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The Xroadie Files

Horror God – Cursed Seeds
Sergey Borisov  - Guitar/Bass, Pavel Smirnov – Guitar, Max Stepanov – Vocals, Lev Kurgansky – Drums, Kevin Hufnagel – Guest Guitar Solo (They Were Behind The Barbed Wire)

Cursed Seeds eerie disharmonic guitars slither all around your senses before the aggression slaps you in the face. Age Of Madness crunchy guitars that just slice at you with pounding rhythms and thundering bass along with dark demonic vocals. They Were Behind The Barbed Wire a slow steady riff that just slides along the ground at you with deep growling vocals and thundering beats. We Built these Walls Ourselves grabs you and pulls you into the dark black abyss of nothingness. Sunset lost in the darkness of your dementia. Face Of War emptiness ad fear surrounds you. Throne aggression and hatred just annihilate your soul.

The Narrator – Dark Rails
Fabi – Vocals, Tom – Guitar/Vocals, Jan – Guitar, Rob – Bass/Vocals, Fritz – Drums
Guest – Jay Kucera/ Christoph Koterzina

Palisades crunchy guitars pounding beats thundering bass and growling vocals. Rails hard heavy music that just grabs you and slams you into a wall over and over. Renegade hit the pit and just mosh till it hurts. Average chugging riffs pounding rhythms and hoarse vocals. Dark pounding crunchy riffs that just pull you into the pit.

The New Death Cult – ST
Alpha – Vocals/Guitar, Beta – Guitar, Gamma – Bass, Delta – Drums

Light Spills Over fast heavy riffs that just pull you in with a solid beat and excellent vocals. Zeitgeist thumping bass pounding drums crunchy guitars and sing along vocals. True Eyes has a very catchy riff that just envelops you. Moon strange chords just slither all around with a pounding beat and sing along vocals. The War a slow melancholic tune that just takes over your senses. Blood Of Babylon get on your feet and just rock out. ColoursOf The Mind low bass catchy riffs and solid beats. Home has a very interesting twist to it with a crunchy guitar riff. Edel just close your eyes and let the music envelop you.

Kelly Carmichael – Heavy Heart
Kelly Carmichael – Guitar/Vocals, Jesse Schultzberger – drums

Shadows Will eerie tones envelop you with some interesting vocals and pounding drums. Desires Tragedy just close your eyes and let the music take your imagination away. Soupers classical piano stylings with melancholic emotions that just flow thru your senses. The Palmist heavy dark emotions just slide all around and take you over with some very doomy music. The Way She Heals melancholic guitars just worm their way into your soul with a steady beat. Vine Of The Soul has a very catchy riff and some interesting vocals. Starless Divine kicking back with friends having a few brews and listening to the band on stage. Heavy Heart on your feet sway and groove to the music as you sing along. 

Skanska Mord – Blues From the Tombs
Janne Bengtsson – Vocals/Harmonica, PatricCarlsson – Bass, Petter Englund – Guitar, PatrikBerglin – Guitar, Thomas Stromberg Jonsson – Drums

Snow on your feet and just move to the catchy bluesy groove and searing leads. Simon Says has a groove that will just grab you and not let go till the last note. Edge of Doom a slow slithering bluesy tune that just envelops your soul. The Never Ending Greed takes you back to the late seventies and the great blues base hard rock of the time. Blinded By The Light close your eyes and let one very emotional tune take you away with some great musicianship and soulful vocals. Sun psychedelic acid blues rock that just has you drifting along. Death Valley Blues swing sway and just let the music envelop your very soul. The Coming Of The Second Wave on your feet fist in the air and just take a very emotional trip thru one magical tune.


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Dark jazz quartet MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE unveil first single off "Noir Jazz Femdom"; out 29.11 on Subsound Records.

Italian dark jazz unit MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE announce the release of their new album "Noir Jazz Femdom" this November 29th on Subsound Records, and unleash a bleak first single exclusively on Metal Hammer Italy.

"Devotion" is an occult dive into the depths of the soul. MMM's first single highlights the duality between happiness and pain, infusing explicit lyrics, metaphysical questions, feelings, violence and sex into funeral jazz noise sounds. Including special guest Paolo Bandera from power-noise dark-ambient unit Sigillum S.

Find you own definition of "Devotion"

MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE explore Love and Death with a range of sonic references. Power electronics, ambient, industrial and noir jazz sounds sublimate Passion, Eroticism and the inescapable ending of Life. Special guests Paolo Bandera (SigillumS) and Fabrizio Giannese (Aborym) bring compelling shallowness to this dark jazz gem.

