Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Angus Black - Angus Black
Antti – Guitar/Vocals, Jyri – Bass, Sampo – Drums

All The Sins is slow dark and heavy plodding along like a snail with stoner rock vocals.  I’ll Guide You Home has a mid-tempo Sabbath riff and drum bass rhythm with some very dark soulful vocals. I’m Yours is over 12 minutes of slow plodding droning music that takes you on a trip to who knows where.  Incomplete feedback and a great riff that sound like Sabbath slow and heavy with some excellent drums and bass that speeds up for a short while then back to the original pace.  Children of The Stars is stoner head banging heaven great riffs time changes and some excellent bass and leads that will have you playing air guitar.  Leaving some excellent drums that just plod along then the bass and guitar kick in to slowly drag you to the depths of who knows where.

Void Generator -  Prodromi
Gianmarco  Lantaffi – Guitar, Sonia Caporossi – Guitar, Enrico Cosimi – Synths, Marco Cenci – Drums

40 Kiloparsecs is prog rock with excellent riffs and strange sounds along with some excellent drumming and bass work kind of like heavy Tangerine Dream.  Sleeping Waves strange sounds tripping through your mind and a rhythm that just worms its way into your brain taking you on a trip to far beyond psychedelic space rock at its best.  I Am The Brave another trip thru time and spaces and the farthest reaches of your mind just sit back close your eyes and enjoy.  Calvary ends this musical odyssey with sounds of a crowd and a band tuning up the slow melodic music that twist and turns its way into your soul.

Babylon A.D. – Revelation Highway
Derek Davis – Vocals/Keyboards/Guitar, Ron Freschi – Guitar, John Matthews – Guitar/Keyboards, Robb Reid – Bass, James Pancheco- Drums

Crash And Burn is classic Babylon AD with an awesome catchy riff and excellent sing along vocals mixed with some shredding guitar.  Fool On Fire melodic guitar and soulful vocals with a riff that builds and makes you want to just groove to the beat reminds me of Y&T.  One Million Miles is one excellent toe taping sing along power ballad with lots of style and emotion and some awesome lead guitar.  Tears vocals that have emotions just dripping from them a riff that will stick with you for days and some awesome musicianship these guys know how to rock.  She Likes to Give It would be an excellent song for strippers to use what a rhythm slow and sexy foot tappin and ready to rock.  Rags To Riches awesome drum intro with a bass that just makes you wanna groove and a riff that will have you pumping your fist in the air those powerhouse vocals and some screaming lead guitar hell yeah. Last Time For Love takes you on a trip back to the 80s and those great melodic hard rock sing along songs just close your eyes and drift back in time.  I’m No Good for You another excellent melodic hard rock metal song with powerful vocals great rhythms and scorching guitar.  Saturday Night awesome riff that just takes you back to your youth and the excellent fist pumping sing along songs from the 80’s.  Don’t Tell Me Tonight makes your feet start movin and your head start swaying what a great catchy riff that just sticks in your head an awesome song to end the album hard and sweaty.

Isendoral- Lughnasadh MMXVII
Inevitable Product Of The Foretold acoustic Celtic heartfelt slow emotional music with lots of great emotions.  Disillusion Into The Earth more Celtic/renaissance style of melodic acoustic music that just warms the soul.

Interstelar – Resin

Kothmann – Vocals/Guitar, Gary Gladson- Guitar, PJ McMullan – Drums, Joe Puccio – Bass

Silo has a driving heavy riff with a tribal drum beat and soaring guitars.  Resin a slow steady drum beat then a solid rumbling bass and guitar feedback that turns into a slow BLS style meets the M5/Amboy Dukes type of song.  High Horse a melody that slowly builds with a guitar lead that is in the feel of Pink Floyd and some excellent vocals with lots of reverb.  Hold it is a straight forward hard rock metal riff that will have you fist pumping and singing along or playing air guitar.  Opposite Daze (II) a slower Zeppelin style of riff that just works its way thru your very being.  Armada (II) is a Sabbath/BLS feeling riff that works from heavy to lighter and back over and over with lots of emotion and searing lead guitar.  Behold a dark heavy riff that is very emotional great vocals and amazing rhythm work.  Sequoia is very melodic and back woods southern sounding with maybe an Allman Bros feel.


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