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Nuclear sludge duo TUSKAR return with The Monolith Sessions EP on RIFF ROCK RECORDS

The new 3-track live session – recorded with Gallows' producer Steve Sears – is released on 8th November 20019

"It's an open secret that Tuskar need to be be experienced live. This proves, however, they'll crush you in the comfort of your living room, too."

"For being relative newcomers to the game—Tuskar formed in 2016—The Tide, Beneath, The Wall is a big step forward for the band, who are ones to watch."

"The Milton Keynes sludge duo get even heavier on their second EP […] bolstering thick riffs with genuinely inventive drumming.”

Tuskar on Facebook | Bandcamp

Signed to one of the UK’s leading purveyors of psych, doom and stoner rock in Riff Rock Records, Tuskar – Milton Keynes' most sulphurous “Nuclear Sludge” duo – returned in 2018 with one of the year's most critically acclaimed EPs, The Tide, Beneath, The Wall.

No longer new to the fold, despite having only formed in 2016, for vocalist/drummer Tyler Hodges and guitarist Tom Dimmock, The Tide, Beneath, The Wall marked a significant shift in perspective. Recorded by Slabdragger’s Sam Thredder it ushered in a sea change in scope and sound, which, over three chapters captured punishing progressive sludge and savage, sub-world vistas. Soundscapes shaped by moments of dark brooding doom and relentlessly riff-heavy and psychedelically charged movements.

For Hodges and Dimmock the chemistry they share is unshakeable, both live and in the studio, having grown up together listening to the likes of Conan, Sleep and Darkthrone. Still in their twenties both bring an unmistakable energy and ferocity that has marked them out as UK Sludge Metal's most exiting prospects.

This November the boys are back with an EP to showcase just how ferocious they can truly be. Recorded with Gallows' producer Steve Sears, The Monolith Sessions features four tracks of electric, live-wire sludge that for the first time really captures the band's spirit and sound away from the studio.

Released on 8th November 2019, the EP can be pre-ordered in advance directly from Riff Rock Records.

Stream and share the live version of 'Beneath' –

Pre-order The Monolith Sessions by Tuskar HERE
1. The Tide
2. Into The Sea
3. Beneath

Artist: Tuskar
Album: The Monolith Sessions
Label: Riff Rock Records
Release Date: 08/11/18
Format: Digital


Facebook (Tuskar) –
Bandcamp (Tuskar) –

"Like a mad geologist’s spare room, this short record is crammed full of all kinds of species of metal and rock, cramped together in a powerful, multifaceted lump of heaviness."

"A deep sonic voyage through extreme virtuosity; like early Mastodon, The Melvins and Ufomammut."

"The Tide, Beneath, The Wall is not only one of the best EP’s released this year but one of the best records as well."

"One of the best EPs you’ll hear in 2018."

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dallas' TEMPTRESS Takes Off On Upcoming Tour Dates! Set For Recording Debut Full-Length Album.

By way of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas comes one raucous TEMPTRESS. A quartet of misfits thunderously tempting fate to boom their way across Big Texas and beyond at the speed of sound.

Kelsey Wilson (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Andi Cuba (Drums/Vocals), Erica Pipes (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), and Christian Wright (Bass/Vocals) all decided to get together in mid-January 2019, for a simple afternoon of rocking out with the intent for nothing more than keeping their skills sharpened. They weren't planning to be a band. It just worked.

In five months, these four seasoned players went from jamming for fun in a practice space, to writing and recording some potent heavy metal songs and then began performing them live as TEMPTRESS, with the likes of Heavy Temple, Stonecutters, Backwoods Payback, and Royal Thunder.

In June, they presented their first three original songs in a debut EP release, 'Temptress', which was written, performed, and produced by the band. Recorded at Aqualab Sound Recordings in Dallas, Texas, by Josh White, with mastering by Frank Heath at Workshed Engineering in Birmingham,  Alabama.

