Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Exclusive Full Album Stream Of Blood Mist's Self-Titled EP From Grimoire Records!

Grimoire Records is proud to announce the debut recording of Baltimorean heavy metal quintet Blood Mist, on Feb. 10th, 2017.

Formed in 2015 and first hitting the stage in March of 2016, Blood Mist has been on a tear of performances sharing the stage with acts such as Valient Thorr, Black Lung, Gateway to Hell and others. This culminated the label inviting Blood Mist to record and release their debut EP in the Grimoire studio in Baltimore last September.

The self-titled 5 song EP features riffs galore, hard hitting drums, rippin' guitar solos, and over the top theatrical vocals. After helping us announce the release in December, JJ at The Obelisk described them much better than we could:

"Across the 25-minute outing, the relative newcomers show marked cohesion of purpose in taking cues from early, pre-self-parody Danzig as well as Candlemass, but even with those names as core influences, I wouldn’t necessarily tag them as only being a doom band. Certainly those elements are there, as one can hear by the chugging slowdown that finishes opener “Burn the Trees” as much as the foreboding guitar and cymbal wash interplay that begins the subsequent “Blood Mist,” but guitarists Kevin Considine and Nick Jewett, vocalist Matt Casella, bassist Scott Brenner and drummer John de Campos (also artwork) pick up into near-High on Fire onslaught later in their eponymous cut. With the sense of drama that Casella brings to his approach, in places calling to mind Scott Reagers as well as the likes of Witchfinder General and others from the NWOBHM, everything Blood Mist do on this offering just feels that much bigger."

“Blood Mist” is released on February 10th, 2017 on CD and digital download via Grimoire Records and was recorded in September of 2016 by Noel Mueller in his Tiny Castle. Mixed and mastered by Noel Mueller. Artwork by John de Campos/Ghost Bat Illustration. © 2017 Grimoire Records.

Blood Mist is John de Campos – Drums, Kevin Considine – Guitar, Matt Casella – Vocals, Nick Jewett – Guitar, and Scott Brenner – Bass.

Blood Mist is playing Feb. 10 at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore alongside local favorites Foghound, Asthma Castle, and label mates Rhin, to mark the release of "Blood Mist". More info here:


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