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It Came From ReverbNation - The Ripple Music-ReverbNation Playlist Part 1: featuring Tennessee Stiffs, The Black Marbles, NMBR11, Axis/Orbit and The Losing Kind

Welcome waveriders.  Once again the good folks at ReverbNation asked us to participate in a promotion for their millions of bands and artists.  Who ever was interested had 60 days to submit one song to us.  I then promised that I'd go through each submission and write a quick line about the 20 that caught my ear.

2480 artists submitted from all genres.  Originally, I only wanted to review heavy rock stuff, you know, Ripple Music record label kinda stuff, but wouldn't you know it, I simply fell in love with some of the voices, songs, craft and melodies of some very surprising (to me) submissions. I don't really lean towards Country/Americana, yet the Tennessee Stiffs grabbed my ears and refused to let go. I've been bored with too many emo-ish pop bands and intended to skip the whole scene, but a talented young signer/songwriter named Danielle H was way, way too talented to ignore.  Not looking for any indie, folk or alternative yet you'll find amazing songwriters/performers like Lauren Marsh, Gentlemen and Scholars and NMBR11 on the list.  That's not even to mention some of the amazing bands that crossed my computer, like StoneCoats, Ophelliah, and Axis/Orbit.  Way too many to name here.  And despite the fact that ReverbNation ranks submissions by how many fans, facebook/followers they have, etc, I intentionally ignored those rankings and often started at the bottom of the list where the funky as all get-out, bluesy hip hop of PR Stunt was just waiting to be found.

Its a very mixed, eclectic playlist for all kinds of moods.  In other words, it's what the Ripple Effect is all about.

My apologies to all the others who submitted.  Some of these cuts were brutal for me.  It was a brutal process, listening to each and every one of the 2480 submissions and trimming it down.  Once I got the list down to about 100 the process trudged to a snail's pace.   I wanted to keep them all, but simply couldn't.  Often it wasn't that a submission wasn't worthy, it just may have been not what I wanted to write about at this point in time.  Case in point, The Black Marbles, who I passed over the last time I did this, but jumped out at me this go around.

So, without further ado, the Ripple Music ReverbNation playlist, part 2.  Part 1 played (find it here) a bit back, Part 3 plays next week.

Tenessee Stiffs - Waiting to Collide 

Ok, I'm taking this right off the band's webpage, because it's just damn perfect.  "They seamlessly blend Americana, blues, rock, folk, alternative country, and a myriad of other influences into a powerful and provocative product they call "Death Folk." Late night writing sessions soaked in whiskey gave the group a sound all their own. Cara’s melodies range from hauntingly beautiful to wildly soulful. Blended with Lee’s foot-stomping rhythms and gravelly vocals, the two take the “Beauty and the Beast” standard to heart."    I don't know about the whole "Beauty and the Beast" part, because I think both of their voices are simply damn perfect, but man, when they harmonize, and overlap each other . . . unreal.  The term "achingly beautiful" was coined just to describe this band.  Yes, it's country, or Americana, or acoustic indie, or . . .Death Folk.  It's all of the above and it is simply a perfect, and perfectly beautiful song.  Haunting.  Gritty.  Powerful.  Moving.  Infinitely listenable.

I think the band is pressing up their first album.  That will definitely be one to look out for.

The Black Marbles - Free Your Mind

Moving on from the Americana end of things, but keeping it gritty, we got the Black Marbles and their roughed up, garage pop of "Free Your Mind."  Keeping it moving and soulful in the style of groovy 70's rock, inspired by bands such as Bad Company, Free, Humble Pie and the Faces.   I know Sweden is capable of cranking out just about any music dreamed of, but nothing about this band sounds like it comes from Gothenburg.  It just bleeds dirty garage rock with soul and verve of the south.  A taste of the bayou.  A shot of whiskey.  Bar Band for the next major fist fight.  "Free Your Mind," is a rocking, groovin' burst of a good time and not to be missed.

