Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Ellende – RuckugIn Die Innerlichkeit
L.G. – All, P.F. – Drums, L.B. – Live Guitar, D.B. – Live Guitar, S.L. Live Bass

RuckugIn Die Innerlichkeiteerie emotions float along in a strange way then the music builds as the evil grows and tears into you moving back and forth from melodic to heavy. Pfad Der Endlichkeitclassicl music then a strong demonic feel grabs you and drags you to the blackness music I kind of like a death metal prog sound. DetLetzteMarsch soft piano then blast beats and rough guitars with eerie sounds that just envelope you. Von Verganglichkeit Und Trost cutting guitars growling vocals dissonant sounds and melodic gothic feelings.

Rainburn – Insignify
Vats Iyengar – Vocals, Praveen Kumar – Drums, Ravi Nair – Bass/Vocals, Paraj Kumar Singh – Guitar/Vocals

The Wait strange sounds spoken words and melodic piano. Merchant Of Dreams swirling sounds all around take a trip back to the late seventies with yes and King Crimson ad just enjoy the ride. Elusive Light choral vocals very melodic and flowing with soft guitars and steady rhythms that just slowly get heavier and take you on one amazing trip. Mirrors kick back relax and just close your eyes and imagine all the sights and sounds along with memories that this song brings on. Someone New has more of a Dream Theater feel heavy prog metal with a few tempo changes. Purpose great vocals that are overlaid then melodic guitars and choral vocals added lots of emotion. Suicide Note a heavy catchy riff that just grabs ahold of you and has you up and fist pumping lots of power and majesty. Insignify a short melodic piece with some searing leads. Within sounds of winds and guitars floating along just sit back and drift along. School Of Atlantis has a bluesy/jazzy feel with prog influences some amazing musicianship displayed in this song.

Ancestor – Lords of Destiny
Li Meng -  Vocals/Guitar, Yang Fuwen – Guitar, He Yang – Drums, Li Han – Bass

Rise By Sin melancholy guitar flows along then blasting drums chugging guitars thumping bass and fast as the speed of light rhythms. Deathlike Silence hit the pit slam and sweat as you crash into each other. Bloody Repression fast heavy punch you in the face thrash metal mayhem. The Final Workshop searing leads pounding drums and thundering bass with chugging guitars with a fist pumping head banging riff. Black Future thundering bass blasting pounding drums fast as hell guitars and in your face riffs.   Tormentor take a trip back to the time when thrash metal was king and just slam and head bang along. Pain And Hate an eerie rhythm that just grabs you and pulls you in before slamming you against the wall with a full fury. Savage Action fans of old school Metallica, Exodus and Testament will totally enjoy this song and album. Inner Struggle fist in the air shredding guitars fast beats and thundering rhythms just hold on for your life.

Ghost Tower – Head Of The Night
Mike Biggs – Drums, Matt Preston – Guitar/Bass/Keyboards, Ameven – Vocals

Ninth Tooth Of The Gravekeeper’sGrin fist pumping head banging riffs thundering rhythms and powerful vocals that just garb ahold and won’t let go with some searing leads. Secret Of Black Moss Lake grab you air guitars and just jam along as you try and play the scorching leads get ready for a metallic trip. The Brooding Silence melodic guitars that just float along with soft organ. Of Untimely Death heavy Sabbath style riffs that just pull you along then the pace picks up as it speeds down the musically journey of madness. House of Wary Shadows is a fist pumping head banging dark melodic song with lots of shredding leads. An Elusive Encounter solid pounding rhythms thundering bass searing leads and powerful vocals that just take over you. Scroll Of The Lunar Tribehas a majestic power that just fill you full of emotion. Island of All Knowing Eyes fist pumping head banging join along heavy metal. Elegy Of Dreamtime emotional sounds that just flow thru you with emotional vocals. My Dear Killer close your eyes and just drift along to the soaring guitars and pounding rhythms with a few time changes. Whispers From Beyond melodic melancholic sounds and wind with guitars that just float all around and strange vocals eerie and different. Sable Beldam slow pounding eerie and evil just plodding along before kicking into overdrive.

Wthcvcth – Burn Out Bright
Sabian Ryan – Vocals, Kyle Johnson – Bass, Jamie Enke – Guitar, KeelanRoussel – Guitar, AJ Howse – Drums

About Myself dark moody slow with new rock vocals that gets heavier as it goes. Sink Swim sounds of a storm heavy rhythms pounding beats and yelling and deep vocals. Burn Out Bright has a catchy riff that sticks in your head and almost rap style and singing vocals that gets heavier as it goes along. Drastic Times, Drastic Measureshas an almost industrial style with some strange rhythms and sounds. Through The Dark starts almost space rock with strange sounds and weird vocals before it gets heavy.Alium Terra swirling keyboards spoken words pounding rhythms and interesting vocals. Cigarettes AndSin soft melodies that just swirl around you with melodic vocals then a pounding riff and growling vocals added in. Valinor melancholic guitars with a few time changes back and forth from heavy to melodic. Drastic Times, Drastic Measures (Logan Reload Mix) is an industrial version of this song.


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