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The Wall (ReDux) - Various Artists

Magnetic Eye Records

This "cover" album is breath taking. Truly a redo of the original work. You know the words but not all the songs sound the way you remember them. They are reworked as a different take on each song, done by a different band in the Doom/ Stoner Metal/ Stoner Rock genres.

The Melvins kick it off, with a peppy "In the Flesh?". The Low Flying Hawks slow down "The Thin Ice" until they stomp on the fuzz petal and the goosebumps. The "Another Brick in the Wall" block (Part 1, Happiest days..., Part 2) sounds about the same with the bands personal flair added. ASG brings new light to "Mother" in ways I've never heard or felt it before. Mos Generator gives an updated "Goodbye Blue Sky" but does not stray from the original. Domkraft have "Empty Spaces" and add a bit of eeriness to it. The Slim Kings give a bluesy spin to "Young Lust". Worshipper keeps it real but updates the sound of "One of My Turns". Spaceslug add some doom and gloom to "Don't Leave Me Now". Good to see that MER added "When the Tigers Broke Free" and Year of the Cobra give it a good go, a bit of crunchiness and her vocals are wonderful. Greenleaf finish off what would be the first record/disc (for us old media types) with "Another Brick...part 3" and "Goodbye Cruel World". First, part 3 is classic then add hit cruel world gets a punch before fading out.

"Hey You" by Summoner has the classic sound with a twist, of the tuner pegs and effects pedals. Scott Reader does "Is There Anybody Out There" well. Mark Lanegan gives "Nobody Home" a Tom Waits kinda sound. Ruby the Hatchet's take on "Vera" is a good one.  "Bring the Boys Back Home" by SunFlo'er has a haunting sound to it. Then Mars Red Sky kicks it up a notch with "Comfortably Numb". Fuzzed out guitars and eerie vocals, more goosebumps appear. Open Hand give "The Show Go On" a classic pop sound to it, sax and all. Solace updates "In the Flesh" and gives it a flashy go at it. Pallbearer's version of "Run Like Hell" is 70's duel guitar driven, giving it a Priest or Maiden chug to it. "Waiting for the Worms" by WhiteNails is clean and upbeat at times and has the classic crunch at others with some new flair at the end. Blue Heron has an interesting side to "Stop". "The Trial" is given a good go by Church of the Cosmic Skull with a classic sound to it, does all the voice parts well, giving additional depth to it. Yawning Man have the finisher "Outside the Wall" and they do not disappoint. Slow and lingering sound giving an aftermath feel to it all. Winding you down from the trip that is "The Wall".

I think all in all that it is a great album and gives The Wall new life.


Monday, October 15, 2018

Brown Acid: The Seventh Trip compilation out on Halloween, hear C.T. Pilferhogg's 1973 rager "You Haul"

"So rare that diehard fuzz junkies say you'd have a better chance of winning the lottery than finding a physical 45 rpm single by one of the bands featured on their latest installment." -- Dangerous Minds

"Will do for hard rock, proto-metal and heavy psych what Nuggets did for garage rock, and bring it to a wider audience of collectors and music fans." -- The Guardian

"We're huge fans of the Brown Acid series... Think of it as a companion to the essential Nuggets compilation but covering artists and records that never made it out of their hometowns." -- Ultimate Classic Rock

The forthcoming seventh edition of the popular compilation series featuring long-lost vintage 60s-70s proto-metal and stoner rock singles, Brown Acid: The Seventh Trip is set for release on Halloween 2018. Hear and share C.T. Pilferhogg's stomping 1973 track, "You Haul" over at What Youth HERE. (Direct YouTube HERE.)

Loudwire recently premiered the first single, "Peace of Mind" by Blizzard from 1973 HERE. (Direct YouTube.) "The Sorcerer" from Pegasus dropped last month on YouTube HERE.

The Brown Acid series is curated by L.A. label RidingEasy Records and retailer/label Permanent Records. The Quietus hosted a full album stream of the previous edition Brown Acid: The Sixth Trip HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

About Brown Acid: The Seventh Trip:

Everybody's favorite source for the hard stuff is back in business, with ten more lethal doses of rare hard rock, heavy psych and proto-metal! These obscure tracks have all been licensed, the bands have been paid, and the sources are all analog. The quality of tracks seems to increase along with the number of Trips and this cohesive collection comes outta the gate with both guns blazing! 

