Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bandcamp Bonanza – Packing Up Basecamp

Bandcamp continues to impress me with its never ending options for discovery. I don’t know about you but I am an avid user of the mobile app since I am constantly on the move and the ease of access is undeniable. The latest updates to the app have improved significantly, not perfect, but in particular I have found myself browsing the daily bandcamp featured feed which shows up on the homepage when you open the app. You can also check it out via the New and Notable section on the bandcamp homepage. The picks are usually very diverse and span a multitude of styles, mostly outside my normal go-to hard rock and heavy stoner genres. Not only does this keep things fresh, but it’s a great way to get a different perspective. I figured I’d share some highlights I’ve stumbled across recently on the featured feed. They’re not all winners, but a different perspective is always refreshing.

Steven Boone – SoulLow
It was undeniable how soothing the sounds were when I decided to check out the featured album by Steven Boone. He appears to be a solo DJ artist of sorts with an impressive roster of material. Although I have only listened to the latest which I found on the featured bandcamp list, I have listened to it multiple times. It spans multiple styles from hip hop, soul, alternative rock, and light and airy blues.

SJOB Movement – Friendship Train
Who’d of ever thought I’d find myself actively checking out “Afrobeat” music? Well shit, if it wasn’t for my curiosity while scrolling the new and notable section on bandcamp and finding the reviews and notes appetizing I wouldn’t have been playing this album multiple times. Wow, this is very cool. Have I seen the light, or am I going crazy. My hard rock brethren may claim the latter, but you should see for yourself. It’s offered up on vinyl and I’ve been really into diversifying my collection with different styles. Sounds like they were a thing back in the day, now getting the modern treatment. I’m a sucker for releases seeing the light of day on vinyl today that were originally buried in the underground in the 60’s and 70’s.

Will Sessions – Deluxe
Taking a look at the cover art one might be led to believe this is another hard stoner Rawk and roll release with the vintage car on the cover which has been a staple in the rock and roll world for years. However, upon investigation this is some downright funk driven soul music. I loved it so much I added it to my vinyl collection. It’s hard to deny the parallels that soul and funk shares with rock and blues. I find myself thoroughly enjoying this stuff during certain moods, and stuff like this is great as a crowd pleaser during dinner nights at home, or over a glass of wine to set the mood with your partner.

Various Artists – Southwest Side Story: Vol. 19
Oh man I have gone mad, or I’m just honest. If you are in the mood for some straight up oldies from the 50’s check out this rad compilation. I’m not ashamed to say I can dig it.
“There are hundreds of bootlegs out there to sate the ravenous soulero set, and so often they incorporate songs in the vast Numero catalog. Rather than beat them, Numero joins them with our answer to the iconic East Side Story series. Eschewing our classic look and standard-bearing copious notes for sardonic artwork and impeccable selections, Numbero is proud to present a ‘bootleg’ you can be proud of (because it’s all licensed). This time we’ve set our sights on the most unique of soul cultures: the irreplicable melting pot of San Antonio. Included here are all songs never before issued other than in minuscule pressings on 45, never distributed outside of Bexar County limits.”

This one I haven’t even got a chance to hear fully as its not out yet, but reading up on the bandcamp feature article about it sounds worthy of attention.
“In a world of guitar players, James “Wooden Wand” Toth remains first and foremost a songwriter and lyricist. "Clipper Ship", however, presents a break in tradition: in attempting to emancipate himself from old habits, Toth wrote most of the songs on "Clipper Ship" 'music first,' adding lyrics later, a reversal of the tried and true method that has made him one of the most prolific and respected songwriters of his generation. The result is the most democratically-conceived, multi-layered, and musically sophisticated album in the vast Wooden Wand discography.”

Rays – Rays
What good is a feature without some rogue as fuck garage driven punk? Not as good as when you include one. I scanned this one a few weeks back and thought it was cool, especially since I don’t particularly listen to this raw punk routinely and that they were from Oakland which is semi-local in the grand scheme. If anything else it’s a reminder that this stuff still exists and is thriving depending on whose garage you are stumbling into.
“On RAYS’ debut album the band spins eleven tunes of wiry, urgent post-punk, one foot planted firmly in the nihilistic apathy of 70 & 80’s punk (Wire, Electric Eels, Pere Ubu, Eno, Television The Fall), Australian punk past & present (UV Race, Terry, Victims, Babeez), and the addictive strum of 80’s & 90’s New Zealand/Flying Nun pop; all of whom have found their own way to meld the ferocity & thuggery of punk with a singular melodic voice.”

