Wednesday, November 28, 2007

BrainToy - Tremors

Braintoy is one of a number of gems that I’ve mined from the music mountain known as Myspace. I stumbled on these cats about a year ago and was impressed enough by their samplings to shell out my hard earned cash for their E.P. “Tremors”. I think it’s money well spent because even after a year, this disc has held up well.

When the disc kicks off, we’re asked “Is this what you’ve been waiting for?”, and for me, the answer is, “Well . . . yeah. I guess it is.” You see, I was at a point where pretty much everything that I was hearing made me want to tear my eyes out and shove them in my ears to block the noise. I needed something new. Something fresh. Something that would keep my eyes in my skull, perk up my ears, and get my toes tapping.

“Tremors” is a five song disc that borrows from “Opiate” era Tool. The rest of the sounds are all Braintoy. Christian Anderson (guitarist) uses an arsenal of effects and tones to carry the mood of the band. Let’s not forget his ability to simply bring the riffs that rock, and his brilliant moments of virtuosity. Devin Gasteiger (bass/keyboard) thunders along in the background, adding flourishes of texture, delivering punchy bass lines and staying in tight communication with Riley O'Connor (drummer). Riley’s performance is purely awe inspiring in that he holds this crew together through the complex time changes and dynamic shifts. Brett Fitzgerald (vocals) perfectly conveys the emotions of the songs, at times channeling his inner Maynard Keenan, at times creating his own unique voice.

Songs that you’ll want to pay close attention to are As I Am, Cul-De-Sac, and Humour Me. These particular songs highlight Braintoy at their best. A heavy dose of cerebral metal with a leaning towards prog-rock. Highly complex arrangements made accessible by uncanny melody. Smart music, but not pretentious. Brainy tunes with an underlying primal groove. “Tremors” gives us a glimpse of a band on the brink of doing something spectacular. Is it the greatest disc in the world? No. Is it something to pay close attention to? Most certainly.With a new singer in their camp who’s range and ability simply enhance the Braintoy sound, the future is bright for the band (as well as for my eyes!) If you can find the disc, it’s well worth the price. Be a part of the Braintoy movement before it passes you by.

--Pope JTE


Anonymous said...

Vehicles rocks. I just got it a few days ago in the mail and it's pretty much all I listen to anymore. I'm telling my friends about them and to order it. They usually come to me and ask me if anything is good or not.

Anonymous said...

Vehicles does rock!! I would be interested in hearing this early work with the original vocalist... I gotta say, its going to be a pretty tall order to surpass the curent singers voice!!!!

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