Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Xroadie Files

Wrekking Machine –Mechanistic Termination
Shawn Smith – Guitar/Vocals, Doug Livingston – Guitar, Nick Felczer – Bass, Sam Adato – Drums, Scott Sergeant – Guitar, Mike Wells – Guitar

CD1 – Hear Me Now (Listen To Me Later) sounds of machinery spoken words and chugging riffs just good old thrash metal. Me Myself & I pounding drums crunching riffs spoken words pounding drums and thrash metal vocals just hit the pit and mosh. Brother Man chugging guitars thrashing pounding drums thundering bass and almost spoken vocals. I Am What I Am fist in the air head banging metal with some interesting twists. Wrongful Snagulation pounding drums thumping bass and some weird tempo changes. Without Direction fast heavy hit the floor and just slam away in the pit. Cripple crunchy riffs pounding rhythms screaming leads and thrash style vocals. Scoey’s Place slow melancholic guitars thundering rhythms just fist pump along as the searing leads kick in.  Nuthin Ta Do (And All Day Ta Do It In) hit the pit and just get all your aggressions out.

CD2 – Something Happened (Demo- 1989) Wrongful Snagulation thrash metal mayhem.  I Am What I Am moshing thrashing slamming heavy metal. You Think You Know low bass envelops you then pounding drums screaming guitars and old school thrash madness. The Voice chugging chainsaw riffs thundering drums pounding bass jump in and enjoy.(Merge Demo – 1988) Critical Mass crunchy riffs pounding rhythms just hit the circle and mosh away. Merge Or Be Merged screaming guitars fist pumping rhythms and aggressive tones fast and hard. (Fatal Mistake Demo – 1987) Fatal Mistake bass that just rumbles your very body and hard crashing drums with shredding guitars. Critical Mass fast hit the floor and just mosh till sweat is pouring off your head. The Family Ghost has a very catchy riff that makes you stand and get all your aggressions out with shredding leads. (I Am Born Demo – 1987) I Am Born fast hard speeding thrashing old school metal magic. Road Ta Ruin chugging guitars pounding drums screaming vocals and thundering bass. Don’t Bite It just take a trip back to when thrash was king and enjoy the memories. Rat Race aggressive guitars rumbling bass thundering drums and soaring vocals.

N.M.E. – The End Of Innocence
Michael Weldon – Guitar, Brian Keruskin – Guitar, Chuck Robinson – Bass, Dave Snyder – Drums, Jirus – Vocals

Vengeance Is Mine fist in the air head banging hit the floor and get the circle pit moshing. Walk On get in your car crank up this tune and cruise on down the highway rocking out. No Way Home slow chugging fist pumping metal that just pulls you into the emotions. The Chance has a very catchy groove to it as it slides and slithers along. The Well chugging guitars soaring vocals catchy riffs pounding drums and thundering bass just join in the musical army. Trial By Fire shredding ripping tearing it up leads solid beat thumping bass and soaring vocals old school metal style. M.I.A will have the entire crowd up and fist pumping as the head bang and sing along. Red Light Night low bass that just rumbles your very body steady drum beats screaming guitars and soaring vocals. Sweet Little Sister crushing rhythms screaming leas chugging rhythms just stand and shout. Eat Me Alive get out the air guitars and just jam along as you head band and enjoy.  R.I.P. melancholic guitars flows thru you with searing leads that just pierce your soul close your eyes and just drift along. Wicked Child strange eerie tones envelop you the music builds back and forth as the song continues one magical musical journey.

Mean Machine – Metal Up Your Ass
Raul Mesa – Bass/Vocals, Juan Pedro Quesada – Guitar, Marc Tapies – Drums

Rock N Roll Up Your Ass rumbling bass chugging guitars thundering drums and gruff vocals just hand on for the ride. Nitrobitch a very catchy fast riff that drags you down the road with it.  Right Between The Eyes shredding fist in the air Headbanging metal. Powder crunchy riffs pounding rhythms and rough vocals Motorhead style. Don’t Mess Around With The Boys hit the pit slam and sweat as the music takes you over. Speed Control hop in your car crank up this tune and jam on down the highway. Steamroll The Hammer fist pumping foot stomping head banging metal. Faster screaming leads pounding drums thundering bass just try and hold on. Hell Of A Crossfire crashing guitars pounding drums thumping bass and gruff vocals just get ready to rock. Maniac thundering bass that just rumbles your entire body Lemmy style vocals and crunchy guitars. Ironclad fast heavy thrashing metal madness. Don’t Mess Around With The Girls heavy fist pumping hard rock speed metal.

Serpents – Scongiuri
Karyn Crisis – Vocals, Luciano Lamanna – Synths/Effects

Heart Of Darkness industrial synth sounds that just envelop you with eerie vocals. Ombelicale close your eyes and be pulled in a strange dark abyss of emotions. Rattle The Waters just try and escape from the nightmare inside your mind. Janua Inferi the music comes up from the a darkness and just pulls you in.

Kolossor – Sky Became Darkest
Greg Frisenda – Vocals/Guitar, Jay Barringer – Bass / Vocals, Jerry Arsenault – Drums/Percussion

Sunbird Rise dark heavy thrashing music with gruff vocals. Korruptor just swallows your entire body and then pull you into the black depths. Tongue Of Fire moody melancholic tones that just flow around you. Radiance slow steady riffs that just slice and dice as the music pounds away. Sky Became Darkest fast heavy thrashing shredding metal madness.


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