Today they share their next run of U.S. tour dates for 2019. These shows are Temptress' last of 2019. The band has completed the writing of all new songs and is scheduled to head into the studio to record their debut full-length album. The EP is available now via Bandcamp and most music outlets for digital download and streaming:

Temptress Fall Tour 2019:

Oct. 17 - Fort Worth, TX @ Lola's (w/ Droids Attack)
Oct. 18 - Oklahoma City, OK @ The Blue Note (w/ Wo Fat, Droids Attack)
Oct. 19 - San Angelo, TX @ The Deadhorse

Oct. 26 - Dallas, TX @ 4dwn Skatepark - Blood Fest
Nov. 01 - Tyler, TX @ Clicks Live
Nov. 02 - Arlington, TX @ Division Brewing (w/ Friendship Commanders)
Nov. 15 - Dallas, TX @ Wit's End (w/ Stonecutters)
Nov. 19 - Fort Worth, TX @ Main At Southside (w/ Horseburner)


EP all outlets:

Temptress - "Heavy Woman" video -
(video by Gryphus Visuals)

"With a sound as big as the state they hail from this Dallas/ Ft. Worth quartet throws down some grooving heavy riffs, swirling solos perfectly paired with drums and bass that are heavy, huge and just ooze with power." ~ Outlaw Review

" exercise in turn-it-up-'til-your-ears-bleed thundering party excess. A little bit of Motorhead here, some Girlschool and Montrose there, topped off with a pinch of doom and a cavalier punk rock attitude and wink, the Dallas, Texas unit have come up with a wildly entertaining concoction. I just keep hitting repeat over and over again once the three-track, 13-minute release concludes. One of the best EPs of the year." ~ The Mighty Decibel

"Temptress kick ass and take names on their balls-out barnburner Hot Rails, a taste of their self-titled June 7 EP. Hold on for dear life." ~ Tinnitist

"Ripping full-speed out of the gate with straight forward heavy rock 'n roll and traditional heavy metal, TEMPTRESS isn't wasting any time and they sure as hell don't strike me as a band that even knows the meaning of 'timid'." ~ Riff Relevant

"Amazing is the format that the band TEMPTRESS radiates on their first three-tracker, captivating the honest and easy way in which the band practices their sound. The three songs grow with each passage, offering smoky, fervently tuned melodies and a good portion of feeling." ~ KOBZR Magazine

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Baradj – Hunnar
Djonathan Laidaive – Guitar/Vocals, Anton Lisin – Drums, Aleksey Lozhenkov – Guitar, Ruslan Latypov – Bass

Hunnar growling vocals chugging guitars pounding rhythms just get up and fist pump along. Dunjay melodic guitars then slow melancholic tones before it kicks into death metal music. Khiyal Tulu soft melodies float all around. Attila fats aggressive punch you in the throat metal madness. Kihyal Ildico just close your eyes and drift. Altynchach crunchy guitars searing leads interesting vocals and catchy rhythms. Kihyal Altynchach Toshlare melodic tones just flow thru and around you. Juketawfast heavy garb you and slam you down death. Khiyal Tedrehon slow melodic overtones Tengri just let the music take over you as it grows in heaviness. Khiyal Qubrat Khan acoustic guitars let your imagination run free. Bolgar Dalasy screaming guitars pounding drums thundering bass and growling vocals. Khiyal Boiek Bolgar the melodies run thru your very senses. Khiyal Boygala Ham Laish some excellent acoustic guitar work with interesting sounds.

Sail By Summer – Casual Heaven
Jens Kristian - Keyboards, William Hunt - Vocals

Fetch You Roses soft melodies just flow all around as they envelop you. Facing Dullness close your eyes and just let your imagination take over. The Overcast get up grove and dance to the rhythms. Corner Kid is a melodic song that will have you singing along. Low Tide Exit flowing melodic vocals and guitars that just envelop your senses. Low LowLow floating tones that gather all your senses and take them over with a solid beat. Invisible is a jazz influenced with prog rock stylings.  Lower Your Voice prog rock that just takes you away in your imagination. I Can’t Rely On My Memories a space prog rock adventure.

