Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shovel's Latest Finds - Treasures from the Underground, featuring Toad, Kaleidoscope, Six Dead Horses, Arbogast, and Enos

TOAD - Rotten Tide

A blistering set of short but very sweet heavy duty melodic tracks. Hard to put a label on this one but rest assured your ears will be happy. Shortly to be found supporting the mighty Graveyard, one to keep an eye on. Or an ear. Name your price @:

Kaleidoscope - EP

Quality Australian Psych Stoner Rock. Very much in the classic desert sound, a DIY EP that will bring you back to the early days of K*uss. Great stuff, name your price @:

Six Dead Horses - Horn Tusk Antler

One of my favourite releases of recent years, the almighty behemoth that is Six Dead Horses. This record needs to be cranked to high heaven and the enormity of what is unfolding will only become apparent after a few listens. Please do yourself a favour and pick this one up. And its free @:

Arbogast – Arbogast

A trilogy of intense melodic songs which display fine dynamics, highly recommended. Loads of merchandise options but get down to the bottom of the page and you will find this gem for free. Name your price @:

Enos - Chapter 1

I recently saw these fine chaps supporting Wino and Premonition 13. I'm glad I did. Their first album, a space themed concept album is a great set of tracks which calls to mind noises from Pink Floyd to the aforementioned Wino. Free download @:

Doom on,


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