New album "Noir Jazz Femdom"
Out November 29th on Subsound Records
1. Death was last to enter the Nightclub
    2. Devotion
    3. Heavy Clouds Like The Skyline Of Your Heart
    4. Noir Jazz Femdom
    5. Neon Lights Say You Will Die Tonight
    6. Methadrome

MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE, also known as MMM, started as Adriano Vincenti's solo project. The sound was focused on power electronics and harsh noise. Sex explicit lyrics and pictures have been a peculiar rough constant, as seen on the first legendary record "Profilo Ottimale delle Ferite" wich features raw murder stories, sinister atmospheres and extreme minimal noise.

In 2013, "Black Lake Confidence" album got worldwide excellent recognition and introduced doom drone jazz sounds into MMM's style. Saxophone player Pierluigi Ferro became a full-time member of the band.
In 2015 the band signed with Subsound Records label and released "Funeral Jazz", a collection of doom funeral jazz ballads, with all lyrics in italian. Manuele Frau (Der Noir, Blackland) joined the band to play guitar tunes, along with Riccardo Chiaretti (Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Chaos/Order).

Brand new MMM album "Noir Jazz Femdom" celebrates the band's twentieth anniversary (2000-2020). Many years after their noise and industrial debuts, MMM explore corrosive sounds while not giving up their noir jazz touch. "Noir Jazz Femdom" is due out November 29th on Subsound Records.

MMM is:
Adriano Vincenti - Vocals, drones
Lorenzo Macinanti - Synth, drones, drum programming
Riccardo Chiaretti - Synth, drones
Pierluigi Ferro - Saxophone


Monday, November 18, 2019

A Ripple Conversation With StoneBirds

I grew up in a house with Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, and Simon and Garfunkel, the first time I ever heard Kiss's "Detroit Rock City," it was that first musical epiphany. It was just so vicious, aggressive and mean. It changed the way I listened to music for good. I've had a few minor epiphany's since then, you know, when you come across a band that just brings something new and evolutionary to your ears.

What have been your musical epiphany moments?

I grew up with traditional celtic music at home, the first artist who moved me was Denez Prigent, a musician from my home area in western France, he sing what we call "gwerzioù" in local speech, long laments, very monotonous, and he transforms those laments into something very ambient, melancholic and often quite dark. After that I've discovered Queens Of The Stone Age with "Songs For The Deaf". This album definitely crushed me and made me dive into music. I started to learn the guitar and piano a few days or weeks later. QOTSA introduced me as a musician and music passionate.

My last epiphany moment is Justin Broadrick’s JESU. A good friend offered me "Conqueror" album and I must say I never heard something so fragile, dark and beautiful at the same time. "Weightless and Horizontal" track is, I think, the song I've listened the more, even if I discovered JESU really late.

Talk to us about the song-writing process for you. What comes first, the idea? A riff? The lyrics? How does it all fall into place?

It generally starts with something else than music, it can be a landscape, a movie, a video-game or a few words. Since our first album, we try to transcribe feelings, words or pictures into music. We always try to make a journey with a song or an album. I really enjoy creating that way, developing and transcribing ideas into music.

I write the guitar and vocal parts alone at home, then I send them to Antoine (drums) and Sylvain (bass), they work the song on their side and we melt everyone's ideas together later. As we live far away from each others, we can't create a whole song together, and we're bad jammer so...

Who has influenced you the most?

Maybe Cult of Luna or Pink Floyd in a certain way. We dig progressive structures, there's nothing more boring to me than a verse/chorus/verse/chorus/break/chorusX2 song.

Musically, I think we're close to Yob, Mastodon... but we always try to make influences the less audible we can. There's sometimes references or twinkles to other bands but we don't want to be the bad or good duplication of any band.

Where do you look for continuing inspiration? New ideas, new motivation?

We don't need motivation, the pleasure of playing new material together is enough. It's for this precise kind of moments I like to write new songs. Writing music is a real need, this is the only moment of total freedom. Staying a few hours alone, with brains totally focused on the moment, my instrument... this is out of time.

Inspiration can come from a movie, a book, a video game... everything that can trigger a specific emotion to me. I don't have any precise ritual or tip to create.

We're all a product of our environment. Tell us about the band's hometown and how that reflects in the music?