Well that felt good. For the record, these are just a sampling of what I’ve enjoyed via the featured feed on the bandcamp app. Everyday there are a half a dozen new and notable albums recommended by the folks behind the scenes of bandcamp. Check it out if you have the app, or even on your desktop on the bandcamp homepage. Who knows you may just find an entire new approach and decide to pack your bags and head across the valley to an entire different camp. Although my tent is pitched in the rock and roll camp, clearly the campground spans full circle and welcomes and encourages diversity.

-The Huntsman

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ripple Music's West Coast dealers of heavy riffage ZED hit the Road to tear up the Lone Star State!


Ripple Music's West Coast dealers of heavy riffage ZED are joining forces with East Coast hard rockers Wasted Theory to take the Lone Star State by force this May. And when these two forces meet, you better be ready for some Hard and Heavy Rockin! Known as the ‘Trippin’ Through Texas‘ tour, the two bands will devastate the 4 biggest cities, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas, along with some of the best bands Texas has to offer, such as Wo Fat, Greenbeard, White Dog and more! 

ZED bassist Mark Aceves says "We are super excited to finally bring our sound to our friends and fans in Texas, it's been a long time coming, especially for me being that I'm originally from Texas. It's going to be like a homecoming! And to be able to share the stage with such great bands and dudes like Wasted Theory, Wo Fat and others just adds to how killer it will be."

Trippin' Thru Texas will happen on the following dates:
Wed. May 10 – Satellite Bar, Houston TX w/Stonework & The Society Of Bandits(9PM – All Ages)
Thu. May 11 – Limelight, San Antonio TX w/locals TBA (9PM – 21+)
Fri. May 12 – Dirty Dog Bar, Austin TX w/Greenbeard & White Dog (9PM-21+)
Sat. May 13 – Double Wide, Dallas TX w/Wo Fat & Crimson Stone (9PM – 21+)

Tour Promo Video

Friday, April 28, 2017

Workhorse III - Closer To Relevance

Oh hello waveriders!  I didn't see you there.  You know, there are times when a music review needs to be long winded and full of colorful language in order to properly convey the complexity and artistic impact an album creates inside a listener's head.  This is not one of those times.  Buckle those seatbelts and brace yourselves because Closer To Relevance from Workhorse III is here!  This album rocks!  You need it!  Go buy it!  End of review.

Wait, you're still here?  You'd like some more details to further persuade you that this album is worth your time?  Alright, fine.

Closer To Relevance is a straight up, unapologetic rock record.  Prog...this ain't.  Opening track "War Torn City" explodes out of the speakers following a quick cymbal count-in and proceeds to unrelentingly stampede over your eardrums at an excessive rate of speed.  It's wonderful!   Songs such as "War..." along with the title track and "Soul Crusher" draw immediate comparisons in my mind with Motorhead.  Far from being a one trick pony however, the further one delves into this album the more sonic variety emerges.

"When I'm Gone" explores the ear-pleasing blueprint laid out by Dinosaur Jr.  "Life Of Crime" and "Find My Mind" exhibit powerful alternative rock tendencies straight out of the 1990s.  "What's The Point" revels in its punk assault.  "Want You" and closing track "I Can't Forget" both utilize Led Zeppelin-esque elements.   There's even a touch of glam metal in the guitar lines to the song "Wasted".  The bottom line is that Workhorse III keeps things fresh and interesting throughout this entire album.

Okay, let's try this one more time.  Do you like rock 'n' roll music?  Do you like rock 'n' roll music that makes your head and at the very least your upper torso gyrate back and forth?  Excellent!  Closer To Relevance by Workhorse III was produced just for you!  Buy your copy today!


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Moonbow – War Bear

I am always searching for good ol' straight ahead rock music. Sometimes I want to hear some meat and potatoes stuff, and one of my complaints about so-called “modern” rock is that it just gets a little too fancy, it gets in its own way. Then I hear an album like this one from Moonbow and it puts a big smile on my face to know that there are bands out there that still do it like this.

