Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Full Album Stream For Nehoda's New Album But Anyways...

Take a stroll through rock n’ roll. Marvel at its origins and where we’ve reached, during a span of several decades. Nehoda is certainly well aware of the path traveled. After originally playing solo, band founder Patrick Nehoda finally found his voice after meeting drummer Jeremy Gill and bassist Grayson Papa. The band shows reverence to many genres, from grunge to Americana and blues, from good ol’ rock n’ roll to 90s alternative rock. Its title,But Anyways, may seem flippant, but there is heartfelt sincerity in the trio’s writing and playing.


Patrick Nehoda is a rocking chameleon -- his guitar playing shifts effortlessly from mean riffing on opener “I Don’t Know” and “Afterglow,” through the Doors-esque blues of “Devil’s Bitch,” the alt-rock catchiness perfected by Dinosaur Jr. on “Shakey Pop, to the tender melodies that form “Please Don’t Go.” The last of these tracks, which rounds out the record, recalls Radiohead’s classic “True Love Waits” in its simplicity yet devastating effect. Drummer Jeremy Gill and bassist Grayson Papa balance their respective roles perfectly. Gill knows when to let loose on his kit and when to leave it understated, while Papa lays down a solid foundation on which the melodies are constructed.  Patrick had been playing as a solo artist for eight years before this band's current incarnation, but it wasn't until he teamed up with Gill and Papa that the music truly found its voice.


And indeed, master story teller Mr. Nehoda has some yarns to spin against this new musical backdrop. Whether Faustian pacts on the already-acclaimed “Devil’s Bitch,”questioning someone’s authenticity in the title track, or wistful nostalgia on “Walk Away” (a choice lyric: “The promises of our youth keep fading, like your favorite pair of boots they keep aging.”), there’s a line for everybody to connect with. His voice has the right amount of grit and soul, both out in full force on the emotive “Just Another Season,” as he wails “Why, why do I even try?” upon discovery of an unfaithful partner. A powerful song that no doubt sounds even more incredible on the stage -- and they’ve certainly been making their way around the US and UK/Europe already.


All in all, Nehoda provides the perfect soundtrack for many activities -- beer sipping, reminiscing, highway driving, and dancing among them. The album’s many parts are made into a well-crafted whole. But anyways, just listen to it. 


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Xroadie Files

Grimgotts – Saga

Andy Barton – Vocals, David Hills – Guitar, Fabio Garau – Keys, Nelson Moreira – Bass, Mo Abdelgadir – Drums


Northern Passage draws you into the darkest recesses of your imagination. Rise Again shredding leads pounding drums thundering bass with gruff/soaring vocals Plunder Loot And Chantey catchy chant along melodic music. Sagas stand sway sing and just let the amazing musicianship and soaring vocals envelop your very being.


Dissident Aggressor – Death Beyond Darkness


Lloyd Powers – Guitar, Paul Lujan – Drums, Dale Roberts – Guitar/Vocals, Dennis Linder – Bass


The Thrill Can Kill marching rhythms dark riffs then fast hard heavy thrash metal mania. Derelict hit the pit fist pump head bang and just mosh. The Nuthouse power and majestic melodies just envelop you with some scorching leads and excellent vocals. The Hill slowly builds before it kicks into overdrive and just hammers away at you. Dead Bugs shredding thrashing ripping it up metal magic. Blessing In Disguise will have you fist pumping and chanting. Second Coming grab your air guitars and get ready to riff and roll. Forbidden Territories rip back in time to when thrash speed metal ruled the world and enjoy the ride. What A Waste crunchy riffs shredding leads thundering drums pounding bass and great vocals. Going Off hop in your car crank up the tune and jam on down the road. Raped By Society fist pumping head banging hair flying metal madness with some scorching leads. Collage classic speed thrash metal the way its meant to be played. Beginning Of The End close your eyes and drift in your dreams. From The Balls just join as one and head bang till your drop. 15 LBS fast hard heavy chugging riff screaming leads metal mayhem. Premonition just thrash mosh and fist pump till full exhaustion kicks in.


Chastain – For Those Who Dare

David T Chastain – Guitar/Kurtweizel, Leather Leone – Vocals, David Habour – Bass, John Luke Herbert – Drums


For Those Who Dare classics fist pumping head banging metal magic. Night Of Anger shredding guitars soaring vocals and thundering rhythms. I Am The Rain melancholic melodies will just envelop your senses. Set Us Free stand in unison chant and let the scorching leads pull you in. Secrets Of the Damned stand fist pump foot stomp and rock out. Light In The Dark will just pull you into your deepest imaginations. The Mountain Whispers shredding scorching soaring metal madness. Barracuda an amazing version of the Heart classic. Not Much Breathing drifting with your emotions on a sea of melancholic tones. Once Before leads that just send shivers down your spine with excellent musicianship and vocals. Play Their Games catchy heavy riffs just r try and hang on for your life. I Cast No Shadows emotions just envelop your very dreams.


