Saturday, July 21, 2018

Heavy Rockers, Ozone Mama, Announce New Headlining European Tour and Welcome New Singer

Big things are bristling on the horizon for Ripple Music's, Ozone Mama!  After releasing their critically acclaimed, best-selling album, "Cosmos Calling" with the California-based Record Label, Ozone Mama have continued to go from strength to strength. 

Since the band's record release show in February David Szeleczki has taken over vocal duties from the band's former singer Marton Szekelys,  and former session-keyboard player Laszlo Lukacs has stayed on to be full-time member of the band, adding his layers of organ to the bands earthy mix.

Now a five-piece, the  band is about to break their recent silence.  After debuting their new vocalist at three gloriously successful festival appearances in Hungary in July, under the direction of main songwriter-guitarist Andras Gabor Ozone Mama will launch a full-scale tour through nine European countries including Slovenia, Romania, Sweden (Ripple Fest Sweden 2018), Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy and Hungary.

On changing vocalists, Andras says, "It’s been a long journey with our singer Marci. Lots of gigs, miles, and laughing. But sometimes roads diverge and people travel in different directions. Ozone Mama wishes Marci the best of luck. He will always be our brother.  But for now, we looks forward to an exciting new era in the band's history.  With our new singer, David, and Laszlo on keyboards, new blood has been injected into the veins of the band and we're excited to see where this leads us musically, and personally.  Also, we're thrilled to announce that we're playing in nine countries this autumn, including RippleFest Sweden II.  It's such an honor to have been invited to play. We're ready to spread the word loud and proud that not only does Hungary have rock bands with potential, but our label Ripple is one of the best underground stoner rock labels in the industry today. It’s like a big family, and we cannot wait to meet some “family members” in Stockholm soon!"

Cranking out a bristling brand of high-octane rock n’ roll, Ozone Mama hails from Budapest with a vintage sound reminiscent of the 60’s or 70’s yet swaddled in a modern vibe. With their debut album ('The Starship Has Landed') they won a Phonogram Prize in 2012 . Their second release, 'Freedom EP', released in 2013 received major play across European, American and Canadian radio stations and their song 'I Really Care'  was featured in Classic Rock Magazine .  While their 2016 release "Sonic Glory" was awarded the Fonogram Prize in the category of "Hard Rock or Metal Album of the Year"

Comprised of David Szeleczki (vocals), András Gábor (guitar, vocals), Gergely Dobos (bass guitar) and Gulyás Máté (drums), and Laszlo Lukacs (keyboards), Ozone Mama has shared the stage with International headliners such as Monster Magnet, Airbourne, the Darkness and Kamchatka.

After joining forces with industry leading heavy rock label, Ripple Music, the new album "Cosmos Calling" hit the streets in January of 2018  and can be heard on the Ripple Music bandcamp, spotify, apple music, amazon or found in vinyl or CD at the Ripple Music webstore or any number of record stores.

As the band prepares to lay a swathe across Europe, look for the rest of the world to start talking about Ozone Mama
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Friday, July 20, 2018

A Ripple Conversation With Steve Marsh Of Evil Triplet

When I was a kid, growing up in a house with Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, and Simon and Garfunkel, the first time I ever heard Kiss's "Detroit Rock City," it was a moment of musical epiphany. It was just so vicious, aggressive and mean. It changed the way I listened to music. I've had a few minor epiphany's since then, when you come across a band that just brings something new and revolutionary to your ears.

What have been your musical epiphany moments?

I grew up in a house in the 60s where music was what you sang along to on Sunday. So my very first experience of rock and roll was an epiphany: The Monkees.

Somewhat later, a friend and I crept into his big brother’s room and listened to a record by a black guy and two white guys who all had the same hairdo (Hendrix) and a white record with a yellow banana on it that had been peeled off a bit to reveal a pink banana (Velvet Underground), until we got so scared we had to turn it off; we were 12 years old, and had never heard anything remotely like that. That experience has stayed with me: the visceral life-and-death nature of powerful music.

The first time a friend played Gong’s “Radio Gnome Invisible” trilogy for me, I was blown away. It was “music as psychedelic experience”, and not “music to be played in the background to a psychedelic experience”.

I remember hearing Patti Smith for the first time, and being impressed with how lyrics could be an expressive instrument in the mix and not just the words to the music. And the beautiful minimalism of the first Wire LP when it came out.