NMBR11 - Please Forgive Me

After the Tennessee Stiffs and now NMBR11, you might think that I got a thing for that painfully beautiful, poignant mixture of female vocals riding across a tune of stark Americana . . . and I guess I do.  Remember, I'm the guy who hates country, mainly because it's lacking in soul.  So, I'll fight you to the death that this ain't country, cause what NMBR11 do is just about as full as soul as you can get.  Sure the song is gently acoustic, and beats at a leisurely crawl, but that doesn't mean it's not powerful.  Don't be fooled.  The fantastic guitar work of Bernard Bulhack interweaving with the angelic, aching vocals of Yeshiva is all about the power. The power of expert songwriting and musicianship.  The power of emotion, and pain, remorse and hidden places.   Dark, country, gothic American is the name of the game here, and it's just about as evocative and moving as anything you're gonna find.  Amazing vocals, poignant acoustic and weeping edges of slide guitar.  When Yeshiva sings, "Please forgive me, I was wrong,"   Man.  If she was singing to me, all defenses would simply melt and I'd forgive her for the next 1,000 things she may do.   A beautiful, spellbinding song.  

Axis/Orbit - Around

Now I know Axis/Orbit.  Or I thought I did.  These cats sent me their 3 song debut a while back and more recently they sent me their finished full-length album.  I hadn't listened to it yet.  Looks like I gotta fix that real soon.  I seemed to remember Axis/Orbit being rather form-free psychedelic jamming, but man, that's not what's going on here.  Yes, the fuzz and acrid haze are still here, but this is burst of pure crunchy, punchy garage psych.  A killer chorus, some nasty fuzzed-out riffs and a killer, swinging beat.   Their reverbNaton page goes on to list all the standard stoner rock influences from Sabbath to Clutch to Corrosion of Conformity, but damn, I'll tell you, that's not what this song is about.  I know stoner (I do run a stoner rock/heavy rock record label) and what we got here is smack dab up the other love alley of my life, and that's straight from the garage.   And in my opinion, the band is better for it.  With the confines of the song, the band is punchier and more straight forward than I remember them being and simply cranking out a party good vibe.  

The Losing Kind - Loser

Punk.  Straight up, right from the gutter, blood and spit punk rock.  Well, in this case, turns out the "gutter" is right up the 80 freeway from me in Vacaville.  Not a place I ever associated with a punk rock scene (or any music scene for that matter) but maybe that's about to change.  "Loser" is all flailing buzzsaw guitars, snappy verses and addictive gang choruses, just like the best of punk.  Energy, vitality and rawness.  Perfect.  But there's also some serious chops here. The drums stay right in the pocket without getting sloppy and the bass and guitar run through some nice paces keeping the song rushing forward.  Best of all, we're not stuck listening to whiny emo vocals here, but good guttural punk throats.   "Three time loser on a winning streak" may be the lyrics here, and I'll tell you, if this song is any indication, that winning streak is about to keep on going.  

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Ripple Needs Your Help - Writer's Wanted

Well, here it is.

There is no way we here at The Ripple Effect can keep up with all the quality music that comes in.  Our poor little staff have got stacks upon stacks upon stacks of great music to write about, and now we could use just a little help.

Yep, the Ripple needs to expand and we've got openings for new writers.  Of course we'd love someone who has a mind for lots and lots of hard rock and metal.  We mean 1970s inspired hard rock and heavy, dirty, deathy, blacky metal.  Also we could use a great mind who loves emo, electro, and indy pop.  Don't exactly fit those molds?  Not a problem.

So, if you'd like to write about music, get lots of free music to review, and have your column syndicated across everything from GuitarWorld Magazine's website to USAToday, let us know.  We can't pay ya, other than in good music, lots of love, and a lifetime membership in the Ripple gang.

All it takes is a desperate passion for music and the desire to tell people about it.  As fun as the gig is, we'll only take people with a serious commitment to listening and writing.  Nothing half-assed about the Ripple.

Send in a writing sample about an album you love, 5 or 6 paragraphs, to  Tell us why you love it, how it makes you feel and why the rest of the world should care.  Create some ripples.

That's what we do here at the Ripple Effect.  Create some ripples.

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French blackened death warmasters Azziard sign with Kaotoxin Records

Kaotoxin Records has announced the signing of a multi-album deal with French blackened death metal band Azziard. The band is fronted by A.S.A., vocalist for The Negation who released their newest album, Momento Mori, in July under the Kaotoxin banner. Azziard's lineup also features former and current members of Moonreich, Whispering Tears and Bran Barr.

Born in 2001, Azziard have released a pair of war-themed full-length albums, both with a conceptual focus on World War I. Where some bands become more polished over time, each release sees Azziard taking a darker and more primal approach to an already scathing brand of brand of blackened death metal. 