Please don't get me wrong, I don't mean meat and potatoes rock as any kind of put down or insult. And I don't mean in any way that these guys are not talented. I just want an album that will grab me by the throat and beat me over the head for a while, and this one works for me.

This one comes with a little southern seasoning as well, which for me is always enjoyable as it means I get to have a little swing and swagger with my rock. This is an album with two hands full of tasty tunes that are well written and well played. Some of them are hard charging and full of rhythm and boogie, others are a little more laid back and introspective. All in all it makes for one of the better releases that I've heard so far this year.

The title track kicks off the album and its a favorite of mine. The band comes charging out of the gate on this track and like several others on the album, its a thick, greasy slab of goodness. Bands and producers seem to have forgotten the art of album sequencing but I always enjoy an album that can grab the listener from the first beat. There is a nice acoustic breakdown at the end of the song as well, with traditional folk instruments. I'm a sucker for a fiddle and there's one in the mix so this track has all the ingredients for me.

“Bloodwash” is one of those more laid back tracks I mentioned and it is a good one. After a few pedal to the metal tracks I enjoyed hearing the band pull back a little and show another side to what they do. I love the way this track builds and how the vocal lines and guitar leads and fills play around the beat, which is a nice touch and keeps the listener's interest. This track is very well crafted and to me shows a band that has a great idea of what they want to do, as well as the skill and talent to execute the idea.

To my ear, you can't go wrong with this album. It's a great way to spend 45 minutes and it's an album that you want to really listen to, not just have on in the background while you're doing something else. It's important to unwind sometimes and enjoy the better things in life. When was the last time you put on some music and just listened? If it's been a while, might I suggest that you change that and give this one a well deserved listen?


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wounded Giant - Vae Victis

Wounded Giant from Seattle, WA, floored me with their 2013 debut, 'Lightning Medicine'. In between then and now, as their sophomore full-length is upon us, they have released a cassette single, a split and a live cassette, and this diverse output has pushed them forward immensely. Going from fantastic to fucking brilliant is an understatement because 'Vae Vicits' is phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal.

All throughout ‘Vae Victis’ there’s a strong air of Voivod-meets-Killing Joke playing heavy, pulverizing psychedelic doom while exploring the deepest recesses of the mind. Trust me, this wax is a headfuck of the greatest order and you can’t really ask for more. A permeating theme is the sense of impending doom and I guess the title itself brings that out. Vae Vicits is, after all, Latin for “woe to the vanquished/conquered”, meaning the losing side in a battle are completely at the mercy of the winner and should never expect leniency. And that’s exactly what Wounded Giant does. They pull the listener in, pummels and rips you apart and once you beg for mercy, they do it all over again. Oh, the brilliance!

In all the non-mercy, be-all end-all onslaught of their music, Wounded Giant are mesmerizing, hypnotic and captivating. Reeling you in and presenting a false sense of being, they lull you into a psychedelic state while burrowing deep into the psyche. Vast, expansive landscapes are created through thought-provoking lyrics and put side by side with their punishing music, you, the listener, are vae victis.

On top of this a bottom heavy bassline guides this onslaught amongst beauty, all while enormous hooks in the riff department shreds you to pieces. But ‘Vae Victis’ is not all about heaviness either because the band switches elegantly between tempos. Sometimes, as in Emmanentize the Eschaton’, Wounded Giant eschew their Killing Joke-meets-Voivod playing psychedelic doom approach completely. Sampled voices are backed by a prominent keyboard while the bass guitar and drums plays in the background...until everything erupts halfway through. Only to fade out in the end. Trippy and mind blowing, alright, as well as putting the album in a completely different light. Greatness is not a big enough word!

To tie everything together with the beginning, Wounded Giant have taken giant steps forward with ‘Vae Victis’. It feels kind of strange saying this since they been great from the get-go, but that doesn’t hide the fact that the guys has transformed into a raging beast few, if any, can tame. Thank you for unearthing this amazing album to us mere mortals!


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Revolutionary New Cover Art App For Musicians

TAD, the award-winning, break-through design app for musicians to create their own cover art has just got a new update and it is pretty good news for musicians.

The app has integrated video technology into its features.

What does this mean for a musician?

