Bandcamp Bonanza – 1/27/18

Bandcamp Bonanza features a weekly myriad of albums gathered from the depths of bandcamp. This round feast your ears to another 10 pack of killer tunes.

Easy Killer – Galactic Sin
Easy Killer is easy on the ears that’s for sure. Nice gritty vocals and a stoney groove straight out of the  Brant Bjork handbook. The 4 piece keeps the heads bobbing with a bluesy swagger and a kick ass fuzzy guitar stroke throughout and a soulful rhythm to boot.

Slow Voyage – Time Lapse
I'm not even halfway through this beast and I am mesmerized by the pulsating heavy psych and expansive layers of warmth. These dudes from Chile have given us more proof that the South American hard rock and stoner scene is solely responsible for melting the polar ice caps with their blazing riffs, vibrant fuzz and smoldering groove. Favorite track: 07. Take Me Away.

Crypt Trip – Rootstock
Even better than their debut. The TX power trio has unleashed a hazy jam-ridden leviathan of heavy blues. Like FDJ said, there is an underlying Allman Brothers vibe ringing in the background melding with a groovy, dusty funk unmatched by most in the current scene. Fantastic!! Favorite track: Natural Child.

The Sisters Doom – The Sisters Doom
Hot damn, The Sisters Doom were a fun band in Reno and its great to hear all this material on record. Prior to this I only watched them live. This brings an entire different dimension to the band hearing it through headphones. Well done guys, this is a diverse array of doomy progressive metal marked by Mark's passionate vocal cries.

Dirt Forge – Soothsayer
I missed this one earlier in 2017 and finally caught up. The tone is all out heavy as fuck, and with a sludgy Motorhead vibe. Dare I say “angular” to describe the crunch of the riffs here? Either way, Soothsayer is soothing in a world of aggressive and pounding rock and metal. Don’t underestimate these fine lads from Denmark.

An Evening With Knives – Serrated
BIG fan of these cats. Finally their debut full length album is out. Hot off the press. If you’re into punky progressive stoner riffs with “serrated” atmospheric interludes then this is for you. Similar in style to another one of my favorites “Sandrider” An Evening With Knives keeps you on edge with dynamic range and powerful instrumentation.

Electra Huldra – Roadburner
Roadburner chars a thick layer of riff heavy groove, fuzz pedal to the metal holeshotting down the desert highway. The power trio roosts fat chords of stoner rawk over polished yet muscular vocals. Ya, kind of a John Garcia tone but with mega head-banging, throttle pinning groove.

The Trona Experience – Helios + Selene
The Trona Experience is one I highly recommend. Very majestic alternative/prog rock metal of sorts. Hard to describe other than a dramatically intense experience of music. Expansive grunge metal meets 90’s alternative rock. Ya, this is great stuff folks. Dig in. For fans of that Elder type thing but with more of a 90’s vibe going on.

Yellow Dust – Slodge
Yellow Dust put the stoner in sloth and the sludge in Slodge. Be prepared for a crusty assault of wicked riffs meets back-alley biker blues.

Antler – Antler
Oh man, so excited to find this is finally on bandcamp. A buried treasure if there ever was one. The combination of rusted down Americana meets heavy stoner blues is off the charts. For those familiar with Craig Riggs main project "Roadsaw" and now "Sasquatch" this is a welcomed alternative and timeless classic. Favorite track: 1975.

-The Huntsman