Epitaph- Echoes Entombed: The Demo Anthology (1991-1992)

Mark Good – Bass, Kevin Astl – Drums, Tony Teegarden- Guitar/Vocals, Scott Senokossof – Guitar, Donald Tardy – Vocals


I Endeavour fast hard heavy death metal mania. Once Removed slowly pulls you into hell and grinds you into bloody pieces. Transgression of Dreams thundering drums pounding bass chainsaw riffs and death vocals. Quantum of Solace lost in the blackness of evil dimensions. Inbred screaming inside your head driving your insane. I Endeavor (Mark Lewis remix) hit the pit and just mosh till you drop. Inbred (Mark Lewis remix) dementia that pull you into nothingness. Quantum of Solace (Mark Lewis remix) the pits of hell open and just take you into eerie evil dreams.


Kevin Godley- Muscle Memory

Kevin Godley – Vocals/Drums, Band Members -?????


Expecting a Message psychedelic hard rock with a funky beat. The Ghosts of the Living sitting on the beach watching the waves go by. Hit the Street a very bluesy jazzy emotional piece. The Bang Bang Theory sway groove and dance. 5 Minutes Alone flowing on a cloud of melodies. Cut to the Cat just stand clap groove and sing. One Day take a magical musical journey. All Bones are White close your eyes and drift along. Periscope take a trip back to the 70s and enjoy. Song of Hate emotions just envelop your senses. Bulletholes in the Sky sitting in a smoky bar listening to the piano man play and sing.



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2020 is coming to a close and what a year it's been.


But nothing has stopped us from trying to bring you the best heavy we can find.


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The Crooked Whispers - Satanic Melodies

Have you ever heard an album so damned, so forbidding that it makes you feel terrible for existing? That's the entire point of doom metal isn't it? To awaken one's darkest senses and paint every sinister nerve in your mortal body a crimson shade of red?


I feel like doom metal has such a large fantasy scope in that regard, it's common characteristics of long drawn out riffs, distorted vocals and low n' slow bass all rope together to make daunting, bleak sounds.


Just as these four twisted minds that are The Crooked Whispers, have achieved...


“Satanic Melodies” was released fresh from hell in August this year and is no ordinary doom album. It will cut you with a blunt knife & leave you keeling over in the dark questioning what kind of demonic figure will see to your eventual demise. This fuzzy, swampy, eerie album is the audio version of an effective horror movie. The atmosphere it throws out of your speakers is thick. You will almost be afraid to close your eyes for the visuals it will force you to conjure up in your own mind. (I dare you to do that though, just for fun) There's a touch of psych that slinks its way into this evil masterpiece adding yet another layer of weird interest to indulge in.


This godless ride starts off with an unnerving, smokey sounding bunch of "creeper" notes to set the pace perfectly for the satanic debauchery to come.


"Sacrifice" is a nice cut of doom steak, almost wandering into Electric Wizard territory without being shameless, until the puncturing, ghoulish vocals by Anthony Gaglia, rip you in half & take you on a different, more terrifying path. (Yes, it turns out this IS possible!) I often feel like I am on the outside looking in as far as being sonically involved with occult narratives, in this case though I felt I was sucked right into the dark void. "Evil Tribute" throws a bit of an acid trip groove towards the end of the track, proving that The Crooked Whispers are, even though influenced by the greats of doom, a band that stands out in flames on their own.


The musical beast that really sets this apart from the pack for me is "Profane Pleasure". You may as well position yourself at the head of an alter with a pentagram drawn out in blood around you, light up a nice juicy bong due to the epic riffs & ask the dark lord to join you for a virginal sacrifice in his honor. Pure occult filth done disgustingly well. This one really hits hard.


The title track "Satanic Melodies" is murky, and later lends us this strong & clear guitar tone with a wicked groove that distorts that same riff into a wavier, hollower sound tricking you into thinking the room just got larger. Steady & atmospheric drumming, almost making you think there is something friendly going on, but don't buy into that for even a second, there is not. That is where the outro "Last Call", an erratically spoken piece will drive the final nail into the coffin for your sanity & leave you feeling possessed by this 30-minute musical soul-fuck.