I lived 20 years in the center of Brittany (western part of France). It's a small area where there's nothing except cows, piggeries, forest, old stone churches and old people. I really love this country-side, everything's stuck 10 or 20 years ago… everything is slower, peaceful. The landscapes are really inspiring, and in our first album, we reached the foggy/dirty side of my hometown. I often have some landscapes of that area when I begin to imagine a new song.

Where'd the band name come from?

It comes from our countryside, center britanny is very rich in big stone crosses, menhir (tall curved stones)... There's stones everywhere even on rivers,  not in, ON!

As we are mixing heavy and soft music, we thoughts that duality between stone and birds was really representative of where we come and what we offer musically.

You have one chance, what movie are you going to write the soundtrack for?

Maybe a Rob Zombie movie, he knows how to match music with visual in a unique way. The final scene of « The Devil's Reject with "freebird" is a perfect example. A documentary about meditation or reggae could be really fun too, coming with big low tuned guitars.

You now write for a music publication (The Ripple Effect?).  You're going to write a 1,000 word essay on one song. Which would it be and why?

"You Suffer" from Napalm Death because I'm a lazy guy… or Edgar Varèse’s "Ionisation", I've spent six months of musical history analysing this "music" and I think you can say whatever on and still being right about it. I'm too lazy to analyse and reflect on music.

Come on, share with us a couple of your great, Spinal Tap, rock and roll moments?

We don't have so many, but one time we had to dismantle a toilet door in a venue to find a band member who was sleeping deeply, the trouser on his ankles, seated on the throne.
Our first tour was epic also, we've been robbed in Paris. Those geniuses gangsters didn't take the money or instruments, they just took MY bag with my shirts/socks and my underpants! Finally we saw Dave Navaro tits from very close when we were playing Hellfest. There were body guards so we didn't try to pull them and that's a big regret for us as a band.

Tell us about playing live and the live experience for you and for your fans?

Playing live is something I don't like before the first or second song we perform, it becomes really pleasant only after that. I've always found it strange to force yourself playing at a precise place and moment when music is just about passion. But the more we play the more I enjoy it. We try to work our shows the best using loops within and in between songs, to give a real continuous performance to the audience. Even if I prefer studio work, the best times we had with Stonebirds are from live performance. The last chords of our show at hellfest with thousands of people horning up in the air was a total moment of plenitude. The meetings with fans at the merch table or the bar is also something we do enjoy.

What makes a great song?

Definitely emotions. The songs I like the most are the ones that moves me, some of them will be played at my funeral, I've listened to others for my daughters birth... The great songs always give you a mood and for me are linked to particular feelings/emotions you're in lack or need of. A song should always crush or enlighten you, take you to somewhere else. This is like every art performance, a great piece of work always changes you, makes you reflect about what you've seen/heard... even at 0,001% you're a different person before and after this experience.

Tell us about the first song you ever wrote?

I just remember a bass line, it was a pretty shitty Nirvana-like stuff mixed with melodic metal feeling. I was 14 or 15 so… don't judge me! The first song we've composed all together was "After the sin", this song was the basement for what we've done since then, we really stepped up and started to create our own world. The few fans we had at this time were expecting a pure stoner/doom album and we've put a lot more into it.

What piece of your music are particularly proud of?

No song in particular but the fact we found our personal tone and  writing process is something I'm really proud of. For each album we try to change mood, songwriting process and we usually have a lot of feedback saying the album was different from what we did earlier but still recognizable as Stonebirds tone and approach.

Who today, writes great songs? Who just kicks your ass? Why?

Tough one, as I'm not really into new releases. As an example I'm a fan of Cult Of Luna, Chelsea Wolfe... but I've not listened to their new albums yet. I have to talk about Cult Of Luna though… They make great albums everytime (until the new one maybe), with different atmospheres, a lot of variations, « Mariner » was such a blast with Julie Christmas’ voice adding even more emotion. Gojira songwriting is also impressive, everything's always perfect, even more when they were playing death-metal. The singer have an impressive scale range of growl like if he was clean singing. I recently discovered Jinjer, it's really not my thing but I often come back to them because of the growls, it always kick my ass, I'm always trying to guess if she's using an octaver or something else, this is more of a detective interest.

Vinyl, CD, or digital? What's your format of choice?

Vinyl at home and digital in the car. I only have a turntable at home. Sometimes when I want to discover something new I go on Youtube to listen to some lives videos.

I like LP's because of the cover, the object. Listening to a LP instead of a CD for me is about taking the time to focus on what you listen. I don't listen both the same way. Digital and CDs are more when I'm doing something else, having a musical background.

