Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Iron Monkey – 9-13
J- Vocals/Guitar, B- Drums, S- Bass, JPM – Rest in Noise

Crown of Electrodes punk and thrash mixed and in your face with rough vocals and a sawblade riff. Omegamangler driving down the road fleeing from a wild man with your heart pumping out of your chest.  9-13 feedback and a grinding heavy riff that drags you by the hair though some very violent times.  Toadcrucifer R.I.PPER bass overdriven along with overdriven guitar that sears thru your ears piercing them then a punk meets thrash riff that just speeds away with you on it.  Destroyer grabs you and slams you to the ground over and over again.  Mortarhex blasts away full force and never lets up in its relentless aggression.  The Rope is slow plodding and full of evil intent.  Doomsday Impulse Multiplier has a driving drum beat and grinding rhythm that just plows you over and keeps dragging you along with it.  Moreland St. Hammervortex overdriven sound and screams from hell goes back and forth from slow and evil to fast and demented.

Prostitution – Egyptian Blue 
Jesse Adelson – Bass/Vocals, Russ Cowen- Guitar/Vocals, Jason Spence – Drums

Hypergiant fast heavy and evil demented riffs and vocals that just sear into your very being.  The Boat blast beats fast guitars and bass rumbling down the road hitting everything in sight.  Elevated Droves continues the onslaught of violent aggression.

Retortion Terror/Split
Takafumi Matsubara – Guitar

Arcane Dogs yelling screaming and blast beats with riffs from hell that just sear into your brain. Scorched grinding riffs from hades and below.  Trench continues the onslaught of sounds from below.  The Line grinding riffs blast beats and sounds to melt your ears off.  River Of Ignorance the onslaught of a thousand lives going to hell.


Matthias Joyce – Vocals, Kevin Alter – Guitar, Ray Nevison – Guitar, Todd Farnham – Bass,
Colin Lewis - Drums

Cultural Indifference fast riffing thrash riffs and death metal vocals grinding into the ground and coming up from underneath you.  Purpose Defeater grabbing your hair and forcing you to head bang at a break neck pace.  O’d On Technology fast heavy in your face down your throat death metal. From The 16th Floor has a Slayer meets Death style of feel that just rips you apart.  Where Evolution Ends slow grinding rumbling death metal that tries to steal your very soul.

Elijah Kamminga – Sun Ali
Elijah – All Instruments

Pass On acoustic guitar and country style vocals.  Skating On Thin Ice a jazzy folk feeling song has kind of a Dylan feel.  Spare Change melodic music to sit back and drink your coffee to.  The Light an almost 15 minute trip the the annuals of jazz folk acoustic history.  Suns Ali more melodic folk rock to just while away the time.  Pages sit on the porch and just close your eyes and enjoy the melodic tunes.  Angels drifts away on melodies of sights and sounds to just trip to.

Denizen – Songs From The Kraken: The Georges Sessions
Fabien Aletto – Vocals, Andreas Goumy – Drums, Colin Trognee – Bass, Georges Pillard – Guitar

The Fall has a bluesy riff that just makes you want to get up and move and groove to with some excellent guitar work.  Holding The Sea starts with some melodic guitar and then an excellent bass and drums riff that just makes you want to flow with the music has sort of a Doors/Pearl Jam feel. Tambourine Blues slow steady bluesy with a mix of original Sabbath great music.   

Clouds Taste Satanic- The Glitter Of Infinite Hell
Steve Scavuzzo, Sean Bay, Greg Acampora, Brian Bauhs

Greed is an almost 19-minute instrumental of slow plodding deep dark metal riffs and excellent bass/drums taking you on a trip thru deep dark secrets just lay back and enjoy.  Treachery, Violence and Wrath continue the musical onslaught thru deep dark caverns of hell.


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