Azziard is currently putting the finishing touches to its third full-length at Vamacara Studio. Kaotoxin Records is planning an early-2016 release for the as-of-yet untitled album. For a taste of what's to come, the band has made a pre-production cut of album track "Unus Mundus" available for streaming and free download. This version will also be included on Weapons of Self-Destruction: Volume 2, the free Kaotoxin Records Sampler, which is set to be released on September 14, 2015.

Stream and download "Unus Mundus" at the link below:

Azziard is:
A.S.A. - vocals
Nesh - guitars
Zyule - guitars
Siegfried - bass
Arkyon  - drums

Abominator Set Release Date For New Nuclear War Now! Collection

Australia has long been a breeding ground for some of the most violent and chaotic varieties of black/death metal to have ever surfaced from the underground. Although it is almost certainly best known as the birthplace of the incomparable Sadistik Exekution, the Island Continent also later spawned the likes of bands such as Corpse Molestation, Bestial Warlust, Destroyer 666, and Abominator, all of whom began to thrive in the early to mid 1990s and espoused a distinctly bloodthirsty and uniquely Australian brand of extreme metal. Abominator’s early recordings capture the ferocity of this movement as well as – if not better than – any other from that place and period. Their first demo, Barbarian War Worship, was released in 1995, three short years after Corpse Molestation’s seminal Descension of a Darker Deity demo. Another two years later, Abominator released their second demo, The Conqueror Possessed. Anchored by the viciously precise drumming of Chris Volcano (Destroyer 666, Destruktor, Denouncement Pyre, Ignivomous) and fueled by the riffs of guitarist Andrew Undertaker (Cemetery Urn), these demos exemplify the precise and violent but still uncivilized attack perfectly foreshadowed by the title of the first demo.

First released as a vinyl DLP compiling both Abominator demos in 2010, on December 1st, Nuclear War Now! Productions is pleased to once more exhume these artifacts of battle and offer them on both DLP and CD formats, again under the most appropriate title imaginable of Barbarian War Worship. In addition to the two demos in their entirety, this release also includes bonus tracks from 2000 and 2005 studio sessions. Moreover, both CD and DLP versions feature the same cover art as the 2010 release by the legendary Chris Moyen, but also contain an updated and improved layout that includes the original cover art from both demo cassettes, rare band photos, and lyrics to all songs. The audio for the CD release has also been specifically mastered by James Plotkin in order to best match the sound properties of that particular format. In other words, no element has been overlooked in order to present these recordings in the most befitting way possible to all who worship the most barbaric acts of violence. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

 Tracklisting for Abominator's Barbarian War Worship
Disc 1 - Barbarian War Worship (1995)
Side A
1. Intro / War Worship        
2. Hordes of Impurity        
3. The Darkest Sabbat        
Side B
4. Black Nuclear Mists (Holocaustic Swarm)        
5. Sepulchral Vomit        
6. The Filthy Spirit Antichrist / Outro        
Disc 2 - The Conqueror Possessed (1997)
Side A
1. The Conqueror Possessed        
2. Damnations Prophecy        
3. A Luciferian Path to Destruction        
Side B
4. Debauchery (The Sinners Hammer)        
5. Blood of the Damned        
6. Urge to Retaliate        
7. Infernal Tides        


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Classic Rock Legends The Lizards Feat. Ex-Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Cactus & Riot Members Release New CD!

The Lizards Reptilicus Maximus cover photo med res.jpg

Special Guest Appearances By Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush) and Vinnie Moore (UFO)!

NYC - The long awaited new album from Classic Rock legends The Lizards, featuring members of Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Cactus and Riot, will be released in September 2015 on Hyperspace Records in partnership with drumming legend Carmine Appice’s Rocker Records. Titled “Reptilicus Maximus”, the band's 7th album features guest appearances by Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush) and Vinnie Moore (UFO)! Once again the breathtaking cover artwork was created by longtime Lizards artist Rick Klemann.

“These hard rockin' Lizards have slithered their way to the top of the new 'original' classic rock heap. Like their alien counterparts they are simply out of this world!” - Nightwatcher's Rock Blog

The Lizards are drummer Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow/Black Sabbath/BOC), vocalist/keyboardist Mike DiMeo (Riot/Masterplan), bassist Randy Pratt (who also plays harp with Cactus) and guitarist Patrick Klein (who recorded and mixed the album), and have released seven critically acclaimed albums and three live DVDs in the past 13 years. The band's 2006 release “Against All Odds”, and their covers album from 2009 “Archeology”, garnered rave reviews from fans and music press alike worldwide, catapulting The Lizards into legendary status!

