Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Xroadie Files

UDK – Burnt Cradles
Alejandro Espinosa – Vocals/Guitar, Rodrigo Albornoz – Guitar, Claudio Leiva – Bass, Rodrigo Leiva – Drums

Burnt Cradles gruff vocals chugging guitars pounding drums thumping bass that just rips at your senses. Vow My Words just garbs you and slams you against the wall of aggression. Like Rats fast heavy hit the pit and slam away. Judge Me Wrong crunchy chugging guitars pounding drums thundering bass and interesting vocals clean and rough. Death And All Its Bitterness slowly builds as it envelops you with some searing leads before it tears you to pieces. Becoming Hate dark aggressive thrashing ripping metal mayhem with some different tempo changes. Massacre crushing rhythms cutting guitars shredding riffs and gruff vocals. Quit just takes ahold and won’t let go. Slavery slow plodding slicing and tearing metal. Purification pounding in your head as it drives you mad.

Suicide Commando – Hellraiser
Johan Van Roy – Everything

Hellraiser (Post Mortem) industrial keyboards pounding rhythms strange sounds and voices that pull you into a dark abyss. Mindstripper (Restripped) classical music tones with industrial keyboards that take you on a very interesting mind trip. Hellraiser (Psychopath 1 Version) pulsing rhythms that just take over your very heart beat. Kevorkian (Original Version) industrial space rave music.

Captain Cheesebeard – Symphony For Auto Horns
Johan De Coninck – Vocals/Guitar, Pascal Hauben – Bass, Didier DeMeestere – Drums, Pierre Chevalier – Keyboards, Todor Stefanov – Keyboards, Vanessa Spaey – Vocals, Bart Quartier – Melodic Percussion, Maayan Smith – Tenor Sax, Eduoard Wallyn – Trombone, Mo Franken – Trumpet, Marie Ange Teuwen/Veronique Jerome – BG Vocals, Robert Martin – Guest Vocalist  

Avoid The Humanoid space rock sounds spoken words then a very jazzy strange music aka Frank Zappa. Righteousness And Wieners jazzy horns that just envelop you with a sliding rhythm that will pull you along. Symphony For Auto Horns just close your eyes and let this jazzy melodic tune take your imagination away. Tash And A Guitar is a very bluesy psychedelic tune that just envelops your senses. Coma Aroma slow jazzy bluesy music that just pulls you into a mind trip. The Hunt For The Black October horns surround your jazzy rhythms and interesting vocals. March Of The Fat Vegan Legion just kick back and let the music take you away and it swallows your senses. Bureaucratic Lullaby slow melodic music to just have your closing your eyes and drifting along.

Alchemy – Infinite Forms Of Torture
Nic Web – Vocals, Mateja Ostrugnaj – Drums, Christopher Puglia – Guitar, Daniel Saeed – Bass

Infinite Forms Of Torture just blast you in the face with aggressive anger and hate. Hadethma shredding rids double bass drums thundering bass and growling death vocals that just rip and tear at your senses. Nocturnal Forest melancholy guitars flow all around you before the aggression just rips you to shreds.

Tirade - Nothing Dramatic
Jake Tilley – Vocals/Bass, Josh Pearl – Guitar, Alex Young – Guitar, Stevo Somerset – Drums

Nothing Dramatic rockabilly punk fueled hard rock n roll. No Time has a very interesting riffs with some melodic vocals. To Be Honest a chugging riff pounding beat thumping bass and melodic vocals with interesting tempos. Burned Out just get up bop and sing along to a catchy tune. Well Spent bluesy riffs pounding rhythms and melodic vocals with some interesting changes.


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