Saturday, December 29, 2018

Bandcamp Bonanza – 087

2018 has basically come to an end and here I am just tossing out more albums as if time has stood still. Well you know what, I think I might just keep doing that. Just cause the year has ended, doesn’t mean the music’s over. I may publish a favorites of the year list or I may not. Should I? With how busy life can be at times, it’s become an undertaking to get to those types of things. In the meantime check out 10 more recent finds maintaining the diverse stylings I strive to wade through.

The Absurd – Build the Wall
What's absurd is the fact that I only just discovered these guys at the end of the year (2018) and the realization that this highly accessible, yet boldly dynamic rock n roll has been kicking around for a couple years. WOW. The combination of infectious vocals, deep throbbing bass lines and impeccable groove is off the charts with both mainstream and underground appeal. These young dudes have got some potential that's already crashing waves over the beaches of Los Angeles, CA. Favorite track: Squashing Pumpkins.

Hot Ram – Where Light Goes to Die
HOT RAM has done it again. A healthy arrangement of demented blues meet fuzzed out groove make Where Light Goes To Die their best yet. Once again grab the CD with free shipping. WOW!!

Smokestack Lightning – Voyager
Holy smokestack lightning! Voyager sails away with a vapor trail of cerebral fuzz and divine riffage. Absolutely colossal!

Mirror of Deception – The Estuary
I only just finally gave this a full listen the other day and was quite blown away. I don’t listen to a lot of straight up traditional doom metal, but when I do I am always amazed at this style of doom. The riffs are thick and the melody is chilling. Like the review on the page states, this is equally as playful as it is doomy in the sense of the word. It doesn’t veer down that overly slow and monotonous path that other big name doom bands do at times. This is all win. Not quite as rocking as the new The Skull or Pale Divine, but in terms of the fundamentals of traditional doom this could be even better. I thoroughly enjoy this type of doom. 

Otto and the Moaners – Restless Sun
I hunted this one down via the recommendations link on another band I follows page called Midnight North. I typically always dig what other bands I dig are digging. In a lot of cases its other bands that members are in. This album and their new EP are perfect examples of bad ass shit that I never would have found had it not been a recommendation from a band I follow.

Gods & Punks – Enter the Ceremony of Damnation
The Ceremony of Damnation saga comes to a close with a grand finale of rifftastic heavy psych. With another heady spin of progressive doom and groovy desert twang the God & Punks have delivered another exquisite output of tripped out blues.

Wizard Must Die – In The Land of the Dead Turtles
This is so good I am at a loss for words. I really am having trouble describing how bad ass this really is. Plus that artwork. Come on. Download of the week Steve Rodger? How about download of the month!!

Edmond Jefferson & Sons – The Winter
Preorder alert. There is only one track available at this snapshot in time as I write this, but soon enough the rest of the album will be available and that vinyl will be mine. The soulful psychedelic boogy is sure to melt a face or two. I can’t wait, especially basing off the sound of their last album available on bandcamp as well.

Liquid Sun – Exploration
Liquid Sun pours us a scolding cup of heavy blues spiked with psychedelic flavor and hypnotic instrumental groove.

RF Shannon – Trickster Blues
I’d never heard of this guy but just basing it off the credits on bandcamp, a trusted friends nod, and the killer album artwork I took a blind buy and ordered this on vinyl before even finishing one song. Turns out this is some mesmerizing heavy desert psych laced with reverb and coated with whimsical steel guitar and softly murmered vocals. Can’t wait to get the vinyl delivery. High hopes is all I can say. This shit is legit. I cleaned out the house on all the vinyl in his shop.

-The Huntsman

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