Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Jay Clark Band – The Time Is Now
Jay Clark – Vocals/Guitar, Jeff King- Guitar, Steven Nathan - Keyboards, Eli Beaird- Bass, Eddie Bayers – Drums, Larry Beaird -  Acoustic Guitar

Not Giving Up stand up clap and sing along one catchy tune with some great musicianship. You’re Going Down hard bluesy rock that just takes over you. Leaving has the crowd on its feet singing and grooving along. Find A Way has more of a country feel that is just full of emotion. Bring Down The House catchy riffs swirling keyboards emotional vocals that just sticks in your head for days. Stand Out excellent southern rock that just sends a shiver down your spine. Alive kicking back in a smoky bar drinking a few watching the band on stage. Nothing Good in Life Ever Lasts close your eyes and just let the music flow thru you this tune has a very Charlie Daniels influence. Hell Of a Time a catchy beta that just envelops you as it makes you start to groove and sing along. Long Long Journey an emotional southern rock song with great musicianship and powerful emotions.

Toxik – Wasteland
Josh Christian –Guitar, Jim DeMaria – Drums, Shane Boulos – Bass, Ron Iglesias – Vocals

Heart Attack spoken words then crashing drums thundering bass shredding guitars and soaring metal vocals. Haunted Earth fist in the air head banging foot stomping metal mayhem. False Prophets shredding guitars pounding rhythms fast hard and heavy with metal vocals just sing along. Wasteland just let the searing leads pierce thru you with a steady crunchy riff and pounding beat before kicking into overdrive. Skippy Windshield interesting short tune. Straight Razor hit the pit slam and sweat out your aggressions. Finer Points of Tragedy fast hard heavy thrashing shredding metal madness. Lost World is a strange interesting song that will drive you insane.

Overthrow – Within Suffering
Wayne Powell – Drums, Ken Wakefield – Guitar, Nick Sagias – Vocals/Bass, Ian Mumble – Guitar, Derek Rockall - Guitar

Infection shredding guitars thrashing rhythms fast hard heavy fist pumping metal. Within Suffering slow doomy metal that just envelops you before punching you in the teeth. Chemically Exposed hit the pit slam and mosh away your aggressions. Repressed Hostility thundering bass pounding drums crunchy guitars punkish vocals. Suppression grab the air guitars and get ready to shred. All That Remains thumping bass pounding rhythms crunchy guitars and thrash vocals. Chaos Incarnate take a trip back to the early 90s and old school thrash metal madness. Under the Skin short fast heavy metal mayhem.    Abduction Of Life starts slow and moody before it just crashes into you and drags you down the road. (Demo 1989) Infection Overthrow an earlier demo version that just shreds. Chaos Incarnate hit the pit and just slam all your aggressions away. Conformity Institute take a trip back to when thrash was king and just jam away. Chemically Exposed pounding thrashing moshing crashing shredding scorching lead metal. Suppression fist pumping head banging thrash metal. Corrupted Faith just crunches and crashes against you with thrash metal fury.

Screamer – Highway Of Heroes
Henrik Petersson – Drums, Anton Fingal – Guitar, Dejan Rosic – Guitar, Andreas Wikstrom – Vocals, Fredrik Svensson Carlstrom – Bass

Intro sounds of a storm then melodic guitar leads that just pierce your soul. Ride On fist pumping head banging old school heavy metal stand and shout. Shadow Hunter grab your air guitars and just jam away as the music envelops your senses. Rider Of Death fist pumping head banging feel good sing along metal magic with some scorching leads. Sacrifice metal music that just grabs ahold of your soul and pulls you in. Halo fist in the air head banging hair flying metal that will have the entire crowd jamming along. Highway Of Heroes stand in unison and get ready to rock as the magical music envelops you with a powerful force. Out Of The Dark crunchy guitars pounding drums thundering bass scorching leads and powerful vocals. Towers Of Babylon music that makes you stand and feel as if you can take on the world and wing just rock out. Caught in Lies crunchy guitars pounding rhythms fist in the air gather as one and just enjoy.

Von Detta – Burn It Clean
Jonas Verhelst - Guitar, Ief De Deurwaerder - Guitar, Jeroen Vandamme - Bass, Keon De Borle - Drums, Manuel Remmerie – Vocals/Piano

Reach Out melancholic piano flows along then crunchy guitars emotional vocals and pounding rhythms slide in. Thanks For Your Time crunchy riffs pounding beats that are very catchy with some interesting vocals and interesting music. Devils Child slow and heavy music that just slithers along an as it pulls you in. Little Man Big World catchy riffs solid beats with sing along vocals. The Vault just hit the floor and move and groove your aggressions away. Master Plan melodies slowly build with a lumbering bass crunchy guitars and strange tones that just envelop your senses.


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