Laurie Anderson’s “Mr Heartbreak” tour was an amazing multimedia event, and influenced my diving into video as a live performance component.

In 1985, I lived in NYC that summer and saw Butthole Surfers several times, and Einstürzende Neubauten, and those shows had a profound impact on me.

And then the first time I saw Acid Mothers Temple, and Boris. Not on the same bill, but both of them a revolution!

There are more, but those are the ones that come to mind right now.

Talk to us about the song-writing process for you. What comes first, the idea? A riff? The lyrics? How does it all fall into place?

For me, it almost always begins with the title. If it’s working, everything else is just filling in the blanks (and trying to keep up!). I will generally feel a riff of some kind and the lyrics just show up.

If it doesn’t all happen at once, then I’ll at least have some fragments ready for the next go around.

Who has influenced you the most?

In addition to the above mentioned artists (minus The Monkees): Can, Zappa, Bowie, Eno, Robert Johnson. Ok, and The Beatles, from about Revolver on.

Where do you look for continuing inspiration? New ideas, new motivation?

Shamanism, mythology, visual art, literature/science fiction, history, technology, politics, driving...

Where'd the band name come from?

I was thinking about the concept of an evil twin, and wondering what it would be like if your evil twin had an evil twin. That would make it your evil triplet, right?

Come on, share with us a couple of your great, Spinal Tap, rock and roll moments?

I’m not sure what you mean by “Spinal Tap” - we haven’t ever really performed in a miniature version of Stonehenge or anything.

But I’ll tell you some interesting highlights from my life:

My punk rock band Terminal Mind opened for Iggy Pop at a large Austin venue called Armadillo World Headquarters in 1980.

The first time my industrial psyche band Miracle Room played in Morgantown, WV in 1988, a bunch of hippies came down into town on acid to see what was happening, and we blew their minds. So every time we came back through town, they would always make sure there was a crowd there that was “prepped”. When we were doing our tour in 1991, we played there to a full house, and we had a full-on self-controlled light show going and everything. And at the end of the set, we hit the last note and I turned of the strobe lights and there was a short decaying echo. I said, “Thank you, good night.” And the crowd just stared at us. And kept staring. We finally left the stage and walked through the crowd, who were still staring at the stage, to the bar and were getting drinks when some people started slowly clapping and looking around! Best. Response. Ever.

We also did a show in Barcelona that year at a place called KGB. A big empty warehouse space with a bar. We were doing a song in which I looped and played harmonica against a heavy drum beat. In the middle of the song, the power went out; lights, sound, everything. I kept playing the harmonica and the drummer kept going with me until they found a fuse and the power came back on, and then we finished the song.

The recording of these Evil Triplet records has been a standout experience. Sonic Ranch is an amazing place: world class equipment and engineers, secluded in the desert. We’ve had a great time there!

Tell us about playing live and the live experience for you and for your fans?

See the answer above!

I’m all about attempting to create situations in which a group of people can encounter a collective experience of the ineffable.

What makes a great song?

I have a great respect for the art of song craft, but I feel like the word “story” is getting thrown around WAY too much these days as a signifier of what a song should be. The songs that live for me are the ones that aren’t “about” something so much as drawing out the “aboutness” of the listener. Becoming a timeless part of the “story” (if you will) of the listener.

That’s why I love working with layers of sound - to get past what the song is about in order to get to what it means.

Any final comments or thoughts you'd like to share with our readers, the waveriders?

My comments are only temporary, and thoughts are never final. We’ll see you all on the journey. Have a nice trip.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ripple Music's Huge 8 Year Anniversary Sale! Lowest Prices Ever on Vinyl, CD's and More!

This is the Big One!!  This month Ripple celebrates our 8th Year Anniversary, and it's time to thank all of you for making that happen.  Over the past 8 years, we've released a ton of music, and some amazing bands have joined our ranks.  Now you can celebrate with us.  Pop over to the Ripple Webstore where we're having our biggest sale ever!!

LP's as low as $7 (actually, there may be some at $5), CD's as low as $2.  Test pressings, Limited vinyl.  t-shirts, women's tanks, dugouts, even cassettes.   Most titles (not all) are on sale.

This is a limited time only and only while supplies last!   Now's the time to pop over and stock up on back catalog items you've always wanted.

Sale will end when we stop celebrating our anniversary.  So take advantage now.

​And thanks so much for your support over the years.  Tons more great music to come your way.