Whiskey or beer?  And defend your choice

Whiskey, Islay or a peated japanese. I'm a huge fan of whiskey, I think I'm not that far from having tasted all the Islay one (under 250€) even some pretty difficult to get like the Octomore by Bruichladdich. For your whiskey lovers reader I must recommend a small distillery here in Britanny that make the "Kornog", taste it if you ever can! I prefer whiskey because I love peat taste, and it don't make you piss every two glasses. Beers are for parties and whiskey is for pleasure.

We, at the Ripple Effect, are constantly looking for new music. What's your home town, and when we get there, what's the best record store to lose ourselves in?

My hometown is Rostrenen (population 3.000) and there's no record store there. As i kid, I was buying my CD's from a friend, the son of a print factory manager, who sold me a bunch of burned albums with artwork and CD reprinted  like the original. Internet access was shit and the first record store was one hour drive from there far so I really thanks that friend and his dad. Nowadays in Britanny there's less and less independant records store they are mainly big companies very generalist, the seller don't often know the bands you're asking for...

What's next for the band?

We will release our new album "Collapse And Fail" through Ripple Music, that's an important moment for us and we’re very proud of this one. We will also work on a new live show to spread those songs live. We’ll probably be touring next year in France and Europe.

Any final comments or thoughts you'd like to share with our readers, the waveriders?

We'd like to thank you for your interest in our band and our music, we can't wait to play our new album for you guys ! Cheers !

Sunday, November 17, 2019

MR BISON team up with SPACETRUCKER for chapter one of new "Turned To Stone" split vinyl series on Ripple Music!

Italian heavy psych blues heroes MR BISON and Saint Louis stoner rock dealers SPACETRUCKER announce loud and cosmic 6-track 'Turned to Stone Ch. 1: Enter Galactic Wasteland' for January 17th on Ripple Music. Experience the mind-blowing first track now!

Listen to "The Grace Of Time" HERE

For its new split series 'Turned to Stone', focusing on unique pairings from across the heavy underground, Ripple Music invited heavy psych behemoths MR BISON and SPACETRUCKER  to provide the 6 tracks that make up the series’ first chapter, 'Enter Galactic Wasteland'. The Californian powerhouse label’s new split 12' series is set to begin with its first installment in early 2020, and features some of each band’s most varied songwriting to date. MR BISON and SPACETRUCKER have space to unleash low tones, psychedelics, heavy blues hooks and groovy riffage. Definitely a must-hear!

"Turned to Stone Ch. 1: Enter Galactic Wasteland"
Out January 17th on Ripple Music
A1 - Spacetrucker - Nosedive
A2 - Spacetrucker - Distant Earth
A3 - Spacetrucker - King Cheeto
B1 - Mr Bison - The Grace Of Time
B2 - Mr Bison - The Stranger
B3 - Mr Bison - Oracle Prophecy

Within just a few years, MR BISON established themselves with initial releases "We’ll Be Brief" and the critically-acclaimed "Asteroid" as one of the most exciting combos in the heavy psych scene. They leveraged these successes into US and European tours and dozens of gigs across the Italian peninsula, opening slots for Danko Jones, Red Fang, Mondo Generator, Karma To Burn, Nebula, John Garcia and many more. MR BISON's two guitars together create a massive wall of sound through which listeners will likely never notice the absence of the bass guitar. Releasing their latest album Holy Oak in May 2018, MR BISON continue to play far and wide throughout the world in clubs and festivals.

SPACETRUCKER create a no-bullshit sound that mixes an affinity for classic rock riff kings like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple and a love of stoner rock icons like Kyuss, Sleep, and Fu Manchu, plus a healthy dose of riffy grunge such as the Melvins and TAD. Their debut EP "Launch Sequence" was recorded in 2016 at Encapsulated Studios in their hometown of Saint-Louis, Missouri. SPACETRUCKER's second album, the 50-minute juggernaut "Smooth Orbit", came out in 2018, and offered thundering drums, abrasive fuzzy guitars, driving ballsy bass, and leaned more heavily on melodic vocals. With full stacks and a hard-hitting drummer, their live shows are an energetic and ear-bleeding soiree by seasoned gigging musicians.

Matteo Barsacchi - Guitar, vocal
Matteo Sciocchetto - Guitar, vocal
Matteo D’Ignazi - Drum, sound effect, vocal

Mike Owen
Bryan "Del Toro" Weitekemper
Rob Meat-Wagoner



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A Ripple Conversation With Temptress

What have been your musical epiphany moments?

