Here it is waveriders! Here is the place to pick up all that amazingly cool Ripple swag you've been clamoring for. Both from the record label, Ripple Music and the award-winning music site, The Ripple Effect.

Want a Ripple mug? We got that. Ripple T's? You betcha. How about a Ripple doggie sweater? Anything you desire to fill your heart with bounds of Ripple Joy. Wear your Ripple allegiance with pride! 


And don't forget our "legendary" I Like Vinyl More Than I Like People" t-shirt.  Shown below being worn by Tony Spillman (with Ron Holzner) of Earthen Grave as he stormed the stage at Metroplex Heavyfest.  Our t-shirts were printed with the highest quality from OOshirts.com .  Get yours today.  In sizes L and XL only.  Ripple logo "R" on the back.

And don't forget to check out all the great music at Ripple Music, including free downloads, podcats, Ripple Radio, giveaways and our unique 7" subscription club! www.ripple-music.com