Ripple Music is widely recognized as one of the world's leading record labels for heavy psych, heavy rock, stoner, doom.  Distributed worldwide via MVD (North America, Australia, Asia),  Plastic Head (UK), H'art (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France), Suburban (Benelux) Borders (Sweden) and Good Fellows (Italy).   All products also available on digital at all media outlets and the Ripple Music Bandcamp.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Revbjelde – Severance
Mordecai Smyth – Mellotron, Andy Prince – Chapman Stick, Guest Musicians

Severance slow melodic sounds that just seem to work their way into your psyche and take you for a strange trip.  Voices From The Sea drifting along the open ocean just watching the waves crash against your boat and relaxing.  Bride of Litton Cheney improvised jazz meets prog rock with some interesting sounds.

Tribulation – Down Below
Johannes Andersson – Vocals/Bass, Adam Zaars – Guitar, Jonathan Hulten – Guitar,
Oscar Leander – Drums

The Lament emotional acoustic guitar that slowly builds to an epic death metal song.  Night Bound more classical acoustic then an excellent beat kicks in that just makes you fist pump with dark deep growling vocals.  Lady Death sounds of wind then a solid metal beat and demonic vocals.  Subterranea has a very catchy riff and melody that just stays with you for days.  Purgatorio evil sounds and envelopes you with melancholy guitar.  Cries From The Underworld keyboards then guitar riffs and an excellent drum bass riff kicks in to make you stand up and take notice.  Lacrimosa fast heavy in your face metal with death style vocals.  The World a child’s music box then swirling keyboards along with a solid heavy beat that makes you want to head bang.  Here Be Dragons stand up fist in the air and bang your head to this metal onslaught.

Us And Them – From The Corner Of My Eye
From The Corner Of My Eye melodic prog rock with lots of great musicianship and soaring vocals.  The Iron Maiden take a trip back in time to merry old England and drift thru the woods listening to some Celtic melodies.  When Life Begins slow melodies surround you and just make you drift away to a simpler time and place.  All The Mad Men swirling keyboards Celtic guitar riffs and a great song to just kick back close your eyes and drift along with.

Adam Wolf – Songs I/II
Adam Wolinskys – Vocals/Instruments

New light Walking slow melodic guitar and soft beats of drums with emotional folk style vocals.  Rooted sit back and drift along to the mellow sounds and vocals.  Not The Light has a country sort of feel to the music with lots of emotion.  Wait Up sitting in a seedy back room club listening to the band play soft music and just drinking slowly to it.  Voyeur nice melodic music to just sit back close your eyes to and enjoy.

Windhand – Satan’s Satyrs – Split EP
Windhand -  Dorthia Cottrell – Vocals, Asechiah Bogdan – Guitar, Garrett Morris – Guitar, Parker Chandler – Bass, Ryan Wolfe – Drums

Old Evil overdriven fuzz guitars slow and steady a slow rhythm and melodic vocals.  Three Sisters sneaks up on you creeping with a great bass line then overdriven guitars and eerie vocals.

Satan’s Satyrs   -  Clayton Burgess – Bass/Vocals, Jarrett Nettnin – Guitar, Nate towel – Guitar, Stephen Fairfield – Drums

Alucard heavy mid-tempo Sabbath style riffs and beats with some interesting vocals and great guitar work.  Succubus fist pounding beats heavy riffs and vocals that are strange but good at the same time.  Aint That Lovin You Baby go back to the time of stoner rock garage bands that were excellent to just kick back and jam to. 


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ramonda Hammer - Destroyers EP

Well hello there waveriders!  Pull up a chair, sit on the ground, stand still for a second, whatever makes you comfortable because I've got a real standout release to discuss with you today.  My friends, when I heard the Destroyers EP from Ramonda Hammer it straight up knocked me for a loop!  It is my opinion that these tunes might produce the same effect when passing through your eardrums.  Allow me to explain.

While I am a child of the 1980s I began paying closer attention to music during the 1990s when grunge reigned supreme.  Listening to the radio back then heavily influenced my musical taste.  When I hear new music that hearkens back to those days long gone I can't help but be interested.  When that new music happens to be good...well, I'm a happy man.  Enter Ramonda Hammer.

