Saturday, September 14, 2019

Bandcamp Bonanza – 097

I’d say this week we have a pretty heavy-duty batch of recommendations. You thought the picks were good last week, wait till you dig in below. Oh and this weeks cover photo was a show I attended last week at a brewery warehouse. Didn’t have any fresh sunset pictures handy.

Paul Cauthen – Room 41
Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Marvin Gaye walked into a room, Room 41 to be precise. The rest is in the pudding. Listen up.

Redtail – First Offerings
Oh boy, this is right down my alley. Fat and gritty grooves shimmering with psychedelics, bustling with distortion and swirling with bloodshot stoner blues. 'First Offerings' is so good I'm cutting in line for seconds as we speak. Gimme more!!!!

Swan Valley Heights – The Heavy Seed
These guys are so underrated. Signed to Fuzzorama records on this new release The Heavy Seed, Swan Valley Heights demonstrate that they have what it takes to keep even the most jaded of listeners engaged. Treading in the Elder realm of progressive stoner rock, these guys write sprawling riffs and mesmerizing grooves to keep you enthralled. Got the vinyl just the other day and its gorgeous.

Saturna – Atlantis
Oh man, what a band. This new one dropped out of nowhere as I hadn’t been paying attention or they weren’t too vocal about a release coming out. Glad I got clued in as Atlantis is a tour de force in the hard rock realm. Serious groove going on here.

Skyjoggers – Seasons of Uiu
This is some wicked, wicked heavy psych. One moment you’re getting swept away to a desert dreamland, the next crushed by giant riffs made of molten lead. Seasons of Uiu is a grower and a shower and will rank on my Doom Charts list this month no doubt.

Pelegrin – Al-Mahruqa
Holy crap! The bass line alone is enough to blow you into another dimension. Was not expecting that. Top tier heavy progressive space rock.

Love Gang – Dead Man’s Game
Love Gang dropped this one into my lap just today as I write this. I recently enjoyed their split release with Smokey Mirror released on Glory or Death Records earlier this year. Love Gang play homage to the early psychedelic sound of the 60’s while maintaining a heavy nod to Motorhead style grit. Really digging this one. Will probably buy the vinyl. Might have it before this even goes live for all I know. One of those mandatory vinyl type bands.

Blue Cheese – Same Old Game
I love me some Blue Cheese. Not just dolloped on my salad or as a dip for my wings but in this case, the blue emphasizes the down-home blues. Same Old Game has a very nostalgic ring to it combining classic rock rhythm, twangy tone, and folk inspired groove.

Secrets of Lost Empires – When You Arrive…
I still forget everytime these guys release a new album that its actually “this guy” releasing a new recording. Someone bring this man some coffee!!!! Very impressive considering how well all the instruments flow together to create a full bodied heavy, trippy, and progressive album. Totally worth your time. Check out all his stuff on bandcamp. I keep imagining a full band jamming out like mad and then brought back to reality that its one dude. Great work Joshua, keep it up. Rumor is he’s got a drummer and looking to put a band together. Maybe I’m just making that rumor up, maybe I’m not? Time will tell.

Howlin’ Rain –Under The Wheels, Vol. 1
These San Francisco natives know how to Jam. I recently took my wife with me to a brewery warehouse show in an industrial area of town here in Sparks, NV and it was super fun. The venue was killer, crowd was great, and combined with the trippy light backdrop Howlin’ Rain delivered as usual. If you have a chance to see them go. Modern day Grateful Dead but not as much hippie and more blues.

-The Huntsman

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