Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Libido Fuzz - Kaleido Lumo Age

Pink Tank continue to plow the musical battlefields with their girlish tint, but make no mistake, pink is the color of passion and reflects in one of their latest offerings by Libido Fuzz called 'Kaleido Lumo Age'. As defined, the music inherently summons a sexual desire to stroke the almighty riff.

Libido Fuzz skips the foreplay on their latest offering 'Kaleido Lumo Age', and goes straight for the orgasm. Right out of the sheets 'Oblique Strategies' exposes its sensuous riffage, throbbing ecstatically like a stoner band wearing white cotton lace on magic mushrooms. Before you picture beards in bra's, picture instead, guitar riffs with cleavage bouncing to the groove of a bitchin' drum beat.

'Raw Animal' follows suit with a fuzzed out melody conjuring up a slightly occult vibe by the 3-way auditory gang bang. Drumming is at the forefront just behind the fuzzy lead guitar riff and bass slapping nonchalantly in the background like a bag of potato chips at a stoner fest. Reverb haunts the microphone throughout the record summoning forth an erotic sense of excitement.

'Redemption of the Bison' slightly slows the pace down and keeps the load from blowing full force unto the unsuspecting victim, for the first 5 minutes that is. At around the 5-1/2 minute mark all efforts of orgasmic extension are relinquished with the thrusting of fuzzed up guitar solos and precision musical placement towards the auditory G-spot.

'The Postman' brings a post-punkish flavor to the table combining groovy riffs and indie punk vocal tones keeping the album feeling fresh and alive. The main riff takes on a bluesy and ballsy rhythm throughout and maintains the arousal.

'Sweet Hours' holds the libido intact with fuzzy riffs swirling like ripples of bong water churn against hand-blown glass. Bits of spacey fuzz and stoner dirge lead into a tripped out and melodic occultation known as song 6 'Enter the Occult'. The satanic pulse echoes like a submarine on its way to the pearly white gates. Laid back riffs exhaust fumes of ecstasy into an otherwise carnal state of listening spirit.

'Haight Ashbury' closes down the erotically impressive listening experience with utter retro ease. Rewinding the clock back to the 1970's, which is the generation we all wish we were apart of by the way, Libido Fuzz construct their song of a lifetime! Basically 2 songs in one, Haight Ashbury, whether it is about the district in San Fransisco or not, totally rules. Trippy melodies, with Zeppelinesque sensibilities bring the album full circle and to a close leaving the listener feeling at ease and in awe. Libido Fuzz truly lives up to their band name with the perpetually sexual stoner rock display on Kaleido Lumo Age.

Order the record directly from Pink Tank now, I strongly recommend it. They treat their packages with care and they treat their taste in music with the utmost respect. Check out all their bands while you're at it.

-The Huntsman

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