Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Pale Grey Lore – Self-Titled
Michael Miller – Guitar/Vocals, Adam Miller – Drums, Donovan Johnson – Bass,
Xander Roseberry - Guitar

The Conjuration strange ethereal guitars heavy beats and driving riffs along with some searing lead guitar and good vocals.  Life in The Hive a catchy heavy riff excellent beat and rumbling bass with some psychedelic vocals get ready to trip along.  Black Sun Rise lean back and slide into space and time with some excellent Sabbath style lead guitar and slow driving rhythms.  Spiders guitar feedback that just rumbles thru your body along with a very strong bass and drums beat.  She Radiates starts with a tribal beat and grinding guitars that just slowly pull you down into the abyss.  Ruins has a catchy riff and some 60 late 70s style of psychedelic music and vocals.  Woe Betide Us slow plodding heavy metal to just take your mind off your troubles for a few minutes.  Tell The Masters has a slight offbeat tempo and strange sounds of wind blowing and excellent lead.  Grave Future fist pumping hard rock to just jam away to.

The Re-Stoned -  Chronoclasm
LLya Lipkin - Guitar/Samples/Bass, Vladimir Kislykov- Bass

The Sirens Of Titan a strong heavy melodic beat and guitar riff with some excellent lead work.  Human Without Body lots of feeling with a blues based style and some great slide work.  Save Me Under The Emerald Grass heartfelt acoustic guitar with some excellent foot tapping music to just drift along with.  Psychedelic Soya Barbeque fist pumping head banging slow and driving get ready to rumble.  Oc44 great acoustic guitar that just grabs ahold of your very soul then a lead that just pierces you.  Chronoclasm swirling synths great beats and a slid riff that just takes you on a h=journey far away.  Quartz Crystals more guitar that just garbs ahold of you sit back close your eyes and trip away. 

Sinoptik – Standalone Syndrome
Dmitriy Afanasiev – Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals, Dmitriy Sakir – Bass, Victor Gerchev – Drums

Standalone Syndrome is a prog rock metal song with lots of different textures it has a great riff and vocals that are influenced by Geddy Lee.

Stunted – Fault
Alex Petralia  - Vocals/Guitar/Drum Machine/Bass, Eagret Hansen – Guitar, Gabe Simmons – Drums, Marisela Guizar – Saxophone

Displays(Pride) weird strange sounds surround you with a punk new wave psychedelia feel.  Crave(Lust) has more of an industrial feel with lots of machinery sounds.  Loaded(Gluttony) machine style beats rumbling bass and weird sounds and overdriven vocals make up this song.  Green(Greed) rumbling bass and a click track that slowly builds with the rest of the instruments.  Evil Eye(Envy) drum machines weird keys overdriven guitar and bass for a cacophony of sounds.  Wrath more of a punk industrial feel with lots of overdriven everything.  Slug(Sloth) slow plodding and evil trying to take you down to the abyss.

The Pocket Gods – 100X30 The Future Of Music
Mark Lee , Noel Story, Simon Herries, Scott Ottawat, Bill Johnson and Guests

All of the songs on here are 30 seconds long and there are one hundred songs in all.  A strange almost improvised jazz meets improvised prog style this is very eclectic and not for most people.


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