“Loved hearing The Lizards when they opened for UFO. Cool riffs, grooves and musicality with Mike DiMeo's killer vocals on top. Awesome new record and I am glad to be a part of it.” - Vinnie Moore, UFO

Says bassist and band leader Randy Pratt, “On our 7th CD, 'Reptilicus Maximus', we brought in a few of our touring buddies. David Lanik, of 'Sharks' kicks ass on 'Ton on the One', the opening track on the CD. Frank Marino, of Mahogany Rush, was the headliner on our first tour and dazzles on 'Evil Eyes', the second track. Vinnie Moore and UFO were the headliners on our LAST tour (so far). Vinnie shreds beautifully on 'Crash', a song I wrote the lyrics to in the hospital after my brutal car crash that sidelined us for awhile. We did a 2 month tour with Glenn Hughes and he came to New York to record 4 songs on our 6th CD, 'Against All Odds'. 'Miracle Man' is a song that he wrote specifically for The Lizards, and I believe we slay it. He and Mike DiMeo do another one of their over the top duets on the closing number on the record. We added Scott 'The Doctor' Treibitz on keys for this CD, adding some new textures, from dark and brooding synths and majestic pipe organ to honky tonk piano and funky hammond organ.”

“Having toured with The Lizards and getting to know the band personally, I was delighted when Randy asked me to play on a track with them.  And even if I hadn't gotten to know what a great bunch of guys they are, I still would have accepted the invitation gladly, because I just loved the track and the music they make.  With me it's always been about heart, and these cats bring it... straight from the heart.
Frank Marino - Mahogany Rush

Says Randy, “The music runs from progressive rock to swampy blues, lyrics ranging from the sacred to the profane…all in the name of ROCK. Bobby Rondinelli told us that we got some of the best playing of his career on this record. Since he played with Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult, you can believe the drums are world class throughout!”

“I consider it a crime not to check out these hot sounding reptiles!” - Metalliville, UK

For more information:

HOODED MENACE: Finnish Masters of Deathly Horror Announce Imminent Release of 'Darkness Drips Forth' via Relapse Records

Finland’s HOODED MENACE have returned with Darkness Drips Forth, their fourth full-length and most gruesome work to date. Recorded and mixed by Chris Fielding (Electric Wizard, Primordial) and the band´s usual sound engineer Mikko Saastamoinen, and graced by decrepit artwork from Justin Bartlett, the band employ a new approach on their latest effort, expanding their writing across four cataclysmically dense tracks, nearly all of which exceed ten minutes apiece. Cavernous vocals preside over mastermind Lasse Pyykko's rumbling riffs, while the rest of the band’s unshakable rhythmic core provides a grim backbone for the record.

The hint of melody HOODED MENACE sought back in their earliest days has fully blossomed into an essential element of the band’s music; Darkness Drips Forth is as melodic as it is devastating and as emotionally disquieting as it is thematically stirring. Funereal, deliberate, and methodical, Darkness Drips Forth is sure to be an essential acquisition for fans of Winter's crushing doom, the old-school death metal of Bolt Thrower and Asphyx, and the cruel, apocalyptic atmospheres of Dead Congregation and Coffins alike. Just in time for Halloween, Hooded Menace delivers a gruesome treat to chill your bones and crack open your coffin.

Check out the album trailer here.
The record is slated for an October 30, 2015 release via Relapse Records, and will be available on digital, CD, and vinyl formats. Preorder the album on CD or special edition vinyl here, or preorder the digital version from Bandcamp here.


1. Blood For The Burning Oath / Dungeons of The Disembodied
2. Elysium of Dripping Death
3. Ashen With Solemn Decay
4. Beyond Deserted Flesh

Press Quotes:

"...the festering aura and soul-damning songs make Hooded Menace stand head and shoulders above the many doom-slinging, horror-worshipping hordes." - Zero Tolerance

"...highly recommended for those who are looking to get away from the cookie-cutter mold of today's oversaturated death metal scene"-Revolver
"festers and oozes and totally fucking slays." MetalSucks

"all shivers, chills, and dreadful feelings, just the way it is supposed to be"Blabbermouth

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cemetery Lust Stream Hells Headbangers Debut At, To Play "Hells Headbash - Part 2"