Sometimes it is just nice to not hear wholesome music isn't it? If you're in the mood to escape all that is holy and the boring realms of morality, hook right into Satanic Melodies, a malevolent album. It is wickedly evil, oddly groovy in places and insanely feral.


Best occult album released this year?


Did I feel safe listening to this album? Nope. Did I enjoy it? ....*smirks*


-Easy Rider

Sunday, September 27, 2020

A Ripple Chat with Greek Lyric Soprano and Symphonic Doom Metal Songtress Marialena Trikoglou

Music was a mainstay in our house in my Wonder Years. Sun Ra, Miles Davis, Luciano Pavorotti, Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin. Jimi Hendrix.It was all great and so diversafied.Time portal to now. Marialena Trikoglou brings her diverse, huge love of music to us here for a special conversation.


Your 1st solo album "Vanity" released in March carries a great vibe to it, something unique to you that people are looking for. Can you describe how you came to be a solo soprano and also singing symphonic Doom metal?


First of all I’d like to thank you for your kind words and for the interview. Actually music is my job, my studies and my life. I have had classic studies in music as a soprano. The reason I decided to deal with metal music is that it was a dream of mine since I was 10 years old. With Horrorgraphy we sang with some harsh vocals,while I had the clean soprano parts. I have always preferred to sing in metal music songs that allow my voice to emerge and songs that mix the classic with the metal scene so I can keep my identity .


In listening to you live (on my must do list asap) there is emotion simmering to the surface of the  music, grooving to your artistic output. Do you prefer live or in studio to share your music?


Sharing your music and emotions live at the stage with the public singing with you, is something that you will never get in a studio. I believe that every artist dream (and certainly mine) is to get to the point of sharing their music live.


Having a band with one superb vocalist in it is special. 'Horrorgraphy' had 2 even 3 at times between yourself, Seek and Pain each singing differently. Was this your 1st band? Are the lyrics and music written specifically that way, this process sounds fascinating?


Yes that was my first band. Every song has it's own story to tell. We wanted it to be that way. Actually  I think the difference with this album, was it is something more like a classical music arrangement with metal influences.


Your debut release this year "Vanity" was simply superb, so very atmospheric/symphonic metal laden but all your own. Was this music you had written before 'Horrorgraphy', were you at all on a mission to write "Vanity" i
mmediately after you left the band?


No there was no rush. I just wanted to create a solo project,so I could do anything I wanted with it. Unfortunately you have to be very lucky to have a band where you can communicate completely with all members,while having a common dream and goals.So for that reason I decided to move on from "Horrography"


Marialena, tell us about your growing up in Greece, who influenced you when you were younger and then as you progressed in the scene. Did you find it hard to break into the metal scene?


I love Greece!! I am grateful to have grown up here. This country really has  treasures in it's cultural heritage. I grew with Greek composers like Hatzidakis and Theodorakis and classical music. I always admired movies like "Lord of the Rings" so I started learning more about that kind of music. When I started my studies in opera  I discovered a whole new world, learning from my all time favourite composer Wagner. For me his music opened a huge door in celtic music, soundtracks and metal. Then I started searching for influences of symphonic music in metal. I found masterpieces of songs and music written for videogames and then I realised the strength of the music when fantasy is used. I like that it has something to tell, and that is the meaning of the art. Unfortunately Greece is a deep country for everything like that nowadays. For me it was difficult enough to enter in the metal scene especially in my country as we don’t support that kind of music as much.For classical singers it is difficult to find musicians for a band  to collaborate with.


You play the piano and sing, and are a vocal coach. Please share some of your other talents with us. Other instruments, cooking, modeling, artist maybe?


When I was younger I used to draw a lot. I love art. I was also a dance teacher in the past. As an artist dance helped me a lot to release my body and to be easier for me to dance and sing consistently at the same time when I participated in musicals for example.I make some delicious sweets and deserts.


You are a gifted vocalist as both a lyric soprano, performing in operas  and  also your singing in a symphonic Doom metal ban, 1st with "Horrorgraphy" and now with this superb solo album "Vanity". Which motivates you more and where do you see yourself  2 years from now?


Right now I am active in my solo project, backed by a superb band. As a singer I love doing different things and also collaborations. Each one of them (opera and metal) has its own magic. But for me sharing the stage with the band is something unique. I can express myself as I really want and the vibes we have as a team are great. I see myself touring all over the world, a dream that I have had for so many years.

You finished studying classical song in 2018, when did you decide you wanted to go solo and when did you start the writing process for "Vanity"?


When I finished my studies I went to Venice for extra studies in opera. There I realized after meeting many sopranos that I had the need to do something that was completely mine.  I started playing some melodies on piano. I love opera but metal was always my dream. So after one year I decided I wanted to make my own album.


