Friday, May 31, 2019

DAAL DAZED release their self-titled debut 12"-vinyl EP this summer via H42 RECORDS

DAAL DAZED announced their debut release, a self-titled 3-song 12” EP! It’s a raw and bluesy hard rocker featuring bottleneck guitars and a percussion heavy rhythm section.

Invisible Prison starts out as a smooth opener before climaxing into an organ-driven, heavy finale.
Freedom combines funky drumming with Hendrix-esque guitars & vocal delivery!
And lastly, Angel Babe closes the EP with a bang!

The music of DAAL DAZED is inspired and driven by heavyweights of blues rock of the 70s, like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. The sound is raw and loud, without getting lost in details. It's clear where the journey is going. Unadulterated raw Blues Rock, with all corners and edges. Raw Music. Primitively beautiful. Do not worry, be heavy!

Philipp Bergmann: Drums
Philipp Staab: Vocals
Michael Imhof: Percussion
Julian Kaatz: Bass
Simon Steigerwald: Guitar
Kim Steigerwald: Guitar

H42 Records –


Thursday, May 30, 2019


Eye of the Destroyer’s critically acclaimed album Baptized in Pain is
coming to Europe and Japan with a brand new international exclusive. Their
breakout record will be re-released as a six panel digipak through Filled
With Hate Records - a German label that has released carefully curated New
Jersey hardcore heavyweights such as NJ Bloodline and Fury of Five. This
re-release includes a cover of Nirvana’s “Breed” that has been getting
heavy rotation on Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal. This rare album that Metal
Injection gave a nine out of ten can also be found stateside at any Eye of
the Destroyer show, but quantities will be limited.

Frontman Joe Randazza says, "We could not be more excited about releasing
this record in Europe and Japan. The band put so much work into making this
album and the feedback so far has been incredible! Can't wait for our
friends overseas to be able to get their hands on it."

About the Album

Baptized in Pain is the sixth release and second full length from diverse
New Jersey Metal group Eye of the Destroyer. Though it has been a long
time coming, this album feels fresh and new. With a lineup change featuring
former drummer Joe Randazza making the move to vocals and John Scott, a
well known veteran of the New Jersey music scene on drums, Eye of the
Destroyer is stronger and more raw than ever.

Leaning into the band’s symbolic rebirth, Baptized in Pain makes its
debut on the weekend of the Scorpio Full Moon, May 17th. This album
contains a visceral mix of classic death metal rooted in hardcore,
harrowing lyrics about the plague of humanity, and good old fashioned north
Jersey grit.

Baptized in Pain was recorded at Dome Studios, a historic New Jersey
hardcore gem that has also hosted the likes of E-Town Concrete, Agents of
Man, One4One, and NJ Bloodline. It was mixed and mastered by Keegan
Okazaki of Nocturnal Audio, a young and hungry upcoming sound engineer
from Toronto, Canada. Eye of the Destroyer is forging their own path by
releasing the album stateside through homegrown High Potency Productions and
overseas via Filled With Hate Records. This rough group of scene
underdogs come together on Baptized in Pain to make this release the
hard-hitting wild card of 2019.

Eye of the Destroyer is Joe Randazza, Chris Halpin, Dan Kaufman, and John
Scott, and they’ve made it clear that they’re not going anywhere.

01. Rebirth
02. Buried Alive
03. Death Master
04 Body Snatcher
05 Life Of Deceit
06 Postmortem Mutilation
07. Baptized In Pain
08. False Prophet
09. Disposal Of Flesh
10. Twisted Perception
11. Starved and Hanging
12. Stalked And Slain
13. Endless Suffering
14. Violent By Design
15. Plagued With Regret
16. Face Down
Stream and download Baptized in Pain here:

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Hot Suede – ST
Bobby W Topaz – Vocals, Doug Nelson – Guitar, Scott Reed – Guitar, Brett Southard – Drums, Chad Toney – Bass

Roll A Bone catchy riffs memorable beats soulful vocals just get up and rock out. The Otherside chugging guitars a very memorable rhythm just grooving along. Forget About You kickin back in the bar just rocking out to a hard rock blues based soulful music. Got What You Came For sway swing and clap along to one bluesy tune. Watch Me Burn southern swampy blues based rock n roll. Make It Harder has one catchy riff that just grabs you and won’t let go. Splits is a great get in your car crank up the tunes and just jam down the highway. Interlude a soft flowing psychedelic short tune. Tell Me close your eyes and just drift along with a catchy musical journey. Occasional Lover chugging bluesy emotional hard rock. The Trail stand up hand clap fist pump sing along and just rock out. Good Maroon emotional guitars just flow all around gently.