Today, filth-banging maniacs Cemetery Lust stream the entirety of their Screams of the Violated debut - recently re-released by Hells Headbangers - at heavily trafficked web-portal, as part of their exclusive "The Road to Hells Headbash" coverage. Quietly released in 2012, Cemetery Lust's Screams of the Violated debut soon became a modern classic with those underground-dwelling souls who had the good fortune to hear it - including Hells Headbangers, who saw fit to sign the band and release their second album, Orgies of Abomination, in 2014 to international acclaim. And this month, Hells Headbangers made this gem of grisly, gnarly metal widely available on both CD and LP formats! Hailing from the fertile Portland, Oregon scene, Cemetery Lust perfected their style of '80s-leaning thrash/speed/death metal over the course of four demos, and then dropped the bomb that is Screams of the Violated as their debut album. Honoring the ancient ways without being mere retro-retread, the band nods equally to both old German thrash as they do the early San Francisco speed metal scene, as well as integrating a fair bit of South American proto-death, altogether making for a quick-hitting yet extremely catchy slab of good, dark fun. Hear the Screams of the Violated and feed your Cemetery Lust exclusively HERE, courtesy of, as the eighth installment of their ongoing "The Road to Hells Headbash" coverage. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Cemetery Lust's Screams of the Violated
1. Throw the Switch
2. Perverted Aggressor
3. Sexual Maniac
4. Resurected Whore
5. Black Angels of Hell
6. Demonic Dementia
7. Possessed Confessions
8. Night of the Creep

In other Cemetery Lust news, the band is slated to play Hells Headbangers' "Hells Headbash - Part 2" festival, set for September 4-6 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Agora Theater and Ballroom. Cemetery Lust will join other such HHR-affiliated bands as Satanic Warmaster, Profanatica, Archgoat, Midnight, Inquisition, Deiphago, Acid Witch, Destruktor, Black Witchery, Deceased, High Spirits, Deathhammer, Nyogthaeblisz, BAT, Demonic Christ, Bonehunter, Perdition Temple, Cianide, Evil Army, The Haunting Presence, Blood Feast, Nexul, Ævangelist, October 31, Manticore, Sacrocurse, Embalmer, Prosanctus Inferi, Abysmal Lord, Gravewurm, Nocturnal Blood, Shitfucker, Hellvetron, and The Lurking Corpses. More info can be found HERE.

Hells Headbangers is currently doing two special promotions in conjunction with "Hells Headbash - Part 2." One is a special three-day pass giveaway, to five lucky people (more info HERE), and the other is a FREE, downloadable 35-track compilation, which can be heard HERE.

Horrendous Announce the Coming of Anareta, Premiere New Song with Decibel Magazine

East Coast Death Metal trio Horrendous are set to unleash their third full-length album, Anareta, October 30 on Dark Descent Records.

Among the leaders of the New Wave of Old-School Death Metal movement, Horrendous raised the bar last year with the release of their sophomore album, Ecdysis. The critically-acclaimed album was considered by many to be one of the year's most impressive releases. Decibel Magazine ranked Ecdysis 3rd on their 'Best of 2014' list and Fenriz listed the album among his favorites of the year. A year later, Horrendous have once again set a new standard for death metal with Anareta, an eight-track offering of highly-evolved and intense OSDM.
The band had this to say about Anareta: "We are all very proud of the album and feel it is our best work to date. While our composition process has always been spread out over several separated writing-specific sessions, one thing that separates Anareta from our past work is our recording process. We recorded all the songs over one continuous period (the recording sessions for The Chills and Ecdysis were more spread out)--Matt and Jamie stayed at Damian's house/studio for weeks on end and the three of us lived, breathed and dreamed of nothing but the album during that time. It was our entire lives for over a month (two months if you include the mixing and mastering stage), and we think this complete dedication to the record is one of the factors that really made it turn out so well. There was a lot of magic in the air once we finished the foundation of the record, and each day we built off of the prior day's creative energies and inspirations until it bloomed into something immense."
Decibel Magazine has posted the exclusive premiere of album track "Sum of All Failures" 
Anareta was recorded, mixed and mastered this summer at Subterranean Watchtower Studios ( and Cover art comes courtesy of Brian Smith.