What was Vangelis Gialamas, a very good friend's contribution to the writing and making of the album? Did you have previous material written?


With Vangelis, he and I had collaborated before. He is a good friend of mine and also an excellent and very talented musician. That was the reason I trusted him with my album. To be honest I had some ideas and written melodies but he was involved in all aspects of the album. He wrote the music, played all the instruments and did the final production. I had some vocal ideas and melodies, but most  important to me, what i really wanted to do was to write the lyrics.


Marialena, who were your musical influences that brought you where you are today soprano and metal wise?


Well that’s a very interesting question. Of the many different composers the one that influenced me in the way I see music now was Richard Wagner. I always admired the epic and celtic music. I found them both in his operas. As an opera singer I sang many of his arias, the atmosphere of the music and all his thematology that had to do with Scandinavian mythology was something that really touched my soul. Searching more for his music, a whole world opened for me. I found great composers such as Howard Sor, who wrote the music for “Lord of the Rings” with a huge influence from Wagner`s music. Bach and Wagner opened the ways for the metal scene something that you can notice in Blind Guardian`s music and thematology too. I also love medieval game`s music that has a touch of epic and fantasy  style. Loreena Mackennitt is an artist who also influenced me a lot with all her Celtic and dreamy compositions. Nightwish has some epic, atmosphere symphonic music with more of an aggressive style but with a soprano voice who can keep a balance in both. That`s the reason I think that there is a connection with classical and metal music. I also love Haggard and Therion who can also play metal music with orchestras.


There is a great amount of emotion in the lyrics for the title song in "Vanity". Did you write the music also?


Yes I wrote the lyrics. That song means a lot to me because I was passing through a difficult situation in my life. I used that for my inspiration. Except for some ideas in the choruses, Vangelis wrote the music. For those reasons the song is the title track of my album and is also going to be the official video clip of the album.


It must be hard to have a personal life when the goal of all musicians is to share the music with live audiences, traveling everywhere. Does it cause a rift in your social life, with your friends, a boyfriend or family?


Going on a tour is a big goal, but is something I am really planning and have in mind. Being a vocalist is something I chose knowing the consequences. I am trying to have a balance in my personal life and my “ job” and if you have chosen people around you who can understand that, I think that everything is possible. The difficult part the most of the times can be a boyfriend but luckily I dated musicians so they understood me better. For now I am single so my main focus is my career.


Symphonic Metal has a big following across the ocean. It's not as big in Greece. Now music and pandemic are sadly intertwined and does not allow for live shows. Did you have thoughts of holding the album back?


I know that Greece is not so supportive of symphonic metal music although we have some superb bands who have made great careers and that gives me strength. I had thoughts yes, and I delayed my solo album release one month, but we had no idea how much time all of this situation would last so I couldn`t wait for something which maybe would have ended in one month, maybe in one year.


This fantastic path you have made for yourself, is there anything that going back you would change?


I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Going back in time maybe I couldn`t have the chances I had, I couldn`t make the same mistakes so I`ll learn from them to become who I am today. I wouldn`t change a thing although I do have some regrets. But I am happy I made them. I was to study in a music school and although it hurts me now and doesn`t make sense, the choices wouldn`t be just my decision alone, but someone else`s for me. I don't regret beginning my studies in music at the age of 20 while totally supporting myself, because that was completely my decision. So with all the good and the bad I am proud of what I have accomplished so far, something that would have been different if I had made other decisions.


The digital age in music is here to stay but vinyl is still very popular. Which do you prefer and why?


I can`t say that I am just a vintage lover but I really adore vinyl. I think that it’s a little treasure to have your own albums populating one wall in your house and to be able to see and listen to them anytime you like. I always preferred to touch my memories. For example the photo albums I have, for me have a huge meaning and it is very touching to have your past life experiences to see again but inside your home.


Being a lyric soprano is a special talent. Lots of practice and talent bring you here. Tell me exactly what is a lyric soprano versus a vocalist?


As a classical singer and also a teacher I have to be sure that no matter what kind of music one sings, the safe and correct beginning for every voice is the classical training. That has nothing to do with opera singers and what kind of vocalist you want to become. It is more for you to learn how to use your voice and body. I respect every vocalist who knows many techniques and are classically trained, it`s easier for someone to do anything they want with their voice. As for opera singers it is only classic training, which is something more difficult and demanding because if you train on only one thing, then you have to be perfect at it. Opera singers and especially sopranos use their head voice so their voice is more sensitive because of the high notes, meaning they have to always be careful. So each one, soprano and vocalist has it`s difficulties and you have to train hard if you want to be good at whichever one you`re doing.