Hearteater – A House In Rapture
Emil Schaldemose, Mikkel Rejkjaer Clausen, Andre Sonderbaek, Michael Dahl Christensen, Emil Breuning

…She Whispered the World fast heavy punkish strange music to just take a wild trip with. Carcosa hit the pit slam and sweat as bodies crash into each other. The Ocean of Time chugging thrashing metal riffs that just cut thru you. Teeth (With Which To Eat) hard riffs heavy beats growling vocals that just pummel you. Ataraxia slow melancholic guitar. We Burn The Same hard heavy riffs a catchy rhythm gruff vocals that just pull you into the tune. A House In Rapture fast heavy punch you in the face hardcore metal.     Keyser melancholic music hard heavy and fast. Bleeding The Sky melancholic tune that just swallows you whole. Building And Burning just slams into you full force and pummels you with aggression. While We Fall chugging thrashing pounding hardcore metal. (52 Hz) flowing guitars. Vile/Rebirth hit the pit slam and sweat as you get your aggressions out.

Frust – Recurring Dreams
Mario Steiner

To The Bone classical overtones. Recurring Dream dark dreary melancholic music from the pits of hell. SfrawdDica gothic moody music that just pulls you under. Earth the darkness swallows you whole and just envelops you in misery. Hoffnung fast heavy dark creepy death music. Vita Somnium Breve slowly pulled into the mouth of hell. Call Of Madness the emptiness inside your mind drives you insane. Frei Im Traum melancholic tones just envelop you in sadness. Till Dawn Redeems Me close your eyes and just be pulled in to a strange dementia. Verfall almost 8 minutes of mind tripping dementia.

Bastardizer – Dawn Of Domination
Chris Beesley – Vocals, Bill Morgan – Guitar, Matt Clarke – Bass, George Delinicolis – Drums

Dawn of Domination (Intro) dark heavy majestic marching music. A Dose of Vengeance heavy fast punch you in the throat death metal. Crimson Trenches a thrashing ripping shredding death metal tune. Death Cult shredding guitars pounding rhythms hit the pit and get all your aggressions out. Demons Unleashed get out the air guitars and just rip and tear it up with some scorching leads. Whiskey Till Death has a very Motorhead meets death metal sound. Up The Ante chugging guitars thrashing rhythms just get in and hold on for a wild ride. Hellions Of The Oath thrash metal mayhem with gruff vocals and chugging riffs. Midnight In Hell ripping tearing shredding thrashing music. Mongrel’s Wrath/The Depraved Nazarene Whore just hit the pit thrash and slam around into each other. Unholy Alliance fast heavy punch you in the face thrash metal with growling vocals.

Crestfallen Queen – Queen of Swords
K – Guitar, A – Drums, E – Vocals/Keyboards, G – Guitar, H – Bass

Umbra eerie sounds envelop and surround you. Queen of Swords slow melancholic guitars just float in the air the music grows to a majestic metal meets doom feel just hang on for the ride. Eurydice’s Lullaby over 9 minutes of a melancholic musical journey just close your eyes and drift along with some searing leads. Invocation just an eerie intro. Ghost Warriors one magical mystical doom prog rock journey just kick back and enjoy. Lethean Bed just get ready for a slow moody musical trip of a tune.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

ROADSAW: Boston’s Hard Rock Bruisers Are Back, Louder and Heavier Than Ever! | New Album Out Next Month, Share New Song ‘Shake’

Tinnitus the Night by Roadsaw is officially released on 7th June 2019

Stream and share new song ‘Shake’ –
Pre-order the album now at
Roadsaw on Facebook

It’s been a long time coming but the wait is finally over. Boston legends Roadsaw return this June with their eighth full-length album, Tinnitus the Night, a record that’s sure to please their faithful followers, while pulling in plenty of new ones along the way.

With a sound as searing and sleazy today as it was eighteen years ago, the heart and soul of the classic Roadsaw line-up has remained intact with Ian Ross on guitar, Tim Catz on bass and Crain Riggs doubling up on vocal and drum duties. Once again the band holed up in familiar digs at Mad Oak Studios in Allston with Benny Grotto on production. Packed front to back with rippers, trippers, killers and thrillers, from opener ‘Along for The Ride’ through to the stoner opus ‘Peel’, and weighty epic of ‘Midazolam’, Roadsaw dig deep to deliver the goods.