Kelsey: Lamb of God (As The Palaces Burn)

Andi: Depeche Mode

Christian: Jimi Hendrix (Band of Gypsys) “Machine Gun” specifically. My parents were “hippies”. Growing up in a house where music was on more than TV,Mom was playing piano, or Dad was singing Allman Brothers songs had a profound effect. This song epitomized emotion through amplification for me at a likely pre-pubescent age.

Erica: Blink 182 (Enima of the State)

Talk to us about the song-writing process for you. What comes first, the idea? A riff? The lyrics? How does it all fall into place?

Christian: It varies for me. I find I write productive lyrics following major life changes(moves, losses, tragedy, enlightenment), also I do particularly well on airplanes for some reason. It is also the only time I drink/crave tomato juice. Weird right? Riff wise, sometimes I just hear something in my head and work to get it out. Alternatively, just improv jamming with others can pull off kilter riffs from my soul. Then copy, paste and build. I tend to write both lyrics to riff and riff to lyrics depending on conception and feeling.

Who has influenced you the most?

Erica: Everything I’ve ever heard, I’m like a sponge.

Andi:  My Aunt.

Kelsey: My Mom, her musical influence on my early years really stuck with me.

Christian: My Grandfathers. Mom’s side (the music side) he passed when I was a young teen and left me with my first guitar (63’ Strat). He was a gospel/blues musician with a love for vintage country music. Dad’s side, he taught me open mindedness, good morals, educated decision making, as well as how to live responsibly. I still try to follow his lessons and those I have learned along my own life path.

Where do you look for continuing inspiration? New ideas, new motivation?

Kelsey: Other people’s new music, I draw ideas from their ideas. If there's something cool, or a cool technique, I want to learn it and take from that.

Christian: I usually listen to my friends’ bands and talk to them about what they’re listening to and go that route, organic type recommendation stuff. At times, I’ll critique bands, look at what they’re doing right and wrong to better my own projects… it might be shit, but that’s what I do. I am by far my own toughest critic in all things life related. I am fairly-well traveled and draw a good deal of inspiration from other cultures,traditional music, beliefs, and ideals as well.

Andi: New music and new bands. I’ll sit and listen to what I really like and try and capture that feeling.

Erica: Anger… that’s why I don’t write slow music. I just go with pure emotion and I’m an angry person.

We're all a product of our environment. Tell us about the band's hometown and how that reflects in the music?

Erica: The fact that we’re not any one way or another, our sound has a lot of different sounds, if that makes sense… and not being boxed in.

Christian: I honestly don’t feel like living in Dallas pushes me one way or the other in my musical influences. I’m going to play the same type of stuff I’ve always played. Play what I want to play. Living in Dallas makes me NOT want to sound like Pantera and NOT play an 8-string guitar.

Kelsey: I completely agree with that. Living in Dallas, you don’t want to do what’s already been done, It’s already oversaturated with that style of metal. I don’t want to become a clone of Pantera or other Heavy Metal bands. I appreciate them, but they did it the best, it's already out there. I'm going to do my own thing.

Andi: It influences you to go into a different direction.

Where'd the band name come from?

Andi: We brainstormed for days… weeks even, and finally found one that wasn’t taken by a million different bands already.

Christian: There are a couple other ‘Temptress’ out there, but they’re not close to our genre or were not active at the time we chose the name.

You have one chance, what movie are you going to write the soundtrack for?

Andi: That’s like my dream, to write a score in a movie. A 70’s Satanic witch cult… maybe a little Electric Wizzardy.

Kelsey and Erica: Some kind of sexy, horror Grindhouse type movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. “DEATHPROOF 2”.

You now write for a music publication (The Ripple Effect?).  You're going to write a 1,000-word essay on one song. Which would it be and why?

Christian: “John Finn’s Wife”-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. He’s the Bob Dylan of my generation. He’s a wordsmith extraordinaire and I have followed him since I was a pup. Poetic.

Erica:  Rilo Kiley, “Me, A Man then Jim” – I just relate a lot to it, my very first relationship with a woman.

Andi:  Neil Young – “Old Man”.

Kelsey: King Buffalo – “Orion”. Aside from it being a literal interpretation of what the constellation sees as we turn around it. Some of the metaphors are super deep. That song, and that whole album, really got me through some tough times.

Come on, share with us a couple of your great, Spinal Tap, rock and roll moments?

