Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Xroadie Files

The Shrieks – Ode To Joe
Luis Accorsi-Writer/Guitar/Lead Vocals, Darren Lipper- Bass/Vocals, Jeremy Sauber-Drums/Vocals- Duff Harris- Keyboards/Guitar, Jeff Lampert-Pedal Steel Guitar.

T Rex has a very catchy riff and sing along vocals with some strange influences. Lie To Me just get on your feet and dance. Whistleblower a punkish new wave influences tune. Notre Dame Is Burning sway and sing as the melodies envelop your senses. Ode To Joe crunchy riffs solid rhythms and searing leads. Give Love take a trip back to the psychedelic 60s. Mirror Mirror catchy riff and punkish vocals. The Climb slow bluesy countrified music. Let Me Go just let the emotions flow all thru you. Love Or Lust strange punkish music that just pulls you in. Collision funky punk rock madness. Super Cryptonite crunchy riffs solid rhythms and sing along vocals. Legs bluesy punk rock with strange influences.

Them Moose Run – Dancing Maze
Nikola Runjavec - Guitar,/Vocals , Vedran Marinko Komlen - Drums , Branimir Kuruc - Bass

Ray’s Dancing Maze bluesy 70s hard rock psychedelia. Jeff’s Transcending stand sway and just let the groove take you away. Annie’s Moles takes you off into your imagination. Jerry’s Bacon Flavored Vegan Potion has a very funky prog rock feel. Jude’s Got Another just close your eyes and drift away in your mind. Dolly’s Wedding Song a heavy psychedelic trip thru your dreams. Nigel’s Food Falling just drift along with the strange memories. Sonny’s Hidden Money heavy bluesy psychedelia. Yvonne’s Getting On a strange musical journey back in time thru the 70s. Chris’s Cake Crisis just let your imagination take off. Jack’s Secret Algorithm funky prog rock imaginations.

Drontheim - Down Below
-viNd - Guitars/Computers/Synth, Snorre Hovdal - Bass/Synth, Rune Folgerø – Vocals, Tom Christian Engelsøy- Vocals, Geir Knarbakk : Drums, Torstein Parelius -Guitars

Dark Passage slow plodding dark metal madness with spoken gothic style vocals. Deadlight just close your eyes and drift thru your darkest dreams. Down Below lost in despair and deep thoughts. House of Horus close your eyes and just take a musical journey thru your minds eye. Ship of Fools prog rock psychedelia. Draume gothic space rock mayhem. Tre Lovløse Dager one strange musical trip. Fathom lost in the deepest darkest places n your imagination.

Bloods – Seattle
MC, Dirk, Mike

Girls are just Fucking Cool pop 80s new wave music. I Hate It sway clap and sing along. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others bop pogo and just dance the night away. The New Guy fast catchy melodic punk pop new wave. U & Me clap sing dance and just enjoy. Waste of Time catchy rhythms melodic vocals and thumping bass pulls you in.

Omega Purge- As Hell Emerged
Maximilian Eckardt – Vocals, Kai Seidel – Guitars, Martin Schlegel – Guitars, Tobias Weigel – Bass. Sönke Tautorus - Drums

1984 a strange musical journey with some interesting influences. Call 13 shredding guitars thundering bass pounding drums and gruff vocals. Walk Astray dark grab you by the throat and just r punch you in the mouth metal. Tear it Down hit the pit slam sweat and just thrash about. As Hell Emerged crunchy chugging guitars thundering rhythms and dark growling vocals. The Void pulls you into deep despair.


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