With every tour and new record released, their fans and friends come back for more. On the road, they've shared stages big and small on both sides of the Atlantic with the likes of Orange Goblin, Fu Manchu, Queens of The Stone Age, Nebula, Karma To Burn, Black Label Society and many others. They’ve also been regular guests at CMJ and SXSW events and played every metal and stoner festival that would have them.

Tinnitus the Night by Roadsaw is officially released on 7th June 2019 via Ripple Music, While you wait, stream and share new song ‘Shake’ right here – `


Ian Ross – Guitar
Craig Riggs – Vocals
Tim Catz – Bass

1. Along For The Ride
2. Shake
3. Fat Rats
4. Final Phase
5. Peel
6. Knock Em All Down
7. Find What You Need
8. Under The Devil's Thumb
9. Midazolam
10. Silence

Artist: Roadsaw
Album: Tinnitus The Night
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: 07/06/2019
Format: CD/LP/Digital


Monday, May 27, 2019

Calgary's Decimate MetalFest Announces 2019 Line-Up w/ Into Eternity, Hammerdrone, Quietus, Planet Eater, Centuries of Decay and more!

DMF 2019 Line-Up Spotify Playlist here.

Calgary's DECIMATE Metal Festival returns for its second year with its biggest line up to date. Welcoming acts from across Canada, this year's headliners announced are Into Eternity, Hammerdrone, Quietus, Planet Eater, Centuries of Decay (2018 Wacken Metal Canada Champions) among many more on the 20 plus band event being hosted for three days from July 5th to 7th at the County Line Saloon (full day line ups listed below).

Festival organizer Sloan Voxx comments:

"After the bands obliterated the stage last year, we are beyond excited to be able to resuscitate Decimate Metalfest for year 2! This year not only did we want to showcase well-known favorites, and spice things up with sultry Burlesque dancers, but also bring to view many acts our city has never seen. If that isn't enough, the cherry on top is incorporating an All-Ages component to the festival and being able to feature musicians under the age of 18! We are truly inspired by the growing musical minds of the next generation and of our future and are so happy to be able to include them in this year's festival! Whether you're a non-stampeder or an after-stampeder, we urge you to come out and experience and this vastly talented roster of performing acts. It's our fans that encourage events like this and that help to make them possible and keep our music community alive. Thank you for your support, and prepare for decimation!"

Advance tickets are available online at the following link here.
3 Day Pass Advance Tickets available now for $65! ($30 at Door day of show)
2 Day Pass Advance Tickets available now for $55! ($30 at Door day of show)
Sunday *ALL AGES* Advance tickets available now for $20! ($30 at Door day of show)
***NOTE - $10 door entry will be available at the venue for -18 attendees***
Possible entry at the door (no guarantees).

DECIMATE Metal Festival 2019 Line-Up:

Full weekend event link:

Day 1 - Friday, July 5 (Show starts at 6:30PM)
Hammerdrone (Calgary, AB)
Centuries of Decay (2018 Wacken Metal Battle Canada Winners) (Toronto, ON)
Immunize (Edmonton, AB)
Tortured Saint (London, ON)
Technical Damage (Vancouver, BC)
Osyron (Calgary, AB)
Balrogath (Calgary, AB)
Day 1 Event Link here.


Day 2 - Saturday, July 6 (Show starts at 6:00PM)
Into Eternity (Regina, SK)
Quietus (Edmonton, AB)
SYRYN (Calgary, AB)
KOSM (Vancouver, BC)
Ophelia Falling (Vancouver, BC)
Greybeard (Calgary, AB)
Subsume (Calgary, AB)
Hazzardous Material Burlesque (Calgary, AB)
(Persephone Bleeds / Addy Autopcy / Hazzard)
Day 2 Event Link here.


Day 3 (ALL AGES) - Sunday, July 7 (Show starts at 1:00PM)
Planet Eater (Regina, SK)
Born For Tomorrow (Calgary, AB)
ChaosBeing (Calgary, AB)
Chained By Mind (Calgary, AB)
Flashback -18 (Calgary, AB)
School of Rock Calgary South (Performance Band) -18
Empty Visionaries (Calgary, AB)
In Ruin (Saskatoon, SK)
Revanchist (Lethbridge, AB)
Lacerator -18 (Edmonton, AB)
Vexerity (Calgary, AB)
Day 3 Event Link here.

An All-Ages fundraiser will be held June 14th at the County Line Saloon featuring All Else Fails, Bayonet, The Myopia Condition, RedShifted and guests. $10 presale / $15 at the door. Event Link here.
A percentage of proceeds from the festival will be donated to Little Mutts Rescue Society. Adopt, don't shop!

