Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Trigger – Cryogenesis
Tim Leopold – Vocals, Luke Ashley – Guitar, Sean Solley – Guitar, Matt Ambrose – Bass,
Tim Joyce – Drums

The Forge Of Hepaestus full force in your face death speed thrash metal with lots of aggression.  Dead Sun blast beats dual leads pounding rhythms with almost yelling style vocals and some excellent melodies.  Echoes Of The Silenced has a melodic intro and some interesting tempos with yelling vocals then it turns into a thrash metal song then back and forth.  Crowned begins with prog style keyboards and a solid beat and rough crossed with melodic vocals.  Tethered to The Tide sounds of a storm and some melodic instruments along with a grinding heavy riff that’s very catchy.  Devide is power prog metal with lots of great playing.  Alexandria acoustic guitar and percussion then a solid metal beat and riffing guitars.  DeluZion prog keys and a heavy riff with yelling chorus vocals that just seem to grab ahold and won’t let go.  Dysphoria industrial and some other strange sounds with a slow plodding Sabbath stoner style of riff.  Veins of Ambrosia mid-eastern guitar sounds and the wind slowly moving along   that slowly builds.   

Wight – Fusion Rock Invasion Live Over Europe
Rene Hofmann – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Peter Philipp Schierhorn – Bass, Thomas Kurek -  Drums
Steffen Kirchpfening – Percussion

Helicopter Mama is a slow bluesy jazz song with lots of emotional playing just close your eyes and drift to the music.   The Muse And The Mule is more slow bluesy jazz that will take you to a dark smoky club and have a few drinks while listening to the music and watching the women groove to the music.  Kelele has a very Hendrix feel to the guitar with a catchy riff that just envelopes you and takes you on a trip down the road to anywhere you wanna go.  Master of Nuggets get ready to play some air guitar and just jam along as you tap your feet and groove along.  The Love For Life Leads To Reincarnation a very interesting weird improve jazz meets blues psychedelic sound to just trip along with.

Witchcryer – Cry Witch
Jason Muxlow – Guitar, Javi Moctezuma – Drums, Suzy Bravo – Vocals, Marilyn Monroe – Bass

Cry Witch a slow driving Sabbath style of riff with a steady rhythm section and some excellent female vocals.  Ricochet is more of a speed metal riff that will have you head banging in no time just pounding your fist to the beat.  The Preying Kind slow evil sounding riffs and scorching guitars along with Grace Slick style vocals.  Ma Kali low rumbling Geezer style bass that just grabs you then an excellent riff that will have to movin and grooving.  Embryo (Instructions) is an excellent guitar instrumental.  Great Divide get ready to be pulled away into the great mass that is Sabbath style metal and just enjoy.  For The Slaves excellent riffs that just garb you and have you fist pumping and foot tappin till the last note.  Witchfinder General get ready to air guitar and bang your head to one excellent metal song.  Lapis Philosohorum is a very nice way to end the album with a renaissance style of song.

Doomstress / Sparrowmilk – Split
Doomstress Alexis, Brandon Johnson, Tomasz Scull - Drums

Way Of The Mountain slow driving stoner rock with lots of heavy riffs that takes you away to the good day of when stoner rock ruled.  Bitter Plea has an excellent riff to jump in your car and just jam on down the highway.  Rainbow Demon is a very interesting but excellent cover version of the Uriah Heep Classic.  Sleep Among The Dead slow plodding bass rumbles then the band kicks in and continues to go slowly down the road like a steamroller.
Tomasz Scull – Drums, Erin Lung – Bass, Joe Fortunato – Guitar

Black Night Satellite hold on to your seats with this thumping bass riffing guitar solid drums beating close your eyes and take an instrumental trip thru your mind with over 8 minutes of excellent musicianship.  Erie Depths has guitars piercing thru the airwaves with lots of emotion get ready to be taken on a ride.  Teeth of The Hound get in hop on and get ready to rumble down the highway of music.

Andrew Reed – If All The World Were Right
Andrew Reed – Guitar, Trevor Walker/Rob Geisler – Bass, Aaron Price – Keyboards,
Paul Babelay – Percussion, Courtney Hodges – BG Vocals, Alex Bradley – Trumpet,
Joseph Dowdy – Saxophone, Kyle Snuffer – Trombone, Kara Poorbaugh – Viola,
Franklin Keel – Cello

Sailed Away takes you on a trip back to the folk rock sixties and early seventies kick back relax and take a trip to a mellow time.  Cure My Mind excellent acoustic guitar keyboards and some mellow singing that just drift away to a mellower time and place.  Life In The City has more of an upbeat toe tapping rhythm that is like taking a walk down the streets of the city and enjoying the views.  Putting Things in Order is a very mellow jazzy style of song mixed with some folk and blues influences.  If All The World Were Right great guitar riffs excellent keyboards and a rhythm that just sticks in your head with some Tom Petty Influences.  Carolina In the Morning has a folky country style with lots of emotion.  Where She Goes more folk country style of music with steel guitar and a great story.  The Ghost Of Robert Johnson is an excellent blues based song with great playing and emotion.  Open Road takes you down a mellow trip like the style of the 60’s early 70’s just slowly walking down a long winding road.  All Of My Life kick back around the fire and just relax and enjoy the drifting music and vocals.  Hourglass has a sort of southern rock style of sound with some excellent guitar work and heartfelt vocals.  Sailed Away (Reprise) is another version of the first song on the album. All The World is Right (Poem) is a poem with music to go with it.  


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