Well first up, it means you can really add some punch to your social media output.

It’s no secret that video is the future of content. In fact Cisco projects that global internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.

Now with TAD you can create gig announcements, teaser trailers, studio updates etc. all with video AND your own fully customisable branding (logo, text, design elements).

BUT it doesn’t end there!

TAD has been approved for direct sharing straight to your Facebook profile.


You may have seen the new Facebook profile videos, but did you know that Facebook are in the process of rolling out Artist Profile videos?

Some artists are already taking advantage of this feature, just check out The Gorillaz Facebook page – they made changing to a video profile a key part of their relaunch strategy last month.

Pretty soon you too will be able to have an Artist Profile video, so wouldn’t it be cool to have an amazing design?

BUT it doesn’t end there!

The real reason TAD's Creative Director Lee Jones came up with the idea?

"Moving album covers. Yep, you heard it here first! To me it seems only natural that in the very near future, artists will be able to have 'video album covers', and I want TAD to be at the forefront of that revolution. Facebook already have this technology rolling out for artists, so how long until we see Soundcloud, Bandcamp, ReverbNation etc. jumping on it? I'm just waiting for their call!"

So, with moving album covers on the horizon, the benefits of using TAD are already clear to see. With over 100k musicians using the app for cover art alone, this extra feature is a real luxury addition that is going to help bands and artists push their content to even greater heights.

The app is Free to download, with In-app-purchases including extra Font and Art Element packs.

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Sunday Conversation With Reece Of Steak

When I was a kid, growing up in a house with Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, and Simon and Garfunkel, the first time I ever heard Kiss's "Detroit Rock City," it was a moment of musical epiphany. It was just so vicious, aggressive and mean. It changed the way I listened to music. I've had a few minor epiphany's since then, when you come across a band that just brings something new and revolutionary to your ears.

What have been your musical epiphany moments?

As a bit I was very into early stiff like Hendrix, The Who, Floyd etc but a real turning point for me was hearing Kyuss. I came late to the party on that one and found them via Queens of the stone age but that really changed my life and musical direction. To have John Garcia sing on our album Slab City was something else.

Talk to us about the song-writing process for you. What comes first, the idea? A riff? The lyrics? How does it all fall into place?

With us normally we work on the riffs 1st, we take down loads of guitar ideas even recorded on my phone and gradually develop the idea with the band in the rehearsal room. Kip will jump in with vocals when suits and sometimes it flows super easy or he will take the track away and really refine the vocal over time. We have a cool space to work on stuff and get pretty decent demos and it helps a lot.

Who has influenced you the most?

Between the band there have been a lot of influences and from my point of view it changes depending on what I’ve been listening to at the time. I was a huge Pink Floyd fan so I’m open to some more atmospheric stuff but we like to have a song driven hard by the riff also. I guess a great song for us is the perfect balance between to two things.

Where do you look for continuing inspiration? New ideas, new motivation?

I try not to consciously look for inspiration from other bands because I think that happens naturally in your subconscious. We have been likened to various bands from the past but we have never tried to do that on purpose and I think we have a kind of unique sound. Motivation for us comes from playing Live I would say, sometimes you can get in a lull when your not recording or playing shows so it’s always a nice way to get back in your flow by smashing a great gig.

We're all a product of our environment. Tell us about the band's hometown and how that reflects in the music?

Being a London band we are in the heart of the action so the social side of playing live music has been very important to us. Having fun is very high on our list because we ain't doing this for the money! London has such a strong underground music scene and there is a lot of support from promoters, venues and the fans. We like to make an occasion of a London show so we will party to the last man every time.

Where'd the band name come from?

It’s all about meaty riffs, T bone steaks and dirty jokes

You have one chance, what movie are you going to write the soundtrack for?

Mad Max for sure, desert wasteland and survival of the fittest. I think that collaboration would be rad.

Come on, share with us a couple of your great, Spinal Tap, rock and roll moments?

Never! The moment there is one we need a new career choice.

Tell us about playing live and the live experience for you and for your fans?

We give a lot in our live performances, we try to give the people watching as much energy as we can in the hope that they respond the same way. Like a lot of bands we feed from the crowd and it’s a beautiful thing when the crowd feed off us the circle is complete, everyone has lost their inhibitions and and we are all at the point of enjoying the experience.