Barbarian Prophecies – Origin
Oscar Besteiro – Guitar/Vocals, Manuel Riguera – Bass, Julio G Valladares – Drums, Arnt Bunz – Guitar, Alicia – Vocals, Oscar Insua Jumpin – Guest Guitars

Multiple eerie sounds envelop your senses before the crashing rhythms chainsaw guitars and growling vocals pummel you. The Visitor speed thrash death metal that just slams against you like a freight train. Beyond The Threshold slow plodding death metal that just drags you along as the intensity grows. Reincarnation double bass drums thundering bass pounding drums chugging guitars and growling vocals. Path Of The Soul melancholic guitar then the music slowly grows with some scorching leads and solid rhythms before slapping you in the face. Fourth Dimension thundering riffs pounding beats and death metal vocals. Komm Suber Tod melodic classical guitar that just seeps into you. Primal fast heavy hit the pit slam and sweat death metal madness.

Built In Obsolescence – Instar
Bruno Galli – Drums, Valerio Biagini – Bass, Alex Semprini – Guitar, Paolo Sanchi – Vocals, Gianmarco Ciotti – Guitar

Dance Of Falling Leaves dark heavy emotional death metal. Sine Requie melancholic guitars that just flow around the airwaves with melodic vocals. The Wave just close your eyes and let you mind floaw. Ground Launch Sequencer lost in the darkness of space. Project: Almaz rumbling bass chugging guitars thundering drums scorching leads and growling and clean vocals. Watching The Wake melancholic classical sounds pull you in. Sharahas a very catchy rhythm that has you swaying along. Lashes searing leads cut thru you before the song gets heavier and grabs you by the throat. Biotronic takes tour imagination away on one strange trip. AD 9878 chugging riffs thumping bass and a catchy rhythm. Ecdysis an over 9-minute mind trip that will pull you in a won’t let go.

Cyclone Temple – Live Hatred
Brian Torch – Vocals, John Slattery –Drums, Greg Fulton – Guitar, Scott Schafer – Bass

Why grinding heavy guitar overtones pounding drums thundering bass before it jumps you a slams you to the ground. Sister (Until We Meet Again) slow plodding dark chords and beats that kick into overdrive and just slap you.  I Hate Therefore I Am hit the pit slam and sweat till you collapse. March For Me - Die For Me just full on thrash metal madness. Silence So Loud pounding drums thumping bass chugging guitars and yelling vocals that just drag you along. Words Are Just Words fast heavy pounding thrashing metal. Public Enemy rumbling bass pounding drums chugging chainsaw guitars and soaring vocals. Public Enemy has a very heavy riff fist in the air head banging mayhem. Whiskey Voodoo is a heavy blues based mixture of songs. Born To Lose is a slower but still heavy metal anthem. Drug Of The Masses just hang on for a heavy wild ride.


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Marillion from a Swedebeast's point of view

Marillion - ''

As writing commenced for what would become '', John Helmer was back as a lyricist. In fact, he had returned for 'Radiat10n' but too late to be featured that album. As the guys settled in to work on ideas and arrangements impending doom struck which could have halted the proceedings completely. Riding home on his bicycle from a session, Pete Trewavas was hit by a car and rushed to the hospital. Surgeries ensued as well as recuperation but Pete was back quicker than expected and the writing session never really stopped. So a possible disaster was thankfully avoided. Once '' was completed and released changes did occur within the camp. This was the first time an official single was not released in conjunction with the full-length. True, 'Deserve' was used as promo single, while 'Rich' was used as a radio release-only in Brazil but those were never intended for mass circulation. At the same time, the three-album distribution deal with Castle Communications was coming to an end. Marillion were reluctant to continue with them and when their manager, Rod Smallwood, via his management company, Sanctuary, bought Castle Communications, the band bowed out and went on their own. So picking the title '', which refers to the band's active use of the Internet to communicate with their supporters from now on, was definitely a sign for the future.