More info:

Sponsors and partners include:
County Line Saloon, New Level Brewing Co., Long & McQuade, School of Rock (Calgary South), Asher Media Relations, Metal Master Kingdom, Pure Grain Audio, CJSW 90.9 FM, Metal Nation Radio, Broken Neck Radio, Absolute Underground Magazine, Sloth Records, A-Bomb Photography, Loud As Hell Festival, Calgary Beer Core, Avenue Magazine,! and more!


DECIMATE Metal Festival is the brainchild of Sloan Voxx of Voxx Promotions, which is destined to become an annual Canadian metal and rock pilgrimage to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With the many yearly festivals becoming part of the national metal and rock heritage, Sloan wants DECIMATE Metal Festival to become one of the best-known events alongside the various festivals located within Alberta, and Western Canada. With Voxx Promos booking and promotional experience, and the support of metal and rock fans internationally, there is nothing to stop them from reaching their goal of bringing in the masses and putting on incredible metal and rock festivals for years to come!”

Last year’s inaugural event proved to be a great success showcasing four full nights of metal and rock with bands from all over Canada and parts of the USA!

As part of their fundraising initiative, DECIMATE Metal Festival was also able to donate $685.00 to The Cochrane Women’s Shelter in memory of Bob Campbell.

DMF 2018’s roster included the talents of Ninjaspy (Vancouver, BC), Widow’s Peak (Calgary, AB), NYLITHIA (Vancouver, BC). Blackwater Burial (Vancouver, BC), For A Life Unburdened (Medicine Hat, AB), ChaosBeing (Calgary, AB). Citizen Rage (Calgary, AB), Insurrection (Gatineau, QC) Pecado (Calgary, AB), Sludgehammer (Toronto, ON), Gatekeeper (Vancouver, BC), Accostal (Calgary, AB), The Order of Chaos (Edmonton, AB), BLQ – Benevolent Like Quietus (Calgary, AB), ODINFIST (Armstrong, BC), Tessitura Official (Edmonton, AB), Illyrian (Calgary, AB), SYRYN (Calgary, AB), Filth (Shelby, NC), WORLD CLASS WHITE TRASH (Calgary, AB), Insvrgence (Austin, TX), From The Wolves (Calgary, AB), Loser (Detroit, MI) and Detherous (Calgary, AB).

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Ripple Music Announces Rogue Wave Records - The New Ripple Imprint For Psychedelic Garage Rock: Arcadian Child, Sacred Shrines and More!

Ripple is thrilled to officially announce the new imprint, Rogue Wave Records, your newest label destination for music of a more psychedelic/garage/dream pop vein.   First up on your tour of Rogue Wave are two stunning releases (done in conjunction with Ripple) by Cyprus Psych merchants, Arcadian Child.   Afterglow and Superfonica both transcend the paths of stoner groove, psychedelic altered states and ear-catching melodies.  As More Fuzz says, "You like psych? stoner? indie rock? No need to chose, you got all this!  It gets better with every listening, and you’ll find yourself singing along quite quickly"  The heavy groove deep in their psych even got them named as one oft the top albums on the November and December Doom Charts.   Check it out yourself at where you can pick up the digital, cd or vinyl if you like, and of course all Rogue Wave releases can be found at
The Sacred Shrines evolved from Australian retro-psych rockers, Grand Atlantic who hold the distinction of being one of Ripple's first ever releases (split 7" with Sky Parade . . .way back when).  Now they explore their own world of psych-infused, retro-60's garage rock, with earworm songwriting and a dark underbelly.  Instantly catchy, New Noise Magazine raves, "Come Down From The Mountain is built on nostalgia, celebrations of excess and psych-rock guitar signatures that feel like a call back to a bygone era.  The band comes off a little grimier than their obvious influences, making for a pretty cool record for anyone who felt like rock got lost, or perhaps just got lost along the way."  You can listen or pick it up at
We can't even begin to tell you how excited we are about Las Robertas signing to Rogue Wave.  After being featured by Bandcamp as one of the new, hot emerging bands on the International Psychedelic Rock Scene, we promptly contacted them and put into motion a North American reissue of their classic last album, "Waves of the New."  cut at 45 RPM for the best listening experience.  But there's more!  Pegged to appear on both weekends of this year's upcoming Coachella festival, Rogue Wave is thrilled to release the new 7" 3-song "Coachella" EP, Together Outrageously.  NPR Music Website raves about them, and you will too.  "Las Robertas' trippy noise-pop garage-rock took the international music scene by storm in 2010, Now back with a third full-length album, Waves of The New, Las Robertas serves up a sunny set of tunes tinged with surf-rock and psychedelia and surrounded by its hallmark sylphic vocals...vintage garage sound, elegant shoegaze guitar chords, all grounded and propelled by the krautrocky beats."