Pegasus recorded one single in Baltimore in 1972 and they made it count. "The Sorcerer" is a throbbing ripper that prior to this was basically unknown. However, it doesn't seem too far fetched to speculate that Black Flag lifted the riff for "No Values" from this track eight years later. Unlikely, but possible, especially considering how big a Black Sabbath fan Greg Ginn is. Pegasus was lauded back in the day for "how much they delivered that Black Sabbath feel."

You may not already be familiar with Schizo, but you should know at least one of the French freaks behind this short-lived group.  Richard Pinhas was the co-writer and uncredited, wah-wah abusing guitarist in Schizo after his stint in Blues Convention. Schizo recorded just two singles, the first being the heavier of the two, before Pinhas went on to record with Heldon and then going solo. The band had a unique vibe that didn't sound unlike Lemmy fronting a gang of stoned Martians.

Youngstown, Ohio is the most commonly referred to city of the entire Brown Acid series. This town of just under 150,000 people may've had the highest (literally and figuratively) per capita output of heavy 45s. Blue Amber recorded this in 1971 at Gary Rhamy's analog Mecca, Peppermint Recording Studios. This two-riff boneheaded banger sounds like a caveman protest song with an extraordinary amount of delay on the vocals. No wonder this 45 fetches three-figures on the rare occasion it comes up for sale.

Batting clean-up, we have Negative Space, the only LP sourced track on this album. This crunchy jam comes off the band's 1970 record entitled Hard, Heavy, Mean, & Evil. At over six and a half minutes, "The Calm After the Storm" is the longest track included on this volume, but it never gets dull. Fun fact: before changing the name to Negative Space, Rob Russen called his band Snow and released the "Sunflower" 45 in 1969 - you might recall that groover from the First Trip.

We generally stick with American artists for this series, but every now and again something foreign grabs us and shakes us to the core. One example is the Schizo record from France, another is this Swedish 45 by Zane. These crazy Swedes did one incredibly damaged (hence the title) record on the MM label in 1976. These proto-punkers relied heavily on synth for this tune and mixed the drums so obnoxiously loud, you might think the kit is in the room with you. This is a weird one that somehow sounds like Zolar X covering Wicked Lady. Brown Acid material all the way!

B must be short for Bangers, 'cuz this side is full of 'em! The flip of this Trip begins with a virtually unknown Oklahoma record from 1973. Blizzard was Rod McClure's high school band, but you couldn't possibly guess that teenagers recorded this heavy slab on the Token (should've been Toking) label. It's one of the best we've comped and it sounds like a hypothetical MC5/Hendrix collaboration. The "Under the Ice" level drum fills will knock your socks off if the heavy shred doesn't first.

OOOOk-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain and apparently where the fuzz goes seepin' in your brain! Third World is the second Okie inclusion on this Trip and we couldn't be more stOOOOOked to be sharing this very obscure single with y'all. If the heavily distorted two-note riff doesn't grab ya, the apocalyptic Grand Funk vibes will. Once they get their mitts on ya, Third World will take you back to 1971 and leave ya there. Can we hitch a ride too?

Ever heard of Virginia, Minnesota? We hadn't either until we got in touch with Calvin Haluptzok and got the back story on his band Sweet Wine. This bitchin' one-off 45 must've melted the snow off the roofs of the households brave enough to play it when it came out in 1970 and it's still red hot nearly 50 years later. This vino may be sugary, but it packs an incendiary punch! Sadly, Calvin passed before we could get his music re-released, but it was nice to have reached him before it was too late. The Sweet Wine legacy lives on thanks to the Brown Acid archivists.

C.T. Pilferhogg wins the award for most puzzling band name in our series. What's not puzzling is how righteous both sides of their self-released 1973 single are! Featured here is the A-side "You Haul" which is one of the best examples of a poor man's Deep Heep (Deep Purple meets Uriah Heep) we've ever heard and the demonic Echoplex-laden laughs mixed into this track are out of control. The band was touted as "Southwest Virginia's Finest Boogie Band", but don't let that fool ya.vThey could bang heads with the best of 'em.

