Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Children Of the Sun – Flowers
Jacob Hellenrud – Guitar, Josephina Berglund Ekholm – Vocals, Ottila Berglund Ekholm – Choir, Wilma As – Choir, Ida Wahl – Bass, Anna Nilsson – Keyboards, Christoffer Eriksson – Drums, Sara Berkesi – Percussion

Flowers (Intro) slow melodic folky music that just flows all around you. Her Game take a trip back to the late 60s early seventies and the hippie movement and just enjoys the sounds. Emmy swirling keyboards just envelop you soulful vocals and great melodies. Hard Workin Man has a very jazzy bluesy rhythm that has you up and grooving along. Sunchild excellent chorus vocals full of power then on your feet and just float along with this catchy tune to the searing leads. Flowers sitting around in a filed listing to the musicians play. Like A Sound slow bluesy hard rock from the 70s just slide and slither along.  Beyond The Sun melodic acoustic guitar soulful vocals that pull you in.

The Drippers – Action Rock
Viktor Skatt – Bass/Vocals, William Dickborn – Guitar/Vocals, Niclas Kristoferson – Drums

(Aint No) Shangri La fast heavy riffs pounding rhythms screaming guitars and yelling style vocals. Gimme The Shakes has a very catchy riff get out the air guitars and just jam along or fist pump and sing along. Feldman’s Exit will have you up moving to the groove with some screaming leads and pounding rhythms. Langgatan fast heavy Motorhead style hard rock n roll. White Light great drum work thundering bass chugging guitars rough vocals and screaming leads. Backbeat hop in your car crank up the tunes and just jam on down the road. Bottled Blues fast heavy thrashing metal mayhem. Sweet Action fist pumping head banging thrashing about metal. FinsktBlod just try to hang on for the fast heavy musical trip. Ready To Fall air guitars out fist pumping foot stomping heavy rock. Day Turns To Night thrashing shredding music to just get your heart rate up to.

Curse Of Denial – Coming For Your Soul
Rob Molzan – Vocals, Jeremy McLellon – Guitar, Gary Heinrich – Guitar, Shawn Hapney – Drums, Michael Perez – Bass

Intro A Passage To Madness eerie tones envelop you and drag you into hell. In Silence weird sounds drive you mad the pounding rhythms crunching riffs and dark vocals. Day Of Rage slower plodding death pulls you in and slashes away at you. The Headless Horseman chugging rhythmic pulses of hard heavy dark music. To Carry My Sins chainsaw guitars thundering bass pounding drums and screaming growling vocals. Faceless just slams you with full on fury slow and demonic. Interlude Foreseen Forsaken a strange instrument to take your mind on a weird journey. Coming For Your Soul grinding pounding shredding demonic death. Dancing In A Circle Of Corpses searing leads pounding drums thundering bass and dark growling vocals. Despair (Memories Of A Distant Past) the pit of hell opens and slowly pulls you in. Revival just heavy driving demonic metal.

Jesusegg – The Second Coming
Matt Phillips – Vocals, Cole Martinez – Guitar/Bass, Jamie Bibbs – Guitars / Bass, Jon Vinson – Drums

Julius Seizure eerie and weird sounds then chugging guitars pounding drums thundering bass and screaming vocals to rip your face off. Cervical Rot grinding music that just plows you over. Improper Use Of A Breast Pump hold on for your life as the music speeds past. Eat Sleep Rape thrashing ripping tearing at your very soul. Diuretic Orgasm chugging guitars pounding drums thundering bass hit the floor and run for your life. Mambo #4 steady beat with strange sounds That just envelops you then pounds you into the ground. Gunt Hunt death metal madness. Dildozer music that pulls you into the dark abyss of death and destruction. Laddy Dong Legs fast heavy pounding in your mind driving you mad. Autocannibalism just eats you alive with intensity. Succelus feedback crunchy riffs then drums and bass that just pound you into submission. Meatswell eerie tones pounding rhythms chainsaw riff that just cut you to pieces. Anti-christamine pulls you into hell kicking and screaming. Profundicate thrashing ripping tearing at your very soul. Reversed Baptism pummels you into the darkness of dementia.

Joey Cape – Let Me Know When You Give Up
Joey Cape – All Instruments/Vocals

Let Me Know When You Give Up soft flowing acoustic guitars and melodic vocals just kick back and enjoy. Daylight sitting with friends watching the band play melodic music. I Know How To Run just close your eyes and let the music take your imagination away. Fighting Atrophy excellent acoustic guitar with melodic vocals and a catchy rhythm. Before My Heart Attack is heavier with an interesting rhythm reminds me of Tom Petty. Possession soft guitars envelop you as you drift along then the music grows at the end in volume. Andalusia just float along as the tones take you over. The Love Of My Life brings back fond memories with a country flavor. Fall Down crunchy guitars pounding drums thumping bass it has a punkish influence. You Should Always emotions flow and ebb around you. The Last Word is a very melodic almost feel god tune.


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