The Doctor Cyclops” (2010), which is quickly followed by two full-lengths: “Borgofondo” (2012) and “Oscuropasso” (2014), both released on German heavy psychedelic label World in Sound.

Since 2008, the trio has had the chance to tour Europe several times, sharing the stages with Firebird, Blood Ceremony, Siena Root, Colour Haze, Stoned Jesus, The Grand Astoria and many other bands. DOCTOR CYCLOPS also took part to important festivals such as Freak Valley in Germany (2012) and Red Smoke Festival in Spain (2016). But the oddyssey has just kicked off, as the band plans to release their new album on Heavy Psych Sounds, and will be on tour across Europe in the spring of 2017...

Christian Draghi – Guitars & Vocals
Francesco Filippini – Bass
Alessandro Dallera – Drums


PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2017: King Diamond Confirmed To Headline Three-Day Event

PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2017 - set to take place from August 18th through August 20th, 2017 at the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada - confirms King Diamond as the festival's grand headliner! 2017 marks thirty years since the release of King Diamond's landmark Abigail release. King's appearance at PSYCHO will be his only US performance of 2017.

With a career spanning more than thirty-five groundbreaking years, King Diamond stands among the ultimate heavy metal icons. From landmark records with Mercyful Fate to establishing the band King Diamond in 1985 and unleashing the unholy trinity of Fatal Portrait (1986), Abigail (1987), and Them (1988) upon the world, King Diamond's vocals, atmosphere, and songs have become the staple diet among multiple generations of headbangers.

Don't miss your chance to see one of metal's ultimate legends take the stage at the biggest underground fest the US has ever known when King Diamond plays PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2017 in August at the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino!

Additional headliners, full lineup, and official festival artwork to be revealed in the coming weeks with tickets currently available for the monumental event at THIS LOCATION. Payment options for PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2017 are available through Affirm, with immediate delivery of tickets. More info HERE.

8/18/2017 - 8/20/2017 Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV [tickets]

PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2017 Confirmed Lineup:
Blood Ceremony
Chelsea Wolfe
Code Orange
Crystal Fairy
Cult Leader
Cult Of Luna With Julie Christmas
Elephant Tree
Hollow Leg
Inter Arma
King Diamond (Headliner/US 2017 exclusive)
Mulatu Astatke
Murder City Devils
Slo Burn
The Skull
Wizard Rifle
Wolves In The Throne Room
Zeal & Ardor

VIP tickets are on sale as of January 18th.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

DJ Criminal - Samples And Marbles

Let's talk about something unexpected waveriders.  I'm talking about stumbling across an album or a piece of music which has a description that defies what your mind says is logical.  You read said description and say to yourself, "there's no way that sounds good".  Then you click the play button and lo and behold, your ears are well pleased with what they're hearing.  Enter DJ Criminal and the recently released Samples And Marbles.

While visiting the website of one of my favorite emcees the other day I noticed a news post promoting his appearance on someone else's album.  Since I listen to anything I can get my hands on featuring this man's rhymes I clicked on the link and investigated.  What I discovered was the bandcamp page for the aforementioned Samples and Marbles.  Before hitting the play button however, I read the brief description of the album underneath the track list and stopped short.  Here is what it says: "A FREE hip-hop and turntablism album made entirely from samples of the band Phish, featuring Gift of Gab, Kool Keith, Blueprint, Illogic and more."

Okay look, I am a huge fan of Gift of Gab, Blueprint, and Illogic.  I am also a fan of some of Kool Keith's output.  Hip-hop is a genre of music I am very fond of and I certainly appreciate quality turntablism.  The album being "FREE" doesn't hurt either.  Phish samples though?  Phish?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not railing against the band.  I own a couple of Phish and Trey Anastasio albums and I like them.  My writings for this site prove that I keep an open mind regarding new musical experiences, but even I have to admit that this one seemed to be quite the stretch.  Good thing I fought my dismissive instincts and hit the play button!

Samples And Marbles is downright groovy waveriders!  I suppose that makes sense based off the jam band dna baked into this music at the genetic level, but I was pleasantly surprised nonetheless.  The bottom line folks is that thanks to the unbeatably low price there is no reason why you should not check out, enjoy, and download this marvelous little gem.  Thanks DJ Criminal!  I apologize for doubting you.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fire Down Below sign World-wide Deal with Ripple Music, New Album Coming!

Ripple Music is thrilled to welcome Fire Down Below,to it's growing roster of the best of the modern heavy bands.

Hailing from Ghent (BE), Fire Down Below is a fearsome foursome, formed in 2015. An amp-hugging, hard-hitting, fuzz-loving, ear-splitting, riff-worshipping gang of rock 'n rollers, Fire Down Below, unleashed their debut album "Viper Vixen Goddess Saint." Recorded and mixed by Tim De Gieter at Much Luv Studio (Eleanora, Brutus, Every Stranger Looks Like You, Gloria Boateng, BARST) and mastered to gritty perfection by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, USA (Sleep, Yob, Pentagram, SUNN O))), Windhand, Black Tusk, Your Highness), the 7 tracks on Viper Vixen Goddess Saint immediately caught worldwide attention and shot right to the top of many year end "Best of Lists".  Reviewers praised the boys for their unique sound, an exceptional blend of fuzzed-out stoner, heavy psych and 90’s grunge with added elements of spacerock and doom, while still focused on melody and powerful vocal performances.