The closer on the Seventh Trip is one we hold very near and dear. Not only is this record the one that's taken us the longest to secure the rights to, it's also one of the very best examples of heavy psych you'll ever hear. The track rings your bell (literally) straight out of the gate and the dank psychedelic vibes kick in immediately. Summit's "The Darkness" was recorded in a basement studio in Kansas City in 1969 when the lead guitarist was only 16. The band was from a rural Missouri town, played only one impromptu gig in Clinton, and pressed only 125 copies of this, their only single. It should come as no surprise that it sells for hundreds of dollars when it's offered. That's a small price to pay for such greatness. 

About the Brown Acid series:

Some of the best thrills of the Internet music revolution is the ability to find extremely rare music with great ease. But even with such vast archives to draw from, quite a lot of great songs have gone undiscovered for nearly half a century -- particularly in genres that lacked hifalutin arty pretense. Previously, only the most extremely dedicated and passionate record collectors had the stamina and prowess to hunt down long forgotten wonders in dusty record bins -- often hoarding them in private collections, or selling at ridiculous collector's prices. Legendary compilations like Nuggets, Pebbles, ad nauseum, have exhausted the mines of early garage rock and proto-punk, keeping alive a large cross-section of underground ephemera. However, few have delved into and expertly archived the wealth of proto-metal, pre-stoner rock tracks collected on
Brown Acid.

Lance Barresi, co-owner of L.A./Chicago retailer Permanent Records has shown incredible persistence in tracking down a stellar collection of rare singles from the 60s and 70s for the growing compilation series. Partnered with Daniel Hall of RidingEasy Records, the two have assembled a selection of songs that's hard to believe have remained unheard for so long.

"I essentially go through hell and high water just to find these records," Barresi says. "Once I find a record worthy of tracking, I begin the (sometimes) extremely arduous process of contacting the band members and encouraging them to take part. Daniel and I agree that licensing all the tracks we're using for
Brown Acid is best for everyone involved," rather than simply bootlegging the tracks. When all of the bands and labels haven't existed for 30-40 years or more, tracking down the creators gives all of these tunes a real second chance at success.

"There's a long list of songs that we'd love to include," Barresi says. "But we just can't track the bands down. I like the idea that Brown Acid is getting so much attention, so people might reach out to us."

Brown Acid: The Seventh Trip will be available everywhere on LP, CD and download on October 31st, 2018 via RidingEasy Records. Pre-orders are available for digital (with immediate download of the first single) at Bandcamp, physical pre-orders at RidingEasy Records.
Artist: Various Artists
Album: Brown Acid: The Seventh Trip
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: October 31, 2018

01. Pegasus "The Sorcerer"
02. Nobody's Children "Good Times"
03. Blue Amber "We Got Love"
04. Negative Space "The Calm After The Storm"
05. Zane "Damage"
06. Blizzard "Peace of Mind"
07. Third World "End of Time"
08. Sweet Wine "Things You Told Me"
09. C.T. Pilferhogg "You Haul"
10. Summit "The Darkness"

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The Story Of Lord


1 Badass EP (2005)
2 Built Lord Tough Full-length (2005)
3 Lord/ Ol' Scratch Split-EP (2006)
4 Under The Sign Of The Maker's Mark EP (2006)
5 South Mountain Sessions EP (2007, unreleased until 2017)
6 Refuge For The Recluse Lord/ Fire Faithful Split-EP (2010)
7 Chief Full-length (2011)
8 Alive In Golgotha EP (2014)
9 Echoes From The Eye Lord/ Black Buzzard Split-EP (2015)
10 Awake Full-length (2016)
11. Blacklisted Full-length (2017)
12 Desperation Finds Hunger In All Men Full-length (2018)

Final line-up:                                      
Willy Rivera - Guitars (2005-2018
Steve Kerchner - Vocals (2011-2018)
Todd Wuehrmann - Guitars (2015-2018)
Chris Dugay - Bass guitar (2014-2018)

Andy Murray - Vocals (2005-2011)
Mike Meeks - Guitars (2009-2010)
Rob Gouldman - Bass guitar (2005-2007)
Helena Goldberg - Bass guitar (2009-2013)
Stephen Sullivan - Drums (2005-2014)
Kevin Marimow - Drums (2015-2017)
Tony Petrocelly - Drums (2017-2018)
Jesse Hottle - Drums (2018)

The Virginian stalwarts, Lord, quickly came to my attention when I moved to the States. At the time, tail end of December 2007, the band was actually on a hiatus, broken up, whatever you want to call it. Still, in the two years they had been active a rather impressive discography had been amassed: one full-length, one split-EP and two regular EPs. As friends played the music while recounting past concert stories a deep-lying interest in Lord grew within me. This was further enhanced by constantly running into various band members at shows whom I talked to about what had been. This sparked a flame inside to put into words about the past, the present and the future of Lord.

