Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Xroadie Files

Ben And Winnie- La Próxima Traición
Ben Bogart -Bandoneon, Winnie Cheung - Piano

La Proxima Traicion just close your eyes and trip t through your minds eye. Comme Il Faut stand sway and just let the music envelop your senses. El Irresistible sitting in a smoky bar having a drink and just kicking back. Guapeando catchy melodic tune. Camandulaje soft melodies just drifting along. Desde El Alma floating on clouds of melodies. Negracha taking a trip back in time and memories. Milonga Del Angel soft and flowing I emotions. Mi Refugio taking a trip thru the old country. Quejas De Bandoneon just flow with the acoustic memories. La Yumba a catchy melody that just envelops you.

Evertrapped – The Last Extinction
Fred Dupuis – Guitar, Eric Lemire -Drums, Vincent Benoît- Guitar, John Yates -Bass, James Brookes -Singer, Ex Bassist: Charles Fortin, Ex Singer: Pat Laplante

Sorrow (Nothing More In Between) fast heavy thrashing shredding metal mayhem. Truth Behind Disorder just try and survive the death and extreme mayhem Across The Disease death destruction and madness. Titan pounding against each other in the mosh pit of extreme. The First Machine fast furious riffs rhythms and dark vocals. The Last Extinction thundering rhythms shredding riffs and dark vocals. Illusion the emotional melodies just pull you into darkness. Stillborn Era crunchy riffs thundering rhythms and shredding deep vocals. Learning To Kill take a mind trip into madness.

The Sonic Dawn – Enter The Mirage
Emil Bureau -Guitar/vocals/Sitar)., Jonas Waaben -Drums/Percussion, Neil Bird -Bass

Young Love Old Hate take a trip back in time to the late 60s and just drift along. Hits of Acid close your eyes and just trip away in your imagination. Loose Ends catchy riffs and rhythms envelop your senses. Children Of The Night on your feet sway sing and just groove along. Shape Shifter close your eyes and drift in your imagination. Enter The Mirage take a trip back in time and just let your mind flow. Soul Sacrifice catchy tune with a memorable groove and great musicianship with emotional vocals and searing leads. Join The Dead dance sing and just enjoy. Sun Drifter sing as the music envelops your very being. UFO catchy melodies with soulful vocals and psychedelic influences.

Blackhearth – St
Asier Larrea -Drums, Alex Hernández -Guitar, Endika Ortega -Guitar, Alain Concepción -Vocals, Julio Veiga -Keyboards, Jorge Sánchez -Bass

Flying Away majestic metal just envelops your very being as it flows along. Tarker’s Mills crunchy fast riffs thundering rhythms swirling keyboards with soaring vocals and. Face The Enemy fist pumping cant along metal magic. The Thruth You’ve Missed fist pumping head banging metal mayhem with amazing musicianship. Earls Of Darkness majestic prog metal b keyboards chanting vocals and pounding drums with thundering bass just hang on and take a metallic journey. The Musician drifting in your imagination. Blackhearth fist pumping head banging foot stomping metal.

Czern – Zgliszcza
Bernard – Bass, Arek – Drums, Janek – Guitar, Łukasz Zając - Vocals

Strach heavy dark death metal madness that just envelops your mind. Widmo the pits of hell slowly open and just pull you in destroying all. Zgliszcza crunchy guitars pounding rhythms and deep growling vocals. Radość? Pounds at your very inner mind driving you insane. Krzyk darkness and despair just envelop your soul.


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