Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Baradj – Hunnar
Djonathan Laidaive – Guitar/Vocals, Anton Lisin – Drums, Aleksey Lozhenkov – Guitar, Ruslan Latypov – Bass

Hunnar growling vocals chugging guitars pounding rhythms just get up and fist pump along. Dunjay melodic guitars then slow melancholic tones before it kicks into death metal music. Khiyal Tulu soft melodies float all around. Attila fats aggressive punch you in the throat metal madness. Kihyal Ildico just close your eyes and drift. Altynchach crunchy guitars searing leads interesting vocals and catchy rhythms. Kihyal Altynchach Toshlare melodic tones just flow thru and around you. Juketawfast heavy garb you and slam you down death. Khiyal Tedrehon slow melodic overtones Tengri just let the music take over you as it grows in heaviness. Khiyal Qubrat Khan acoustic guitars let your imagination run free. Bolgar Dalasy screaming guitars pounding drums thundering bass and growling vocals. Khiyal Boiek Bolgar the melodies run thru your very senses. Khiyal Boygala Ham Laish some excellent acoustic guitar work with interesting sounds.

Sail By Summer – Casual Heaven
Jens Kristian - Keyboards, William Hunt - Vocals

Fetch You Roses soft melodies just flow all around as they envelop you. Facing Dullness close your eyes and just let your imagination take over. The Overcast get up grove and dance to the rhythms. Corner Kid is a melodic song that will have you singing along. Low Tide Exit flowing melodic vocals and guitars that just envelop your senses. Low LowLow floating tones that gather all your senses and take them over with a solid beat. Invisible is a jazz influenced with prog rock stylings.  Lower Your Voice prog rock that just takes you away in your imagination. I Can’t Rely On My Memories a space prog rock adventure.

Barbarian Prophecies – Origin
Oscar Besteiro – Guitar/Vocals, Manuel Riguera – Bass, Julio G Valladares – Drums, Arnt Bunz – Guitar, Alicia – Vocals, Oscar Insua Jumpin – Guest Guitars

Multiple eerie sounds envelop your senses before the crashing rhythms chainsaw guitars and growling vocals pummel you. The Visitor speed thrash death metal that just slams against you like a freight train. Beyond The Threshold slow plodding death metal that just drags you along as the intensity grows. Reincarnation double bass drums thundering bass pounding drums chugging guitars and growling vocals. Path Of The Soul melancholic guitar then the music slowly grows with some scorching leads and solid rhythms before slapping you in the face. Fourth Dimension thundering riffs pounding beats and death metal vocals. Komm Suber Tod melodic classical guitar that just seeps into you. Primal fast heavy hit the pit slam and sweat death metal madness.

Built In Obsolescence – Instar
Bruno Galli – Drums, Valerio Biagini – Bass, Alex Semprini – Guitar, Paolo Sanchi – Vocals, Gianmarco Ciotti – Guitar

Dance Of Falling Leaves dark heavy emotional death metal. Sine Requie melancholic guitars that just flow around the airwaves with melodic vocals. The Wave just close your eyes and let you mind floaw. Ground Launch Sequencer lost in the darkness of space. Project: Almaz rumbling bass chugging guitars thundering drums scorching leads and growling and clean vocals. Watching The Wake melancholic classical sounds pull you in. Sharahas a very catchy rhythm that has you swaying along. Lashes searing leads cut thru you before the song gets heavier and grabs you by the throat. Biotronic takes tour imagination away on one strange trip. AD 9878 chugging riffs thumping bass and a catchy rhythm. Ecdysis an over 9-minute mind trip that will pull you in a won’t let go.

Cyclone Temple – Live Hatred
Brian Torch – Vocals, John Slattery –Drums, Greg Fulton – Guitar, Scott Schafer – Bass

Why grinding heavy guitar overtones pounding drums thundering bass before it jumps you a slams you to the ground. Sister (Until We Meet Again) slow plodding dark chords and beats that kick into overdrive and just slap you.  I Hate Therefore I Am hit the pit slam and sweat till you collapse. March For Me - Die For Me just full on thrash metal madness. Silence So Loud pounding drums thumping bass chugging guitars and yelling vocals that just drag you along. Words Are Just Words fast heavy pounding thrashing metal. Public Enemy rumbling bass pounding drums chugging chainsaw guitars and soaring vocals. Public Enemy has a very heavy riff fist in the air head banging mayhem. Whiskey Voodoo is a heavy blues based mixture of songs. Born To Lose is a slower but still heavy metal anthem. Drug Of The Masses just hang on for a heavy wild ride.


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