What makes a great song?

If only it was as easy to formulate, a great song to one person isn’t always a great song to another so it’s a tricky question. For me there needs to be a riff that sticks in the mind, something that people can’t get out of their head, for Steak we try to make sure the riff through and not to many layered guitars playing different things. This then gives room for a killer vocal and if that magic ingredient turns up on the day and the creative stars align then you may be lucky enough to come up with a banger.

Tell us about the first song you ever wrote?

I believe it was called last exit. It actually was pretty good for an 1st attempt and we played it live in our 1st band a few times. We actually found it recently and listened to it again its funny as hell to listen to. Maybe a bit cringe but we all start somewhere.

What piece of your music are particularly proud of?

I love the track Overthrow on the new album ‘No God To Save’. I think it shows what progression we have made as a band in creating something that has all the drive and riffs of a Steak song but has a great balance and flow.

Who today, writes great songs? Who just kicks your ass? Why?

For me the band of the moment are Elder, talented musicians, cool guys and song writing to a new level. They are on their way to being absolutely huge.

Vinyl, CD, or digital? What's your format of choice?

It’s all about vinyl and digital now. I haven’t purchased cd’s in quite a few years and I had a big collection. I think all vinyl sales should have a free download code with them so you get both. At the met I’m buying 2 copies, one digital for the phone and the vinyl for home.

Whiskey or beer?  And defend your choice.

I’m a beer man, nothing like an ice cold one on a hot day and some banging tunes. Plus Whisky gets me too drunk!

What's next for the band?

We are looking forward to touring this album, we have some great options for euro touring and hopefully get to the US for early 2018. We also have a couple of really cool videos to shoot for the new album so we are pretty excited about that as the director is a very talented guy and things always get a bit crazy...

Any final comments or thoughts you'd like to share with our readers, the waveriders?

Big love to all from the Steaks, hope to see some of you on the road and enjoy the new tunes. We will be at the bar after the gig so come party.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

BLACK WIZARD: US Tour With Brant Bjork And Royal Thunder Underway

Canadian heavy metal/stoner rock faction BLACK WIZARD is currently waging their riff war across the US supporting Brant Bjork and Royal Thunder. The tour, which BLACK WIZARD officially kicked off April 9th in Sacramento, California, will run through May 1st in Los Angeles, California and includes performances with Pentagram. See all confirmed dates below.

BLACK WIZARD continues to tour in support of their New Waste full-length, released via Listenable Records last year and currently streaming at THIS LOCATION. Boasting nine tracks of red-eyed, road-raging, retro-riff worship, the record continues to earn approval from media outlets globally. Writes Sonic Abuse of the record, "Taking the best bits from thirty years of heavy-ass metal, there are hints of Priest, Maiden, Sabbath, Purple and more, all wrapped up in BLACK WIZARD's own, patchouli-scented haze. The prog aspects of the album help to make the sound more unique and interesting and the delivery is spot on - gritty and brutal and yet with a deft touch that keeps things interesting throughout." In a 4/5 rating, New Noise Magazine concurs, "BLACK WIZARD may be one of the best retro acts going, and the band are certainly more interested in having fun and doing what comes naturally than recycling old riffs. It doesn't hurt that you don't have to be stoned to enjoy it, too." BeatRoute Magazine charmingly champions BLACK WIZARD for being, "the only band in town that will add inches to your dick." Stereokiller gushes simply, "I hope this band makes albums every year for the next twenty years," while The Sludgelord hails a, "fine retro record, filled with good riffs and 100% commitment." Adds Heavy Blog Is Heavy in a 4/5 score, "From the very beginning, New Waste wraps you in a thick blanket of distorted grooviness, galloping bass lines and guitars that seems to switch from shred to riff and back on the drop of hat."

New Waste is out on Listenable Records. Secure your copy today at THIS LOCATION.