Anareta track listing:
1. The Nihilist
2. Ozymandias
3. Siderea
4. Polaris
5. Acolytes
6. Sum of All Failures
7. Stillborn Gods
8. The Solipsist (Mirrors Gaze)
Damian Herring - Guitars/Vocals/Bass
Matt Knox - Guitars/Vocals/Bass
Jaime Knox - Drums

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gnosis Of The Witch Reborn As Veiled, To Release Debut On Iron Bonehead

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present the highly anticipated debut demo of Veiled, Omniscient Veil, set for international release on September 25th on cassette tape. Although indeed the band's very first recording under the Veiled banner, the mysteriously titled Omniscient Veil is more of a rebirth than a brand-new birth itself: Veiled was born from the demise of Gnosis of the Witch as a necessity to break away from the monotony of mundane expectation. With heavy emphasis on astral atmospheric vibrations and ethereal soundscapes, Veiled is the matured growth of what the nevertheless-celebrated Gnosis of the Witch could not have been in its existence. Across the four expansive tracks of Omniscient Veil, the American duo patiently build yawning 'n' yearning chasms of ever-swirling black metal mysticism, neither tied to the first wave nor the new wave nor any wave. Ancient yet wholly modern, Omniscient Veil beckons complete and utter immersion, taking the grim hysteria of Veiled's preceding guise into subtler, more measured territory, landscapes that are nameless but somehow within grasp. Iron Bonehead label boss PK even adds harrowing session vocals to the second song, thus completing the totality that is Omniscient Veil. From total death comes total rebirth... Cover and tracklisting are as follows:
Tracklisting for Veiled's Omniscient Veil
1. Omniscient Veil I
2. Omniscient Veil II
3. Omniscient Veil III
4. Omniscient Veil IV

Cold Northern Vengeance Sets Release Date For New Moribund Album

Today, Moribund Records sets October 30th as the international release date for Cold Northern Vengeance's long-awaited second album, Maelstrom. Pagan/Viking metal berserkers, Cold Northern Vengeance create kaleidoscopic landscapes of majesty and melancholy, storm and shelter. The vision of chieftain Heathen, Maelstrom picks up where 2008's cult classic Domination and Servitude left off: rolling, roiling layers of mystifying, hypnotizing tones, all harnessed in a revelatory and Odinistic manner. But here, Cold Northern Vengeance digs deeper into their pagan roots, plumbing the dark, alluring depths for a resonance rarely found in American metal. Like a communique sent from another, far-distant time, Maelstrom verily becomes its title and transports the listener away from reality and into a dream-like Valhalla, both splendorous and sinister. Northern sonic craftsmanship that nods to what Viking metal art should be - submit to Cold Northern Vengeance's Maelstrom! Cover and tracklistg are as follows:

Tracklisting for Cold Northern Vengeance's Maelstrom
1. Pierced by the Tree
2. Seeker of Secrets
3. Eye of the Storm
4. Waxing and Waning
5. The Darkness of Once Was
6. Paradox

"After 13 years of forging the musick of Cold Northern Vengeance, I am proud to have the legendary and prolific Moribund Records as the label to bring you what is, without a shadow of a doubt, my strongest material in terms of songwriting, lyrics, and vision!" states Heathen. "It is a very storm-like album with a nod to many of my influences while still coming off as unique, idiosyncratic, and dare I say, original. For best results, listen to this on a dark and stormy night, preferably by the raging seas. It has hidden depths and trance-inducing sounds full of pagan revelation. This is my ode to New England and all its witching wonders. Hail to Moribund, and hail to the hypnotic ocean of time and our Hidden Gods waiting to be found!"

Monday, August 24, 2015

INIQUITOUS SAVAGERY to Release Subversions of the Psyche Sept. 22

Grindethic Records has announced the September 22 release of Subversions of the Psyche, the full-length debut from Scottish brutal death unit Iniquitous Savagery.

Three years removed from the release of the Compelled by Perverse Immorality EP, Iniquitous Savagery returns with eight tracks of ultra-violent and tech-laden brutality. On their first full-length outing, Iniquitous Savagery prove themselves to be a cut above the brutal death norm by forging memorable tunes out of rapid-fire blasts, crushing grooves and guttural intensity. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studios, Subversions of the Psyche is easily one of the sickest UKDM albums in recent memory.

Check out album track, "Transient States of Metaphysical Revelation" at this location.