Kelsey:  Like when we were in Tulsa and everything went wrong? Pedal board shorted out. I had to play dry- no tuner. My string broke the 2nd song, I restrung it while the band still played and got it done right in time for the solo. Thought the string was in tune, because I tried to tune it by ear, because I didn’t have my tuner pedals. STARTED the next song. It wasn’t in tune. STOPPED the song. Tuned again. STARTED THE SONG AGAIN. Still not in tune. FINALLY grabbed Christians chord, tuned with a tuner, started song in tune, had a good 15 minutes before ANOTHER string broke. I just finished the set with my strings missing, it was the last song, so no big deal. But that was the most disastrous show we’ve had by far.”

Tell us about playing live and the live experience for you and for your fans?

Erica: I feel like we vibe off each other really well on stage.

Kelsey:  The more I give to the audience the more I get back, whether it be given back to me or not. I feel like if I perform and put my energy out there, I’ll bounce back to me and I get more energy. I just try to put out everything I can to make it as entertaining and enjoyable as possible.

Christian: Yeah, I’m with you, to transfer energy between us and the audience and our own energy on stage.

What makes a great song?

Kelsey: A good hook, a nice groove, something you can dance to- sway to- head bang to.

Andi:  Something that we put everything into and actually believe in. As opposed to something just thrown together.

Erica:  A cool riff. Beautiful lyrics don’t hurt.

Christian:  Atmosphere, solid riffs, good lyrics with a meaning instead of synthetic rubbish. Sonic dissonance to send me off into space at times- sometimes ambient, sometimes aggressive. Music that portrays different emotions.

Tell us about the first song you ever wrote?

Christian: Mine was surely a 3- chord punk rock song… not for this band.

Kelsey:  I think the first one I ever wrote was just melody, no lyrics. I used to pluck around on my classical guitar, making things that were just really pretty sounding. Then later came along more teen angst, acoustic emo/rock emo music with lyrics.

Erica:  It was about my friend who tried to kill himself. I was listening to a lot of Dashboard (Confessional) at the time, so it was acoustic emo stuff.”

Andi: I’ve been writing lyrics for as long as I can remember. But I don’t remember one specific one that started it.

What piece of your music are particularly proud of?

Erica: I’m proud of the newest song, the one about Medusa.

Kelsey:  You know what? I’m proud of that one, too. The little break we have in the pre chorus- the way Andi’s drums move throughout that part and really the whole song. It completely changed it from how I originally wrote it and I absolutely love it. When I originally wrote it years ago, I wasn’t really sure what or where it was going. As soon as Andi and I started jamming on it, it clicked and became somewhat of a masterpiece to me.

Andi: It’s a fine line, I have to be slow and also keep up, it has a certain swing to it. If I just played it normally, it would seem like it was going too fast. So, it was a goal to not make the stereotypical beats, to keep the groove moving.

Christian: For me that particular song is a favorite, as well. It changes directions about five different times and it brings the atmosphere and emotion I was talking about earlier. We’re covering multiple genres in onesong and capture different energies and emotions all in one piece. It’s a little bit of a lot of things and it’s cool.

Who today, writes great songs? Who just kicks your ass? Why?

Andi: Windhand and Chelsea Wolfe.

Kelsey: Stonecutters. Those dudes just tear ass all over the galaxy. I wish I could play like them sometimes. With practice, of course, all things are possible.

Erica: Electro-pop. Synthy stuff. That’s what I’m diggin’ on.

Christian: Amenra and the recent live performances of them I have witnessed. And a post rock band out of Sydney, Australia called We Lost The Sea, they just put out a new release “Triumph and Disaster,”and I can’t stop listening to it. These are just a couple; I could go on for days and days.”

Vinyl, CD, or digital? What's your format of choice?

Christian: Vinyl at home, CD in the car, Digital at work.

Kelsey: Vinyl.

Erica: Digital.

Andi: Vinyl.

Whiskey or beer?  And defend your choice.

Andi: Neither, I don’t drink.

Erica: Whiskey, it’s less I have to drink to get to the end game there. It’s 40% versus 5%, so that’s an easy choice for me.

Kelsey: Whiskey, I just don’t like beer that much. I'm a cider girl now… and even if I had a choice between that, I’d choose Tequila.

Christian: Beer, because I tend to be a binge drinker. I tend to lose control if I have hard liquor. Therefore, I can’t have hard liquor because I drink it like beer. This leads to horrible decision making for myself. I generally only drink on tour or in select social settings. “Excess in moderation” is what I call it.

We, at the Ripple Effect, are constantly looking for new music. What's your hometown, and when we get there, what's the best record store to lose ourselves in?