BLACK WIZARD w/ Brant Bjork, Royal Thunder:
4/23/2017 The Middle East - Boston, MA w/ Pentagram
4/25/2017 Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
4/26/2017 Siberia - New Orleans, LA
4/27/2017 Barracuda - Austin, TX
4/28/2017 Gas Monkey - Dallas, TX
4/29/2017 Launchpad - Albuquerque, NM
4/30/2017 Club Red - Mesa, AZ
5/01/2017 Echoplex - Los Angeles, CA

BLACK WIZARD was forged in 2009 by four high school friends. Founding members Adam Grant and Eugene Parkomenko were both working underwhelming construction jobs at the time, passing the days to the sounds of Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Witch, and Electric Wizard. Heavily motivated by the thick, weighty sounds of bands like Bison and 3 Inches Of Blood monopolizing the scene at the time, "The Wiz" was born. Having followed a true DIY aesthetic, the band has released two full length LPs along with a 7" single independently and sold over five thousand copies worldwide.

The Kut - Record Store Day Release (Criminal / Cargo)

The Kut EP features 4 tracks from the band's two previous, sold out EPs 'Rock Paper Scissors' and 'Make Up', produced by James LeRock Loughrey.  This releases as a limited edition press of 500 picture disc vinyl, with vinyl art designed by Zoltan Kiss.  This is also the image featured on the front of Maha's amplifier; custom made under endorsement by Marshall Amplification. The record releases as an exclusive Record Store Day Release via Criminal Records and Cargo Records on Saturday 22nd April.  The picture disc will be available across the UK and beyond, in participating Record Stores.  The record will be followed by a digital release on Friday 5th May.

Track Listing
1. I Want You Maniac
2. I Don't Need Therapy
3. Bad Man (EDIT)
4. Mario

The full list of Record Store Day releases is now up on the Record Store Day website at


The Kut are a grunge-rock trio, inspired by bands including Nirvana, L7, Hole, Deftones, Placebo and Incubus.  Assembled by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Princess Maha, their 'Rock Paper Scissors' EP was a quick follow up to 2014's 'Make Up' EP, also produced by James LeRock Loughrey (Skindred, White Zombie, Def Leppard).  These two records have since sold out.  The Kut were voted into the winning spots of the MTV Brand New Unsigned Poll for 2014, and have gained a growing list of industry support including BBC Introducing, Scuzz TV, Kerrang!, Kerrang! Radio, Metal Hammer, MTV-U USA, AXS USA, Big Cheese, Amazing Radio and Planet Rock Radio, as well as a large number of credible independent taste-makers.  The band's 'Bad Man' was taken from their since sold out EP.  With gnarly grunge guitars, punk beats and gritty screams, 'Bad Man' was premiered via Kerrang! Magazine, as well as added to the top track's feature for Q Magazine and Classic Rock Magazine.  This year promises to be an exciting one for the band. It started with them appearing in the Kerrang! Breakout Stars of 2017 List, featuring a handful of UK bands who will rock 2017.

The live show is just as energetic, with The Kut voted in as one of the two best acts to play the 'Dog's Bed Stage' after an impromptu set on the 'Dog's Bed Stage' at Download Festival 2015.  2015 also saw the band open the main stages of Glastonbudget and Strummercamp and perform a steady stream of tour dates and festivals. This 2015 tour included 17 UK dates, ending at The Underworld w/ Teenage Bottlerocket.  The band also toured through 2016, including sets at Camden Rocks Festival, Glastonbudget, Rebellion Festival and a summer UK tour.  The 'Hollywood Rock n Roll Tour', hit the UK mainland in 37 dates, including a 30 date stretch across August.  2016 ended with the band's first international tour in Germany and a feature on the BBC Introducing Lancashire NYE show.  2017 already has seen the band announced for Camden Rocks Festival, Nice n Sleazy Festival, Glastonbudget and Rebellion Festival.  At the start of April, the band travelled back to Germany, as well as to Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium and Netherlands for their second international tour.  The six countries tour was well received overseas, and is presently continuing throughout the UK.

Camden Rocks Event @ The Crowndale - 18.3.17


* 29.04.2017 - (GB) LONDON Camden Rocks @ Crowndale
* 27.05.2017 - (GB) LEICESTERSHIRE @ Glastonbudget
* 28.05.2017 - (GB) MORCAMBE @ Nice n Sleazy Festival
* 03.06.2017 - (GB) LONDON @ Camden Rocks Festival


05.08.17 - Rebellion Festival, Blackpool (Main Stage)
07.10.17 - Think Pink Festival w/ Vice Squad
10.11.17 - Hard Rock Hell, North Wales

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bandcamp Bonanza – Skunked

Good god damn, what a freaking week in camp. Dozens of fantastic finds. We even had a skunk spraying noise from the darkness. Check out a few albums harvested within scamp this week.

