Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Hollow Leg – Civilizations
Brent Lynch – Vocals/Guitar, John Stewart - Drums, Scott Angelocus - Vocals, Tom Crowther – Bass

Litmus slow moody stoner rock that just slides on down the musical road to heavy harmonics and dissonant tones. Dirt Womb is more mid-tempo and will have the crowd up fist pumping and head banging along. Mountains Of Stone dark aggressive tones that just grab hold of you and drag you into the blackness. Black Moon melodic guitars that swirl around you with clean vocals and melancholic moods. Hunter And The Hunted has a very old Sabbath meets Candlemass feel with lots of anger and aggression. Intro blues based moody guitar that just works its way thru you with a slow steady rhythm and deep vocals. Chimera will have you up swaying and really feeling the heavy riff that just cuts right thru you with a solid as a rock rhythm and gruff vocals. Akasha disharmonic guitar feedback with an evil heavy slow plodding riff that juts drags you along. Exodus eerie guitar that worms its way into you with a heavy rock rhythm that will slowly pull you under.

Nachtmystium – Resilient
Blake Judd – Bass/Vocals/Guitar, Martin Van Valkenstijn – Bass/Effects/ Instruments/Vocals, Phenex – Keyboards/EFX, Jean Graffio – Drums

Conversion eerie keyboards strange sounds spoken words. Resilient dark heavy death strikes at you very essence. Silver Lanterns have fiat pumping metal riff pounding drums thundering bass gothic feeling and deep rough vocals. Desert Illumination slowly the eerie sounds surround and envelope you as they drag you under in the darkness.

Under The Mountain – II
Steve Plantz – Vocals/Guitar, Myles Young – Guitar/Vocals, Curt Patrick – Bass, Fred Xie – Drums

Freight Train just good old fashioned blues based hard rock to get you up and grooving. Hold On Tight stand up a fist pump and head band to some excellent catchy riffs that just garb you as you sing along. PPT is a great song to hop in the car crank it up and just cruise on down the road. Valhalla heavy riff pounding drums thumping bass and excellent soulful powerful vocals to just rock out to. Ash And Dust slow bluesy emotional guitar and vocals with a steady rhythm close your eyes and just drift along.      Relapse low bass that just rumbles thru your very essence searing leads solid rhythms and powerful vocals. Into The Unknown will have the entire crowd up and grooving along to the catchy riffs and rhythms. Ursusis a faster paced hard rock blues song with some great musicianship. Whiskey Rock pounding drums thundering bass a great song to just jam to as you cruise down the road. Lemmy is a tribute to Motorhead and his classic band Motorhead loud fast hard and heavy. Hold on Tight (Radio Edit) just rock n roll out to one excellent song.

Arcadian Child – Superfonica
Panagioiotis I.G – Vocals/Guitar, AndreasKerveros - Bass, StathisHadjicharalambous - Guitar, ChristosDimou – Drums

Bain Marie has a psychedelic blues vibe that just works its way into you as you groove along. Twist Your Spirit close your eyes and just rip along to the many different feelings and emotions just jam away. Brothers psychedelic blues rock that will take you back to the late seventies and the great music that was being made then. Constellations stand up move and groove along as the music just takes you away. Painting has a very bluesy almost country feel that has lots of emotions. She Flows get up and just grove and move to the catchy rhythms. Before We Die close your eyes and take a musical trip thru your very emotions. The March slow moody emotions drift and flow all around as you imagine many things in your mind.

Atria – New World Nightmare
Tom Emmans - Vocals, Tim Ross  - Guitar, Matt McGuire - Drums, Brent Westmoreland - Bass, Travis McGinnis- guitar

New World Nightmare strange sounds and eerie feelings swirl around you then a kick in the teeth with blast beat drums thundering bass chainsaw guitars and rough yelling vocals to just hammer into you. Someone With Me a riff that just works its way into your brain as you stand up and fist pump as you head bang along. Less Than Equal hit the pit and slam away as the sweat flies and the aggression flows. Follow You Home fist in the air head banging melodic riffs that just worm their way into your very senses. 


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