Lord saw the light of day in Fredericksburg, VA, in 2005 when guitarist Willy River joined forces with drummer Stephen Sullivan, singer Andy Murray and bassist Rob Gouldman. An EP, 'Badass' was quickly composed and recorded and this triggered quite a productive streak, which would reappear later in the band's career. The excellent full-length, 'Built Lord Tough' lead the charge in 2005, followed in 2006 by a split-EP with Ol' Scratch, a band Lord would have close ties with, as well as another EP, 'Under The Sign Of The Maker's Mark'. Rob Gouldman left after this leaving the band to continue on as a three-piece. Another EP was recorded, 'South Mountain Sessions' with Willy Rivera doubling on guitar and bass guitar. Unfortunately, this recording would remain unreleased for ten years...sort of, but more on that later. A big reason for this is because the band broke up.

Messeurs Rivera, Sullivan and Murray reconvened two years later in 2009 bringing in Helena Goldberg from Akris on bass guitar, as well as adding a second guitarist in the shape of Mike Meeks. A second split-EP, ‘Refuge For The Recluse’, with Fire Faithful was released in 2010. During this period the Ol’ Scratch connection flourished with both Rivera and Murray being in that band. And when Murray left Lord in 2011 during the preparations for the second full-length, ‘Chief’, former Ol’ Scratch singer Steven Kerchner was the replacement. He is better known from The Seventh Gate/ Palkoski. Meeks left right after the Fire Faithful split but was never replaced. Although the twin-axe approach would be reinstated years later. As great as ‘Chief’ is Lord still went on a second hiatus, only to come back to life shortly afterwards. However, Goldberg departed in 2013 leaving the band as a three-piece once more. The brilliant game-changing EP, ‘Alive In Golgotha’ came out in 2014, seeing Sullivan double on drums and bass guitar. Trouble arose again as Sullivan left as soon as the EP was completed. The split was amicable but it left Lord as a duo with only founder Willy Rivera and Steven Kerchner in the fold. On the verge of breaking up – again – they instead turned things around, reshaping the band which also re-triggered the productiveness from their infant years.

Bass player Chirs Dugay joined right after the EP was released and then Todd Wuehrmann from The Seventh Gate/ Palkoski joined on guitar in 2015 along with former Ol’ Scratch drummer Kevin Marimow. A third split-EP, ‘Echoes From The Eye’ with Black Buzzard came out the same year, followed by two fantastic full-lengths, ‘Awake’ and ‘Blacklisted’ in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Also in 2017, the band’s first two full-lengths were reissued digitally and enhanced containing all their early EPS including the so far unreleased ‘South Mountain Sessions’. It appeared on ‘Built Lord Tough’ although one song, ‘Witch Doctor Malpractice’ was featured on the Fire Faithful split back in 2010. After this the drummer spot was vacated with Tony Petrocelly joining from Pain Tank. This lineup recorded the brilliant full-length, Desperation Finds Hunger In All Men’ which came out in 2018 before Petrocelly left the band amicably. His replacement, Jesse Hottle, came and went within a two-week period.

Sadly, as I was putting finishing touches to this thinking Lord were looking for a new drummer, news filtered through that the band had finally called it a day. True, they have broken up several times before, only to reform a while later, however, this time it seems as if their 13-year journey has ended for good. Saying goodbye when you are on top is the way to go but it already feels strange not having this tribe around anymore. Thank you for everything, guys!

Rest In Power


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SMALL FACES 'Ogdens` Nutgone Flake' 50th Anniversary Editions


What happens when Swinging London’s foremost mod quartet grow their hair, change their clothes, and go psychedelic?