One striking feature on ‘’ is how reflective it is. Steve Hogarth had been going through marital problems during the last few years which was apparent on ‘Radiat10n’. By now he was coming out of that but obviously it coloured his mindset when writing the lyrics. ‘A Legacy’ is a song of contrasts. While the music starts off softly and retains a positive tone throughout, the lyrics are the opposite. Dark and sad it tells the story of a relationship ending, but going separate ways has not resolved much. ‘Deserve’ is a mid-tempo song with some sharp guitar playing from Rothery, his solo especially is great. The whole band kicks in towards the end in a song about making good changes in your life, no matter how hard it is. Ben Castle and Neil Yates guests on sax and trumpet respectively. ‘Go!’ is the first of the reflective-tinted songs. Being alone and pondering about life with the music being delicate, light and airy, like you’re floating on a raft on crystal clear water. Upping the ante somewhat ‘Rich’ sees the band rock it up a little as Hogarth leads us through a story where thinking happy thoughts and having a positive attitude improves your life. Perhaps he is speaking from his own recent experience having seen his marriage dissolve and this is part of mending process? ‘Enlightened’ is a soothing, relaxing feel-good song with a sense of chilling in a nice summer breeze, while enjoying life and closeness with loved ones even though life can be tough.

‘Built-In Bastard Radar’ is a rocker in parts for sure, and even though it goes back and forth in pace the band is firing on all cylinders. Tells about how things many times connects in a cycle, this time in the shape of good guys who are oftentimes overlooked by women who chooses the bad guys. But, once the good guy obtain some kind of fame or stature he treats women the way he was, so what goes around does come around. A lot of acoustic guitar and piano dominates ‘Tumble Down The Years’ which works so well with the reflectiveness of how life turned out the way it did. Over 15 minutes long ‘Interior Lulu’ definitely ties in with the album title and subsequently Internet. Despite being released in 1999 it is very poignant these days, as it deals with how rather bland and non-descript people create online personas which is their exact opposite in real life. Under cover of a computer screen they say things they otherwise never would since the screen prevent proper social interaction. Musically it weaves back and forth between softer harder parts perfectly following the mood of the storyline. Closer ‘House’ is over 10 minutes long and the perfect nighttime song. Kind of jazzy in approach and laidback despite the frustration it portrays. Despite a marriage is over the pain which caused it to end nothing has been resolved. The hurt, the guilt all that brought it on is still there. In a way it ties in lyrically with opener ‘A Legacy’. A coincidence?

To me, the two Steves, Hogarth and Rothery, took the centre stage a lot on this recording. Whether intentional or not can be discussed ad infinitum but they truly stepped up here. However, the backbone of Mark Kelly, Pete Trewavas and Ian Mosley is something else. Perhaps more laidback than ever before, the atmosphere they create and the feelings and emotions they conjure, even by the smallest means, enhances everything within each song. What a band, indeed! One thing I really love about ‘’ is how wonderfully Marillion combine polar opposites in many of the songs. Keeping the music calm, soothing and cathartic, in lack of better words, it allows the brain to easier process the darker path the lyrics follows. Another important thing, which has always followed the band, is the extremely high quality they sustain. True, in the past, especially when Hogarth was new and they faced struggles with labels, there were occasionally less inspiring moments yet the band always kept really high standards even for their lows. And now the “new” Marillion was definitely coming together. Personally, I was still in rejection mode when ‘’ was released and obviously had no immediate thoughts about it then. But once I finally obtained a copy, some time after the brilliant ‘Marbles’ came out, I was hooked immediately and, of course, I was still kicking myself somewhat for my ignorance. But that feeling was abating quicker by now as Marillion was back in my life again, this time forever.


Monday, October 14, 2019

Cro-Mags Release “From The Grave”, Limited Edition 7” Vinyl Pre-order

Cro-Mags have delivered another punishing new track of unchecked aggression, “From The Grave.” Led by Harley Flanagan, the new song features legendary Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell. A new three song EP, From The Grave, will be available on December 6th on colored 7” vinyl including four limited-edition variants: clear w/ black smoke, solid yellow, clear orange, and glow-in-the-dark. Pre-orders are available at

Flanagan explains, “Lemmy (Kilmister, Motörhead) came to me in a dream and said ‘Take it back mate, it's yours, you started it’ (on the band’s name). I woke up and knew I had to take the name back, so I did. And I figured since Lemmy gave me my marching orders, I should get his guitarist to play on a new track. Phil immediately said yes and that is why it's called ‘From The Grave,’ and I'm so honored to have him on this song. I first met Phil when we toured with Motörhead on the Orgasmatron tour. He is one of my favorite guitarists of all time and I still can't believe I have him playing on one of my songs. Thank you Phil and thank you Lemmy for making this all happen!”