The Riven – Blackbird
Super fun rock n roll anthems chocked with grooves galore and vocals that chop like an Iron Chef on a head of cabbage. Head bob enticing licks aplenty showing much promise to an up and coming band rising to the surface in a sea of stoner saturation.

Mountain Thrower – Mountain Thrower
Not only do these guys kick major ass on this older album but they have a new one due up later this year. One to definitely keep your eyes on.
These guys are fantastic. Another instance where a band I love recommends a band they love and you fall hard for it. Very 70's indeed with some modern psych effects and littered with classic southern rock riffs and solos. Like a mish mash of Steve Miller Band and The Allman Brothers. Very excited for their new album dropping this year. Keep your ears tuned. Sure to be big. Thanks to Mark of 'Freedom Hawk' for the recommendation.

Orbital Express – Light Years From Home
This one ticks all the right boxes. Heavy 80’s metal vibes with a hard rock punch, razor sharp guitar riffs, and a modern metallic groove that takes the band one step beyond just throwing it back to the good old days. Bits of NWOBHM, elements of stoner rock, and a whole lot of hell ya going on. Proto-metal is alive and well. This is killer.

Riff Fist – King Tide
Well you guessed it; the riffs punch you in the face, knock you to the ground and pummel you slimy waves of fuzz laden heavy punk. The riffs are phat, the bass is voluptuous and the vocals don’t give two shits about what you think. They are here to make a statement. That statement is rock n mutha fucking roll. Raise your glass and your fist because the night is still young and we’ve got some tires to burn.

Bionic Cavemen – Reactor
These guys just flat out rock. If you were lucky enough to be in on the secret with the release of their first album Predator released back in 2013 then you know what I’m talking about.
Riffs of mammoth proportions served up raw with primitive blues that grind scars of distorted fuzz against callused vocal chords to reveal one fine piece of vintage rock ass!

We all knew it was inevitable. If you hang outside long enough you will eventually become victim to the rancid spray of a skunk. Today (4/20) my friends SKUNK based in Oakland, CA released their debut full length album and the rest is history. No need for tomato juice, you’ll actually be rallying for an encore of steamy scent.
Skunked out Sabbath riffage fumigates with a putridly punk rock vocal assault. The Zeppelinesque bluesy swagger hooks you with its deep piercing groove and the solos gas the airwaves with a venom of lethal fuzz

What a week and that just scratches the surface of the excitement of a typical day in bandcamp. Happy 4/20 for those who are reading this a couple days ago. Not only did we not get skunked we just simply ran out of time trying to figure out which one was our favorite. Too many to count.

-The Huntsman

Friday, April 21, 2017


“…a doom/rock amalgam that will stand up to the test of time when this band takes over the planet.”  - Decibel

"one of the greatest metal acts this decade and maybe of all time" - Pop Matters

"...their most accomplished work, their most interesting work, and their most complicated work; it’s also their most intricate, innovative, and impressive in terms of both the writing and performances on display; and somehow, it’s also the flat-out best-sounding and most fun to listen to." - Stereogum

"The band moves out of the shadows of mythology and toward an earth riddled with new problems, broken defenses and evaporating futures. The music follows, with hooks that seem sharper and choruses that demand more attention." - Rolling Stone

Today, progressive doom giants Pallbearer have released their third album: a 7-song collection of monumental rock music titled Heartless, available from Profound Lore in North America (in Europe from Nuclear Blast Entertainment).  Pallbearer recorded Heartless on analog tape at Fellowship Hall Sound in their hometown of Little Rock, AR, and mixed it with Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Melvins, Soundgarden) in summer of 2016.  The end result is an album grander in scope than anything they’ve released prior, showcasing a natural progression that melds higher technicality and more ambitious structures with Pallbearer’s most immediate hooks to date. 