Check out the album reissue and the new 7" (on pre-order) at  and
Screamfeeder are legendary in their native Australia, with entire concerts devoted to reinterpretations of main songwriter Tim Steward's music.  Screamfeeder brandish a fierce blend of guitar noise pop a la The Pixies or Dinosaur Jr, with a garage sensibility, a punk rock intensity, and alt rock hooks and melodies.  "Pop Guilt" charted in Australia and is set to open the ears of North American audiences.  Get a flavor of their vibe by checking out the single "Shelter" and dig the whole album of sunday am bliss rock at

Saturday, May 25, 2019

VOWWS Joins The Cult for 30th Anniversary of "A Sonic Template" at The Greek Theatre

The LA-based Death Pop duo and the British legends will be joined by Prayers and Zola Jesus for a one of a kind event in L.A on June 15th

The date is doubly significant, as The Cult is celebrating 30 years of their iconic A Sonic Temple album, and LA is where key band members Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy reside - making this date a hometown show for them and Vowws. It will also be the first time the Death Pop duo will share the stage with The Cult since joining them on tour in early 2018.

June 15th will also mark Vowws' first US performance following their European headlining tour, which kicked off on 5/15.

Also on the line up are San Diego's one and only #CholoGoth pioneers Prayers, and Wisconsin's dark powerhouse Zola Jesus. The show will take place at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on June 15th, with doors opening at 6:30pm. You can get your tickets here.

“We’ve never thrown a party like this before,” says Astbury. “We want to celebrate the band’s DNA and especially the album Sonic Temple"

He adds: “Prayers and Vowws have both toured with us and the timing felt right for bringing this group of artists together. In many ways, I feel these artists are kindred spirits along with Zola Jesus–outsiders who are unique and deeply romantic in a time of material posturing and disconnect. They are devoted to their craft; I identify with their honesty in performance and the fearlessness and originality in their creativity."
Vowws European Tour dates

Friday, May 24, 2019

Blazing San Jose rockers ZED return with VOLUME on RIPPLE MUSIC | Stream and share new song ‘THE OTHER KIND'

Volume by ZED is officially released on 26th July 2019

Stream and share new song ‘The Other Kind' –

Pre-order the album now at

“Proof that there is a ton of badass stuff left to be done in rock and roll but also that ZED might be our generation’s rock gods.”

ZED on Facebook | Bandcamp | Website | Twitter | Instagram

Making their roaring presence felt in the Bay Area rock scene since 2007, with heavy footprints and sonically indelible marks are San Jose earth shakers ZED. With a sound based on the core principles of blues, heaviness and groove, this quartet is the genuine article. No bell bottoms, wizard sleeves or hip huggers for this crew. Instead, it’s a barrage of head-bobbing, air-guitaring, hip-shaking, blues-driven riffage as delivered by the true bastards of rock and roll.

From their inception ZED made a name for themselves with their crushing live shows and incessant grooves. Having played together in various projects since 1998, including releasing several albums with the band Stitch for Prosthetic and Metal Blade Records, guitarist/vocalist Peter Sattari and bassist Mark Aceves joined up with guitar wizard Greg Lopez and drummer extraordinaire Sean Boyles to create a sound that was uniquely their own. Drawing from their varied influences, ranging from classic ’70s rock to punk and hardcore, by way of metal and old school funk, ZED write music fuelled by nasty grooves. The band has even been called, “a pissed off Led Zeppelin with Chris Cornell meets Ian Astbury on vocals.”

In recent years the band's momentum has exploded, signing to Ripple Music and growing into a household name in the stoner rock community. Their hard-grooving live show has seen the band perform as headline support at Maryland Doom Fest and numerous SXSW events. They recently capped off their first European tour with a benchmark performance at Desertfest Lodon, where Kerrang! Magazine caught their set and said, “Their booze-drenched blues’n’roll almost breaks into a riot as both band and audience raise the roof and plenty of Hell in the process, leaving the most triumphant first impression.”