They write an era-defining smash-hit concept album! Ogdens Nut Gone Flake was originally released by Andrew Loog Oldham’s Immediate Records on 24th May 1968 and soon hit the #1 spot where it stayed for six weeks.

Critically acclaimed and still featuring in albums-you-must-own-polls, it is by far and away the Small Faces’ best-known and most successful album. Alongside classic single tracks like ‘Lazy Sunday’ and ‘Afterglow’ plus ‘Song Of A Baker’ and live favourite ‘Rollin’ Over’, the LP even added a conceptual twist with the story of "Happiness Stan" and the narrations of Stanley Unwin on Side 2. Loved also for its award-winning crazy round packaging, the record represents the band’s finest hour, though soon after its release the Small Faces were no more, having morphed into The Faces and Humble Pie.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, the album has been newly remastered by Nick Robbins at Soundmastering with the full cooperation of surviving Small Faces member Kenney Jones. This is the best Ogdens’ has ever sounded!

Vinyl Edition
For the first time ever, both mono and stereo versions of the album, plus an LP of rare bonus material, will be released together in one deluxe, limited edition box set, pressed on 180-gram audiophile red, white and blue vinyl. It will also feature a deluxe booklet loaded with material, including in-depth sleeve notes by Small Faces authority and Mojo contributor Mark Paytress, interviews, rare photos and memorabilia.

CD Edition
A 60-page hardback book edition will contain 3 CDs for mono and stereo versions of the album plus a disc of rare bonus material, together with a DVD containing Small Faces' legendary feature on an episode of the BBC's TV show Colour Me Pop in June 1968, with the highlights being their performance of “Happiness Stan” and Peter Whitehead’s promotional film for ‘Lazy Sunday’. It will also feature a deluxe booklet loaded with material, including indepth sleeve notes by Small Faces authority and Mojo contributor Mark Paytress, interviews, rare photos and memorabilia.

More On Immediate 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Hexgrafv - Altare

Hexgrafv are a Swedish Doom Trio and with their debut ”Altare” they show us their high standard when it comes to writing epic stoner and funeral doom-songs. The album, released in the summer of 2016, actually came into my hands during a period in 2017. And I’m enthusiastic about it!

Five songs of doomy guitars, with voices reminding me of Ozzy and a psychedelic sound that makes the spine shiver.

The first song, ”Altar of Disease” is open-minded with its love for Black Sabbath but also delivers a wink of the mighty Cathedral too, and who am I to criticize influences like that? The song is almost 10 minutes but feels way too short in its epicness.

The second song, 1347 which includes church bells and a latin talk is my absolute favourite. The latin talk builds up and leaves the listeners waiting patiently and scared. Expect to be blown away by the psychedelic vibe when the guitar kicks in! Also the howling voice reminds me of the good old Mr Osbourne. Simply amazing and very addictive!

The song structures are very well built and I love how they pay homage to the master of the past but also incorporate new influences like Poland's Dopelord. The song 1347 and the rest of the album demonstrate this winning concept because they combine doomy tunes with stoner elements. The album is very varied and with it’s addictive riffs you’ll never get bored.

The ending masterpiece "Drowning" is a brontosaurus piece with heavy funeral doom tendencies. Imagine sitting in the dark, sipping some red wine. Your mood is downtuned and outside the storm is blowing.

I see a very bright future for this Jönköping trio if they continue to play their cards right.

Thanks for the opportunity to listen to this masterpiece!

Before a new album comes out you can listen to ”Altar of Disease” here...


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The Messthetics on tour in December w/ Clutch

The Messthetics are an instrumental trio featuring Brendan Canty (drums), Joe Lally (bass), and Anthony Pirog (guitar). In January, the band will perform a week's worth of dates with Clutch.
Brendan Canty and Joe Lally were the rhythm section of the band Fugazi from its inception in 1987 to its period of hiatus in 2002. This is the first band they’ve had together since then. Anthony Pirog is a jazz and experimental guitarist based in Washington, D.C. One half of the duo Janel & Anthony, he has emerged as a primary figure in the city’s out-music community.

Released in March, the trio’s debut includes nine songs recorded at Canty’s practice space throughout 2017. It’s a snapshot of a band dedicated to the live ideal, where structure begets improvisation.