According to their bio RH is "a Los Angeles grunge band".  Yeah, that fits.  Pretty straightforward description, but there are two elements that help set RH apart.  First, they don't sound derivative.  Listening to these five songs my mind never wanders towards making direct comparisons between RH and the radio hits of my youth.  Second, and most importantly, band leader/lead singer Devin Davis has an unbelievably powerful voice!  Seriously, when the songs demand it her voice goes to 11.  Also, the emotion she conveys is absolutely spellbinding!

All five songs that make up the Destroyers EP rock.  Title track "Destroyers" perfectly sets the mood.  "Bender" is my favorite song on offer thanks to it's galloping instrumentation and infectious melody.  "Too Much Too Recently" perfectly defines melancholy.  "Care 2 Slam" caustically rips and tears through it's three minute runtime, and EP closer "Same Thing" approaches critical mass each time the chorus hits.

Waveriders if you have an itch for 1990s rock music that needs scratching, or if you want to hear an incredibly emotive lead vocalist look no further than Ramonda Hammer and their fantastic Destroyers EP.


Monday, July 16, 2018

WINDHAND: Announce North American Fall Tour; Unveil Artwork & Teaser For New Album 'Eternal Return'

Artwork By Arik Roper

Today Virginia's heavy psychedelic quartet WINDHAND have announced a full fall North American tour with Satan's Satyrs and give us a glimpse of what's to come on their forthcoming album, Eternal Return, coming October 5th on Relapse.

Eternal Return represents a new era for the group, a chrysalis moment that takes them to new and unforeseen heights. Once again the band have joined forces with producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden) with vivid artwork by Arik Roper (Sleep, High on Fire). Equally informed by heavy, fuzzed-out psych along with the iconic grunge / alternative groups of the 90s, WINDHAND have crafted a record brilliant in scope, powerful in execution, and perfect for an era of increasingly blurry yet still heavy borders.

Check below for a full list of dates, tour poster and stay tuned for more. Listen to WINDHAND's full discography via Bandcamp.


07/29: Chicago, IL - Wicker Park Fest
10/08: Atlanta, GA - The Earl #
10/09: New Orleans, LA - Gasa Gasa #
10/10: Houston TX - White Oak Music Hall #
10/11: Dallas, TX - Club Dada #
10/12: Austin, TX - Barracuda #
10/14: Albuquerque, NM - Sister #
10/15: Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar #
10/16: Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre #
10/17: Oakland, CA - Starline Social Club #
10/19: Portland, OR - Aladdin Theatre #
10/20: Vancouver, BC - Venue #
10/21: Seattle, WA - Neumos #
10/23: Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge #
10/24: Kansas City, MO - The Riot Room #
11/01: Philadelphia, PA - Underground Arts #
11/02: Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere #
11/03: Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall #
11/04: Montreal, QC - Le Belmont #
11/05: Toronto, ON - The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern #
11/07: Chicago, IL - Subterranean #
11/08: Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line Music Cafe #
11/09: Milwaukee, WI - Cactus Club #
11/10: Indianapolis, IN - The Hi-Fi #
11/11: Nashville, TN - The Basement East #
11/12: Louisville, KY - Zanzabar #
11/13: Columbus, OH - Ace of Cups #

# - w/ Satan's Satyrs



Sunday, July 15, 2018

BlackWater HolyLight share first video from RidingEasy debut album, announce West Coast tour dates

"Flat out it's one of the best heavy psych debut albums you'll hear in 2018." -- The Obelisk

"This quartet has been burning up stages all around their hometown, fueled by their abrasive blend of doom metal, psych rock, goth and a tangy soupçon of pop music... They landed a spot on the 2018 Best New Band poll in alt-weekly Willamette Week, but could quickly take over the world." -- Paste Magazine

"They mesh elements of doom, Krautrock and atmospheric indie into one bewitching rock whole." --Classic Rock Magazine

Portland, OR quartet BlackWater HolyLight share the first video from their breakout debut album today. Watch and share "Wave of Conscience" via YouTube.

BlackWater HolyLight also announce West Coast tour dates starting August 3rd. Please see current dates below.

Their self-titled RidingEasy Records debut has received unanimous press praise and continues to grow. Brooklyn Vegan recently streamed the entire album HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

The notion of "heavy music" is continuing to expand of late, with many intrepid artists finding new ways to incorporate the power of traditional metal into new music, but without all of its trappings. Enter Portland, OR quartet BlackWater HolyLight to further swirl musical elements into a captivating hybrid of emotional intensity. Heavy psych riffs, gothic drama, folk-rock vibes, garage-sludge and soaring melodies all collide into a satisfying whole with as much contrast as the band's name itself.

