Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bucky's Bandcamp Bonanza

Yo band campers and waveriders, or can we call you wave campers? We're excited to bring you a new feature here on the blog aimed at pointing out some of the best recent finds over at bandcamp. For those unfamiliar with bandcamp just follow some of the links and be prepared to pitch your tent firmly. 2015 has started off with a bang in all the key areas of rock and roll. Here are a few albums that struck a chord the month of January. Not necessarily released in January but records that had significant play time on the mobile bandcamp app player. We like reading others' recommendations ourselves, so we figured we'd return the favor. Enjoy the first edition of the Bandcamp Bonanza. These are just a few of the highlights that have trampled through camp, give them a shot and you're likely to find other great albums throughout the journey. Let us know your favorites so far!

Bison Machine - Hoarfrost
"Supremely heavy, jammy, groovy, and all around bad ass rock and roll! I don't remember their self titled being this smooth and psychedelic. Mind blown again and it's only day 3 of the new year! Vinyl treatment is a priority and looks like that's a soon to be reality!"

1886 - Before the Fog Covers the Mount
"Scorching melody dominate an infectious groove chalk full of fuzzed up riffs, psychedelic meanderings, and instrumental burners. Straight into my top contending album of the year. For fans of The Golden Grass, Stubb, 70's inspired heavy jammers..."

Endless Fire - Endless Fire
"Modern classic rock of the finest caliber. Fierce vocals grip the airwaves like a teenager home alone with a porno mag back in the late 70's. Highly melodic instrumentation chalked full of retro groove and ecstatic solos full of bluesy luster."

100 Watt Vipers - Something Wicked Comes This Way
"100 Watt Vipers strike with a bluesy and gritty arsenal of fuzz laced jams. This 2-piece packs a mean groove chapped with a southern attitude sure to have you stompin' your boots. Something wicked has arrived! "

Sumokem - The Madness of Lu Shen Ti Vol. 1
I made the comparison to Pallbearer on my facebook feed upon finally getting to listen to the full album stream on bandcamp. At first it may seem like another slow ploddy doom album, which it has those moments, but just be patient and let those 10 minute + anthems nestle into your brain. The songs keep you electrified paired with a very classical doom style vocal. Solo's gone wild, fuzz to the doomiest degree, and drums smashing like pumpkins at a bomb range in hell.

Kegan DeBoheme - Songs of Woe
Extremely heartfelt and dreamy record sounding somewhere between Mad Season era Staley and Dax Riggs solo outputs. Serious groove and melody with fantastic vocals and a range of classic rock and alternatively grungy tones throughout. This is a keeper!

Post - Volume 2
"Volume 2 sees Post come out of the tunnel of love and grip the wheel's pulse tightly with esoteric riffs of grandeur. Splendid musicality!"

Wolf Counsel - Vol. 1 - Wolf Council
"Nonstop evoking riffage summoning forth an experimental urge to slaughter a herd of sheep with razor sharp groove and bludgeoning vocal girth."

Dig Deeper - How You Spend Your Days
"A sprawling psychedelic atmosphere lassos its windswept Americana roots to create an absolutely gorgeous output of modern rock. As if Tom Petty and My Morning Jacket had a baby and raised him on healthy dose of Sun Kil Moon. Grab everything these guys have put out!"

-The Huntsman

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