12.27 - Baltimore, MD @ Ram's Head Live *
12.28 - Sayerville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom *
12.29 - Portland, ME @ Aura *
12.30 - Clifton Park, NY @ Upstate Concert Hall *
12.31 - Cleveland, OH @ Masonic Auditorium *
3.21-3.24 - Knoxville, TN @ Big Ears Festival

* w/ Clutch

Purchase CD/LP/Download from Dischord 

Purchase CD/LP/Download from Bandcamp

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The Xroadie Files

S.K.o.R.- Rubus Tellus
Emil Gammeltoft – Vocals, Lorenzo Fugazza – Guitar, Anders Thorgren – Bass, Mally Hoxell – Drums

Rebus Tellus guitar feedback. Bubbleman a very catchy chorus and riff that just has you up and grooving along has a Sweet feel.  Rhythm N Blues a great riff kicks in slow and steady screaming vocals takes you back to the old days of ACDC. Kamikaze takes you back to the amazing music of the hard rock 70s just get up and jam away. Hell To Pay starts slow and moody gather around the band sing along to a very catchy chorus and great melody. Mystify searing leads pounding rhythms and excellent sing along vocals. Seagull fist in the air or just clap along to a riff that takes you over and vocals that just make you wanna sing along. Cuckold & the Hotwife a blues based hard rock riff that will have you on your feet from the first note just get ready to rock out. Blue Collar Girl has a very poppy catchy riff and beat that will have the crowd bouncing and dancing. Sparkling Shining Star grab the air guitars and get ready to jam away as you sing along. Karate Girl is a pop flavored song with hard rock and punk influences. Hippo is a strange punk flavored song but excellent as well. Mama’s Place get up dance and groove as you sing along. Armageddon catchy poppy hard rock punk influenced music.

Olten – Ambiance
Christophe Macquat – Guitar/Synth, Marc Theurillat – Drums, Sebastien Bandelier – Bass

Igelkott synths and guitars with a slow beat builds and it grows in intensity. Raus heavy noise and riffs that just cut thru you as it leads into darkness. Klark strange space rock sounds and a marching beat with lots of distortion and eerie feelings. Lied sythns a guitar tones flow all around you as you drift away into the black abyss. Gover low bass rumbles thru you with some very eerie riffs and tones that just make you wonder where you are. Sludge dissonant guitar slow and evil envelopes you as it drags you to hell. Popoutro eerie sounds building all around you growing louder. Pope the entire world opens up and hordes of demons slowly rise from inside it.

Iron Altar – Pillars of Blood
Andrew Callis – Vocals, Daniel Drever – Guitar, Neil Mathers – Guitar, Jamie Scougall – Bass, Lindsay Alan Conway - Drums

Deincarnation eerie sounds swell around you then a steady heavy beat that just seems to grab ahold of your heat and make it join in before it kicks into overdrive and just slams you against a wall. Amaranthine get in the pit and get ready to sweat and slam along to the rhythm. Burning Fields is a fist pumping head banging riff that will leave you exhausted. Sanguine Petrichor get you fist in the air and just let the music swallow you as you head bang. Shepherds fast heavy dark metal mayhem. Manifestation kicks into drive with heavy riffs and yelling vocals with rumbling rhythms. Small Gods is a heavy steady beat that just envelopes you as it drags you into the mosh pit. Lost Insignificance fast heavy speeding down the road metal music. Echo Chamber strange riffs build a crunchy riff kicks in with pounding beats and yelling vocals. 

T Tops – Disease
Band members - ????

Disease fast heavy driving Motorhead influenced hard rock. Incest a strange interesting riff that just worms its way thru you. Mouth For Hate heavy catchy driving surf punk meets Motorhead style hard rock.

Necroholocaust – Laudem Antichristus
Black Plague Of War And Disease – Vocals/Guitar, Bloodlust Abominator Of Ritual War Incantations – Drums, Bestial Desolator Of Impurity And Abomination – Guitar, Filth Destroyer And Threshold Devastator – Bass

Heaven Burns God Failed eerie sounds surround and envelope you then hands from the mists grab ahold and drag you into the pit of hell. Nuclear Whore dark dreary heavy demonic tones fill the air and just make you gasp for air. 

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