"I wanted to experiment with my own version of what felt 'heavy' both sonically and emotionally," says founder and vocalist/bassist Allison (Sunny) Faris. "I also wanted a band in which vulnerability of any form could be celebrated." BlackWater HolyLight -- Faris, guitarist/vocalist Laura Hopkins, drummer Cat Hoch and synth player Sarah Mckenna -- formed upon the breakup of Faris' longtime band and she sought a fresh start. "In my last band I was the only female in a group of 6, so I wanted to see how my song writing and vulnerability could glow taking the drivers seat and working with women."

The band's self-titled debut begins with a simple, almost grunge-like riff as a chorus of voices introduce a melodic line in call-and-response until the band kicks in, slowly building into crescendo like a lost outtake from Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy. Elsewhere, "Sunrise" begins with a chorus-drenched post-punk groove until a sonic boom of heavily distorted guitar skree erupts out of nowhere. Nearly as suddenly, the song returns to its lulling core, subtly building the tension until it ruptures completely in a blast of noise. Likewise, "Carry Her" establishes a dark, sparse melody and distinctly thin sounding drums not far removed from early work of The Cure. However, BlackWater HolyLight's penchant for surprise attack finds a sudden shift into a doom-like dirge, colored with eerie synth notes and pounding shards of fuzz. Throughout the album, their songs shirk traditional verse-chorus-verse structure in favor of fluid, serpentine compositions that move with commanding grace. The band expertly, yet subconsciously, incorporates hints of Chelsea Wolfe, Celebration, Captain Beefheart, The Raincoats, The Stooges, Pink Floyd, Jane's Addiction and more to form their unique brand of dark'n'heavy transcendence..

BlackWater HolyLight was recorded by Cameron Spies at Gold Brick Studios and The Greenhouse, and with Eric Crespo at Touch Tourcher Recording in Portland. The album is available on LP, CD and download, released April 6th, 2018 via RidingEasy Records on LP & CD at and digital at

08/03 Nevada City, CA @ Cooper's
08/04 Oakland, CA @ Elbo Jack London
08/07 Las Vegas, NV @ Bunkhouse
08/08 Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon w/ Zig Zags
08/09 Oceanside, CA @ Pourhouse w/ Red Wizard
08/10 Fresno, CA @ Full Circle
08/11 Arcata, CA @ Alibi

Artist: BlackWater HolyLight
Album: BlackWater HolyLight
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: April 6th, 2018

01. Willow
02. Wave of Conscience
03. Babies
04. Paranoia
05. Sunrise
06. Slow Hole
07. Carry Her
08. Jizz Witch

On The Web:

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Bandcamp Bonanza – 077

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been using my own photos for these articles taken in my back yard of Northern Nevada mostly, but I felt they accurately represent my intentions on here and equally portray my taste in not only music but as an outdoor enthusiast. Music and Nature go hand in hand and often there is something playing in my speakers while I’m engrossed in the heavy sessions of cloud porn on. Anyway, let’s cut the sappy shit and get to the gold. Check out this week’s tips.

Crazy Bull – The Past Is Today
This is running for candidate for top ten albums of the year right off the bat. These guys have been on my radar for some time and they finally were able to unleash The Past Is Today, just recently. What an applicable title. 
Finally the Crazy Bull gives us their full length debut and if you've been paying attention you'd have noticed how much potential these guys had on their demos. This does not disappoint. In fact, it exceeds expectations, chalked full of infectious hooks, grueling solos, and racy vocals. The Past is Today being exactly that, classic rock of the 70's done in the modern era.

The Grudge – Riding With the Kings
Absolutely massive album complete with wheely popping groove, barn burning swagger, and ass kicking power. Riding With The Kings is a non-stop thrill excursion full of ballsy riffs and burly chops. Or is is burly riffs and ballsy chops? Works both ways. Dig it.Favorite track: Box Of Broken Heads.

Pseudo Mind Hive - From Elsewhere
Another kick ass band from Melbourne specializing in doomy ass fuzz rock with a demented flair of psychedelia. The eerie vocals melt within the low end bass, solo-riffic guitars and deranged electronics.