You can follow her profesional page on fb

and also my instagram page marialena_official


You can find the full album in my bandcamp


From the 2020 solo release "Vanity"

photography credits first 3 pictures: Alexandra Airloth.  The last one: Eirini Giorgi

Saturday, September 26, 2020

RIPPLE MUSIC welcome new bands Starified, Appalooza, Jakethehawk and Thunder Horse to their roster for the release of new albums in 2021!

Bay Area-based independent label RIPPLE MUSIC just inked deals with Starified (Russia), Appalooza (France), Jakethehawk (USA) and Thunder Horse (USA) for the release of their upcoming new albums in early 2021. Let's have a quick roundup!


RIPPLE MUSIC is an independent, California-based label revered worldwide for unearthing the finest bands in heavy rock, stoner, doom and metal through a constant flow of quality releases since 2010, including the latest outings from Scott "Wino" Weinrich, Tony Reed, Wo Fat, Mothership, Mos Generator, The Necromancers, Zed, Vokonis and many others. The label is also known for initiating memorable collaborations between great musicians from the heavy rock world through the release of their sold-out 'Second Coming of Heavy' and 'Turned To Stone' split records, as well as the more recent 'Blood and Strings' acoustic series.


︎ More info on Ripple Music : WebsiteFacebookBandcampInstagram




Appalachian rockers JAKETHEHAWK take things into the high-as-hell eighties and lowlife nineties, dredging from the lake floor Kyuss and early Soundgarden but with a bit more hipshake and no Subpop pretension or cynicism. Expect some skyscraping solos, mammoth riffs wrapped in a delightful dose of mystique, as the Pittsburgh foursome is ready to release its third album in early 2021.

︎ More info on Jakethehawk

Instagram | Facebook | Bandcamp





Hailing from Texas, THUNDER HORSE delivers metal that is played slow and low, with an intensity few others can replicate. A wall of amps and an almost tribal rhythmic vibe produces a guttural sound with intense and mind-bending sensations. Imagine if Black Sabbath and Jane’s Addiction melded into one band and had a Pink Floyd influenced stage show with a Quadraphonic PA.

︎ More info on Thunder Horse

Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram





Moscow’s heavy progressive rockers STARIFIED are a hard-hitting, groove-driven power trio led by a singing drummer. The band call themselves students of the old school rock masters: from Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to Foo Fighters and Jack White, the Russian trio worships at the altar of powerful riffs, stirring melodies and a raw and dirty garage sound.

︎ More info on Starified

Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram





APPALOOZA is a long-gone stallion speeding after a lost freedom. Formed in Brest, France, in 2012, the band takes its cue from the alt-heavy firepower of Alice in Chains, as well as the rock'n'roll stampede of the likes of Queens of the Stone Age or Them Crooked Vultures, propelling itself with a creativity and sense of direction that are the essence of great bands.

︎ More info on Appalooza


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Disgraceland - Three For One

Disgraceland, UK's finest from the beautiful Devon, formed out of the ashes of the excellent Grifter and are spearheaded by the former's singer/ guitarist Ollie Stygall and drummer Foz. But I guess all other similarities ends there. This new trio of knuckleheads, rounded out by bass player, Chris Glew, go for balls out punk rock'n'roll soaked in badass riffs and with a tongue-in-cheek fuck-you approach in the lyrics. And that's how I want my punk rock'n'roll, you hear?! So far these miscreants have self-released three EPs: 'EP # 1', 'Leftovers' and 'Dose 'Em Up' and all three are covered below, so keep on reading, dear wave riders, and get dosed up!


‘EP #1’

Prior to recording their debut, Disgraceland put down a number of songs on tape, “rough” versions, as a reference point for those sessions. And 5 tracks made it onto ‘EP #1’. Disgraceland start off the proceedings with ‘You Deserve It’ and it comes at you at 200 mph. Has a feel of cowpunk and surf rock to it, which is mainly in the guitar playing, and with a welcoming healthy dose of Motörhead thrown in to spice it up even more. Great start, indeed! ‘I Gots It All’ is a short, sharp, shock attack and the guitar retains the surf rock feel in the verses while the choruses goes balls out with some furious playing. ‘Best Little Doggie In Town’ sees the band slow down on the pace and that serves the title so well. You could take this song at face value where Disgraceland has perfectly captured the life and swagger of a dog is spot on. But it is actually more serious than that, as it deals with people who will do anything to be in a relationship which is very unhealthy. ‘Just Some Fucking Words’ is simply brilliant! Slow and lurking like something out of Twin Peaks, the choruses turn into Therapy? with a nice bluesy solo on top of it all. Add the tongue-in-cheek lyrics and voila la, a great song with just fucking words. The EP ends with ‘100% Cunt’ which is an intense dollop of punk rock’n’roll. Full tilt going for the balls with lyrics to match.