Subversions of the Psyche track listing:
1. Prey to the Agonies of Morbid Apprehension 
2. Transient States of Metaphysical Revelation 
3. Cognitive Dissonance (featuring guest vocals from Batu Cetin)
4. Sadistic
5. Subversions of the Psyche
6. Propagating a Pestiferous Enmity (featuring guest vocals from Tom Bradfield)
7. Prognosis of Terminal Parasitic Degradation Facilitating the Process for Utter Decomposition
8. Subjugated Into Pathological Servility

Pre-order Subversions of the Psyche at

Shrine Of Insanabilis Premiere New Track At

Always the vanguard of purist-yet-boundless black metal, W.T.C. Productions is proud to present the debut album of Shrine of Insanabilis, Disciples of the Void, set for international release on September 22nd. And today, heavily trafficked web-portal premieres the new track "Ruina" off Shrine of Insanabilis' Disciples of the Void. Although literally emerging from nothingness earlier this year, Shrine of Insanabilis are no mere acolytes, instead evincing a master's knowledge across their debut album. Never more aptly titled, Disciples of the Void comprises six testimonies to the fiery aspiration for enlightenment through inconceivable nothingness. These testimonies are also manifested into this world by their corresponding sigils. Shrine of Insanabilis vividly portray these visions through a heaving mass of obsidian black metal, forever rising and falling, surging and merging, offering glimpses of glory and valleys of despair in equal measure. Like most W.T.C. ProductionsDisciples of the Void is impeccably recorded - bold, full-bodied, even Technicolor - with mixing & mastering done by Patrick Engel at Temple of Disharmony, and finished off with David Glomba (Teitanarts) cover art truly deserving of its malefic contents. Blinding darkness, unbearable silence, and incureable madness, all displayed for everyone to experience: this is a raging beginning on a path through the Void. Take the first step into that Void exclusively HERE, courtesy of Cover and tracklisting are as follows: 

Tracklisting for Shrine of Insanabilis' Disciples of the Void
1. End All
2. Ruina
3. Acausal Paths
4. (...........)
5. Invocation
6. Still Of This Earth
7. Cycles And Circles
8. Acerbus
9. Omega


Sunday, August 23, 2015

True North - We Speak In Code

Well, well.  What do we have here?  Could it be a fantastic bargain bin discovery?  Why yes!  Yes it is!  Waveriders I cannot tell you what convinced me to take a chance on the album We Speak In Code from the band True North.  Perhaps it was the rather stark album cover?  Maybe I was amused by the fact there is a drawing of a toilet on the top of the CD?  It's possible that the pictures of decay inside the booklet hinted at the nature of the music on offer.  I don't know, but I can tell you that I am thrilled this album is now in my possession!

We Speak In Code belongs in your music collection if you meet the following criteria.  First and foremost if you are a fan of aggressive post-hardcore music this is right up your alley.  Second if you listen to the first Fugazi album and think to yourself, "You know...I could do with a little more noise in this band's musical approach" then believe me True North is going to cause your lid to flip!  Third, if you want to hear a twenty five minute album blast past your eardrums at excessive speed leaving you with no choice but to hit play again this is your ticket! 

Look, I get it.  You're upset there is not more musical goodness to go around.  I'm right there with you on this point!  When I hear a song like "Part Deux" or "Wait Wait" a great big smile creeps across my face.  I like smiling!  What I don't appreciate is when that smile goes away thanks to the disappearance of those wonderfully discordant guitar riffs and that bludgeoning rhythm section before I want them to vanish.  It's upsetting.

So let's recap waveriders.  If you own more than one album put out by Dischord Records and you need to listen to some tunes with enough energy to power a small township then We Speak In Code from True North is your ticket to good times!  This is a terrific, vibrant, caustic record that does not deserve to be relegated to a bargain bin.  You know what to do friends.  Find a copy for yourself today!

- Penfold

Saturday, August 22, 2015

CHRCH: Preorder Unanswered Hymns On Vinyl Now

Sacramento, California's fresh-faced psychedelic outfit CHRCH crushed their way onto the scene with their stunning debut cassette Unanswered Hymns to overwhelmingly positive response back in April, enchanting even metal's toughest critics and bringing crowds to their knees all over the west coast. CVLT Nation immediately named the Transylvanian Tapes-released cassette "Doom Release Of The Month" and the group signed to Battleground Records to release the vinyl version of the debut on September 18. We are proud to announce that for the first time, the LP is available for preorder. Better grab it quick--this one's not going to last long.

Preorder Unanswered Hymns on vinyl right here:

The old and oft quoted adage about “the music speaking for itself” is not a callous or casual statement when applied to the Sacramento, California based doom quintet CHRCH, who have been hard at work crafting their particular brew of sound since late 2013. There is no image or campy gimmick to uphold, only the humble continuation and glorification of those fundamental musical elements that first built and then sustained the genre and it’s offshoots over the course of decades.