Volume by ZED is officially released on 26th July 2019 on Ripple Music

Stream and share new song ‘The Other Kind’ –


Pete Sattari – Guitar, Vocals
Sean Boyles – Drums
Greg Lopez – Guitar
Mark Aceves – Bass

1. The Other Kind
2. The End
3. Wings of The Angel
4. Hollow Men
5. Take Me Home Again
6. Chingus
7. Poison Tree
8. The Great Destroyer
9. Time and Space
10. The Troubador

Artist: ZED
Album: Volume
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: 26/07/2019
Format: CD/LP/Digital


More praise for ZED:

“With fuzz, groove, blues and an unmistakable sound that brings to mind bands like Wolfmother, ZED have turned in a release that perfectly captures that live feel […] it’s an album that every fan of rock and roll should relate to.”

“ZED is rooted in Zeppelin-worshipping classic rockisms, groovy stoner vibes and nods to country […] it’s comforting to know that there are some crevices that still look to the past, not to the future, for inspiration.”

"ZED’s form of ‘heavy’ goes beyond the riff, pulling at emotions and an energy that doesn’t rely on volume or sonic intensity.”

“It’s one thing for a band to say they’re bringing the rock and roll, but it’s quite another when that band succeeds in delivering, and that’s just what ZED can do.”

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Maharaja announce tour with Cazador

This June, Maharaja (OH) teams up with Boston's Cazador to display their unique blends of sludge metal along the East Coast -- Maharaja towing their leviathan of low end, swirling movements while Cazador treks their artillery of hardcore and sludge. Catch these two punishing acts at a venue near you.

Tour Dates

6/20 Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar
6/21 Queens, NY @ The Footlight
6/22 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
6/23 Providence, RI @ Dusk
6/24 Boston, MA @ O’Briens Pub
6/25 Rochester, NY @ Photo City *
*No Cazador

About Maharaja

Maharaja are a three-piece sludge metal band from the post industrial wasteland of Dayton, Ohio.  They have perfected their own wall of sound by way of lead vocalist and bassist Eric Bluebaum's fuzzed out tone, stacked with Angus Burkhardt’s guitars that doom’n’ shred, and drums that are as quick to drop a blast beat as they are to groove you to death courtesy of drummer and vocalist Zack Mangold.

Their 2017 debut album Kali Yaga is intended to "break amps, disorient, and make people throw up” according to Bluebaum.  Although Maharaja's live show is often delivered at stomach pummeling volume, it’s sure to be more enjoyable than painful. However, Bluebaum suggests his body-shaking bass rig warrants ear plugs either way. The album begins with the blistering, brooding, and insanely heavy “Blood Moon” and from there the album never lets up in aggression nor sheer ferocity. Album centerpiece “Black Magiq Carpet Ride” finds the band simultaneously channeling Red Fang, High on Fire, and Weedeater. The vocals goes from a bellow to powerviolent shouting and then to screeching flawlessly, with a relentless guitar onslaught and Burkhardt’s usual thrash riffage makes way for an off-kilter spaced out solo worthy of an Electric Wizard album. Album closer “I, Undying” brings it all together. Nearly 8 minutes of stoner rock bliss close the album out, and it all begins to make sense. Kali Yuga is the perfect soundtrack for the apocalypse.

RIYL:Red Fang, Weedeater, Electric Wizard, Torche, anything Matt Pike related

Connect with Maharaja

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Xroadie Files

The Wolf Howls When I Scream Your Name – To Be Where There Is A Pale Light
Matthew Awbery, Sam Johnson, Harry Woodrow

Alive & All So Well low bass eerie tones build with some interesting vocals and a song that just pull you under. Migraine has some melancholic melodies a catchy riff and some interesting tones that will just have you closing your ryes and drifting. No Alibi just kick back and get swallowed up with some melancholic tones. It Hurts Me soft tones flow thru and around you as you just float along. Endless Sky melodic guitars soft vocals just have a drink and sing along.

Booby Trap – Stand Up And Fight
Pedro Junqueiro – Vocals, Wild Bull – Guitar, Hugo Lemos – Drums, Tojo – Bass

Stand Up And Fight sounds of airens a riot then a chugging guitar pounding rhythm screaming leads and punk/thrash style vocals. Set The World On Fire fast heavy hit the pit and slam away sweat flying thrash metal. Big Disgrace chugging guitars thundering bass pounding drums just fist pump and head bang. O Bom O Mau E O Filho Da Puta head banging thrash metal with screaming guitars fast rhythms and chugging guitars. Fuckers slow heavy rhythms that just plow thru you before taking you over with a catchy riff. A Message Of Love interesting and short. Spiders guitars riffs that just build and build full of aggression. Full Of Shit screaming guitars thundering rhythms thrashing cutting guitars. I’d Rather See You Dead hit the pit slam and sweat and you thrash about. Psycho Trap low rumbling bass chugging guitars then fast thrashing riffs and vocals back and forth. Alcohol has a punk meets thrash metal style. Bombing For Oil fast heavy in your face thrash metal mayhem. The Ritual starts slow and heavy then shredding thrashing ripping and tearing speed thrash metal insures.