As the title bluntly states, this EP contains leftovers originating from the ‘EP #1’ sessions. These are almost in pristine condition, in this case meaning very little touching up was done. Ollie had been sick for a while so his voice is rough which actually suits the songs really well. And there are no backing vocals from Chris. After the debut was released the unused songs were forgotten. That is until the band found them and loved what they heard. So presto….welcome to the world, ‘Leftovers’!


‘2nd Bite’ lays down the law, no questions asked. Intense, in-yer-face and right to the point. Treat me bad one time is fine but make a second attempt, second bite, and you’re shit out of luck. ‘Drunken Ninja’ has that surf rock feel to the opening guitar riff but after that it’s no holds barred boogie hard punk. And who hasn’t been a drunk ninja? Just asking. ‘Just Like That’ has such a nice Motörhead feel to it with some crazed and frenzied punk approaches in the verses. Absolutely love it!


‘Dose ‘Em Up’

Hitting the airwaves in June 2020, a year after their debut, ‘Dose ‘Em Up’ is a natural progression the previous releases. At the same time, this recording ties back to ‘EP #1’ with the song, ‘Harvey’. It never made the cull back then but definitely fits the mold here.


Opener ‘Storming In An H Cup’ flies out of the gate just like Disgraceland does it. It rocks and roll while leaving no stone unturned as the band sings about how all aspects to cover in keeping a relationship. Especially the physical and mental needs and it’s not always an easy task. Next up is the blistering ‘Hillbilly Heroin’. Has a spaghetti western feel to it throughout musically but in the shape of punk. Brings forth what happened to kids aged 16-21 in the American Midwest during the 80s and early 90s. Encouraged by pill makers doctors prescribed Oxycontin whether needed or not for free. By the time these kids turned 21 they were hooked but had to pay and this became known as Hillbilly Heroin. ‘Harvey’ kicks ass big time and I love how much Ollie’s voice reminds me of Pete Stahl, around the time of Wool. Don’t who this song is about per se but about a typical rich, powerful scuzzballs who uses their wealth and position to rape and pillage. ‘Hard Of Thinking’ is intense to say the least. To me it sounds like Therapy? with Andy Cairns and Pete Stahl sharing the vocals. Lyrically it’s something we all deal with daily, I’d say, ignorant and brainless zombified knuckleheads…hence the title. Smashing song with a great unexpected reggae outro. Full frontal Motörhead on triple doses of speed is what ‘Adult Fuckery’ is and fantastic neckbreaker, at that as well. Apart from being able to earn money, screw and drink being an adult sucks bad! This amazing EP ends with the perfect homage to spaghetti westerns, Ennio Morricone and Clint Eastwood…’Clint’. It’s an instrumental composition which also plays praises to punk, surf rock and Black Sabbath.


So what else is there to say? Well, Disgraceland are a class act who show they don’t mess around. They are the real deal and these three EPs clearly emphasizes this. It might sound corny but each release show a step up, of not standing still to make the music interesting and keep it that way. To me, that’s rare within the realm of punk and very refreshing. Whatever you, whatever your musical preferences are, don’t miss out on this trio of miscreants because their music will make your life so much better. Great stuff, indeed!



Thursday, September 24, 2020

Slow Draw Premieres New Single "Unexpected Suspect" Off Upcoming EP Quiet Joy!

Mark Kitchens (one half of the doom jazz duo Stone Machine Electric) has weaved another meditational soundscape with his solo project Slow Draw.  It is simply impossible to listen to the four tracks on Quiet Joy and not be transported to a place where you are temporarily removed from yourself.  A place where you are able to observe and appreciate all your deepest, darkest fears and doubts without fear or anxiety.  You are awash in a sea of serenity and quiet detachment..  Thanks Mark! 


Pre-orders are available now!  

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Xroadie Files

Laser Dracul – Hagridden

Micke -Bass/Vocals, Lars-Guitar, Jocke-Guitar , Henrik-Drums


Ashes And Dust drifting an an open time place and dimension just flow along with some scorching leads. High Tide Striding slow slithering doom y stoner rock metal madness. Ill In Spirit just drags you into a pit of mayhem and delusion. Into The Night We Go thundering pulsating bass with pounding drums and eerie guitars. Mother Midnight crunchy riff thundering rhythms with stoner rock vocals. Now You See floating in a sea of melancholic nothingness.