On Heartless, Pallbearer offer a complex sonic architecture that weaves together the spacious exploratory elements of classic prog, the raw anthemics of 90’s alt-rock, and stretches of black-lit proto-metal. Lyrics about mortality, life, and love are set to sharp melodies and pristine three-part harmonies. Vocalist and guitarist Brett Campbell has always been a strong, assured singer, and on Heartless, his work is especially stunning. Written by Campbell and bassist/secondary vocalist Joseph D Rowland, the words have moved from the metaphysical to something more grounded. As the group explains: “Instead of staring into to the void—both above and within—Heartless concentrates its power on a grim reality. Our lives, our homes and our world are all plumbing the depths of utter darkness, as we seek to find any shred of hope we can."

By fusing their widest musical palette to date, Pallbearer make the kind of heavy rock that will appeal to diehards, but could also find the group crossing over into newer territories and fanbases. After having helped revitalize doom metal, it almost feels like they’ve gone and set their sights on rock and roll itself. Which doesn’t seem at all impossible on the back of a record like Heartless.

See Pallbearer on tour in support of Heartless now:

March 25  Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg *
March 28  Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop *
March 29  Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme *
March 30  Indianapolis, IN @ 5th Quarter *
March 31  Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall *
June 2  Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer ^

* w/ Marissa Nadler, Kayo Dot
^ w/ Baroness, Nothing

Pallbearer is:
Brett Campbell - guitar, vocals
Devin Holt - guitar, vocals
Mark Lierly - drums
Joseph D. Rowland - bass, vocals

Heartless, track listing:
1.  I Saw the End
2.  Thorns
3.  Lie of Survival
4.  Dancing in Madness
5.  Cruel Road
6.  Heartless
7.  A Plea for Understanding

* top photo by Diana Lee Zadlo

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records is proud to announce Giöbia to repress "MAGNIFIER" on HPS Records!

is proud to announce a wonderful thing!!

*** Giöbia ***

to repress "MAGNIFIER" on HPS Records!
Release Date May 5th

Released in:
Limted Coloured Gray Vinyl
Black Vinyl
Image result for giobia magnifier
Second repress on Heavy Psych Sounds for this incredible Space Rock-Heavy Psych gem,
New mastering, new graphics, and a new song added to the tracklist: the heavy psych/freakbeat masterpiece from the londoner band The Open Mind called "Magic Potion"
'Magnifier' as an album really does have it all...some ace psychedelic stylings, some heavy spacerock, some lysergic sixties grooves and some more delicate shimmery shoegazing. It has a heaviness that will appeal to some, and the delicate touch that will appeal to others. Another undisputed success for Giöbia.
New incredible artwork by Laura Giardino

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Hazytones - Canadian Tour 2017

The Hazytones are a stoner rock group founded in 2015 in Montreal. The trio stuns the audience with their stage presence and intensity. Riff after riff, the group is known for their fat sound and heavy, overdriven saturation.

The band features the powerful voice and guitar playing of Mick Martel (former founding member of Madcooks),  the accuracy of drummer Antoine St-Germain (current member of God Bless America) and the rigor of the bassist Frederic Couture (former founding member of Reckless Ride).

The Hazytones : Canadian Tour 2017
20: Toronto @ Canadian Music Week
21: Toronto @ Canadian Music Week 2017
22: Toronto @ Canadian Music Week
23: Sault Ste-Marie @ American New Pub House
25: Kenora @ Lake Shore
26: Winnipeg @ The Cavern club
27: Selkirk @ The Merch
28: Régina @ Durty Nelly's
29: Calgary @ Blind Beggar Pub

02: Kelowna @ Fernando's Pub
03: Vancouver @ Media club
04: Nanaimo @ The Cambie Bar & Grill
05: Port Albany @ TBA
06: Victoria @ Logan's
07: Kamloops @ The grind
08: Kelowna @ Munnin's Post
10: Golden @ Rockwater
12: Edmonton @ The Forge
13: Lethbridge @ Smokehouse Bar n Grill
15: Fort Mcmurray @ Tavern on main
16: Moose Jaw @ TBA
17: Palmer @ Palmer Church
18: Prince albert @ TBA
19: Saskatoon @ The Capitol
20: Red Deer @ The Vat Pub
21: Calgary @ The Palomino
22: Arkola @ Buddy's Pub
23: Arkola @ Buddy's pub
25: Winnipeg @ The Handsome Daughter
26: Thunder bay @ Black Pirates Pub
27: Timmins @ The Working Class
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