Campbell adds, “It was a great surprise to hear from Harley after so many years. We hung out a lot during the tour in the eighties. When I heard the track he wanted me to do, I just had to do it. Listen for yourselves!”

Discover “From The Grave” on these Spotify playlists:
New Metal Tracks
New Punk Tracks
Complete Chaos

Discover “From The Grave” on these Apple Music playlists:
Optimus Metallum
Breaking Metal
Breaking Hard Rock

See Cro-Mags performing new music on tour starting next week. Tickets are on sale now.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

A Sunday Conversation With Pat Beers of the Schizophonics

When I was a kid, growing up in a house with Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, and Simon and Garfunkel, the first time I ever heard Kiss's "Detroit Rock City," it was a moment of musical epiphany. It was just so vicious, aggressive and mean. It changed the way I listened to music. I've had a few minor epiphany's since then, when you come across a band that just brings something new and revolutionary to your ears.

What have been your musical epiphany moments?

The big one for me was hearing a cassette tape of Jimi Hendrix's Are You Experienced? when I was 14. Before that I loved oldies and country music, but that was the first time I was completely floored by hard rock. More than 20 year later, I'm still trying to wrap my head around what Jimi was doing.

Talk to us about the song-writing process for you. What comes first, the idea? A riff? The lyrics? How does it all fall into place?

Commonly it's music first, and I'll kind of sing gibberish until lyrics come. Sometimes we'll even perform news song live with improv vocals to see if they're keepers. I used to hate sitting down and writing lyrics because I've always wanted to come up with every part of the song in motion, but lately I've been really enjoying it. I've gotten more into wordplay recently because it's something you can kind of do in your head at any time, like when you're bored at the laundry mat or DMV or something.

Who has influenced you the most?

Hendrix, Iggy, MC5, James Brown, and Little Richard.

Where do you look for continuing inspiration? New ideas, new motivation?

The Jackets, the Loons, the Creepy Creeps, the Woggles, El Vez, Kid Congo, and King Kahn all come to mind as current artists who inspire us, especially as live performers. As far as records, I discover a lot of rock and roll hidden gems through Ugly Things Magazine and a garage podcast called Retrospect.

We're all a product of our environment. Tell us about the band's hometown and how that reflects in the music?

Lety and I are from a town in Arizona called Casa Grande. Everything in the desert is sharp and wants to to harm you, so maybe we're like musical cacti.

You have one chance, what movie are you going to write the soundtrack for?

I don't know if I'd be any good at writing a film score. Once in a while I'll Jam along to surreal movies like the Holy Mountain or Paprika.

You now write for a music publication (The Ripple Effect?).  You're going to write a 1,000 word essay on one song. Which would it be and why?

Maybe You Really Got Me by the Kinks. That guitar sound probably led to so many more beautifully ugly guitar sounds over the years.

Come on, share with us a couple of your great, Spinal Tap, rock and roll moments?

Like many musicians, I feel like I've lived so many scenes from that movie. The parts where they're opening for the puppet show, or playing at the military dance come to mind. I love the weird gigs the most. We took a gig this summer with El Vez at a Chinese Buffett just because of the absurdity of it. People we're so confused at their tables eating as we played MC5 and Slade songs.

Tell us about playing live and the live experience for you and for your fans?

I do love playing live, and I think we're more of a live band than a studio band. It doesn't matter to me if people are into it or not, I just enjoy dancing and playing guitar. If I can get people to join in the party it's a plus, but sometimes it puts people off (which can be equally fun!).

What makes a great song?

I have no idea. Whatever it is that makes you want to listen to it on repeat. Whenever I get really into a song, I'll just listen to it over and over until I get it out of my system.