<iframe width="1280" height="1110" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Rat Boogie – Bad Gravity


Mika Palosaari – Vocals/Guitar, Mika Säkkinen – Bass/Vocals, Pasi Aikio – Drums


The Unbearables just get up and boogie till you drop. Wonderboy funky bass catchy beats and soulful vocals. Go Down (Wayward Sun) heavy guitar strums thumping bass pounding drums and melodic vocals. David Bow dance groove and sing as the music envelops your senses. Another Day, Another Night kicking back with friends just rocking out. Downriver kicking back in the bar watching the band jam on stage. Some Kind Of Light clap fist pump and sing. Unhappy World jut close your eyes and drift in your dreams. Dance The Night Away just get on your feet dance sing sway groove and enjoy the ride. Cold Sun blues slow w emotional music that just lets your imagination take over. Lost Without Trace psychedelic rock with great melodies. Perfect Life (Alone) take a trip back to the music of the 70s and trip away.


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Circuline – Circulive:New View

Andrew Colyer – Keyboards/Vocals/Percussion, Darin Brannon – Drums/Keyboards/Percussion, Natalie Brown – Vocals/Percussion, William “Billy” Spillane – Vocals/Guitar/Percussion, Alek Darson – Guitar/Percussion, Joel Simches – Bass/Bass Pedals/Drums


Intro + Erosion spoken words and majestic classical music envelops your senses. Soleil Noir just let the music pulls you into your imagination. One Wish soft melodies just take you away in your dreams. Nautilus drifting on a cloud of emotions and excellent musicianship. Piano Challenge prog rock extravaganza. Hollow soaring vocals with catchy melodies. Return (acoustic) close your eyes and be pulled into your imagination. Fallout Shelter space rock psychedelia. Pale Blue Dot just enjoy the musical journey. Forbidden Planet + Drum Feature a strange psychedelic tune with a catchy drum solo. Inception flow piano notes just envelop your senses. Summit close your eyes and dream. Stereotypes jazzy prog rock music that just pulls you in.


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Gravehuffer- NecroEclosion

Travis McKenzie – Vocals, Ritchie Randall – Guitar/Vocals, Mike Jilge – Bass, Jay Willis – Drums/Vocals


Custom of the Sea just slams you against the wall of aggression. Hellhound crushing riffs thundering rhythms and gruff vocals. Sights to the Sky hit the pit slam sweat and just thrash about. Death Before Disco one strange disco tune that just wrecks your head at the end. Stingray crunchy riffs pounding rhythm and strong vocals. Smaller Than Death just take one imaginative musical journey. Ghost Dance fast hard heavy metal thrashing madness. Quarantine Death Machine a blast in the face of hatred and despair. Causes slow melancholic tones that just drag you into hell as they kick into overdrive. Backpack mosh till you drop. Mad Wolf dark mayhem that envelop all.


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Fermentor- Continuance

Dylan Marks – Drums, Adam Wollach – Guitar


The Stench crunchy riffs pounding rhythms with shredding guitars and dark influences. Thunderboss hit the pit slam mosh and thrash till death. Mechanism just pounds dementia and madness into your very being. The Decay of Western Society pulls you into the depths of despair and mayhem. Seventh Circle ripping tearing thrashing metal music. Landbridge dark heavy powerful music that envelops your senses. Cotterpin hit the pit slam sweat and mosh. Stage V just hang on for one wild musical trip. Cut N Shut crushing guitars with pounding drums. Project Zeus fast hard heavy metal mania.


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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

SODOM: German Thrash Metal Legends To Release New Album Genesis XIX November 27th In North America Via Entertainment One; Cover Art And Track Listing Revealed + Preorders Available

[Photo by Moritz "Mumpi" Künster]

German thrash metal legends, SODOM, will release their new studio album, Genesis XIX, on November 27th via Entertainment One ("eOne") in North America and Steamhammer/SPV in Europe.


The album was recorded by Siggi Bemm and mastered by Patrick W. Engel and comes shrouded in the cover illustration of Joe Petagno of Motörhead fame. Find the track listing and cover art below.


Genesis XIX will be released as a CD digipak, exclusive 2xLP (on translucent orange with opaque silver swirls - an eOne store exclusive), and digitally. For preorders, go to THIS LOCATION.  


Stand by for further info and track teasers to be unveiled in the weeks to come. 


