The Xroadie Files

Flame, Dear Flame – The Millennial Heartbeat
Maren Lemke – Vocals, David Kuri – Guitar, Martin Skandera – Bass, Jan Franzen – Drums

The Millennial Heartbeat (Part 1) psychedelic guitars searing leads melodic female vocals close your eyes and just drift along. The Millennial Heartbeat (Part 2) space rock sounds melodic guitars flowing thru the air slow bass heavy riffs that just grab ahold of you and powerful female vocals that just pierce your heart. The Millennial Heartbeat (Part 3) sounds of a storm growing closer heavy riffs pounding drums thundering bass and melodic emotional vocals.

Blues Arcadia – Carnival Of Fools
Alan Boyle –Vocals, Chris Harvey – Guitar, Parmis Rose – Piano/Keyboards, Jeremy Klysz – Bass, Drums – Steve Robin/Caspar Hall/Beck Flatt, Jen Mize – BG Vocals, The King Biscuit Horns – Shaun Ballagh – Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet – Clint Allen/Brad Esbensen, Baritone Saxophone – Alex Price/Papa John Roberts

Seven Days a Week has a very catchy riff that just gets into your very soul with some searing leads and great sing along vocals. Hear It Now take a trip to the deep south where the great original blues started and just take a great ride. Remedy Blues get up and sway along to a very emotional blues based riff searing heartfelt lead sand some great emotional sing along vocals. Carnival Of Fools close your eyes and just drift along a magical journey. Two Wrongs (Don’t Make It Right) is a very catchy riff that has you up grooving and singing along with some excellent musicianship. The Ballad of Sir Tralyne a very interesting riff that just grabs you and won’t let go get up clap and sing along.  I’m Your Man sitting in an old blues bar watching the band play and having a few brews soaking up all the emotions of the place. Liars And Thieves slow bluesy rhythms that just invade your very soul and take you away. Pity The Fool is one of those excellent get up and dance and just enjoy the night songs. Bad Boogallo get up dance and groove away as the song just grabs you and take you down a magical musical trip. Good Things slow emotional blues guitar jazzy piano slow bass and a solid as a rock rhythm from the drums with some very emotional vocals.

51 Peg – A\Void
Jeff Sargent – Vocals/Synth, Carlo – Guitar/Bass, Tim – Synth/Bass, Brian – Drums/Synth

A\Void close your eyes and take a wild psychedelic trip through your very senses. No Cntrl is a very industrial beta heavy tune that will have you dancing. Another Nothing catchy rhythms that just envelop you and take you over sing and bop away. Coded In Time another trippy song to just let your imagination run wild. Acceptance industrial beats lost in a club with the music pulsing and hundreds of people swaying. Prying Eyes taking a music trip thru your very mind. Super Spy a great song for a movie as the main character winds thru the streets looking for something. Night Things catchy rhythms solid beats and great sing along vocals. Parachute And Savior in the club the music pulsing and people dancing the night away. CaT Scan spacy tripping music. Now And What Used To Be just sway and groove away to the industrial riffs. Death March strange industrial gothic music. Zero Zero a spacy industrial psychedelic mind trip. Walk Through Me just close your eyes and get totally enveloped in the rhythm. The Light That Lit Your Way music that just floats all around and thru you. The Void spacy industrial tones.

Exit North – Book Of Romance And Dust
Ulf Jansson – Piano/Keyboards, Charles storm – Synths/Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Steve Jansen –Keyboards/Drums/Percussion, Thomas Feiner – Vocals/Trumpet/Piano/Guitar/Harmonium, (Strings) – Max Wulfson/ Hanna Eliasson - Violin, Tuula Fleivik Nurmo – Viola, Jung Hyun Byun – Cello, Hans Alder – Double Bass

Bested Bones soft melodic tones with some classical background music and gothic vocals just kick back relax and take a strange trip. Short Of One Dimension just close your eyes and let your imagination take you away. Sever Me soft melodic piano gothic vocals one melodic journey. Passengers Wake lost in the recesses of your very mind and emotions. North lost in a dark abyss of melodic tones and textures. Lesson In Doubt just relax have a glass of wind and enjoy the melodies. Spider melodic piano gothic vocals with some strange feelings. Losing sitting in an old bar listening to the musician sing and play his piano. Another Chance just relax and flow with the melodies.

Six Impossible Things – I Tried To Run Away From Here
Nicole Fodritto – Vocals/Keys, Lorenzo Di Girolama – Vocals/Guitar

Diary just clothes your eyes and drift along to a poppy melodic musical tune. Dance Floor is a very melodic and flowing with emotions. Jackson melodic guitars soft vocals just a very emotional tune. But I Still Care Too Much About That Window soft guitars and great duel vocals. Clothes just close your eyes and drift along.