Kelsey: Tyler, Texas. Sunshine Records downtown is a great place to get lost in some old vinyl and get in some fun stories from the owner and the “good ole days.” As far as new records go, go for El Guapo Records, also downtown on Broadway. They have new and old records and are super welcoming to local bands bringing their own recordings into to display for purchase. I’m happy they came to town and support local music.
Erica: I was born in Dallas, but I’m gonna rep Denton here for a second, Recycled Books Opera House on the Square in Denton. It’s across from the venue I bartend at, which is Andy’s. It’s a college town immersed in amazing musicians, because you have UNT there, which is one of the best music schools in the world right there. So, basically you have tons of local music in there, tons of classic music, a lot of obscure shit, and it's also a bookstore so it has a neat little vibe to it.

Christian: I am from Birmingham, Alabama, I left there 18 years ago, so all the record shops I used to go to have either closed or changed ownership or names. I live in Dallas, Texas now and Good Records is my jam.

What's next for the band?

Kelsey: A full length album is up next. We’re gonna finish that up in 2019. In 2020, we’re aiming for a longer tour, at least a few weeks and having a couple shows in between here and there. And continue writing new music.
Christian:  Record new music. Shop it selectively to a few labels for distribution purposes. If we don’t get a deal, we want to do a DIY release. Follow that up with a couple decent length national tours, one in late Spring and one in early Fall. Keep pounding our local and regional markets.

Any final comments or thoughts you'd like to share with our readers, the waveriders?

Andi: Stay tuned, there’s big things ahead.

Kelsey: We’re gonna keep on truckin’. We’re not gonna stop. That’s what I’ve been told by other touring bands and some that have found success in this. Don’t Stop. Keep moving forward, so that’s what we’re going to do.

Christian: If you hear a band you like, go to their show, support them, share with others, buy their merch. That’s what keeps them alive and moving down the road.

Friday, November 15, 2019

WACKEN METAL BATTLE USA 2020 Band Submissions Open Until Nov 30th

Applications for 2020 will end November 30, 2019 at 11:59 PM PST.

W:O:A Metal Battle - Official Trailer here.

Wacken Metal Battle USA 2019 Spotify Playlist here.

For over a decade at the world’s largest outdoor metal festival Wacken Open Air, independent metal bands from around the globe have been performing in front of thousands and competing against one another for one to be crowned champion of the world along with winning multiple prizes. For the fourth year, Wacken Metal Battle USA is returning to America and will be hosting qualifying rounds in select cities across the nation. The national champion of those battles will perform at 31st edition of the festival taking place from July 30th – August 1st, 2020 in Wacken, Germany. The sold-out 2020 Wacken Open Air line-up includes Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, Amon Amarth, Sodom, Annihilator, Overkill, Venom, Sick of It All, Nervosa, U.D.O., Hypocrisy, Death Angel, Beast In Black, At The Gates and many more. Details here.

Unsigned bands interested in participating for 2020 battles, can apply at the following link until November 30, 2019 at 11:59 PM PST.


Wacken Metal Battle USA is part of an international competition that sees bands from across the country battle each other for the chance of winning their spot among 29 other countries’ champions, and representing the USA in an international battle of the bands at the world’s largest outdoor metal festival: Wacken Open Air, which has been taking place in Wacken, Germany for the last 30 years. The winner of Wacken Metal Battle USA will perform at the 2020 festival taking place from July 30th – August 1st.

2020 battles will be held in Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ, Inland Empire, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Oakland, CA, Sacramento, CA, San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, LA, Las Vegas, NV, New York City, NY, Portland, OR, Austin, TX, Fort Worth, TX, San Antonio, TX, Houston, TX, Seattle, WA with more to be announced.

Concert promoters interested in hosting a Wacken battle in their city can apply at this link:

How it works:

Participating cities will host qualifying rounds plus a city final organized by a local city concert promoter where one band will move forward to the American national final (date and city to be determined). The winner of the national final will move on to perform at the 31st edition of Wacken Open Air and compete against the winners of 29 other countries in a final global battle.  All bands will be judged during battle rounds by respected local music industry representatives.

Last year’s 2019 national final was hosted in Los Angeles, CA and featured Dissentience (Winners, East Coast), Monarch (Winners, West Coast), Nahaya (Winners, Texas), Toxic Ruin (Winners, Chicago), Violence System (Winners, Atlanta) whom were selected from over a hundred bands that participated in battles across the USA.

