Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Black Space Riders – Amoretum Vol. 1
J.E. – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards/, SEB – Vocals/Keyboards, C Rip – Drums/Percussion/ Didgerdoo, SLI – Guitar, Saq-Bass, MEI – Bass

Lovely Lovelie a solid blues based hard rock riff weird sounds and almost punk like vocals make this song catch your attention.  Another Sort Of Homecoming a psychedelic sound and some interesting vocals with a riff that just grabs you.  Soul Shelter (Inside Of Me) take a trip back to the space rock of the 70s mixed with some new wave and just trip along.  Movements a nice mellow song to just close your eyes and float to the music.  Come And Follow more heavy space rock style stuff to trip along with if that’s your preference.  Friends are Falling eerie keyboards and synths then a heavy guitar riff kicks in and the song builds from there.  Fire Fire (Death Of A Giant) great melodic guitar which envelopes you that builds and slow to different tempos and just rocks out till it goes back to the mellow guitar at the end.  Fellow Peacemakers strange melancholy that trips along with a 60s style of feel.

Blight – The Teachings/Death Reborn
G McCaughry, Pascal Pelletier, Cedric Deschamps, Rob Lapalme

For The Pact To Be Writ grinding heavy riffs pounding drums rumbling bass and dark demonic vocals worming its way into your being.  Sovereign(Suffering) Gestalt fast heavy pounding grinding in your face death metal.  Cernuous grabs you by the throat and proceeds to just pummel you into submission.  Magna Arcana stuck on a fireball speeding thru hell never to get off.   Voidlight pounding in your brain evil and dark with malicious intent.  Death Reborn grab on and hold on for the death metal speed riff of your life if you let go you will be devoured.  Gnostic Dirge dark heavy and grinding you to dust.

The Dirty Earth – Aurora
Tenille – Vocals, Raff – Guitar, Leon – Drums, Darren – Bass

Black Hole great female vocals pounding drums and bass and an excellent guitar riff reminds me of a heavy Jefferson Airplane with Grace Slick.  Cheating Heart some excellent blues based psychedelia guitar that just takes you to a different time and place.  Shout get ready to play air guitar and groove to one excellent tune.  Coming Home is a mellow semi acoustic song with lots of emotion that gets slight heavier then back to mellow.  She imagine Stevie Ray Vaughn on guitar with young Grace Slick on vocals this has so much soul and emotion.  Mother Asteroid a great hard rock blues psychedelic song that will have you rocking till the last note.  Take Your Time grooving to the beat playing along with the awesome lead just get ready to sit back and enjoy.  Get Out another fast blues based hard rock song that will have your entire body grooving.  Itch a smooth guitar that just rocks a solid rhythm section and amazing vocals this is what music is supposed to sound like.  One Last Kiss moving acoustic guitar powerful vocals that just fill the air and a solid beat searing lead guitar a great way to end this excellent album.    

Frost Giant – The Harlot Star
Matti Frost – Vocals/Guitar, Scott Breustedt – Guitar, Ty Asoudegan – Guitar, Ian Bainbridge – Bass, Armen Kohroglian – Drums

The Harlot Star strange melancholy instrumental music that turns in chaos.  Forgive Me Not blast beat drums chorus vocals and grinding riffs then the deep growling vocals kick in.  Apostasis another instrumental that has some great acoustic guitar playing.  Curse Of Doubt grabbed by the neck and taken for a thrill ride down the side of a mountain.  And Exile In Storm monk style vocals which then melds into the next song Prisoner Of The Past a very interesting drum piano rhythm with many strange sounds then it just gets faster and runs you over.  Ashes Among The Earth heartfelt acoustic guitar and piano.            The Forgotten Graves heavy pounding and tribal into your very soul.  Of Clarity And Regret continues the onslaught of speed and heaviness with chorus style vocals.  Monuments To Nothing fist pumping power metal to bang your head to that goes into hyper drive.  Perpetuum Et Aeternum slow melancholy music that just fades till the end.

NYDTyson – If You’re So Smart, Why Are You So Sad
Eric Radloff – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Nick Campbell – Bass/Guitar/Synthesizer, Caitlin Notey – Vocals, Ron Humphreys -  Drums, Danica Pinner – Cello

Egg weird bass melodic vocals and off beat rhythms into a slow beat back and forth like improve jazz almost.  What Did You Say more of a new wave meets punk beat with lots of psychedelia.  Neanderthal moody heavy music with strange vocals.  Who Cares? Strange beats that meld into lounge music.  I Think We Both Know synths swirl around to take you and other instruments meld in to take you on one strange trip.  


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