Pushy - Hard Wish
Pushy are a heavy psych band not afraid to push it to a delinquent level of fuzz. Not only does Adam Burke have his name on the album art, he is in the freaking band. The vocals have a familiar ring to them at times sounding like punk rock version of Axl Rose meets Bon Scott. The music is retro and has that Portland vibe, meaning it’s got that dreary, gloomy blues thing going on with fuzzy tones and psychedelic ring. This is good and it only gets better with each listen. Available on vinyl from Who Can You Trust Records.

Green Dragon – Green Dragon
 Consider me impressed. Green Dragon casts a fiery plume of doomed out blues complete with reverb and echoing with ferocious layers of fuzz.

Dustbowl – The Great Fandango
This one was released a couple years ago, but I only just recently discovered it. I found it through another band in my collections “recommendations” link. Pro-tip: always check the “recommendations” of bands you dig which, when available, is located on the far right on their page. I’ve said it before, bands you dig, usually have great taste and have friends in great bands or other side bands. Dustbowl blew my mind enough for me to drop $40 on vinyl, CD, and digital of 3 of their albums on bandcamp today actually as I write this. Outlaw Americana/Alternative Country type sound, big on soul and tight on groove. Steel guitar always has a way to my heart when done in a haunting tone.

Poor Little Things – Poor Little Things
You guys remember The Marlboro Men? I sure do, and this is a project featuring Mr. Dave Talon who is also in the band Rollerball Plus Tina Jackson with the lead vocals, Fernando Marlboro on Drums and Dave doing the rest. The album is wicked-fun with a penchant for rocking and rolling pretty dang hard. There is a heavy garage vibe with catchy licks and hard-edged hooks.

The Boxcar Suite – Further In and Farther Out
This is just straight up rocking. Another Nerve Salad recommendation getting high marks from The Huntsman. Groovy alternative rock with a heady pop, jammy twang and cosmic jangle. Well written songcraft that would have faired well back in the 70’s while remaining fresh and modern at the same time.

Acid Priest – Drop Out
The hefty riffs rage with 70s era psychedelia one minute while putrid street punk thrashes about the next. Like Herbert said, this is holy shit territory. It’s dad rock for dads who bash their heads through drywall to teach their children the dangers of drugs

-The Huntsman

Friday, July 13, 2018


Watch the live music video for “Thorns” on YouTube

Ascending Arkansas progressive doom quartet Pallbearer will head to European + UK shores next week for a run of shows and festival appearances and today, the band has announced a North American tour with Sweden’s finest metal exports Tribulation this Fall.  In anticipation of their forthcoming tour dates, Pallbearer has unleashed a live music video for the track “Thorns”, taken from their recent release, Heartless. The live video was shot during part of the band's U.S. tour back in February; watch the video for “Thorns” here:

In regard to the upcoming tours, Pallbearer commented: “After a long period of constant touring behind Heartless, it’s almost time for us to settle in to the cold season and begin crafting our next musical endeavor. But before that, we are heading out once more across North America to bring this chapter to its conclusion. We look forward to stretching out our sets each night on this double bill with Tribulation, revisiting and adding new dimension to material across our entire catalogue.”  See all Pallbearer tour dates below.

Released in 2017 via Profound Lore (in North America, and Nuclear Blast in Europe), Pallbearer’s most recent full-length album Heartless has achieved widespread critical acclaim, landing countless impressive 'end of year list' scores such as the #1 'Best Metal Album' slots from Rolling Stone, Decibel, Loudwire, Stereogum, Consequence of Sound, Bandcamp and more. 

Additionally, Pallbearer recently teamed up with Audiotree for their Far Out series and performed “Given to the Grave” as well as their newest track “Dropout” at the Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago — those videos can be viewed here. 

July 13 DE  Hamburg  -  Molotow Club
July 14 BE  Dour  -  Dour Festival
July 15 NL  Nijmegen  -  Valkhof Festival
July 16 UK  London  -  Islington Assembly Hall
July 17 UK  Glasgow  -  Stereo
July 18 UK  Leeds  -  Brudenell Social Club
July 19 UK  Bristol  -  The Fleece
July 21 DE  Crispendorf  -  Chaos Descends Festival
July 23 IT  Milan  -  Circolo Magnolia
July 24 SL  Tolmin  -  Metaldays festival
August 3 DK  Copenhagen  -  Vega
August 4 DE  Beelen  -  Krach am Bach Festival
August 5 DE  Cottbus  -  Zum Faulen August
August 7 HR  Primosten  -  SuperUho Festival
August 8 HU  Budapest  -  A38
August 9 CZ  Josefov  -  Brutal Assault Festival
August 10 DE  Bad Kotzting  -  Void Fest
August 12 UK  Derbyshire  -  Bloodstock Festival
August 14 DE  Wiesbaden  -  Schlachthof
August 15 CH  Winterthur  -  Gaswerk
August 16 DE  Dinkelsbuhl  -  Summer Breeze Festival