2019 - WMBU Winner
Monarch (San Diego, CA)
Video - Live at Wacken 2019 here.

2018 – WMBU Winner

2017 – WMBU Winner
CORPSE HOARDER (Philadelphia, PA)
Video - Live at Wacken 2017 here..

For more info: 
Wacken Open Air -

Sponsors / Partners:
Dungeon Works Productions
Asher Media Relations
Fatal Illness Management
Come And Take It Productions
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Saint Vitus

Thursday, November 14, 2019

PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2020: First Round Of Artists Announced Including Ty Segall & The Freedom Band, Mayhem, Ulver, Windhand, Blonde Redhead, And More; Tickets On Sale Now!

America's rock n' roll bacchanal, PSYCHO LAS VEGAS, will return to Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino for a second consecutive year August 14th through August 16th 2020. Set to commence with a pre-party at Daylight Beach Club on August 13th, PSYCHO LAS VEGAS remains the premier rock festival destination offering fans one of the most unique and immersive festival formats in the world.

Now approaching its fifth year in the swirling neon decadence of Las Vegas, the resort-wide takeover will utilize four stages including the world-class Mandalay Bay Events Center, the iconic House Of Blues, Mandalay Bay Beach, and Rhythm & Riffs Lounge located at the center of the casino floor. With its signature mix of grit, grime, and grandeur, PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2020 will continue to redefine America's conception of what a music festival can be.

The curators of the event are pleased to unveil the first round of artists to grace the PSYCHO stages with California garage rock icons Ty Segall & The Freedom Band, New York alternative noise rock veterans Blonde Redhead, Virginia doom metal unit Windhand, and Massachusetts psyche metallers Elder (scheduled to play the pre-party), as well as Norwegian black metal legends Mayhem, long-running Norwegian dark ambient collective Ulver, Icelandic synth punk trio Kaelan Mikla, and Argentinian dark electric "mausoleum music" makers Mephistofeles.

Tickets for PSYCHO LAS VEGAS as well as the PSYCHO SWIM pre-party, which requires a separate ticket from the main festival pass, are on sale now!

PSYCHO LAS VEGAS offers several pricing tiers and payment plans starting with a $20 deposit. 3-Day GA Weekender passes start at $199 (excluding tax and fees). Limited VIP 3-Day High Roller passes - which sell out annually - are available for $499 (excluding tax and fees) and include:

-- VIP access for all three days of the festival + entry to the Thursday pre-party
-- VIP hotel and festival check-in at Mandalay Bay
-- Dedicated lines for expedited entry to all stages of the festival
-- Private viewing areas, seating, restrooms and bars at three stages of the festival
-- Limited edition and exclusive merch item for 2020 High Rollers only

Tickets for all PSYCHO LAS VEGAS events can be purchased at or

Meticulously curated, PSYCHO LAS VEGAS has gained worldwide recognition for consistently delivering lineups that grow increasingly diverse and eclectic with each passing year, the magnitude of which have yet to be seen in North America. From post-rock, to black metal, to world music and even electronica, PSYCHO's wide-ranging allure has expanded ceaselessly since its inception, bringing together musicians and artists from seemingly immiscible corners of the musical world.

Wrote Las Vegas Weekly in a retrospect of 2019's event, "PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2019 was a dream...PSYCHO's organizers deserve major credit... for continuing to program the festival in a unique and interesting way (where else in North America can you witness the dream-pop of Beach House and the prog-metal of Opeth back-to-back on the same stage?)...not much needs fixing, from a fan perspective, at a festival where you can sleep just upstairs from the stages, duck into Hubert Keller and Akira Back restaurants for dinner and never have to hear the words Porta-Potty. If that's not the future of music festivals, we're not sure what is."

Championed Metal Injection, "PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2019 can be summarized in two words: Holy Shit. This annual party in the Mojave Desert has grown from a simple gathering of doom-centric, riff enthusiasts, into a monster three day [four, if you make it for the Thursday night kickoff], casino resort hijacking, destination music festival. PSYCHO's first year at its new home at Mandalay Bay proved to be a match made in heaven." Hailed Consequence Of Sound, "With over 70 bands on four stages throughout the property, the event has reached new heights and offered something for everyone in attendance... By the time it was all said and done, this year's PSYCHO LAS VEGAS was a smashing success, and has officially established itself as one of the premiere festivals for heavy music in America." Added Mxdwn, "Nobody is putting together bills like this and simultaneously challenging and rewarding fans for coming along for the ride. The look of enthusiasm on everyone's face alone is worth the price of admission."

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