Wednesday, April 8, 2015

H42 Records Announces New Split 7” Cooperation between Blackwolfgoat & Larman Clamor

BLACKWOLFGOAT and LARMAN CLAMOR have teamed up and recorded a new Split 7"! The single will be released in a very limited edition on the German Label H42 Records in early summer 2015.

BLACKWOLFGOATs contribution “Straphanger” is an insane drone and ambient machine. The Song develops all his fascination in over 6 minutes and will captivate the listener in front of his speakers.
LARMAN CLAMOR has two songs at the start: “Drone Monger (Bonk Then Stomp - non album version)” a swampy more acoustic guitar version of the song that appeared on the last album “Beetle Crown & Steel Wand”. The second one is a new previously unreleased bluesy song called “Fo’ what you did”!

BLACKWOLFGOAT began in 2010 as the experimental drone project of guitarist Darryl Shepard (Black Pyramid, The Scimitar, Milligram) as a way to explore what could be done with just a guitar and no other instrumentation. Three full lengths have been released thus far, “Dragonwizardsleeve” and “Drone Maintenance” on Small Stone Records and “Dronolith” on The Maple Forum and Bilocation.

Tales of brown-leafed mystery. Unseen threats lurking in high weeds. Something not quite human, not quite there, out of some other place. Feet stomping on wood porches. This is all familiar terrain for LARMAN CLAMORs blues with no fear of psychedelic experimentation. Mastermind behind LARMAN CLAMOR is multi-talented Alexander von Wieding who is also responsible for the artwork of the upcoming Split Cooperation.

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