Tell us about the first song you ever wrote?

All I can remember is that is was really bad, as a first song should be.

Who today, writes great songs? Who just kicks your ass? Why?

I think the Jackets are writing some great music right now. Their last record mix 70's punk with 60's garage in a way I haven't heard before.

Vinyl, CD, or digital? What's your format of choice?

Vinyl at home and Digital in the car. 

Whiskey or beer?  And defend your choice

Beer if I'm in the audience, whisky if I'm playing.

We, at the Ripple Effect, are constantly looking for new music. What's your home town, and when we get there, what's the best record store to lose ourselves in?

We live in San Diego. If you're ever there, go to Vinyl Junkies for a good time.

What's next for the band?

We're heading on tour of the US this October-November and releasing a new LP on Halloween. Other than that, we're just working on new songs and making time to enjoy ourselves along the way.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

French stoner/fuzz/garage power-trio Prohibition Dead shared new song "Let Me Live Or Die" // New EP 'Unless You're Afraid To Change' coming out soon.

A few weeks after unveilling the single "Staying Around"; French stoner/fuzz/garage power-trio Prohibition Dead just unveiled a brand new song with "Let Me Live Or Die" available right now on Bandcamp.

Both tracks will be featured on the band's new EP called 'Unless You're Afraid To Change' and coming out on November 1st.

...For the record...

Prohibition Dead has been founded in 2016 by Fab (guitars / vocals), Ben (guitar / vocals) and Phil (drums) all come from rock bands that have been playing on the French scenes for several years.What brought them together ?? Rock.. But not just any ...

Powerful, wild, crunchy, fuzzy rock ... The rock that comes to your mind when you enter the room ... The rock that extends from one musician to another until you touch and invade. Acting by gentle, sweeping waves taking you into the California desert for an erratic stoner trip to meet QOTSA before an electric flurry takes you back to a cymbal shot in a Chicago shed to shake your body off an epileptic song merging the influence of the Blacks Keys and Jack White.

A way to reconcile the East and the West.Despite its few months of existence and after taking the time to compose an entire album, in English, Prohibition Dead has already had the chance to open for Kaleo at the Trianon in Paris and play at Printemps de Bourges.

These life-size tests demonstrated the impact of the group's breath on the audience.Directly For Your Eyes, the band's first album was released on January 24, 2018....

For fans of Queens Of The Stone Age, Red Fang, Triggerfinger, The Black Keys, The White Stripes...

Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Moose - Earth Mover

Hailing from Courtland, AL, The Moose are a force to be reckoned with...which is stating the obvious really. Not beating around the bush, they don't spare any punches with their diesel 'n' dust infused rock 'n' roll. Adding a little touch of southern rock, some jammin’ and punk attitude, the band has created a pretty damned good take on heavy music. This is CD is a 50/50 release and with that I mean the first 4 songs are studio recordings while the other 4 were captured live.

The studio section starts off with ‘Bruja’, a heavy yet jammy song with a definitive southern touch. Next up is ‘Spacetrippin’ and god damned, this is excellent spacerock without super-fuzzed out guitars and trippy soundscapes. It is full throttle from the word go until the latter parts when it slows down only for the band to kick in and jam the hell out of the place. ‘Thieves’ follows and is slower and more punishing, kind of like High On Fire but not as fast and with Ronnie Van Zant on vocals. ‘Kung Fu Deathgrip’ goes full steam ahead at a neck breaking pace until The Moose down shifts a touch while retaining their crushing approach.

First out in the live section is ‘Manifesto’ which is a groovy, diesel-smelling jam mayhem. ‘Death’ boogies down, rocking the hell out from start to finish. ‘Step Off’ is a total early 70’s worship, soaked in sharp riffs, groove and debauchery. The song which started this CD gets to end it with a more vicious and raucous take on ‘Bruja’.