Hazpiq – Cepheid
Lylian Szpira – Drums, Joseph Levy – Bass, Simeon Nowotny – Guitar/Vocals, Imen Gardouh - Vocals, Manuel Rovaretti – Guitar, Melody Deneve – Vocals

Trailokyo eerie tones envelop you as it slowly builds. From Dust chugging rhythms overdriven guitars with melodic vocals with a few tempo changes. Cepheid just close your eyes and drift along with some spacy sounds and different tempo changes. Epacte fast riffs pounding beats space rock prog metal that just plows along. Aphelion soft guitars float around you with flowing melodies and a few time changes. To Nothing floating melodies close your eyes and drift along then just enjoy the musical trip. Saros eerie guitars just seep thru your imagination taking your thoughts away to a strange place. Mecaniques Celestes spacey melodic prog rock metal thoughts and sights in your mind. Theory Of Everything close your eyes and let your imagination flow. Cepheid (Radio Edit) shorter version. From Dust (Radio Edit) shorter version.

Leash Eye – Blues Brawls Beverages
Beegees – Drums/Barrels, Marecki – Bass/Growls, Voltan – Dirty Hamms, Opath – Guitar, Quej – Vocals/Roars

Bones stand up sway and clap along to some heavy bluesy rock n roll. Moonshine Pioneer is a memorable song that will stick in your head for days. On Fire chugging guitars low bass thundering drums just get ready to rock n roll hop in your car crank it up and jam on down the road. Lady Destiny stand up fist pump and sing along a very catchy tune. The Disorder strong bluesy riffs powerful organs soulful vocals and great musicianship. Planet Terror backwoods bluesy Cajun style guitars then a fist pumping head banging sing and groove along rhythm that takes you over. Twardowsky J powerful emotional blues hard rock that just grabs at your soul. Furry Tale grab a brew stand up sing clap and drink as you enjoy the tune. Jackie Chevrole chugging guitars thundering bass pounding drums a great song to just cruise on down the road to. One Last Time powerful organ that just envelops you with a Uriah Heep feel close your eyes and drift along the get up and rock out to a riff that just grabs your soul. Well Oiled Blues bluesy emotional hard rock.

Brymir – Wings Of Fire
Viktor Gullichsen – Vocals, Joona Bjorkroth – Guitar/Vocals, Sean Haslam – Guitar, Jarkko Niemi Bass/Vocals, Patrik Falt – Drums, Janne Bjorkroth – Keyboards/Vocals

Gloria In Regum soaring keyboards classical percussion that takes your imagination on flights of fancy juts get ready for a magical musical ride. Wings Of Fire hard heavy majestic music with gruff vocals. Ride On, Spirit stand fist in the air and join as one a unison of heavy metal with a few tempo changes. Sphere Of Halcyon eerie prog metal sounds envelop you as the music grows heavier and evil. And So We Age close your eyes and just drift along in your mind then the music builds hard heavy melodic and memorable. Hails From The Edge prog keyboards thundering bass pounding drums and chugging guitars with gruff vocals and screaming leads. Starportal imagine being out in the black abyss of space alone with your thoughts as darkness and despair take you over. Vanquish The Night eerie sounds envelop your mind as the music builds in heaviness and intensity. Lament Of the Raven melodies float in your mind then a darkness takes you over and pulls you into your dementia. Chasing The Skyline taking a trip thru the woods as the melodies envelop you then clouds swallow up the light and an evil presence seems to be all around you.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Marillion - Radiat10n

This album is very special to me because it is what truly triggered my quest of rediscovering Marillion. Up until now my attempts had been half-hearted, but 'Radiat10n' blew the doors wide open. I ordered a copy online late in August 2005. Shortly afterwards I traveled to the magnificent city of Prague. Apart from the immense beauty there I fell in love with the majestic St. Vitus Cathedral. Upon my return to Sweden, 'Radiat10n' was waiting in my mailbox. As I unpacked my bags, this new purchase was the soundtrack although much attention wasn't paid, well that is until 'Cathedral Wall' came on. From then on Marillion was back in my life fully again. But more on this song a little bit later.