This purity and honesty comes across in a striking manner on the band’s debut Unanswered Hymns, a sprawling roller coaster of an album that plumbs the heights and depths of emotion, whether be it sorrow, loss, or redemption. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Patrick Hills at Earthtone Studios in Rocklin, CA, the recording exudes a warm, organic tone that draws the listener in to music heavily influenced by traditional doom, psych rock, drone, and ambience. CHRCH cannily wields dynamic songwriting, musicianship, and raw power to spin a spellbinding tale of occult darkness that clashes with illuminating melodies and riffs drenched in grimy reverb. Minimalistic, indulgent, or straightforward, the music of CHRCH is simply whatever the listener wants it to be.

CHRCH tour dates:

August 29th - Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst Atrium w/ Pentagram
October 3rd - Record Release show: Sacramento, CA @ Starlite Lounge w/ Special guests
November 13th - Long Beach, CA @ The Breakers (Midnite Communion III)
If you haven't yet heard Unanswered Hymns, you can stream it on Metal Injection RIGHT HERE.
Eva - Vocals
Matt - Drums
Shann - Guitar
Ben - Bass
Chris - Guitar, backing vocals

Sabbath Assembly Premiere New Track At Decibel Magazine's Website

Today, ecclesiastic rock/metal cult Sabbath Assembly premiere the new track "The Fiery Angel of Desire" at Decibel magazine's website. The track hails from the band's highly anticipated fifth album, Sabbath Assembly, set for international release on September 11th via Svart Records. It marks a new beginning for the band: its “Great Schism” from the Process Church of the Final Judgment. Like the albatross falling from the mariner’s neck, the band has freed itself from the cult’s theology in order to explore its own creations - with no special guest appearances or narrative frills. Sabbath Assembly is, in fact, a decidedly metal offering, for in the writing, the band returned to its own personal roots in the dark age of the '80s. These are Sabbath Assembly’s own “hymns” for their own “church” – a place marked by passion, devotion, and the gospel of metal.

The primary thematic difference between Sabbath Assembly and its predecessors is that this album is about embodiment, addressing all the power and grit required to endure our human existence, rather than exploring spiritual philosophy alone. While the songs reference occult literature, such as Robert Chambers’ The King in Yellow, Valeri Briussov’s The Fiery Angel of Desire, and The Gospel of Thomas, these texts were chosen not because of their abstraction from the mundane, but rather their propensity to embrace it as a means to spiritual understanding. If something is to be taken away from the new Sabbath Assembly album, it is this: the mysteries of occult philosophy are revealed not through celestial charts and diagrams, but rather the subtleties of earthly love and loss. Hear some of those subtleties exclusively HERE, courtesy of Decibel, North America's only monthly metal magazine. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Sabbath Assembly's Sabbath Assembly
1. Risen From Below
2. Confessing a Murder
3. Burn Me (I Thirst for Fire)
4. Only You
5. The Fiery Angel of Desire
6. Ave Satanas
7. Sharp Edge of the Earth
8. Apparition of the Revolution
9. Shadows of Emptiness

Sabbath Assembly features Jamie Myers on vocals, David Christian on drums, Kevin Hufnagel on guitar, and the new addition of Johnny DeBlase on bass. The album was recorded by Colin Marston at Menegroth: The Thousand Caves Studio in Queens, NY. Comments drummer David Christian: “When we started the writing for this record, I was reading through hundreds of pages of Process texts, hunting for inspiration. All the writing seemed so stiff and jilted. Then I came across a letter that founder DeGrimston had written after having been excommunicated from the Church addressing the remaining congregation. It was so tragic, so moving – so much more heartfelt than his theological treatises. There was no talk of judgment or revenge in the letter, only bewilderment and heartache – but also forgiveness. My heart cracked open; I called Jamie and the band to discuss this new inspiration, and out came all these songs of heartbreak – our own songs, connecting us to all those who have ever experienced the pain of loss and the suffering of grief.” See/hear a vision of that heartbreak with the first video from Sabbath Assembly, "Ave Satanas," which can be viewed exclusively HERE. A video trailer for the new Sabbath Assembly album can be viewed HERE.

Preorder links for Sabbath Assembly's Sabbath Assembly can be found below, for the respective CD and LP versions:
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