I like the split this excellent CD offers, because you can hear how the band translate their studio work to a live setting. Especially since this particular live section is candid and uncensored with whatever that entails. Therefore, mistakes as well as some serious drunken banter walk side by side without being altered, and I love that. The drunken part also translates into an unruly and untidy – in parts – performance but that’s great since it brings out the feel-good vibe and electricity The Moose exudes…and that makes for a great recording!


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Darchon – Oionis
Darchon – All Instruments/Vocals

Nyx Melena sounds of a storm and wildlife at night then the bowels of hell open up and spew forth. Moros eerie sounds envelop your senses as the slowly pull you into the dark abyss. Astron Uranion Ieron Selas heavy dark eerie music that takes you imagination to many places you don’t want to go. Ionos melancholic tones and notes that just take over your senses.

Divebomb Records – Label Sampler Volume 1 - 2019
Bands – 313, Acridity, Dire Peril, Disciples Of Power, Iron Flame, Knights Reign, Messano, Pyracanda, Skitzo, Vermithrax

Songs – Black And White duel leads pounding beats chugging riffs and soaring vocals fist pump and sing along. Countdown To Terror fast riffs p thundering beats speed metal mayhem. Queen Of The Galaxy is a very catchy fist in the air head banging tune with great melodies and musicianship. Pharmaceutical Suicide thrashing shredding pounding rumbling grab you and slam you to the ground dark metal. The Contract is a very Iron maiden influences metal tune. The Other Side swirling keyboards searing guitars solid beats and soaring vocals. Hide Our Love Away (Tell Me Why) is great 80s hard rock with tons of melodies and great sing along vocals. Top Gun speed metal chugging guitars pounding drums thundering bass and soaring vocals just enjoy the musical trip.  Symmetrical heavy pounding metal with scorching leads and rumbling rhythms. Enoch dark eerie rhythms searing leads and soaring vocals just fist pump along.

Divebomb Records – Label Sampler Volume 2- 2019
Bands – Inner Strength songs 1&7, Eradikator song 2, Wrekking Machine song 3, N.M.E. song 4, Meliah Rage songs 5&9, State Of Mind song 6,  Statue song 8, Heavenward – song 10

Songs – Sunrise Dreamer fast heavy fist pumping head banging metal to just enjoy the ride. Poisoned To Sorrow slow melodic catchy riffs pounding beats scorching leads just get our the air guitars and rock n roll. Hear Me know (Listen To Me Later) industrial sounds thrashing riffs speed thrash metal mayhem. Walk On hit the pit and just slam and sweat as the music takes you over. Blacksmith fist pumping head banging metal just let the music take you over and totally enjoy the ride. Weight Of The World speeding thrashing shredding music that just runs you over. Genetic Excellence speed metal in the classic style chugging riffs soaring vocals and pounding rhythm. Up And Down hit the pit mosh and slam away to the aggressive riffs. The Deep And Dreamless Sleep eerie moody melancholic guitars pierce your very soul with solid rhythms and great vocals as the music grows in speed and intensity. Of Things To Come soaring vocals fist pumping riffs and interesting tempo changes just try to hold on.

Hellvetron – Trident Of Tartarean Gateways
Alal’Xhaastur – Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Keyboards, Xaosforos – Percussion, N. Bhairava – Guitar, L. Vexzillifer – Guitar

I. Opening- Queen Of The Void eerie tone envelope your senses then strange dark music takes you mind to the black abyss. II. Initiation- Lustful Witchcra the strange sounds pull you in as the world grows dark and painful.  III. Blessing – Anointed Under A slowly the bowles of hell open up and all kinds of evil slither out. IV. Evocation- King Of Thaumiel lost and drifting in darkness and space just trying to keep from going mad.  V. Prayer- Draconian Witchblood evil gathers and conjures up more demonic entity’s. VI. Offering- Sole Dark God chugging marching hordes slowly gather to reign havoc on the earth. VII. Rite-Tartarean Gateways slow demonic sounds rise then the masses of dark evil slam rise and devour. VIII.Conjuration- Blood Of Ancie just try and survive the evil demonic sounds. IX. Transformation- Altar Of Sco slow steady evil forces rise to search and destroy.