'Radiat10n' was the second album Marillion released being free from the shackles of a major label, albeit they were still with Castle/ Raw Power for Europe while other imprints handled the rest of the world. Because of this Marillion were honing their skills of basically standing on their own feet, which we know by now they have mastered quite well. Prior to the recording began, the band expanded and improved the Racket Club and Racket Records. Not only was it their creative space, it was now online on a pretty large scale, something which these days is a godsend for the supporters and the band alike. At the same time a change of management occurred with long-serving manager John Arnison departing with none other than Rod Smallwood stepping into his role.

‘Costa Del Slough’ is an anti-opener, in lack of better words, but bold and very Marillion-esque. Starts out in apocalyptic fashion with Steve Hogarth screaming on top a layer of white noise before turning into a 1920s music hall number. Definitely refers to the album title. ‘Under The Sun’ picks up the thread immediately dealing with the “ignorance is bliss”-attitude people held at the time. Most thought the diminishing ozone layer, the heightened levels of radiation and the increasing demolition of Mother Nature was only a hoax. Sharp guitar playing from Rothery with a foreboding keyboard courtesy of Kelly while Trewavas and Mosley as always lays down a great foundation. ‘The Answering Machine’ is a thumping rocker, especially in the world of Marillion. The music is upbeat and electrifying while the lyrics are dark and pleading. It’s as if our protagonist – Hogarth, perhaps -  is trying to stop the beginning of the end of a relationship but only talks via the answering machine. ‘Three Minute Boy’ is a huge nod to The Beatles, especially in the verses and the harmonies, only to explode into a heavy rocker in parts. A fantastic solo from Rothery. This is a story of rags to riches where the protagonist obtains his/ her fame and 15 minutes of fame and then struggle very hard to maintain it. ‘Now She’ll Never Know’ is soft and delicate musically with mainly an acoustic guitar and keyboards leading the way. The song is a big apology for doing your partner wrong. Very intimate and very candid as Hogarth sings about the cracks in his personal life.

‘These Chains’ brings out the upheavals in Hogarth’s home life even more and is definitely a continuation of ‘Now She’ll Never Know’. Though in the darkest of times he is trying to find hope. Musically there are big nods towards the sound of the 60’s. ‘Born To Run’ is very bluesy, slow and reflective, while talking about one’s upbringing, where you’re from. And while making a class journey, moving away and changing your ways, you still belong where you were born. We make our choices whether it means staying or going. Great solo from Rothery! As mentioned briefly in the beginning, ‘Cathedral Wall’ is the song which brought me back to Marillion completely, and what a song it is! The apocalyptic feel from Kelly’s keyboards at the start sets the mood immediately, and then Hogart’s double-tracked vocals adds even more to the sinister atmosphere of the song. Again dealing with Hogarth’s personal struggles, which has increased, he sits leaning up against a cathedral wall, trying to come to terms with his situation and life. Personally, my immediate reaction was a clash of feelings and emotions Having just experienced St.Vitus Cathedral, the beauty, the majesty and also the evil which brought that magnificent building together, Marillion’s song simply hit me like a freight train. Like Hogarth pouring his heart out, I had a lot of baggage weighing me down at the time, so ‘Cathedral Wall’ was my catharsis. Rarely has a song meant so much to me and to this day I still get chills every time I hear it. Ending with a piano and vocals-only reprise of ‘These Chains’ hope is at hand. ‘A Few Words For The Dead’ is a two-sided song which, after an Native American medicine man has spoken amidst a hypnotic, repetitive passage, is first evil and dark offering no hope at all, in a way I have never heard Marillion before. And they are certainly not shy about subject matters. Then, all of a sudden, it all switches to hope, forgiveness and happiness. Just open up, let the bad stuff out and embrace all the beauty around you.

Don’t really know how ‘Radiat10n’ rates amongst the supporters, but for me it is a defining moment personally as explained above. But that’s not all. The band was finding their way into what and where they are today. The business side was reshaped here which has helped the band immensely ever since and musically they broke free of any lingering corporate chains. All members are fantastic in their own right but on this album they did only what they wanted, and you can tell. Rothery is playing blues and heavy rock and it works so well with the songs. Kelly adds layers of emotions with his keyboards like never before, while Messieurs Trewavas and Mosley are impeccable in guiding the band along. Absolutely amazing! Before finishing this piece, regardless what fans and media think, this is MY album. Thanks to ‘Radiat10n’ Marillion was brought back to me and opened my eyes to the Hogarth-era. Back-tracking the albums with him made sense, and I appreciate and love those just as much as the Fish-era albums. But it also meant I embraced every single album after this with open arms. Amazing!


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