Friday, June 5, 2020

Why is this Friday the best time to support artists?

Because Bandcamp is waiving their fee again! Isn't it great? Once more Bandcamp has decided to waive their cut on the sales via our Bandcamp page. This means that our artists get paid more than ever before. June 5th is perhaps the best time to be supporting the scene.

As more and more of us start to emerge from lockdown, we still need music to keep going. If you're like us you're looking for that next monster riff. You're eagerly anticipating for the mailman to arrive, to bring you your new records. Then what? Well you whip it out and toss it on your turntable right? It's a blast. We do it. You do it. All true stoner rock fans do it. It's part of what makes this scene so fun!

So head on over to the Bandcamp and get ready to find your next favorite stoner rock Band. Friday is the day. Our Bandcamp is the place. Click the button below to sign up or just go here:

Start Shopping!

PS: Are there any bands you're especially stoked to support with Bandcamp waiving their fee? Tell us! See them all here:

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