September 15 - Toronto ON - Lee's Palace *
September 16 - Detroit MI - Magic Stick *
September 18 - Chicago IL - Bottom Lounge *
September 19 - Minneapolis MN - Turf Club *
September 21 - Denver CO - Bluebird *
September 22 - Salt Lake City UT - Metro *
September 24 - Calgary AB - Dickens *
September 25 - Edmonton AB - Starlite *
September 27 - Vancouver BC - Rickshaw *
September 28 - Seattle WA - El Corazon *
September 29 - Portland OR - Hawthorne *
October 1 - San Francisco CA - Slim's *
October 3 - Phoenix AZ - Rebel Lounge *
October 5 - Austin TX - Barracuda *
October 6 - Dallas TX - Trees *
October 7 - Houston TX - White Oak *

* w/ Tribulation

Pallbearer are:
Brett Campbell | lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, synthesizers
Devin Holt | electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
Joseph D. Rowland | electric bass, vocals, synthesizers
Mark Lierly | percussion

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Texan heavy rock legends WO FAT announce “Electric Conjure Man Tour" across UK/Europe this October

“An immersive experience in which stoner grooves and metal riffs jostle for air in a churning tide of psychedelic juju […] the looming spectre of apocalypse, its message is as heavy as the music.”

“Wo Fat have cemented their status among stoner metal’s prismatic visionaries.”

“They’re the intersection of Kyuss’ anthemic Sky Valley-era stuff, Clutch’s doom rock boogie, Electric Wizard’s Sabbath-on-cough-syrup apocalyptic mist, and, duh, Sabbath itself.”

“They have something for everybody: a massive, juicy guitar tone sure to pelase metalheads, lots of fuzz, blues licks, hints of psychedelia and some smokimg jams.”

“The band’s chemistry bleeds into every corner of the album […] Ripple is home to Leaf Hound and JPT Scare Band, so it’s only fitting that a future legend is now in their ranks.”

Having already secured their legendary status within the stoner rock community over a sonic odyssey of six studio albums, Wo Fat has stayed true to the deep, dark blues that wail from within. Following on from the critical success of their last album, Midnight Cometh, and continuing their partnership with the equally formidable California-based record label Ripple Music, European fans that have yet to experience the full force of the Wo Fat experience will be able to get a taste of what they’ve been missing this October.

"Playing in Europe is always an amazing experience for us and it’s been a couple years since we last made the trip, so we’re really excited to be coming back,” explains Wo Fat’s vocalist/guitarist, Kent Stump.

“We are particularly stoked to be able to play three different festivals, all killer, on this run; Desertfest Belgium, Into the Void and Keep It Low. We’ll also be playing some new places as well as returning to some favourites, like The Underworld in London and Le Glazart in Paris. And even better, about half the shows will be with the mighty Sasquatch along with shows with Elder and The Devil and the Almighty Blues. We’ll be rolling out some new songs on this tour and it will be our first European trip with Zack playing bass so I think our fans in Europe will really dig the heavy groove he brings.”

Brought to you by Ripple Music and Sound of Liberation, Wo Fat's “Electric Conjure Man European Tour 2018” will kick off on 11th October 2018 at The Underworld, London. For a complete list of dates, see below.

To purchase tickets for available dates, please click HERE
Wo Fat “Electric Conjure Man European Tour 2018”

11/10/18 - The Underworld, London, UK [w. The Devil & the Almighty Blues]
12/10/18 - Desertfest Belgium, Antwerp, BEL
13/10/18 - Engelsburg, Erfurt, DE Stoned From the Underground [w. Sasquatch]
14/10/18 - Cassiopeia, Berlin, DE
15/10/18 - Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, DE [w. Sasquatch]
16/10/18 - Fabrik, Zurich, CH [w. Sasquatch]
17/10/18 - Les Caves Du Manoir, Martigny, CH [w. Sasquatch]
18/10/18 - Le Glazart, Paris, FRA [w. Elder and Sasquatch]
19/10/18 - Into the Void Festival, Leuwaarden, NL
20/10/18 - Keep It Low Festival, Munich, DE

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Xroadie Files

Khemmis – Desolation
Dan – Bass, Zach – Drums, Ben – Vocals/Guitar, Phil – Vocals/Guitar

Bloodletting fist in the air screaming guitars pounding beats sing along metal.  Isolation thundering down the open plains ready for battle.  Flesh To Nothing a very catchy rhythm and searing guitars that just pierce the sky with excellent vocals.  The Seer dual leads in harmony pounding betas thundering bass and sing along vocals.  Maw of Time a fast heavy beat that just makes you wanna speed down the highway.  From Ruin melodic guitars slow and steady with a solid beat.