Reign In Blood – Missa Pro Defuncttis
Demon Raise – Vocals/Strings, Malus Deus – Lead Strings/Bass

Invoke The Shapeless Ones demonic forces slowly rise from hell. Dawn Of A Dying Soul blast you in the full face with dark fury. Black Hole grabs you and drags you along for one wild trip. Metamorphose With The Universe thrashing crashing ripping tearing death metal. Missa Pro Defunctis slow steady drums thundering bass chainsaw guitars and growly vocals before knocking you into oblivion. Domus Mortuorum chugging riffs pounding rhythms cutting and slicing at your very soul then it just pummels you into submission. Anima vocals from the mouth of hell and eerie demonic music that pulls at your mind. Wolfhour heavy cutting pounding eerie music that just grabs you and won’t let go. Into Nothingness just bleak darkness and sorrow.


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Swiss alternative/psych-rock weirdos Dirty Sound Magnet unveiled new single "Skull Drawing Rose" | New album 'Transgenic' coming out later this month.

After releasing a first single with "Organic Sacrifice" and then a music video for the song "USA, LSD, BNB, HIV", Swiss psych-rock alchemists Dirty Sound Magnet just shared another excerpt from their upcoming album with a new FREE song called "Skull Drawing Rose" available right now on Bandcamp and the main legal platforms.

This new track will feature on their forthcoming new full-length record called 'Transgenic' and coming out this fall for CD, LP & Digital on Hummus Records (Coilguns, Emilie Zoé, Louis Jucker, Closet Disco Queen…), Dox Records and Membran Entertainment Group.

...For the record...

Dirty Sound Magnet is a psychedelic rock power trio from Fribourg, Switzerland. To members Stavros Dzodzosz (guitar, lead vocals), Marco Mottolini (bass, backing vocals) and Maxime Cosandey (drums, backing vocals), their collective means so much more.

Dirty Sound Magnet is a lifelong pursuit built on a feverish, border-line-religious passion for music and a common set of guiding values and beliefs.

The three state it plainly: “there is no plan B”.  Their dedication is unconditional, unequivocal, and unavoidable. Not one of the members has been engaged in any side projects since the band’s formation a decade ago; Dirty Sound Magnet offers them a musical framework without any boundaries to their creative expression.

The band’s DNA can be traced back to the ancestral ‘Golden Age of Rock’ (60s, 70s), but it would be incorrect to think that DSM is...“retro”. The musicians are inspired by contemporary artists and modern production techniques, pushing the boundaries as they see fit. The results are personal, unique and original.

Simply put: the Dirty Sound Magnet experience is a mystical journey back to the future…

For Fans of Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Tame Impala, Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, RHCP....

Monday, October 7, 2019

TANYA GALLAGHER - One Hand On My Heart


Tanya Gallagher leads a double life. By day, the Pensacola, Florida native who once interned for NASA practices cartography, turning geographic information into maps for Santa Rosa County, where she resides, and by night, she pens soulful, folk etched pop songs. Gallagher wrote all of the songs on One Hand On My Heart while she was pursuing a PhD in forestry in Vancouver. Heartbroken after a split with her longtime boyfriend, she nearly found the stress of academia too much to take. “Had it not been for music, I don’t think I would have made it through my PhD,” says Gallagher.

With a smoky and soulful voice, Gallagher really gives off a ton of emotion and heartbreak on this album. The songs tug at your soul, never mind your heart and you can hear just how much her pain was, but with pain, you sometimes get great art, and she did create beautiful art on this EP. The production is clear and lets the rawness of her lyrics pour out, plus the laying is exceptional. This is the kind of album that I would expect people who like Fiona Apple to love as well. I loved “Dolphin In The Snow” because it was fairly upbeat sounding and her little laugh at the beginning of the song made me smile. She compares herself to a dolphin in the snow and how she doesn’t fit in. This is such a peppy song that gives everyone who listens to it the same thought, “do I fit in?”

This is a short, amazingly personal collection of songs, but I believe that a lot of people could relate to what she is singing about. While not a fan of this kind of music usually, this is an album that really touched me and will connect with you as well.

-Rick Ecker

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