Fire Down Below now join forces with Ripple Music, one of the world's leading purveyors of heavy psych, stoner and doom, to re-release "Viper Vixen Goddess Saint" world-wide, as well as their to be recorded follow-up album.   Expect "Viper Vixen Goddess Saint" to be available around the world on limited vinyl, CD and digital come June 2017 with their sophomore releases slated for early 2018.

"We're so excited to be working with Ripple Music," said the band.  "They've long been the dominant force in the heavy underground, with a killer roster.  Can't wait to be a part of that family."

Fire Down Below is: Bert Wynsberghe - bass Jeroen Van Troyen - guitar and vocals Kevin Gernaey - guitar Sam Nuytens – drums

California-based Ripple Music is one of the world's leading record labels for heavy rock, heavy psych, stoner and doom.  Ripple Music is distributed world-wide by MVD Distributors, as well as H'art, Plastichead, Borders, Suburban and more.  All releases are available on the Ripple Website and Ripple Music Bandcamp.  Check out www.ripple-music.com for more info and news.
Ripple R Rehab - Deliverable_2_C_White.jpg

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Exclusive Full Album Stream Of Blood Mist's Self-Titled EP From Grimoire Records!

Grimoire Records is proud to announce the debut recording of Baltimorean heavy metal quintet Blood Mist, on Feb. 10th, 2017.

Formed in 2015 and first hitting the stage in March of 2016, Blood Mist has been on a tear of performances sharing the stage with acts such as Valient Thorr, Black Lung, Gateway to Hell and others. This culminated the label inviting Blood Mist to record and release their debut EP in the Grimoire studio in Baltimore last September.

The self-titled 5 song EP features riffs galore, hard hitting drums, rippin' guitar solos, and over the top theatrical vocals. After helping us announce the release in December, JJ at The Obelisk described them much better than we could:

"Across the 25-minute outing, the relative newcomers show marked cohesion of purpose in taking cues from early, pre-self-parody Danzig as well as Candlemass, but even with those names as core influences, I wouldn’t necessarily tag them as only being a doom band. Certainly those elements are there, as one can hear by the chugging slowdown that finishes opener “Burn the Trees” as much as the foreboding guitar and cymbal wash interplay that begins the subsequent “Blood Mist,” but guitarists Kevin Considine and Nick Jewett, vocalist Matt Casella, bassist Scott Brenner and drummer John de Campos (also artwork) pick up into near-High on Fire onslaught later in their eponymous cut. With the sense of drama that Casella brings to his approach, in places calling to mind Scott Reagers as well as the likes of Witchfinder General and others from the NWOBHM, everything Blood Mist do on this offering just feels that much bigger."

“Blood Mist” is released on February 10th, 2017 on CD and digital download via Grimoire Records and was recorded in September of 2016 by Noel Mueller in his Tiny Castle. Mixed and mastered by Noel Mueller. Artwork by John de Campos/Ghost Bat Illustration. © 2017 Grimoire Records.

Blood Mist is John de Campos – Drums, Kevin Considine – Guitar, Matt Casella – Vocals, Nick Jewett – Guitar, and Scott Brenner – Bass.

Blood Mist is playing Feb. 10 at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore alongside local favorites Foghound, Asthma Castle, and label mates Rhin, to mark the release of "Blood Mist". More info here:


Monday, January 23, 2017

Shining - International Blackjazz Society

A good day to you waveriders!  I wonder.  Have you ever experienced this situation?  You're exposed to an album that absolutely rocks your world from someone you've never listened to before.  This previously unknown band or artist quickly establishes a residence inside your mind beside all of your favorites.  Then that newly ensconced band or artist releases their next album and it fails to make the impact you're anticipating.  Well, that is exactly what happened between me and the band Shining.

Back in 2012 I heard Live Blackjazz and I fell head over heels in love with this new combination of sounds I'd discovered.  Shining combines black, death, and industrial metal with jazz to create wonderful concoctions of sound which put an exceedingly broad smile on my face.  I quickly bought the band's other albums, all of which I enjoyed.  Fast forward to 2013.  Shining released an album called One One One and I failed to connect with the music.

Revisiting One One One now I do enjoy the album, but due to that initial disconnect I didn't go out of my way to check out Shining's latest release International Blackjazz Society.  Big mistake.  The love is back waveriders!  This album is monstrously good!  Essentially the band had me at hello.  I put on the introductory track and all of my dormant affection came rushing back like a tidal wave.  It was wonderful!  So what makes International... so much different than One One One?  Good question.

International... brings back the sonic diversity not found on One One One.  Whereas that album was laser focused on delivering the most metallic, noise-filled, bombastic assault possible International... has a dynamic range.  The jazzy elements take center stage on multiple occasions.  Tempos are varied.  The metallic components are stronger than ever yet they succeed in being significantly more memorable thanks to well-balanced usage of clean and gruff vocals along with more melodic instrumentation. 

To sum up waveriders International... takes the listener on a musical roller coaster featuring peaks and valleys, the inclusion of which results in a far more interesting aural journey.  After experiencing this particular journey multiple times I am entirely comfortable stating that this is the best album Shining has released.  Start to finish International... delivers the heavy metal goods.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy today!


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