Tad Morose – Chapter X
Ronny Hemlin – Vocals, Christer Krunt Andersson – Guitar, Kenneth Jonsson – Guitar, Johan Lofgren – Bass, Peter Moren – Drums

Apocalypse  melodic power speed metal with lots of tempo changes.  Come Morpheus fist pumping foot stompin metal riffs to headbang along to.  Deprived Of Light fast and heavy charging down the open road.  I Am Night get out the air guitars and get ready to rock and sing along.  Leviathian Rise slow steady heavy power metal.  Liar would be an awesome song to speed down the road listening to cranking it.  Masquerader head banging metal at its best. Nemesis power and majesty all wrapped up into one song.  Salvage My Soul head banging hair flyin fist pumping riffs and beats with thundering bass and amazing vocals.  Slaves to The Dying Sun power and fury with melody.  Turn To Dust great musicianship and memorable riffs.  Vaunt The Cynical the entire crowd will be bouncin and head banging to this metal riff.  Where Stars Align air guitar and drums singing along and thrashing about.  Yet Still You Preach melodic guitar intro powerful soaring vocals heavy riffs solid beats power and glory.

Comess – Botched And Flailed
Dustin – Vocals, Shaun – Guitar/Vocals, Steve – Bass, Tim – Drums

Vorkuta heavy crunchy riffs pounding beats and death metal growls.  Pit Dweller starts out slow and plodding with cutting riffs rumbling bass then just cuts thru you like a knife.  Bitten grabs you throws you to the ground and stomps on you.  Toothskin strange demented riffs and evil beats of destruction.  Disact chainsaw riffs that just rip and shred. Stygian evil rises and just devours your very soul.  Decrepit weird riffs that just pierce your ears and drive you insane.  Doomsaint pounds you into submission.  Serpenticost evil and demented avails the senses.  Deracinate fast heavy slam into you will a fury and force of evil.  Second Death cutting ripping tearing at your very soul.

Al Ard – ST
COD.5111 – Vocals/Bass/Drum Machine, Symor Von Dankurt – Synth/Programming/Samples/Vocals, (x) on – Guitar/Programming/Sampling

Nero strange chants spoken words and samples.  For A Hint Of Divinity evil sounds rumbling tones and dementia.  Pillar.Past.Present slowly evil arises the just annihilates the very essence of you.  Who Wants To Live Forgotten weird samples blast beat drums and chugging riff.  Strange Old Practice 1 strange sounds and samples to drive you insane.  Red Bourbon crunchy riffs chugging beats and death metal vocals.  Strange Old Practice 2 weird sounds and samples to drive you into dementia.  Scrutinizing A Glimpse of Chaos weird evil sounds arise and envelope you dragging you into hell.

Velvet Viper – Respice Finem
Jutta Weinhold – Vocals, Holger Marx – Guitar, Fabian Ranft – Bass, Micha Fromm – Drums

Don’t Leave Before Wintertime melodic guitars powerful vocals then a excellent riff kicks in get ready to bang your head till the end.  Shadow Ryche fist pumping foot stomping sing along guitar screaming heavy metal.  Respice Finem emotional melodic guitar soulful vocals that slowly builds with some excellent lead work.  Fraternize With Rats you can feel the metal rising get ready to rock out as it builds.  Eternally Onwards fist pumping head banging foot stomping metal music.  Ogaydez a slower steady crowd saying melodic metal song.  Dangerous get you fist in the air and get ready to sing along to a very catchy metal riff and power vocals.  Raven Evermore melodies slowly build with some screaming lead guitar that just pierces you.  Stormy Birth a crowd swaying fist pumping head banging metal anthem.  Law Of Rock just get ready to rock out to a fine tune.  Loherangrin Lohengrin a metal power ballad of excellence.

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