Genesis XIX Track Listing:

1. Blind Superstition

2. Sodom & Gomorrah

3. Euthanasia

4. Genesis XIX

5. Nicht mehr mein Land

6. Glock N' Roll

7. The Harponeer

8. Dehumanized

9. Occult Perpetrator

10. Waldo & Pigpen

11. Indoctrination

12. Friendly Fire



Tom Angelripper -- bass, vocals

Frank Blackfire -- guitars

Yorck Segatz -- guitars

Toni Merkel -- drums


Monday, September 21, 2020

A Ripple Conversation With Tommy Keeling Of Minatore

When I was a kid, growing up in a house with Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, and Simon and Garfunkel, the first time I ever heard Kiss's "Detroit Rock City," it was a moment of musical epiphany. It was just so vicious, aggressive and mean. It changed the way I listened to music. I've had a few minor epiphany's since then, when you come across a band that just brings something new and revolutionary to your ears.


What have been your musical epiphany moments?


Like yourself, KISS was a big one with Alive 2, but also ZZ Top and their videos, in my early years. I then moved into grunge and Brit pop and then post punk, so bands like Sleater Kinney, Reuben, My Vitriol, smashing pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr.


Talk to us about the song-writing process for you. What comes first, the idea? A riff? The lyrics? How does it all fall into place?


Sometimes it’s when Morgan brings a beat, sometimes the songs write themselves and it’s more like I’m trying to translate something really fast into a riff, sometimes a verse.


Who has influenced you the most?


I’ve been lucky enough to play with and for a lot of talented people, I think that they have inspired me the most. Along with the bands we get to perform with. Healthy Junkies, Witch of the East, Haggard Cat, Diablo Furs.


Where do you look for continuing inspiration? New ideas, new motivation?


Like I said before, the people around me! Their projects are so cool and DIY. A Void, Arch Femesis, YuR MuM, Weekend Recovery, there’s countless others


We're all a product of our environment. Tell us about the band's hometown and how that reflects in the music?


I’m from North Nottingham, I don’t think you can grow up where I did and not have it have influence of you as an adult. I would imagine my love for angry riffs comes from that.


Where'd the band name come from?


MINATORE means Miner in Italian. It’s a tip of the hat to area i’m from, which was all constructed around coal mines. 


You have one chance, what movie are you going to write the soundtrack for?


A horror movie that’s not been made yet. I used to love listening to soundtracks of movies, I discovered so many artists that way.


You now write for a music publication (The Ripple Effect?).  You're going to write a 1,000 word essay on one song. Which would it be and why?


Wow, one song when my brain is like a continuous juke box of every song I’ve ever heard. Probably Yankee Rose by David Lee Roth. Haha


Come on, share with us a couple of your great, Spinal Tap, rock and roll moments?


MINATORE is a wild band live, but we’re pretty chilled people offstage. Maybe Morgan  asking a promoter for some petrol money and reluctantly being handed a crumpled £5 note.


Tell us about playing live and the live experience for you and for your fans?


Playing live for us is everything, we love the moments on stage where we get everything perfect, and it just feels amazing. Seeing people in other bands singing along to your music and inspiring them to play even harder than they already do


What makes a great song?


Something that’s catchy I guess. As much as a song can be good because of its content, I think the moment you hear the song is important. The context of it. We really have fun making complicated things sound as simple as possible.


What one single album do you wish that you'd writen or performed on, and why?


Oh wow. Well there’s an album by Nico Vega from 2009. I wish I wrote all of that album and I wish I was playing in that band at least. Really cool tricky breaks, smart melodies.


What piece of your music are particularly proud of?


Boys Tell Lies, I wrote it extremely quickly about rape culture. Although I worry it will get missed as being against guns. I’m against both. 


Who today, writes great songs? Who just kicks your ass? Why?


Jamie Lenman, I’ve been a big fan from his Reuben days. He releases a lot of music, and it’s all diverse. It could be heavy, or it could be delightful.


Vinyl, CD, or digital? What's your format of choice?


I’m going to cheat and say Vinyl with a digital download code. I love Vinyl, but it’s not as easy to share with friends. So it’s good to get a digital version on your device to play.


Whiskey or beer?  And defend your choice


Beer in the morning, whisky after noon. 


We, at the Ripple Effect, are constantly looking for new music. What's your home town, and when we get there, what's the best record store to lose ourselves in?


Rough Trade Nottingham is one of only a tiny amount of shops selling music. So start there and catch any band playing in the evening too.


What's next for the band?


We have a video for the Hour coming up, and hopefully have a few more songs out before the end of the year. Doesn’t look like any shows will happen. 


Any final comments or thoughts you'd like to share with our readers, the waveriders?


Really appreciate, please check out the artists I mentioned.


To buy or listen to our new tracks direct via our website


Check out the new video (from 28/08/2020)

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